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    19 minutes ago


    I literally don't log on for a year and the front page is. Completely different and renovated. Where am I. What year is it.

  • Show Dogs

    48 minutes ago

    Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

    So there is a kids movie out called "Show Dogs." On the offset it seems like one of those movies that screams "put it in the DVD player during long trips and then ignore it." I thought nothing of it until I started getting feedback on Facebook from mommyblogs. For the record, I almost never put faith in mommybloggers. I've never once felt like the focus on MLM like Plexus, Essential Oils, Body by Vi, Avon or the fascination with cleanses, or the passive-aggressive way they judge everyone else's parenting to be that relevant in my life. But this was an exception. The claim came down to this: Blogger Terina Maldando reviewed the movie and was disturbed by a subplot in the movie. A brief synopsis is that This detective and detective dog go undercover at a dog show to catch the bad guy. The problem comes with part of the plot being that the dog needs to learn to be comfortable with the detective feeling up his "private area."  At first I was skeptical. This couldn't be something...right? That's groping...are we telling kids that to achieve we need to let a friend (or a stranger) grope us? I looked into it to see if it was histrionics.

    There are more than one article I read, however it all seems to reference the same blog post, and all the back and forth comes from a response to it. There are other context driven posts, most of which are affirming momybloggers/Christian sites like Focus on the Family. Her feelings are simple: it is never okay to joke about touching private parts.

    So I'm, right out of the gate, supportive of her position, though I haven't before today seen anything on this movie and to be honest, I probably wouldn't have thought about the whole situation in this light. Heck, we have always made fun of privates...what is funnier than taking a ball to the nuts? It's all a part of slapstick. As I thought about it in that context, I started moderating back to being ambivalent. I just wanted to ask y'all about this. Is it ever okay to make kids think that touching privates (even if it is an anthropomorphic dog) is funny? Is this 'gooming' for pedophiles?

    Your thoughts? 

  • baldi's basics

    56 minutes ago


    Note to self baldi's basics this october

  • Many Excite

    2 hours ago


    First off, I'm writing this from in bed on my phone, so I apologize for any horrendous typos I may miss.

    Guys, I am so excited. SO excited. RT is doing so many amazing things and the industry in Texas is growing into such a nice stable thing, I really can't believe it unfolding before my eyes. I'll be in Austin touring apartments and checking out the area early next month and then I'll be MOVING there! Hopefully I'll manage to line up a job in the animation industry by the time I get there, but if I don't, I'll just have to work my ass off.

    If you haven't heard, Gen:Lock has announced Michael B. Jordan as the voice of the lead character! I was already excited for this show, but goddamn guys. That shit's cray. Maybe one day down the line I'll get to help on it. Hell, I'm done with college now, it's up to me to make myself into the best choice to hire.

  • Rooster Teeth (Cock Bite) Logo Decal

    2 hours ago


    Hey all, does anyone have any knowledge as to why I can't find the logo decal for Rooster Teeth in the store? Ive always had it on my laptop and its about time to get a new one as it rubs and comes off with time. I've searched eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Red Bubble. Any help would be awesome because this was the first decal/sticker I've ever had on my laptop and want to be able to always have one on them.

  • My Camp Camp Original Character (Before Artwork)

    2 hours ago

    Joe FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Eighty7/RT Radio

    Hello friends. It's 3.30am, Michael B Jordan has, in the last few hours, been announced as the lead of gen:LOCK, I'm wide awake and we're a few days out from season 3 of Camp Camp. Seems like the perfect moment to introduce you to my Camp Camp original character.

    Let's get down to it shall we? Ok. So first things first, I needed to nail down what camp my character was heading to. This would help form ideas for names, traits, camp uniform variations etc etc. Looking at me, looking at what I'm 'known' for, what I enjoy and what a I saw an absence of in the current character lineup I went for music camp. Makes sense right?

