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  • Where the hell have I been?

    14 hours ago


    Well, I'm still here! I know I haven't updated in a while, and it might look like I just dropped out of the RT scene, but I'm still here and I drop by every day to look up what people are doing. I do have to apologize though for the lack of contributions due to just so many things and one of which is just exhaustion. So, let's get started.

    First of all: Happy Eid. I know no one really here celebrates Ramadan, but we just finished fasting in Ramadan yesterday.  So now it is Eid (literally means holiday) and now I'm back to my regularly scheduled program. I say regular because for the last two weeks my day would go from 8pm to 5am a mix of breaking fast, some family time, and lots of prayers. 6am to 3pm i go to work, and 4pm to 8 i catch up on whatever little sleep I have left. So...exhausted.


    That aside, I've inexplicably picked up my YT channel with a vengeance for some reason, and that reason is Nier: Automata.  I did a playthrough of it previously and finished it in about 8-ish hours. I knew that there were different endings to the game, but I never knew that each playthrough is a literally a different playthrough every time and told from a different perspective.  So the umbrella game is one story, but you're seeing it from a different side and different person every playthrough. It's awesome and its the first playthrough I do in all English so check it out.

    Also, I'm still doing a ton of Overwatch. I just started playing with these groups of folks and its the most fun I've ever had on overwatch playing with them. It's just nothing but shenanigans, sex jokes, and flat out weirdness. You might know some of these people as @MrWartburg and Pauline @crofteria from the RT community.  It was good times.

    As for the life-stuff: I'm still working on getting my fiance over here. I got immigration papers to keep working on, but I'm keeping hopeful and optimistic. 

    I'm also looking for another job, and hope something big works out. In short, the IRS has hit my dad HARD after he retired. He just barely bought a house with his retirement when the IRS went after all that was left over and he's pretty much bankrupt. Aside from the 1500 bucks a month he gets from SS, I'm the only one who can support him, my mom, and my little sister now and that's been kinda tough. It is basically a big reason why I don't want to go out as much anymore or travel or anything so that I can support them. Also probably drowning myself in video games might be an indication that I'm affected mentally by all of this.


    Finally, I am still super excited about RTX. Its the only trip I have scheduled and I've been planning this a long time. I don't believe I will be going there this time as a journalist, but I am bringing my camera and headphoens mic and will keep an eye out on things to shoot...with my camera...photography! Don't start getting weird ideas now damn it! But yeah, if you have any ideas of things to film, skits to play, pranks to pull, or just wanna say hi for an RT montage (HOLY SHIT THAT'S A GREAT IDEA), then feel free to drop me a line here or come over if you see me or whatever. It should be fun.  Last time I collaborated with @Ratatoskr and @LanceMowilos to do some fun things, and this is what we did.

    and this:

    So would totally love to make more collaboration work. If interested, give me a call.

    Yup, I think that pretty much sums it up. How are you guys doing?

  • The Red Wedding

    1 day ago

    DiMono It's Back Baby!

    Today (24th) I went to a wedding for someone we lovingly call Red. I dressed up for it a little.


    Fancy knots are fun to tie. That one's called the Celtic Knot. I kept the last loop a lot looser than the video shows, to give it the rounded look. People seemed to like it. My shoes are pretty spiffy as well, but I didn't grab a picture of them for this journal. Because they're shoes.

    The wedding was fun. The food was excellent. The Internet got our own table. And then there was Dungeons & Dragons. I played a sassy drunken gnome NPC and watched mayhem ensue. It's great when a World of Darkness player brings that particular sensibility to DMing a D&D game. It makes for twisted stories.

    And then we went to a hotel room and ordered pizza. Because why wouldn't we? The wedding was smallish, and things wound down at a reasonable hour, which was nice. 10/10 would attend again.

    Also everyone lived. Take that, Martin.

  • 008 Update #23- RTXcited (Again) Part 1: The More You Know…

    2 days ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    {6/21/2017 16:12PST}

    This #RTXcited blog is the beginning of the series for #RTX2017.  Since it’s from me you can mostly expect it to be ridiculous with kernels of things that are nice to know.


