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  • GiFriday 42

    2 days ago

    Myshu chupariffic

    This week's gif is an even-better-than-your-average spunky princess.


  • A Big Change

    1 day ago


    Hi everyone. 
    I have some exciting news :)

    I've chosen to pursue a career in Video game programming. why? because for a long time now, i've never really known what i wanted, until now. My big big dream, is to someday work at Valve Software, as a Software Engineer for their games. It's going to be riddled with way more challenges than normal, because of my Disabilities, but i want this to come true, so so so badly. I want to earn it though, so I'm gonna do my best to grow, and make something that will bring joy to many people.

    Also, I know I get really quiet on this site, But i assure you, it has nothing to do with any particular group or person, but I'm just...not a fan of what Roosterteeth has done to the site/community.

    And to be honest, i probably idolized them a little too much. But now i'm gonna do my best to become a hero for others!

    Have a wonderful day everyone! I'll do my best to keep everyone posted!

    Sam/ Jimminy

  • Fact of The Day:

    2 days ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    On this day, December the 8th, perhaps not so long ago.

    A person was born, this person was destined to be rich, famous and adored by thousands.


    Am not that person, that was Nicki Minaj.

    It is still however my birthday, hooray!

    I haven’t died yet!


  • Zeit Tries to Date, part 4

    1 day ago

    zeitgeistzest ψ(`∇´)ψJolly Zeit

    First of aaaall, a clarification I already made on a thread (or tried to make a clarification): I am not necessarily looking for a romantic relationship, but also not for one-night flings. <__<;;; So to call these 'dates' is a bit... eheheh... Not too correct I guess? I just want to meet new people.

    To elaborate. What I do need to do is practice meeting other human beings. Over the years I've grown socially anxious, and I know if I don't practice this sort of thing it's only going to get worse. I used to be social as a kid, but then I got bullied and started withdrawing. I did have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, but going to new places wasn't my favorite thing either. By the time I met with ex, I wasn't a complete reclusive and via him I met more people and it wasn't too bad... but over the past few years with him, my self-esteem took a nose-dive and I started going... bad. I'd fear meeting new people, afraid if I'd spill out secrets I shouldn't have even known about others, and come up with excuses not to even meet old friends. And I'd gotten used to being on my own, as he was always working, on his phone, or with his friends... and he'd wanted us to live in the middle of nowhere.

    Soooo yeah. In the past few months I've tried making more effort into meeting new people. Other ladies at first, to avoid the possible clashes of interest, but since that wasn't going so well... well. Living in the middle of nowhere without a car doesn't really help either, nor that I lose interest in hobbies pretty fast. I also find it hard to 'click' with other females, either I feel inferior to them or I get the sense I can't trust them (some of the hardest betrayals I've experienced were from other girls). 

    So yeah. I know I'm not fully healed yet, there's anger issues and trust issues to work out before I could start actually dating anyone and I need to be as upfront about it as I can, but I do know that if I wait any longer, then my fears and anxieties are only going to get worse. It's walking on a tightrope since certain behaviors of others 'trigger' memories in me and get me doubting their interest / motives, but GODDAMNIT. I want to meet new people. |:< I don't want to be alone, but I don't want to end up pretending to please someone else again either. So yeah it isn't easy, navigating on this sea of human relations.

    Soooo earlier this week I'd agreed to meet with Mr nro 2, and there was a point this weekend where I wanted to call it off 'cause I was so fretting over the past and the whole ghosting experience with ex (and that he kept making social media profiles he had never had before, as far as I knew anyway, using the same platforms as I did) and 'cause I hecking keep comparing guys to him... (and some girls, too, and some girls to the lady people in his circles). 

    But. I guided mom to the station then went to see the guy. And let's makes this short and just say that I'm glad I went. Definitely a good experience, 11+ EXP to the Zeit Dating Sim lolololol. If nothing else, then at least I've gained a new friend.... not to mention I had a good experience with another human being. 