    Next I wanted to nail down traits and uniform variations and my mind was filled with iconic fashion choices of musicians over the years. So imagine this (and I pity the poor animators if this ever happened in the show) each episode they take influence from a different musician or genre. Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

    Sergeant Pepper coat:


    The Thriller jacket: 


    The Purple Rain coat:

    prince-1985-live-billboard-1548.jpgElton John specs:


    You get the idea. And it needn't be a piece of clothing or an accessory either. It could be Ziggy's makeup or Elvis' iconic pompadour hairstyle. All genres and iconic musicians have a sort of signature style and that's what I would tap into with the character. And to go hand in hand with that, the music they would play in each episode would match the style they've chosen. So for Elvis you'd get that classic rock n roll guitar, for Elton John you get that bouncy upbeat piano etc etc.

    So we now have what camp they're going to and how the differentiate stylistically from the other campers. But we haven't got a name or an actual personality. We should probably get on to that about now. So while I see the stylistic choices coming form musicians and envisage the personality coming from genres. That means their mood and how they act changes depending on what musicians they're channeling. For example, maybe they're channeling the style of Ice Cube the genre would be gangster rap so they would act in a very anti-authority way - poor David and Gwen. This creates a semi schizophrenic character but they do slip out of is to be 'real' and at these times we see a very shy child who uses their musicality to express themselves.

    Now I haven't spoken about a name because I've been very torn on the gender of this original character. It really has no bearing on the character. However, it's my character and I want to identify with them. So this characters name is, Samuel Amadeus but everyone just calls him Sam. I choses this a) because it sounds cool and b) because "play it, Sam" is a good recurring line to borrow.

    So that's Sam. What do you think? I'm hoping to get artwork done as soon as I can afford to do another commission.

    P.S. Lin-Manuel Miranda to voice Sam in Camp Camp  stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

  • Fortnite's $100 MILLION Payout

    2 hours ago

    Game News

    Epic Games is paying out $100 million to players in Fortnite.

  • jesustookmyname asked mikeyfell a question thoughts?

    Answered: May 22, 2018

    that link doesn't seem to go anywhere

  • Step 3: Travel Insurance for Austin!

    3 hours ago

    Brunty023 11x Volunteer


    With a little over two months to go until I'm in the US, everything for the flight and my survivability has been retrieved...

    Well, ALMOST everything!

    From now until my flight, it's all about saving money! To actually survive!!

  • Call of Duty Black Ops 4

    3 hours ago


    I am writing this journal hoping to hear some feedback from the community and I wanna hear other opinions on Black Ops 4.

    Black Ops 4 had just recently released its multiplayer trailer, the zombie's trailers, and a whole not of new game play. After watching this I can honestly say I am excited for BO4! It looks like it is going to feel enough like an original CoD while have some new mechanics that will add a new layer to the multiplayer and create some new gunfights and strategies we have not yet seen in a CoD before. I am excited to see the new side of BO4 and can't wait to get my hands on it.

    I want to know from other people though. What are your thoughts on BO4/Treyarch's decision to remove the Campaign and to also add a battle royale. Personally, I love to play the campaigns that have been in ever single CoD. However, I see where Treyarch is coming from in their decision to get rid of it. The very small amount of people that played ONLY the campaign should not be the focus of the game and why I believe to eliminate the campaign was a good idea to focus on zombies and the multiplayer. I think this could be an amazing CoD the only thing I want to see in the future and possible released later in BO4's life cycle is bringing the community aspect back. In MW3, Ghosts, & AW, the community was really involved with having different events and clans pairing people up from all around the globe. I really think this could bring back a huge impact into CoD and shows in games where their is a strong community. 

    Again, would love to hear other people's opinions on this and what their thought's are for Black Ops 4.

  • Game Plots

    3 hours ago

    BeelzebossLady Hilary Jones

    Here are the games that are coming out for the Week of May 20-May 26:

    May 22- State of Decay 2-Xbox One

          Mega Man Legacy Collections 1-2-PS4, Switch


          Tennis World Tour-PS4, Xbox One, Switch

          Space Hulk Deathwing Enhanced Edition-PS4

    May 25- Dark Souls Remastered-PS4, Xbox One, Switch

          Detroit: Become Human-PS4

    Question of the Week:

    What is your favorite video game plot?