    So, at a few weeks left until RTX, I don’t have so much on the level of plans but I’ve got plenty of facts and ideas to share because this will be my second trip down to Texas for the best gathering of an internet community around.  I also feel writing all of these out might foster further discussion, questions, and RTXcited entries.  So, let’s start the list of fun facts:


    -I’ll only be down for the three days of the convention.  It’s unfortunate because I’ve got a lot of friends who I only really see in Austin and I’d love to visit with all of you.  But, it’s a work thing and I’ll be taking the red eye in and out (more so in).  So, if you see me, please come up and say hi.  This is me by the way, and that brings me into my next point:


    -There will be a more detailed post about this down the line, but there’s more than just my classic shady smirk under thick frames and ginger hair that’ll help you recognize me on the floor (and I may get a haircut between now and then (y’all will get updated on that)).  The easy thing to recognize me on the floor is I plan to cosplay (casually at least) all three days (quite a step up from my one day of Deadpool last year).  The days and levels of costume are still up in the air, but I’ve got three RT characters ready to roll.  Casual Mad King: my brother got me a Black Watch kilt for my birthday last year and I’ve got a crown and Ryan Achieve Shirt ready to go.  Camp Camp Camp Councilor/“David:” Shouldn’t surprise anyone a happy ginger got his shirt last RTX and exploits it and his dark green shorts as much as possible.  Hair gel, maybe, but we’ll see.  Epsilon “You Gotta Have Faith” Church: I am very proud of that jacket and wear it all the time, but the full “costume” is something else entirely. We’ll see how long I can last in denim in Texas in early July.  I’ll be doing this on RvB panel day.  (Started writing this before the schedule was released.  With that in mind, here’s my “official” “cosplay” schedule.)



    -RTX is a full long weekend put on by a fantastic online entertainment production company, but even that comes with some down time.  Especially when it comes to waiting for panels, bring something you can just sit with or play with other people with.  Sure there’s MBD and other things RT related, but I’ll be up to my old tricks some too and have a few decks of Pokémon cards.  I don’t exactly play strictly tournament style (the easiest way to casually play it).  Because it worked well enough last year I’ll be bringing more decks for other people to use than just the  “Toxic Beasts” one from last year.  I’m thinking my classic “Mental Shock” and “Dark Rocket” decks as well.  We’ve got options, I may go over them sometime soon.  I haven’t really been a hand-held guy since I beat Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on PSP, so I’ve gotta have something right?  I’ll probably be down to play your games too.  Except Magic…

    Other things you can do in lines/in down time are: chat with your neighbors, check twiter and group messages (because coordinating with others is important), take a little rest,  have a snack, and organize your own things and plans.


    -Did you read my FUNpacking of the RWBY trading cards?  I’ve got a few of those that I’d be willing to trade, and they’ll be with me too.  I’m also going to have other merch on my person, both the stuff I buy and the things I’m bringing around to get signed.  You’re going to have stuff you won’t want to carry so bring a pack of a sort.  You get a free gym bag with your badge, but it’s not that big.  I’m still figuring which I’m going to have, but you should bring a decent sized pack for not only your merch, but for some basics as well.  This includes a snack, liquids, a charging log or two, and things you need for health.  I’m bringing a small thing of Star Wars Band-Aids, and probably a couple of notebooks. 


    -I am very excited.  Not just to be down there, but to see all of you people and to have interactions and situations I don’t expect.  It’s good to have plans and things you want to do, but it’s important to be flexible and open to the experience based on priorities, not a checklist. For example, the one panel I have prioritized above the others is the RvB panel, my autograph session ends at 3:30.  I’m willing to put aside the rest of that afternoon towards getting to that.  It means I might miss Meg walking the floor or a chance to play Tetris with Jack, but I’ll be in line with awesome RvB fans I can talk to.  There are trade-offs.  And if I somehow arrive after the RvB panel has been capped, I have a whole few hours opened up.  Maybe I’ll check out this year’s interactive experience (Personally I hope it’s not ____ Little Roosters themedbut that’s just me .(It’s fun but I’ve never been able to get as into the ARG part and I fall off…)) 

    The point is, you can have things you want to do, but RTX is best when you let it happen.  I met people waiting for panels, I stumbled upon “wnning” that Pizza Hut Skateboard from playing The Simpsons Arcade with Greg Miller, I found all my guardian friends around the hall, there was a Grif Ball challenge I had no idea about, and more. 

