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  • Coming Soon This Weekend - Brisket Attempt #1

    1 day ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    I have a friend. She's never had brisket. 

    This is a Texan atrocity. 

    So I'm going to try and smoke/cook/grill/[insert correct term here] a brisket.

    With my research, I have discovered the following tips:

    - marinate/rub for 12 hours. 

    - put brisket on the grill - COLD

    - use something called the "snake method" to ensure long time burning temps

    - cook somewhere in the vicinity of 5-7 hours until temperature is like 195'F

    I'm using a charcoal grill. Got any tips for a newbie playing with her meat?

  • A Picture Is Worth 1000 Gold Pieces

    1 day ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    One of the coolest compliments I have ever received was having some talented photographers get excited to take pictures of an event I was running. And then GETTING those photos is pretty amazing! Our Dungeon Drunks D&D game at RTX was a blast, but now I'm starting to see the collection of shots that @DarkBowler and @ragingterror took and it's been an extra shot of joyful memories and this time in high definition!

    And now is a perfect time to share these pictures, as Dungeon Drunks was just announced as joining 9 other amazing podcasts and Wizards of the Coast for the Podcasts Of Annihilation event!! So if you want to hear what was going on in these lovely shots you should go subscribe to our podcast and listen to us play D&D!

    You can check out Connor's image gallery on his website, which includes not just Dungeon Drunks shots but stuff from all over RTX! And recently Nathan gave me a whole batch of finished photos and I am in such awe I had to share some!!

    A few shots of several of us:




    Nathan had some fun with black and white shots, and this one highlights the fun and drinking at the same time:


    Here's Juls showing off her awesome flask:


    And a few shots of your humble DM....here's me giving my "Oh really?" face:


    And here's what I'm pretty sure is me giving ACTION DESCRIPTIONS:


    There are more coming, and I'm dancing in anticipatory joy over more lovely shots Thank you gents, you are both awesome!

  • Tomorrow I officially

    8 hours ago

    Fly Keeper of Blades

    ... turn 30 years old. 

    Not a lot of big plans.

    Maybe get an iced mocha.

    Go to the chiropractor

    Have to take Ruby to her doctor's appointment

    Take Ru to my mom's that evening. 

    Read some of Game of Thrones

    Smoke a pipe.

    If I have time I might do a very quick impromptu twitch stream.  Possibly the Batman telltale games? Or fibbage?

  • So I heard Today's the Apocalypse?

    2 days ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

    Sometimes I like the pictures I take:


    (From my Society6 page

    Apparently we're all gonna die from the black out, since the moon is super powerful. 

    No really, that's what I heard. #PhillySarcasm

    Philly won't get the full view, and I am le jelly of those who do.

    I can't wait to see a black dot go over a white one in the sky.

    Looks pretty neat on the live streams right now.

    I love space stuff.


  • Strive to rise above...

    6 hours ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Hablo en los emoticones.

    People seem to rally around those who use name-calling as their primary response to something.

    We must try to put into words what we need to communicate without name-calling or the message is lost in a petty insult.

    People also seem to rally around those who promote brash action.

    We must try to find non-destructive solutions first before opting for the easier option of destroying something or the progress is lost in a tantrum.

    People seem to rally around such people who accuse others of what they do.

    We must look at our actions and the actions of the accused to see if there is any difference or the problem is perpetuated but merely by different people.

    If someone is unable to avoid petty insults, brash actions, and hypocritical accusations when communicating, that person needs to stop and think about what's really wrong and deal with that, and others need to stop and reconsider everything that the person said and did from a vacuum existing only of that one person -- nobody else, just that one person's words and actions alone -- replace everyone else in the conversation with a blank.

    To be mature is simply one thing: Don't be petty.

    There is far too much pettiness around from everywhere and far too much acceptance of it if it's from someone we trust.

    EDIT: Interesting: A post about not being petty received a -1 and no comment.

  • SMH...

    1 day ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    If you thought Goku was a bad father before, just look at this.



    I love how Dragon Ball Super is aware of the jokes among the fandom. Even going so far as to state that Goku is a terrible father. As far as being a father in Dragon Ball goes I'd say Vegeta is father of the year! Piccolo is up there as well.

