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Geoff and Gus turn back the time machine to 1991 and take a look at the new XBLA release of The Simpsons Arcade Game! Which Simpsons episode is your favorite?
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god i remember this was the only game at chuck-e-cheese i played for the longest time. i didn't even care that it didn't give me tickets, it was just so damn fun. i had to play rock, paper, scissors, with my friends to figure out who would be Bart.
3 years ago
I used to play this as a kid. finally I Beat this a last year I used 20 Quarters. To play this bitch to win.
3 years ago
falcon4196 Sponsor
X-men, Ninja turtles, and now The Simpsons. All I need now is the aliens vs predator arcade game and my life will be complete
3 years ago
sergeant32 Dr Cyborg
fuck i feel old
3 years ago
Maddeh Sponsor
Wow.. I remember this... no Idea when or where I played it and the game's as old as I am... but I played this non stop for a really long time as a kid...
3 years ago
They still have a Simpson Arcade machine at a pizza place I go to. Funny thing is I never seen a single quarter go in it.
3 years ago
Where is Jack?
3 years ago
I miss local arcades.
3 years ago  |  + 2 Ditto
omfg this game is older then i am im only 19 and i still played the crap out of this game growing up...
3 years ago
tictac472 BitchYaBitch
*6:00* No, not the bees!
3 years ago
holy crap, i went to Gus's arcade, had no walmart rhough had a target and it was there ate least 7 years ago
3 years ago
Someemos Sponsor
I love that playstation plus got this for free its so fun
3 years ago
"Last Exit From Springfield".
3 years ago
Favorite episode, hands down, "Homers Enemy", and I'm with you Geoff, those are my favorite seasons too. Oakley & Weinstein did a fantastic job (well, Scully for 9, but still). Although frankly, any Swartzwelder episode will do in a pinch.

And the task of making myself look like a huge dork is done for the day.
3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
you should just play horse every second week
3 years ago
God, I feel so old... Downloaded the trial and brought back so much memories..

Friday, I am going to buy this game for 800 points..
3 years ago
Wonderful game.
I was like, 7 when I finally found this game at a pizza place. I'd just play this while my family ate.
3 years ago
great game
3 years ago
This game is probably the reason I couldn't afford a real college education.
No regrets.

-'Dead Putters Society'. That was a great episode. -
3 years ago
Question - Is this one of those games everyone has really fond memories of but when it's played today is a disappointment? Or does it still hold up today?
As for the best episode: My favorite is Homer: Bad Man. Where Homer is accussed of sexually harassing the baby sitter and the media runs a smear campaign against him. Just as funny today as it was on the first viewing ^,^
3 years ago
liam839 Cause i can
Robotic RIchard Symmons in the Barts adoption episode was the best meta reference ever!
3 years ago
Someemos Sponsor
Great work guys realy should download it hmm I'd have to say the mr Plow ep is my fav
3 years ago
steve256x Sponsor
Its hard to pick a favorite episode, but one of my most memorable one is when Bart takes a picture of Homer dancing with a belly dancer. Its memorable because its so rediculous with the technology we have today.
3 years ago
God damn Aladdin's Castle, so many quarters lost, so many spider rings gained.
3 years ago  |  + 2 Ditto
They used to have this game at the movie theatre my family would go to. My dad would give me money for popcorn, and after I bought it I'd use up all of the change playing this game. Good times.
3 years ago
Hey i was born in March of '91
3 years ago
the japan version had so many points because of the currency comparison
3 years ago
Burbinator82 Sponsor
I am sad to say that i'm 17, and the only Simpsons I've ever watched was the edgar allen po episode because they played it every year at halloween.

And I'm liking Gus and Geoff Teamin up for some vids! keep up the good work guys
3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Remember playing this after it came out, never getting past the first level cause we were on vacation when I got to play it. Good time but now I also feel really old.
3 years ago
DylPickles Tree Smoker
giving the internet what they want, more Geoff and Gus! and maybe another tramp stamp tattoo?
3 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
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