    I'm not really sure what plot I like the most. I of course like Life is Strange (I'm currently playing Before the Storm and loving it!) I also like the Far Cry 5 plot as well.

  • My First Journal, Why I Am Here.

    5 hours ago


    I joined on February 20th, 2013. And on November 21st, 2013 i became a First Member. Today is May 21, 2018 four and a half years later and the only reason why i remembered is because i finally use PayPal and so i got the transaction notification today of a delightful $10. 

    But that join date could have been a lot earlier but back in 2010 it was just easier for me to use YouTube. But the first time I found out about Rooster Teeth was in 2006. I found Red vs. Blue season 5 right at the end of the season. So I binge watched all of it to catch the finale, and I loved every second of it. Then thought to my self "Man i'm sad this series is over."  And i was only 13 and i was brand new to the internet. 

    So skip 2 years later I finally get a laptop and find on YouTube the delightful Jack and Geoff from Achievement Hunter with Fails of the Weak. I started watching on episode 9 or 10, i remember being sad that i was caught up way too soon. So then it spread with me clicking on this other video to another and i was hooked. I found Rooster Teeth in a video finally and remembered Red vs. Blue. Shortly thereafter I found Red Vs. Blue Season 8 and ever sense then Rooster Teeth has been my TV.

    I don't know why i never comment on much on videos or topic or whatever i just never know the right thing to say or someone already said the joke i thought. But I've kept up with nearly every (Its hard there is a lot) video, every up, every down, every joke and every story with Rooster Teeth and its just been an absolute blast.

    I did have a cool moment though where my tweet got on Sports Ball. It was when they were asking for one of Tyler or Jack or Joel to get on ESPN Gameday and i spotted them on a sign while watching and paused TV so fast to try to get a good image. I think i got like 200 or so total tweets after the three of them retweeted my photo. And then the guy who had the sign saw the tweets and replied with a nice photo too. Totally ruined my phone, notifications were in fact off. 

    But overall I've just been a part of the silent majority. Just watching and loving everything. 

    (i messed up i got all caught up in writing this i missed the Live RT Podcast 493.)

    You can really tell this past year especially how big Rooster Teeth is getting. But it still feels the same to me as it did back then when it was "small". I've always felt welcome. 

    I know there are posts like these that have a sad story to it. Or how their content got them through a difficult time. And its always true. There is a sad story that goes along with me. But that is life you never know what tomorrow might bring. There was always a place that i could go to forget the world at times. A place to regroup myself. Forget. Heal. And i got through it all with a smile on my face because of Rooster Teeth. I feel I'm at the best point in my life now.

    I don't know if anyone will read this. But if someone does. HI! How are You? Snape killed Dumbledore.


    Thank you to the countless names of everyone at Rooster Teeth and The Community. 

    I'll be here and ill be watching.


  • New Battlefield V Teaser + Modern Warfare 4 Leaked

    5 hours ago

    News Roundups

    A new teaser for Battlefield V shows a hint of gameplay and may confirm the World War II setting. Leaks claim next year's Call of Duty will be a new Modern Warfare game. Deadpool 2 has finally knocked Infinity War off its pedestal.

  • Ask Doc (May 21st)

    5 hours ago

    Myshu chupariffic


    Take that back to your own base, Donut.

    Cheers to @Felix for the question!

  • The More you know

    6 hours ago


    Cowboy Beep Boop

    Cowboy Sneep Snip

    Cowboy Bebop

  • Week review in a gif, also which coast is better?

    6 hours ago


    Right now life is just crazy! How crazy you ask? 


    So I may have accidentally committed to move 2,956 miles... It wasn't on purpose, I swear!! Things just sort of happened. But it looks like I've found a company willing to work out making an opening for me. I am pretty hype, pretty nervous, and just confused.


    Yeah... see I have this hypo-active amygdalla thing that gives me an amped up fight or flight thing. Also... just also ok? I can't explain it. I'm bad at being an adult. I know what you're thinking. Nothing could possibly go wrong. In fact, selling my house and starting a new life is in fact the second best idea ever. The only better idea has involved a jetpack.