    Also, I think it's worth mentioning I don't try to flirt. I don't dress up too specially, like... when I agree to go out with someone, I then try to put on clothes I'd wear to lectures and other university-related meetings. Like today I wore my camo hoodie and a beanie hat, as well as all of my rings. (Which were brought up in the conversation, sort of; I changed my ear piercings to titanium ones, finally, on Friday and they've been a little irritated / itchy since [but healing faster than with the practice piercings], I almost scratched at an ear, flinched, and he asked what's up and I told him I'd just got them changed and then we discussed jewelry and such and I mentioned I'm used to wearing rings almost 24/7 since I was a teenager.)

    Sooo yeah. That's it for now. xD Wow what a long-winded post. Wasn't supposed to be this long. Uhhhh next up I should probably get done with the video I've promised to dooooo! xD

    PS. Blessed silence...... I haven't even turned on a console / TV, let alone put up any music yet. Such blessed silence.... ahh.

  • So maybe I'll stream?

    1 day ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

    Hello lovers, it's been a while.

    Frankly work has been kicking me in the ass. Both due to not even taking a lunch to being so busy and solving all the problems from le former co-worker who stole waaay too much money.

    That being said, I miss gaming for people and I wanted to try out streaming. 

    My channel is here, if you wanna check it out or follow or what not.

    I'll probably stream on the weekends, since that's when I have time. 

    And how is everyone else doing? 

    Is work kicking you in the ass too? 

    Oh and


  • Day 1436: Beauty and the Beast

    2 days ago

    topham DHYB

    Today, Rachyrock and I went and saw a stage production of Beauty and the Beast. I haven't seen any other version of it, so I went in to it not knowing anything about it. 

    I enjoyed it, and the performance went well, actually the only notable thing that clearly wasn't correct was near the end when human Lumiere and Cogsworths costumes got entangled and they were supposed to be greeting and interacting with other characters but the situation caused a giggle ruckus to erupt all around. All parts were played well, and it was a very enjoyable show to watch. It was simple and easy to follow, which to me really means that there is probably one or two more times I'd likely enjoy it, as a lot of the stuff I'd picked up on. 

    We also went out for some food, and were on the hunt for brownies and ice cream but abandoned that quest when we realised that at 10.45pm it's probably not the right time to source the necessary materials. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • HARD WORK PAYS OFF #HAPPY //December 8th 2017

    2 days ago

    Evv KevinEverett

    Hey everyone, 

    I got some amazing news. 

    Over this past year I had been waitlisted for my #1 school of choice (Emerson College) in April. Over the summer I had gotten declined acceptance. Directly afterward I scrambled to decide if I was going to stay here in Massachusetts at Community College or go to LA to go to Columbia College Hollywood.

    I ended up choosing Community College in Boston. I commuted 50 miles a day by car to attend school. For the past 4 months community college has been harder than I thought it would be, but I have good grades at the moment and my finals are next week. 

    Over the past two weeks I put my deposit down for Bridgewater State University. I was planning to go to this school and major in Secondary Education, but something just happened as of yesterday. 

    Yesterday I was filming with some of my really good friends when I received  an email from Emerson College with an update on my status. (I had reapplied for Spring 2018). I opened it while I was with my friends and I GOT ACCEPTED!!! I got accepted into my #1 school that I had been persistent with... It is acclaimed to be the #1 school for Journalism, #9 Film School, and #4 for Career Services in the United States. The school is really important to film makers in East coast because the other big one is NYU. -- Im so excited to have the opportunity to attend this incredible school. 

    I worked so hard and I am beyond proud of myself... I put so much effort into this school. 

    Emerson College ’21 || Media Arts Production, Film Production 


    - Kevin Everett

  • Day 1437: I suck at bowling

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    Today, we went bowling, among other things, and Rachyrock was the superior bowler. I bowled lower than 50, while Rachyrock broke 100. We also played some Lazertag, and that was a big laugh also. 

    We also went for a walk, and it was an all-around good day! There was lots of relaxing and chilling out. I ate a big burrito and it was very tasty! 

