Current Series
79 episodes
The AH crew scramble to be the first one in achieving a goal in order to get a sticker and become the pizza party winner.
50 episodes
The AH Crew bring you their top lists of video games
Let's Play
759 episodes
A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.
Things to do in
210 episodes
Playing video games the way the definitely weren't meant to be played.
Fails of the Weak
243 episodes
The funniest and wackiest fails every week.
Achievement Unlocked
2499 episodes
The Achievement Hunter Crew helps you get those achievements, one game at a time.
Rage Quit
193 episodes
Michael plays some frustrating games.
112 episodes
Each week two members of the Achievement Hunter team go head to head in a 1 vs 1 let's play. The winner gets the coveted "AH Wrestling Belt" and a week's worth of bragging rights.
Achievement HUNT
77 episodes
The AH crew play against one another until one spells HUNT.
Five Facts
134 episodes
Every week the guys take a look at Five Facts about games from all over the universe of gaming.
42 episodes
The Achievement Hunters take a look at some of the best Minecraft maps around. You know, since they can't build any that good themselves.
264 episodes
Jack and Geoff bring you the latest achievement updates in the Achievement Hunter Weekly Update!
Play Pals
27 episodes
Play Pals -- got two pals, playing games and having fun. Having a good time because they're pals. Thanks for watching Play Pals!
Imaginary Achievements
35 episodes
The Achievement Hunter crew presents you with challenges in various games on all platforms, that really could have been achievements.
Sunday Driving
3 episodes
The Achievement Hunter crew takes a leisurely Sunday Drive across the video game landscape.
Easter Eggs
320 episodes
The Achievement Hunter Crew helps you find Easter Eggs in video games.
Trials Files
124 episodes
Each week we take a look at an awesome community generated map in Trials Evolution.
Game Fails
76 episodes
Where games come to fail.
This is...
151 episodes
Each week, Achievement Hunter takes a look at upcoming games and DLC, then give a breakdown of what they are all about, how long they will take to beat, and what the time investment is to attain all Achievements.
Behind the Scenes
56 episodes
Peel back the dirty curtain of Achievement Hunter and get a look at the team behind the scenes!
Achievement HORSE
150 episodes
Trials Pig
79 episodes
Like HORSE, but with two less letters.
Quick Bits
18 episodes
Think of it as baby Let's Play!
A Look Back At
29 episodes
Each week we take a look back at some older, but still awesome games. Why not dust them off with us?
AH Predicts
29 episodes
Each week, Achievement Hunter breaks out the science, and uses Xbox 360 sports games to determine the
Past Series
Forced Enjoyment
11 episodes
Jack has to suffer through some awful, awful games.
23 episodes
Girls playing video games...