    I do have a quest, but it’s a long time forming and it’s just something I need to keep an eye out for.  And if we’re ever together and you see a Founding Father in the wild, tell me. 


    - There’s of course some basics too, things to make sure you’re happy and healthy.

    --Make sure people know where you are for your own safety and their peace of mind

    --Respect other people

    --Do what Guardians tell you and don’t be afraid to ask them for help

    --Wear sunscreen

    --Keep yourself fueled (eat the free Pizza Hut)

    --Clean up after yourself

    --Get some sleep

    --Keep yourself clean

    --Be aware that the RT cast and crew have all sorts of obligations at the event they are hosting.

    --And, as always, have fun.


    That’s all I can think of for now.  Are you RTXcited?  Do you have anything in mind?  Any particular questions about the event or my planned trip down?  Let me know in the comments.


    Next time we’ll talk packing and actual things.



    EDIT P.S.


    Rather than keep moving in circles around something square, I'm going back to basics and moving forward. 

    Also, about the delay of Red vs Blue: Rec0very; as much as I love my little fan work, I've been dedicating some time to other more original projects and want to know if anyone is interested in me continuing to post the comic script here?  I will if anyone wants me to. 

    EDIT P.P.S. {6/24/2017 11:44p PST}

    And...  Red vs Blue Rec0very is being postponed and for good reason.  For a project that was founded on the idea of being a possible RvB14 story, I have found I made a huge mistake hinging on a smaller detail and it is one I can't quite overlook or explain away.  Some things will need to change.  Good thing those were all billed as just drafts, right?

    I'll rework things and try to get the new versions out soon, but other projects (see the first half of the previous post script) are coming along so we won't be without the semi-regular 008 Fanwork posts.






























  • Day 177 Another Painting

    6 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Finished this up today. I should be able to get at least one more painting done before I head to RTX next week.  


  • Hi to sex in 60 seconds and the crazies

    1 day ago

    Treanomaly FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold First with benefits

    So this is a story about an incredibly awkward night out that I had in Melbourne. This was before I moved down here and was living in QLD in a share house. One of my roommates was Canadian who was studying at the same university as me. He wanted to see Sydney and Melbourne before he left the country so we went during the semester break. His Swedish classmate met us in Melbourne and this one Wednesday night we went out. We found a small venue that had live musicians playing and started having a few drinks. The foreigners were talking to the girls around them (that accent confidence) and they soon found these two girls who came and joined our table. The girls were friends and the guys were really getting along with them and they invited us to go back to their place. I was going to just go home and let them go as I didn't want to be a lone guy while the other two couples did their thing, but they wanted me to come along. I should have just gone to our apartment as this is where the night started to get weird and awkward.

    So the two couples jump in a taxi out the front of the bar, so it's full because it's a five seater. They tell me to jump in the one behind them because the girls have a friend of theirs who's following them in that taxi, so I get in this taxi with this girl I've never seen before let alone met. So I get in and the taxi driver asks where we're going. I don't know, as I'm just following my friends in the other taxi and the girl doesn't know the address either so I just say "Just follow that taxi where ever it's going". Not the best start really. So we're driving and this girl and I start talking. She says she's friends with the girls in front, I say I'm friends with the guys. Normal so far. Then it escalates, and quickly. Really quickly

