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  • Merry RWBY and Happy Volume 6 Updates!

    1 day ago


    Ho Ho Ho! Merry RWBY! Long time no journal, how’s everyone doing? Good? Great? Awesome?!


    I hope y’all have been enjoying this volume of RWBY so far! I couldn’t be happier with it, CRWBY has been kicking ass. It’s been an absolute blast to work on.

    Got a couple of announcements for your calendars, mark ’em down!

    - Next week will be our mid-season break, which means no new episode on December 22nd! If you haven’t been with us as we’ve aired the last few seasons, we typically take a break during the holidays so the crew can get some time to spend with their families :) (or play Smash. Or both?)

    - To help get your fix, FIRST members can join us for a RWBY Volume 6 watch party on the site! That will be December 21, 10am CST. I’ll be there as well as members of CRWBY to laugh at memes and argue over whether a character dabbed or not with you all!

    - Chapter 8 will still stream as normal for free in RTTV stream (roosterteeth.com/live) on December 22, 10am CST. Grab dat bowl of cereal and come watch it on the site with everyone in the community!

    - RWBY will return on December 29th with Chapter 9 for FIRST members like nothing bad ever happened.

    - Our finale this year will be on January 26th for FIRST members, which is great timing because that’s also the same week as the premiere of gen:LOCK!!! (Y’all, I just got a chance to watch the first episode… DAMN! No… DAYUM!)

    Okay, that’s all I got for now. If you haven’t noticed from all of the times I just typed FIRST (I promise I didn’t copy and paste any of them, those were artisanal key presses) there are a lot of great reasons to sign up to be a FIRST member. Or get that one lazy friend to always talks about it signing up but never does a month to give it a shot! Thanks a lot, Jerry.

    Happy Holidays  heart


  • RT Community Day - December 2018

    1 day ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Today is #RTCommunityDay. As it is the last one for 2018, I think back on the year as a whole, specifically the last six months for myself personally. I signed up on RoosterTeeth.com on 11/11/05. That's a long time ago. Loved RvB and loved the people who made it even more. 

    I was a pretty sheltered mind back then (even today I have so much to experience and learn). I met some cool community members who taught me about podcasts and the basics of video and audio editing. Even delved in fun fan projects, submitting my voice for characters. 

    There wasn't much community presence in Vegas at the time, so I created the RT Las Vegas group, met even more awesome people and found that I very much loved community management. I also volunteered for RTX as a Guardian for five years and loved it with all my heart.

    Now, 13 years later, almost half my life, here I am as a CM for Rooster Teeth. I never thought I would be here as I am but I honestly cannot imagine being anywhere else. RT has changed my life. The friends I've made, the memories we have created... Over the years, we laughed together, cried together, uplifted each other when times were tough and celebrated when times were amazing. I saw people get married and start families and build their own businesses. I got to see so much good come from this community.

    And we are far from being done. We will continue to grow and build and learn, and become a stronger family. I am beyond happy and humbled that I get to be in a position to see all of this happen in years to come. Thank you #rtcommunity. I love you all so much.

  • Yeet!

    13 hours ago


    Y'all ever just ruin your native community website to just flex on your loyal supporters?

  • Community covers RT for the Holidays Collaboration!

    17 hours ago

    PortalBen Mad Inventor

    Skip the reading: https://goo.gl/forms/iZNStUeziPykxiGU2

    Hey There, Thanks for checking this out! I've been trying to find a fun video project and I think a huge collaboration with as many different community members would be really fun. With the holidays coming up, it's only appropriate we choose a classic from a couple years ago.

    What I'm looking for: As many clips of community members singing/Lip syncing/dancing/rocking along with the 2016 RT Holiday Musical short!

    * Upload any length- full song or a small snippet, just Miles' or just Jeremy's lines, the more the better!
    * Any quality- use your phone, your webcam, your laptop, your DSLR, your video cam, anything!
    * Any format - Vertical or Horizontal, 4:3 / 16:9 / 1:1
    * Any size group - Solo, group, community
    * Please upload via this form by December 17th 2018!

    * Shoot me a message if you want to be a part of this but need a little more time.

    The more clips I can edit together, the more awesome this will be, so I need your help to get the word out!
    And of course wearing your favorite Holiday RT Merch would make a great touch ;)

    THANKS in advance! YOU ARE AWESOME!

  • RT Radio Friday: Week 231

    2 days ago


    Thank you to everyone who joined our Friday show this week. As promised on Twitter, here is the tracklist from tonight's show in case you missed something or just want to listen to it again.

    The tracklist:




  • RSWU 356: Ready for Something Incredible?

    9 hours ago


    It's my great hope that we can endeavor to put puns in all of these titles relating to what we're watching that week, but I have no expectation of this on my fellow update authors.


    We're winding down for the end of the year. This Tuesday, December 18th at 7 PM CT, Movie Night will continue the Marvel Movie Madness when we watch the film most of us forget when we count movies in the MCU, The Incredible Hulk!


    Let me tell y'all, it took some serious self-restraint to not say "fuck it, this website's burning down anyway" and post The Gif™ in this update. If you don't know what that is, don't go on Imgur and look for it. I'm serious.

    Have a good week, everyone.


  • There is no activity here... move along

    2 days ago


    Just staying hidden in my little corner of the internet, I imagine I may occasionally get some views...

    That is all.

  • Day 1809: Sunday!

    14 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today has been a chilled out day of Destiny 2, Guitar and Path of Exile. All have been played, and progress has been made. I've been working on a song idea, and it's slowly coming together, but there's a lot to go. 

    I also spent some time catching up with wrestling, given that tonight is Tables Ladders and Chairs. It should be good, I'm looking forward to it, but I'm hoping for some very specific outcomes, and I know I'm going to be disappointed. 

    I'm hopeful that this week my ankle will start to get back to feeling alright, because it's still hurting after Tuesdays gym session where I initially caused the injury. It's possible to walk around and I've been resting it, but it's still a little limited in the range of motion, and that's what is holding me back from getting back into exercising. No point trying because if it goes it'll be another week of nothing. 

    Well, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

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