Minecraft Easter Egg
Borderlands 2
Ray and Geoff show you to find the Minecraft Easter Egg in Borderlands 2 for the Xbox 360.
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Pretty detailed for an easter egg. Kudos.
1 year ago
rhinofever Sponsor
i couldnt press space bar faster when ray said spoiler alert. i need to play this game >.<
1 year ago

was explaining why that particular block was setup purple and why it dropped the item it did. the naming difference is actually a coincidence. tho i'm pretty sure if i looked up the creation dates of both IC mod and the original boarderlands i bet they got the idea for that item from a minecraft mod ^.^

my friend doesn't know it yet but she will be letting me hi-jack her steam account when she is done with boarderlands2 =P
1 year ago
Creepers Are Always Bad-Ass
1 year ago
jonpwallace Venatori
@HeroFalls bro its Eridium in BL2 also known as the alien element that runs the eridium weapons that were in BL1, it has nothing to do with the element iridium
1 year ago
Badass chicken!
1 year ago
Iridium part of the IndustrialCraft Mod for the PC/Mac/Linux version of minecraft.

I know it because the newer IC2 (IndustrialCraft2) mod is part of the larger TechnicPack SSP mod pack which later was stripped of the single player mods and became Tekkit the SMP version.

seems the Boarderlands 2 Devs enjoy some minecraft and mods =P

wonder how cold it will have to get in hell before Microsoft allows users to use free minecraft mods.

I really can't wait to see how crazy the minecraft lets plays here on AH will get once xbox version of minecraft gets creative mode.
1 year ago
We NEED MINCRAFT let's play
1 year ago
venim Stonehearth
That has to be the biggest shout out to Minecraft in any other game...ever.
1 year ago
Blindman50 Sponsor
Sooo much Awsome
1 year ago
AzrielRuckus BEEP BA BOOP
I agree Easter Egg of the year.
1 year ago
evldmon Sponsor
they should fix the assassin one
1 year ago
being reminded that i don't have borderlands 2 yet is like being in a cage, getting stabbed by sharp pointy sticks, and the key to the cage is just out of reach.
1 year ago
chaos2367 Sponsor
Is this only in the xbox version? I dont see how microsoft would allow it on the ps3 version seeing how microsoft has an agreement and claim on all things minecraft.
1 year ago
Minecraft has changed the world. But that is awesome that they actually had minecraft blocks.
1 year ago
PhilB I am Catbug
now that is just plain awesome
1 year ago
monkey1120 YetiStereo
thats pretty kickass
1 year ago
the purple block is off of pc minecraft it is emerald
1 year ago
easter egg of the year, for sure!
1 year ago
That's pretty sweet. I've never played Borderlands but this is an awesome easter egg.
1 year ago
jizz in my pants
1 year ago
hahaha it the game came out today already finding easter egss
1 year ago
SIP69 Old Skool
Needs more Tuxedo Mask.
1 year ago
i was debating whether or not to watch this cause i didn't want to spoil anything but i watched it any way and i am glad i did. i picked it p today and cannot wait to play it
1 year ago
Let's Play Borderlands 2!
1 year ago
Ed25864 5th Freedom
I just picked up Borderlands 2, but now I'm torn between playing it and playing Minecraft.
1 year ago
boomstickboy Sponsor
I was going to wait till all of the DLC came out to buy the game like I did with the first one, but it is looking way to cool to wait.
1 year ago
phuckno Sponsor
Amazing. Now I really want need Borderlands 2.
1 year ago
3DAssassin single
thats pretty awesome actually
1 year ago
superninja56 Wishy Pony
might have to pick up this game.
1 year ago
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