    Well things may go wrong, but still. West coast people. Teach me your ways!
    If you do, I will make you cookies. I promise.


  • 3 journals in 3 days?

    7 hours ago

    MrWartburg Team Fat

    What’s this? 3 journal posts in 3 days? I’m in danger of developing a pattern! But it has been an eventful three days, so the successive posting is a bit warranted.


    Yesterday I was able to unwind from the charity stream shenanigans (we raised over $1,600!) by going to see Deadpool 2. It wasn’t quite as good an all-around film as the first one, which had a simpler and tighter plot, but it was still quite fun. There’s even more WTF? moments that are left unexplained, kind of like what exactly Ajax powers are in the first one, but there are 2-3 standout scenes/sequences that blow the best parts of the first film out of the water. Two of them are action set pieces that really show off that this movie got double the budget of Deadpool 1 and the other is a more dialogue and sight gag driven scene about two-thirds of the way through that had the whole theater laughing their asses off for what felt like five straight minutes.


    And today I bought my Booze Cruise ticket for RTX, which will be my first in six RTX trips. Done some booze cruising here at home on a few small rivers with some friends on homemade pontoons, but I’m reasonably sure this one will be more fun, even for a guy who can’t drink. I also finally hopped aboard the Stardew Valley train today. Been talking with my stream co-pilot/best friend for a while now about adding it into our rotation, but I finally bit the bullet and added it to my Steam library. So I’m sure I’ll be streaming it and screaming into the void while I try to figure out how things work in the very near future.


    Oh, and I started my “be just a bit less of a piece of shit” plan today which includes cutting out pop* (no caffeine headaches so far), tuning up my bicycle, and buying a couple pairs of dumbbells to add to the ones I already owned. I also plan on adding in a few nutritional supplements next week, but my actual food intake probably won’t change too much as all the good stuff they tell you eat while dieting would literally rip my intestines a new hole. Yet another way Crohn’s Disease likes to mess with things in my life. And just to have it out there in written form, I’m currently 172 and my goal is to down to at least 160, preferably even 155 by RTX, mostly so I can rock the dress shirt and tie I want to at the Sidequest Gala without popping button.


    *Here in the sane part of the world, we call it pop, not soda. Get over it.

  • University

    7 hours ago


    Back in february I got into Queen's University for Concurrent Education and I literally cannot believe that it's only 3 months away now!! 

  • mikestampy123 asked Chelsea a question

    Who would I go to to ask questions about rwby

    Answered: May 21, 2018

    Depends. What kind of questions about RWBY do you have?

  • Paintedpaws asked revelsrouser a question

    why does your dog have to be so freaking adorable

    Answered: May 21, 2018

    lol I think being that adorable is pretty much his only self defense mechanism. He wouldn't survive otherwise.

  • johno3998 asked revelsrouser a question

    Hey is there a link to report a bug or give feedback on the site? I was just in my settings on the new site, and it would be good to see when my plan expires and how much my plan costs.

    Answered: May 21, 2018

    To check out your billing history and details click here and click on Billing History. For bug reports and feedback click here. Thanks!

  • I like things

    8 hours ago


    nah im just a head

  • Day 1600: Music and many days!

    9 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today has been a strange day! It's been 1600 days I've been writing stuff! But it's also music Monday! So, let's talk about anything! 

    I'm sitting here listening to Kesha, having a great time, but I also spent a lot of time today enjoying a lot of Tremonti tracks. I did spend some time playing guitar as well. All in all it's been a good musical day, lots of variety. I'm rather happy with my musical exploration at the moment. I want to share a track. I was listening to this artist 'in love with a ghost' and then I had spotify suggest more music through a playlist and I went down the rabbit hole, and ended up on this track that was captivating. 

    My phone subsequently crashed sometime later in the day, as I'd added the song to my library, but it wasn't meant to be. I wanted to find it to share with Rachyrock, but I didn't know where to find it. So I went on a bit of a panic search. Eventually, I found the track, it's called bubble tea by dark cat. Check it out here! 

    I'm rather excited! Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-