Volume 74
Jack and Geoff bring forth upon this world a batch of nothing but Halo hilarity and other various goodies. Laugh with them, won't you?
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Buggy52 Unsquashable
That ghost driver is invisible because of lag.... happens to me all the time!
2 years ago
VULCANR98 there is only one colour of the bobs thats gold so next time u post REMEMBER THAT JACKASS
2 years ago
Zubar1121 Sponsor
We want gus back!
2 years ago
Hmmmm.. I was going to saygold bobs disapear after some time but everyone else already did
2 years ago
Bob disapear after a certain amount of time
3 years ago
that elite was BOB
3 years ago
Let go of the candy!
3 years ago
The gold elite BOB is supposed to despawn after a certain amount of time, even if it's in combat.
3 years ago
the gold elite was BOB. i know that cos it happened to me and i looked it up
3 years ago
the last one wasnt forge or anything. it was some spiecal thing were one player cant see the other. something bout over svaing a map or something. one person who is playing at random can do anything, he doesnt appear on radar, he doesnt appear on anything. and if he is in a vehicle it would seem like it is doing nothing apart from moving round. as in the wheels wont turn or the ghost wont seem to cover and so on
3 years ago
In 74 the Elite vanished because it was the special gold Elite that dissapears if you cant kill it in a short amount of time.
3 years ago
lol at bob, disappearing with the nade
3 years ago
i miss gus....
3 years ago
the reason why is because the elite is a BOB or easter egg and if you don't kill him in time he disappears
3 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
I think the ghost was being controlled by an Editor Ball.
3 years ago  |  - 2 Noob
At 1:29 and 1:37 :
That elite went back to the future!
3 years ago
Hey so the elite that disappeared? That was the golden Elite ranger, and once he is in battle for too long he disappears so that the spartan cannot kill him. There is sometimes a daily challenge for killing the golden Elite ranger.
3 years ago
I guess the 2nd guy just got tyred of playing.
3 years ago
@ Davan_350

No, it wasn't forge. There was no monitor around. Even if he had AC, Jack would've noticed it.
3 years ago
WHY IS IT STUCK!! Thats what she said
3 years ago
DANG! I wish I didn't say the Chuck Testa thing with the Elite! I thought of something better for the ghost with a mind of its own!
3 years ago
What happened with the BOB Elite:

"You probably thought this Elite was alive. Nope! Chuck Testa with Active Camo!"
3 years ago
the gold ranger elites disappear if u don't kill them fast enough
3 years ago  |  + 3 Ditto
i m recording a funny clip... i spire jumped and orange pad landed and assasinated.
3 years ago
Since I'm pretty sure Jack does the capture using the replay file in theater mode, if the last one was a fake, he would've likely been able to notice.
3 years ago
im new and i dont have the fogest clue on how to uplode fails can any one explain?
3 years ago
Awesome week. Horse is awesome.
3 years ago  |  - 1 Flamebait
The elite was a bob...
3 years ago
yeah, last one was definately a forge thingy-mabobber. As for the hunter fail; the spartan moved out of the hunters swing radius just as the hunter began to swing so of course everything got dished out upon the poor brute behind the guy.
3 years ago
Yea the end video was probably just a forge video.
3 years ago
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