    She asks me if she can hold my hand and just grabs my hand. She then starts telling me about her boyfriend and something about their sex life. I wasn't listening too intently because she's holding my hand and I'm not comfortable with most people touching me. That's what I'm focusing on, "you're touching me. why are you touching me. Can I have my hand back". Until I hear the words "Do you want a blowjob?" and my minds brought to the conversation. "I'm sorry what?" I said. I was taken aback, I wasn't sure she actually said it but I also noticed the taxi driver was looking at us in the rear view mirror with this what the hell look on his face. She said, "Yeah we can just go back to my place and I'll give you a blowjob and you can f*#k me if you want. It's ok, my boyfriends not home." and I'm just astonished. We've been driving for only a few minutes and I've only known this girl for that amount of time. I don't even know her name yet and I'm already getting propositioned. Now the awkwardness is settling in. All I know about this girl so far is that she has two friends, has a boyfriend, is clasping my hand with both her hands and has offered sex to a complete stranger within minutes of talking to them. I'm not interested in her. I could be nice and say she's not my type, but the truth is, I'm just not attracted to her. And after talking to her for a couple of minutes, I'm still not attracted to her. My reaction to her proposal was to say to the taxi driver "don't lose that taxi as I don't know where to go if they get away from us". She then says "It's ok, if we lose them, we can just go back to my place". The taxi driver looks at me in the rear view mirror and I shake my head at him as if to say "No, you stay with that taxi. Don't disappoint me". She then starts grabbing my arm with one hand while still holding my hand with the other and moving right up against me and I just "I just want to make sure my friends are right so we'll just go with them" and try to move away a bit. 

    It then gets worse. She then tells me that she was taken advantage of by a guy while out with her friends and her boyfriend being really angry that some guy did that to her and her friends are really protective because of it. Of course they are right, because they let you ride in a taxi alone with a stranger. This just makes me even more cautious so now not only am I not interested, I also don't want anyone to think I've taken advantage of her. So I'm really watching this taxi driver and making sure I can see exactly where the other taxi is going so there's no chance of losing them. Anyway, we finally stop and they get out so we get out also. I go straight up to my Canadian friend and tell him I'm not sure we should be there. He wants to get somewhere with his girl so he goes up to the apartment so I follow them to watch out for them. 

    So you'd think the awkwardness would be over? Wrong! We get up to the girls apartment and she has a couple of roommates. The girls all know each other and start talking and there's another guy there who's just kind of sitting by himself so I start talking to him. Turns out, one of the girl roommates picked him up that night also and he knows nobody. They make some drinks and hand them out to everyone. So I'm sitting there talking to this guy for maybe 5 minutes or about two sips of the drink the girls gave us and one girl comes over and tells us we should leave now. The girl we followed then comes over and says it's ok, we can stay. The girl that was with me in the taxi is talking to the canadian so I'm happy to have that room away from her but he soon ditches her to go chat up the girl he met at the bar more. So she comes over to me and starts telling me that she wants to sleep with the canadian but that she'd rather me or both of us if we want to. I just sort of laugh and the other guy is just looking at me with this shocked face. I just divert and get her talking to the random guy and I go talk to the canadian and his girl. The two girl roommates come up now and tell me and the canadian that we need to go. I'm fine with leaving and I tell him we should go but he wants to stay and try to get somewhere with this girl. The two girl roommates then go to the kitchen and have an argument with the girl from my taxi while the police are talking to the other roommate at the door because someone made a noise complaint so I just leave. I just said "Sorry guy, I'm out. You should leave also" to the canadian and I squeeze past the police officer and the girl talking at the door. He comes after me and I thought he was going to try and convince me to go back but the said that the girls came up and said he should leave again so he did but the Swedish guy stayed because the girl he was with wanted him to stay. We found out the next day the Swedish guy left soon after because they were being weird again. So that's the weirdest night out I've had and quickest proposition I've ever had after meeting someone.

  • Fact of The Day:

    8 hours ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    Third president of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair. The first of which he created he used whilst writing the Declaration of Independence.

    I guess you could say he really turned the situation around.


    I'll just go now.

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Jefferson#Inventions



    14 hours ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars


    -Whenever I go visit Daddy's room, there is a guard crouched down with a gun scanning the area. I never know what the fuck he's doing. I DOES GUARDING?!

    -Eos, for some reason, will not let me kill all the Kett. 

