Fails of the Weak Tutorial
Halo: Reach
Due to popular demand, we've created this guide showing exactly how to film and submit a clip to Halo: Reach - Fails of the Weak.
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Ok, this didn't help me..... How do I submit a clip recorded on Upload on Xbox One? Do I just copy and paste the addy from my Xbox Live account and email it to you guys, or what? Because I sure as heck can't share using the Game Fails video uploader o.O
1 day ago
Hey. I have a game called Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary for the xbox 360 and i wanted to know if i can make a fail from the game so it can be shown on Fails of the Weak. Let me know as soon as possible.
3 months ago
How do I submit a fail for a PC game I recorded? I tried the AHUploader thing but it only does halo...
5 months ago
Black Ops 2?
8 months ago
How do I send in a video from and Xbox one?
9 months ago
how do you do it for halo 4
1 year ago
Fantastic, now all we need is a tutorial for and the world would be a better place.
1 year ago
I've also got a couple of fails that I wanna send, but the link is where it gives me the problem.
1 year ago
I just tried to send in my fail and it came back to me saying there was a problem and i tried again but it still didn't send. Could i get any help on whats wrong or how to do this correctly? If so that would be greatly appreciated.
1 year ago
I tried to upload but when I sent the email I got a Mailer Daemon reply saying it could not be delivered.
1 year ago
eleriel told me to send reach fails to [email protected] ... but when I mailed it, I get an error-mail back:

"Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently" :-(
1 year ago
I know right
1 year ago
So I go to and it tells me to log in. well it's my first time so I make an account and then head back to the page. So I log in with my new information and it just takes me to HOW DO I UPLOAD?!?!?!?!?!
2 years ago
ByrdTheWord Sponsor
Just go to the website they put at the end of the fail videos.
2 years ago
You guys need to do an updated version of this..I could use bungie to upload my video
2 years ago
I would like to know that too about Halo 4.
2 years ago
Does anybody know how to submit Halo 4 Fails now?
2 years ago
They have changed the place that you upload the file to , anyways i dont know how to submit my fail from that website.
2 years ago
go to service records! bungie can not update players that sign up there so go to, service records, then send via mail
2 years ago
U all might know this but FYI' Bungie no longer owns halo:( BUT THERE MUST BE ANOTHER WAY!!!!! It makes no sence how would fails of the week keep proceeding of you can't use That's my question. And my fail is most likely the rarest fail/unexplainable thing.. It's a surprise for everybody, I hope you accept my fail, thanks guys:)
2 years ago
Since is down now we will go to right?
2 years ago
i've got the same problem, it says im a general grade1 but i am a legend.
Besides, some couple of days earlier, i uploaded screenshots and videos to fileshare.
I can see theese files from halo waypoint, but not
Is there any solution for this issue?
I would be grateful if anyone could help out. Thanks! :)
3 years ago
ok i get it but bungie never keeps my data updated it says im a sergeant when im really a major grade 2 and it doestnt put my videos in my file share on bungie,it does on the xbox.
3 years ago
is there ever going to be more fails of the weak
3 years ago
i know how to we send will there be no more fails of the weak
3 years ago
me annoyed
3 years ago
i am annoyed blarg
3 years ago
ok im confused how do i send fails to roosterteeth if is not updating halo reach progress
3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
as of today this video is isn't being updated anymore so.. now how do we send you videos!?
3 years ago  |  + 2 Ditto
if anybody from achevement hunter reads this stuff i just named it what i was playing
3 years ago
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