    Short journal today, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • 100 Years, Video Plans, Mom's Visit

    2 days ago

    zeitgeistzest ψ(`∇´)ψJolly Zeit

    Happy Belated 100th Anniversary to Suomi Finland! <3

    I spent the Independence Day with mom, as she got here on Tuesday. We took some candles to Lutakonaukio where the event organizers formed a '100' from the candles there, and then we went around some uhh local bars xD and visited the stairs of Harju when they got lit. And then visited some more bars. xD 

    So I'm still still having some issues with YouTube, and since mom isn't leaving until tomorrow, well. It's been delayed. x( But it will be done, damn it! :D 

    I'm exhausted. We've been going around the city, trying to figure out a puzzle with 2k pieces (fml whose stupid idea was this thing), and... well. I just want some alone time already. 43 square meters isn't a lot for 2 people... Gran called me yesterday asking when I'm going there, and I had to tell her by the end of next week 'cause I "have to study", but jfc really I just want some peace and quiet before I have to be social again 24/7 and adjust my lifestyle to the daytime living. Normal people are the cray-cray ones. <.<;;; 

    Anyways, that's the updates from me for now. I'll check on the forums real quick but yeah, puzzle is awaiting and so is more city exploring. (killmepls I miss having a car of my own)

    Hope you're all doing well out there. <3

  • Patreon: To Fee, Or Not To Fee

    20 hours ago

    IAmAaron Occasional Gamer

    Some problems have simple answers. Others may require a bit more thought and planning. And, some problems, it seems, can only be solved by causing more problems. Unfortunately, the latter is where Patreon felt it was earlier this week when it announced its new fee structure, which was met by near universal dismay from patrons and creators alike.

    The crowdfunding website is making a change to how it handles its processing fees by essentially moving those costs from the creators to the patrons who support them. This is a unique solution that Patreon says will provide greater stability and increased revenue to the creators who use its platform. Currently, when a patron pledges an amount of money, Patreon takes the money from that pledge at the beginning of the month, takes out a 5% fee for itself, and then passes along the third-party vendor’s processing fee for the transaction to the creator. According to the blog post released on 12/7 by Patreon, this transaction fee is anywhere from 2-10% of the pledge, meaning the creator would receive what’s left over after the fees, approximately 85-93% of the original pledge. The new system would work similarly, however, instead of the creator worrying about the fluctuating processing fee every month, the new processing fee of 2.9% of the pledge plus an additional $0.35 would be charged to the patron, while Patreon would still only take 5% of the pledge.

    According to Patreon, this will provide further stability for creators, as they will no longer have to deal with the constantly fluctuating processing fee, and it will provide more revenue to creators as they will only be losing out on the 5% fee Patreon charges for using its service. For example, if someone pledges $5.00 to a creator, with the new processing fee model, the patron would be charged $5.50, where the $0.50 would cover the processing fee, Patreon would take out its 5% ($0.25), and the creator would take home $4.75. On the current fee structure, a pledge of $5.00 charges the patron $5.00 and the creator receives $4.25 - $4.65 after all of the fees are charged. It would seem Patreon’s system is very creator-friendly, which has always been the focus for the company.

    Patreon has also stated, it would like to move to a subscription model where the primary pledge date is used as the billing date as opposed to the beginning of the month. By moving to this new model, the processing fees would increase quite a bit as each pledge is run individually instead of in bulk at the beginning of the month. In response, the company determined it would pass the fee on to the patrons so its creators would continue to see stable revenue. The wrinkle in the plan is the processing fee is charged for each individual pledge. Meaning, if a patron pledged $5.00 to 5 creators, in the current system, the patron would be charged $25.00; in the new system, the same patron would be charged $27.50 (($5.00 * 2.9% + $0.35) * 5). That’s an extra half-a-pledge being charged in fees, meaning to stay within a budget of $25.00, the patron would end up having to either lower a pledge to a creator or drop them all together.

    While the new processing system is promising higher revenue and stability to creators, almost every creator, large and small, have come out and stated they would prefer to eat this fee themselves instead of passing it along to their patrons. Unfortunately, Patreon has responded that this is not possible, and as of now, they plan to move forward on December 18###sup/sup###. And the big reason why they want to move forward is to try and fix one huge internal problem:

    The company’s low net promoter score (NPS).

    NPS is a fairly new statistic used by businesses to determine if their customers would be willing to promote them favorably to others. It’s essentially a way to measure how positive word-of-mouth advertising is about a company, and many businesses have started to really lean on this score to determine a company’s overall health with its customers. NPS is on a scale of -100 to 100, and Patreon has an NPS of -20 with creators who have mentioned fees in the past year. It goes to -50 on a 30-day scale. That’s pretty abysmal. Patreon believes by moving these fees away from creators to patrons, it can successfully raise its NPS, as one of its biggest issues between it and its creators is no longer there.