    -Just found out Angara are wizards. 

    -Found Jaal loving the Cultural Center. He can study my anatomy any day ....................................................................................... I'll see myself out now.

    -Bar fighting with Drack was so hilarious. We all know Sara Ryder's face is derpy, but I fell over dying watching her face do "the anger" before this fight. Was laughing so hard I couldn't even dodge the punch coming. Sadly the punch didn't help her face out.


    (Bringing this back as reference..... I HAS THE ANGER....?)

    -That Krogan nest on Elaadan is the worst place to walk around. I jump off the edges and hope I get to my destination because I can't figure out the tunnels

    -Sometimes the map tells you to go somewhere and it is not the place you need to go. 

    -Found a Krogan in a corner tapping on the wall. At least give the poor guy a job to do.

    -Had my first frozen in combat moment. Of course it involved my phase jumping. 

    -How many times am I gonna ask; "Who the hell put Addison in charge?"

    -This game really wants me to romance Peebee. I will not god dammit! I refuse!

    -Found Peebee once again standing behind a wall staring at it while we were dying in combat. 

    -Speaking of Peebee, her almost getting me killed for her loyalty mission does not help her chances at romance. 


  • Day 176

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Today was such a nice day I decided to set up on my screen porch (semi outside). I started the next painting before it started raining and blowing. 

  • whisky and chicken and some apologizing

    11 hours ago


    I made a few times you can try to spice it up like instead of lemon try orange zest and maybe brown sugar 

    • 4 chicken breasts, skinned
    • ½ oz butter
    • 2 eating apples, peeled and sliced
    • zest of 1 lemon
    • ground black pepper
    • 1 tbs chopped fresh tarragon
    • ½ oz plain flour
    • ½ cup chicken stock
    • ¾ cup milk
    • 4-5 tbs Scotch Whisky
    • 3 tbs whipping cream

    Sauté the chicken in the butter for 10 minutes. Add the apples, lemon zest, pepper and tarragon.

    Cook for 15 minutes until the apple softens and the chicken is cooked through. Stir in the flour and cook for one minute, gradually add the stock and mik, stirring until the sauce thickens, boils and is smooth. Fold in the Scotch Whisky and cream. 

    Also ive been quite busy so im sorry if i lacked in content and my computer didnt have a keyboard i had a "mishap" but im back now - Anger_Coffee


    1 day ago

    DaCuban Rooster Speak

    Today's update is brought to you by Skeletor, you overgrown alleycats! 


    Hey! You! Yeah, you! Buy a ticket to our party at RTX if you're coming! MYAAAAAAH! Buy your drink tickets now, because we won't be selling them at the event!


    It's a short stack of stuff this week, because we've got Movie Night AND THAT'S IT. 


    Everyone keeps askin' if we're back... and yeah, yeah we're thinking we're back! Tuesday, June 27th, at 8 PM CT, we're watching John Wick


    And now, a special announcement from our long-suffering Movie Night Host, @Warpek: "Yo dawgs, I won't be hosting Movie Night on the 4th and 11th. If any of you wanna host, feel free, otherwise that shiz is cancelled, yo."


    Finally, our July Birthday Shoutout! Happy birthday to all our July babies! This includes America and Canada, as they were both born during this month. 


    Canada - July 1st

    @josburn184 - July 2nd
    @DevilMayCrye - July 3rd
    @Pageman - July 3rd

    The United States - July 4th
    @Juju458 - July 6th

    @JonMan94 - July 7th
    @Cuxim - July 10th
    @EchoDynamite - July 11th
    @RubyFINGRose - July 17th
    @Nat - July 18th
    @Glembo - July 21st
    @FancyHatGuy - July 21st
    @Quirky - July 21st

    @NotRayNarvaezJr - July 21st
    @PlzCallMeGus - July 21st
    @BazingaAce93 - July 23rd
    @Caiti - July 28th

    @bacoose - July 28th

    @iKurstee - July 30th

    That's it for us this week! Seeing as this is my last update before RTX, I'll see you fine folks at RTX! MYAAAAAAAAAH


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