  • Theater Mode Meta-Rules

    8 hours ago

    KidGonzo the worst™

    Because I love Theater Mode and hate myself, I've begun compiling a list of meta drinking rules. Here's what we're looking at so far. Join in if you're tryna die.


    • Someone makes a dentist joke

    • The guys miss a drink (drink, then drink again)

    • Broadcast laughs

    • Counter/timer

    • Someone walks off (out of rage)

    • Geoff takes an extra drink

    • Jack says “If I had a dollar…”

    • Michael describes something as ‘wild’
    • Shit Crew (Ryan, Michael, Jeremy)
    • Jeremy starts doing gymnast shit
    • They resort to fucking with the TV settings

    By adding these rules, Thankskilling 3, for example, gets you 11 drinks instead of 8. Apocalypse Kiss, one of my personal favorites, jumps from 14 up to 22. If you're making a legitimate suicide attempt, the obvious choice is Father's Day (already the most deadly episode) with a potential 43 drinks, as opposed to the original 36. And, of course, there are episodes where they don't pop up at all, but they can also save an episode that might otherwise leave you dry. Why do I have this data? I made a goddamn spreadsheet, that's why. This is a cry for help.

    EDIT - Color Key:

    ‘Peach’ - a soul killer

    Yellow - a groaner

    Blue - meh

    Purple - you’ll live

    Green - spicy watch, moderate drinking

    Pink - spicy hot titty party

    Code Orange - dangerous spicy levels

    Code Red - Father’s Day

  • La Guitarra.....

    2 days ago

    Izayer Keeper of Stories

    Holy shit......., the guitar man. I've been teaching myself to play the guitar for some weeks now and it has been very joyful. I'm slowly feeling my fingertips getting harder and harder. I'm finding it more enjoyable than playing the piano. Ever since I've lost a lot of use in my right arm, I had to give up playing the piano and only ever listen to my music. I would do research on who ever I listened to, but it wasn't as enjoyable as playing an instrument. But now I have a guitar to play so that I can get back into having fun. I always had this thought of making music but I never wanted to get serious about it. I want to make music for fun. The legendary Nile Rogers has been catching my eye as far as somebody that I'll look up to. Between him Zach Wild, Carlos Santana, Brian Mays, and Jeff Williams. I would love to have a mix skill of Nile's and Jeff. But like everyone else, it takes time to develop skill like that.

    I'm having so much fun with chord progressions but sadly it's very difficult to do I it with only four strings. Nonetheless, I'm learning how to strum chords that don't need strings 5&6. Recently I had a convo about The Movement of the Odyssey over in the café and the guitar work for the 1st and 2nd movement are beyond amazing. I like to tell myself in all the things I want to do in Life 'One Day' because it insinuates that it will happen in time rather than 'Some Day'. Which insinuates that it may or may not happen. But one day I will play guitar like it's the end of the world. 

    This seems like a very cool and fun beginning. I would like to set goals and future things to do. In all honesty, I'm thinking about what could happen in the future that I could do one day. It would be fun to write score for RWBY and write themes and score for RvB. As I'm finding my skill set it feels as though I'm developing a cross mix between Trocadero and Explosioin the Sky even though I aspire to be like Niles and Jeff.

    But anywho, I'll see y'all 'round the site.

  • Day 232 Partial Solar Eclipse

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Back to flowers tomorrow. 

    This gave me an excuse to try out a program I just got off ebay, Premier Elements 11. 

    <div style="position:relative;height:0;padding-bottom:56.25%"><iframe src="

    ?ecver=2" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" style="position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;left:0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

  • RT Box July 2017 Impressions

    1 day ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    Well well well, fancy seeing you here! I've since turned 22 between last month's RT Box and now...and I'm even lazier and tired. So forgive me for the slight delay if you saw I promised to post this afternoon, who would've thought I slept till 16:00. It's 22:30 now so take that as you will, and then forget about it because right below are some DG goods!

    This month's RT Box is school themed once again; particularly University, from our favourite cheese-master Gus Sorolagus He tells the riveting tale of how he had no clue what his future held for him as a boy. He went to college hoping to "make out with someone, and get really good grades". Alas, one year later, he gave up and departed. Ending up in Austin, he met Burnie and Geoff!  burniegeoff The rest is history.

