Let's Build in Minecraft - Dark Achievement City Pt 2
Geoff and Gavin are back with their adventure in the Nether, rebuilding Achievement City block for block in this week's Let's Build.
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I always come back to the let's builds, they're so chill and soothing to watch even if you get a little bit of secondhand frustration from the sheer amount of work they have to do :^)
3 months ago
DonutReggie Assassin

Making me cry with how adorable she is!

Geoff is a wonderful dad, I love it.
4 months ago
Cooper23x3 Marquis
I'd buy 1 million dollars worth of gold
6 months ago
LarryFishmas Sponsor
Cutest let's build of all.
7 months ago
I heard what the background person said after the loud noises he said "hey Internet" or he said "I hate Internet"
11 months ago
I choked on frozen peas with the but of a donkey joke
11 months ago
millie is boss!!!
11 months ago
does alcohol make you pee more than regular hol?
1 year ago
Bowser238 Chewbacca
Millie is the best!
1 year ago
GhostRay Sponsor
weres 3
1 year ago
They should have Millie in more videos, she's adorable!

(The cat at the bottom of the screen was inserted by the guy who edited the video whenever a cat meowed in the background.)
1 year ago
Ntgcasey Sponsor
I wish I could get this video to not be a blank black screen
1 year ago
Mauler27 Sponsor
What was up with the cat on Gavin's screen?
1 year ago
venim Stonehearth
I hope you guys realize that the way this was edited almost made it seem like Millie was drinking whiskey. I had to re-watch the middle because I thought the captions were just for Millie.
1 year ago
Cool thing about Mr. Rogers' is that he was a United State's Marine Sniper
1 year ago
Aussie_Boy88 Sponsor
HAHAHAHA omg Millie is adorable xD
1 year ago
this is the most intersting lets play ever
1 year ago
tubamatt7688 Musician
The contrast between conversations with and without Millie present is astounding.
1 year ago
"Does Alcohol make you pee more then normal hol?"

Ultimate gavin stupidity has been reached xD
1 year ago
USMCMatt Sponsor
JJ is fantastic. I love the little style he added to this video. I hope he keeps it up.
1 year ago
where's the new Let's Play?! you guys are late again!
1 year ago
Wait was ray drinking? This is madness
1 year ago
I think it would be fun to hang out with these guys for a bev or two myself
1 year ago
Lmbo Millie was too cute! "im a mintsy lil brit" laughed so hard at work people thought i was going nuts :)
1 year ago
she sounds like ducky from the land before time
1 year ago
AlanWake Sponsor
woops wrong video. Rookie mistake. Ment to put that on the new hot hoof
1 year ago
AlanWake Sponsor
Mavin is now canon
1 year ago
Rick rolled.
1 year ago
InsaneTacoz Badass
Gavin hates One Direction.

He's now my favorite lad.

Sorry Ray, you've been bumped.
1 year ago
TheyCallMeG Sponsor
can't wait for part 3, hahahaha, good cliffhanger
1 year ago
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