    But it is.

    No matter where the fee is moved, it still has to be paid, and if patrons can’t afford it, they will have to make the tough decision to not support the creators whose work they enjoy. For those patrons who support only one creator, this isn’t as much of a problem, but this greatly affects patrons who support numerous creators, especially at lower amounts. A $1.00 pledge in the new fee processing model would be charged $1.38. If a patron is supporting 10 creators at a $1.00 level, instead of being charged $10.00, that patron would be looking at a bill of $13.80. That’s a steep markup, and according to many on Twitter, this has led to patrons pulling pledges.

    In my opinion, this new fee processing system will lead to new, much larger issues for the company and will not solve Patreon’s NPS issues. Most creators have a strong base of $1.00 pledges that can add up, and for smaller creators, these small pledges are vital, as it’s much easier to find 50 people to each pay a dollar every month versus finding one person who will pay $50.00 each month. But, in an effort to lower fees, patrons will have to either lower their current pledges or lower the number of creators they support. It also means far less $1.00 pledges from patrons, as the processing fee being charged on each one is such a detriment. For smaller creators, this makes it much harder to reach out and find patrons willing to give them a shot with very little financial risk to the patron. Unfortunately, now these smaller creators find themselves competing for literal dollars and cents versus larger, more established creators.

    Sadly, that may quietly be Patreon’s overall goal. Earlier this year, in an interview with Brian Balfour, Tal Raviv, a Growth and Platform Manager for Patreon, stated, “We’d rather have our GMV (gross merchandise volume) be made up of fewer, but truly life-changed creators rather than a lot of creators making a few dollars.” From a business standpoint, the larger, more successful creators are making a nice profit for both the creators and for Patreon, while smaller creators who just make a few bucks a month here and there may actually be costing the company money when it comes to the cost of hosting, accounting for fees, support costs, etc. If Patreon is able to shed some of the low-end weight, that would theoretically help streamline the company who just received quite a bit of venture capital in the past couple of years. If this is the goal of Patreon, to lose many smaller creators, while having patrons focus their support on a smaller number of creators, then this new processing fee should have the desired effect.

    Moreover, in my opinion, how Patreon has chosen to present and defend this decision has been atrocious. According to the company, it polled and surveyed its creators about this change over the last year, however the overall message from creators has been confusion and curiosity as to whom Patreon actually spoke to about these changes. It seems most creators were blindsided by this change to their business models as they received a message from Patreon only a day before the changes were announced to the public. Some of these creators warned their patrons ahead of time, and in those warnings, many stated they were not thrilled with this change and would share more information as it became available. The company essentially just told every creator on its platform it was making a change that could drastically affect the creators’ patrons/customers and gave them little-to-no support on how to handle the possible financial backlash. This is not how you fix a low net promoter score.

    After the announcement, as the uproar was reaching a fevered pitch, Patreon had an opportunity to look humble and try to open the door to further discussion with both creators and patrons. Instead, it doubled down in an update to its original blog post further detailing the business aspects of why it was making the change. The message came off as cold, deaf, and almost insulting; it was as if the company was trying to say, “You obviously don’t understand what we’re saying; look at these graphs. Look at how this will help us. You’re just not paying attention.” Patreon squandered a huge chance to step forward and show that the company still cares about the voices and well-being of all of its creators and their patrons; it could have started an actual dialogue. Instead, it chose to focus on the company and its problems, a marked change from the Patreon of old.

    And maybe that’s what this is. Maybe this is Patreon growing up and maturing into a normal, corporate business. Even though creators could see higher revenue with the new processing fee system, the handling of this situation has felt so anti-creator focused. Even Jack Conte, the founder and CEO of Patreon, has stated, “We absolutely fucked up that rollout.” It feels as if this is the moment Patreon went from focusing on creators as individuals with dreams and goals and started focusing on bottom lines and streamlining costs. This does open the door to new, similar options like Kickstarter’s Drip, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a large player like PayPal jump into the mix in the near future as Patreon begins to shed the humanity it once seemed to have. And maybe, for Patreon, that’s a problem it’ll have to own.

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