    What's in the curriculum this month? Check it:

    - one Rooster Teeth Media Club shirt (white)

    - one Double Gold patch (gold stars for you!)

    - one RWBY Beacon Academy pin

    - one Achievement Hunter pennant (black and green of course)

    - one bottle opener, shaped like Michael Jones mid-rage-quit michael

    - one reusable 'solo cup' (red)

    - #6 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Funhaus (20% were signed by the residents of the haus of fun)

    Have at this shirt! This design reminds me of way back when I got my first DG shirt. The designs are similar to me. I'm talking about the black DG cinema shirt, if you're wondering.


    This one particularly is college-y to me. Clubs just scream "teenagers trying to make friends". FYI, I joined clubs at university in my first year. One was the Psychology society, and the other was the anime club. I paid 5 bucks for nothing to join that one, and I think I paid 50 for the psych one. Let's just say they and my degree were probably a waste of money :')

    ANYWAY, another white shirt, I don't own many white shirts because I always ruin them. I got hot chocolate on the Camp Camp one but luckily it came out, so I'll be more careful with this one. My favourite part of this is the rooster and the chattering teeth.

    The Double Gold patch is cute. One day I'll have to get something I can put patches on. Apparently you put patches on letterman jackets? Gus told me I'm peaking now I have it, but ya know, I have to be peaking in some way or form to be able to get it in the first place.

    The next two items invoke school spirit, according to the note.

    The RWBY pin (and June's stage 5 pin) are a bit bigger than the last few. This one is gold and displays the Beacon Academy logo in all its axe-glory.


    As a fan of the show, I think this one is really neat. I would advocate for each training academy to have a pin, or maybe the combined logos that were used for the Vytal festival would be awesome. I'd also totally like the emblems of characters as pins. As usual, the pin quality is great.

    There's a pennant flag that tells me to Achieve. I already did (I consider graduating my greatest achievement), but thanks, Rooster Teeth! Encouraging as always. Unfortunately the fabric slip that allows you to attach it to a stick or whatever is not sewn on properly on mine, and it took about 4 seconds for it to unravel. I stopped it going too far down and it's probably an easy fix, but still annoying (not that I will be using it like that). Otherwise, it's good quality. It looks like felt with a hard foam front that gives a great clarity of print. The design will endure decades of scrutiny. Good wall hanger.

    Here's the second weirdest item to have appeared in the boxes:


    This is much more useful than the sunglasses with some eyes on them, but still, kind of "WTF". I can see how it works, obviously, as Rage Quit Michael is something to be feared. Gus describes the bottle opener as Michael's "gaping maw" and that's about as accurate as it gets. Personally I'm not quite sure what the red and blue dots that are attached to his palms are, but whatever. It's a novelty item for sure. To be honest with you, I much prefer responsible dad Michael that he's turned into (adorable).

    It's been a little while since we got a cup, but here we go again, it's a cup! This one is akin to the Theater mode travel mug (but that one was insulated). A red solo cup design with a nice little graphic on the front that is "so legit". I'll trust you on that one, Gus. I tested the lid on, and with the mouth/drinkhole covered, almost no water comes out. At angles the leak is more apparent. The lid just pops on and off, but it is well sealed around the edges. The leak stems from the open/close of the drinkhole design (you can take a look in the image album if you're curious).

    Then lastly, the Double Gold card. Funhaus trails as the fourth card behind AH, but retains its glory. I did not get a signature. The art is all of them fighting in a ring. Forgive my knowledge of who's who, but I can guess (kinda). There's James in his Angel costume punching out someone(?), Elyse is ready to kick some ass, looks like Bruce is behind her(?), Adam down on the right. Now I'm just wondering if it's Lawrence on the bottom left, since I don't recall or know who the other one is. Feel free to correct me on any of that. I'm assuming these are their costumes they made on the WWE game? Their ratings on the back are, Strength: 9; Facial hair: 8; Peakes: 1. If there's one Peake then one of the people on the card is him?


    Well, we've come to the end of the road and are graduating on to something else. That being me saying toodleoo for now. Here's the class photo:


    As always, you can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. 


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