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  • Doing shit

    1 day ago


    My favorite poet, of all time ever, is Rudy Francisco. 

    In one of his poems he says something along the lines of "and you just starting doing things. Out of character things".... and here I am doing that.

    When I first broke out of my shell, I fucking broke out. Flew myself to Texas for RTX. First plane ride, first travelling experience, all on my own, met people I had never met before, it was a great time. That's me stepping out of my comfort zone. 

    It isn't taking a different street to get to work. Or talking to a stranger in line. It's always gotta be something that just destroys all of my sense of normalcy. Shatters it. Makes me come back feeling like a new person. 

    I'm not going to be travelling (too far) this year so. How am I making up for it?

    I'm getting my sternum tattooed! 

    Yeah. It's my first tattoo. And I think I'll be going alone to get it done. And I'm not really sure what I'm doing. But I figure if I'm going to fuck myself up with a new experience, I might as well go hard in the pit. So. Yeah. I go in Friday at 3:00 p.m. to see what he's come up with and more than likely get it done then. It's a meaningful tattoo that I've put a lot of thought into so don't think I'm too rash. But I just need something that makes me feel different and in control and... I don't know. Not this I guess. 

    And that's my super short show. 

    Love you <3

  • 14 and 10

    1 day ago

    RoadBlock DONGS

    Howdy!  I recently had a couple of anniversaries here!  

    First off 14 years on this site!  Who knew!  Well I did, and it's been quite the ride!  So many friendships, vacations, hangouts, parties with people I'd have never known otherwise.  I'm so proud of all my friends, from the ones I see locally a lot, to the ones I don't see nearly as often!  All of you are so awesome!  

    It's also been 10 years since I've been a moderator/admin on RT.  It's been it's own unique journey, and hopefully will continue as the site improves and brings back more wayward friends!  If you need anything, have a questions, or just want to chat, drop me a line here and I'll answer ASAP!  

    As a personal note, yesterday also saw thousands of concerned Americans showing their support for scientific facts and education as part of the March for Science.  I went to the Oklahoma City event and had a blast.  I also managed to wrangle the top spot on r/masseffect with my sign!  



    Cheers, loves!  Let's go forth and support scientific causes and education!  

  • Day 113

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    It took a while but today I selected the support for the next painting...I haven't sketched yet because I am still thinking about adding more stuff to the support first. 

    Today was also the last day of the art show.  The portrait of DaCuban got a ribbon! 

  • Day 1207: Stuff

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    It's Sunday and Rachyrock has gone home. It was a good visit. I am hopeful I can sort out a solution to the distance problem soon. I don't have anything else to say today. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Final Fantasy cards

    1 day ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    So last Friday I was at my local card/board game shop cause lately I've been wanting to get back into Yugioh. Me and my friends where gonna meet up there and play some but I was early as I usually am. So while I was waiting I was watching these other guys play The Final Fantasy Tcg . This of course peaked my interest since everyone who knows me knows my favorite franchise is Kingdom Hearts but before KH it was Final Fantasy.

    One of my friends walk in after me watching these guys play for like 15 minutes and with him being a big FF fan as well I was like dude lets buy trial decks and try this game out. So we both did I got a FF VII deck and he got a FF X deck. These guys I was watching agreed to teach us the game (cause who wants to read the rules when people who know what their doing can teach you). And to make a long story short we did not play Yugioh that day and I'm now hooked to the FF Tcg.

    The art of the cards is awesome(no shit its lifted straight from the concept/promo art from the games and screenshot/renders from the games) and the gameplay kinda reminds me of a cross between Magic an Weiss Schwarz which is fun (and way slower then the current matches of Yugioh that I find kinda hard to keep up with).

    Moral of the story if you like cardgames and/or Final Fantasy try this one out. Right now there are 3 different trial decks out to get you started (with 2 more on the way) and there's 2 booster sets out. So its still pretty early in the games life.


  • Realization or Reality is Stranger Than Fiction

    1 day ago


    We're fighting an evil terror group with 'sleepers' and members across the globe.

    We have people fighting commies in the streets who are funded by an ex nazi rich bond villain man.

    4chan has intelligence gathering abilities making the NSA look like punks finding ISIS threats and calling bomb strikes on them (no seriously), discovering identitities of cirminals and rioters, and getting ground agents to pull a damn Splinter cell/ batman and grapple hook over buildings just to steal Shias Flags

    With this and all the other wierdness thats been happening i think everyone can find true happiness in what has happened.....

    We all now live in an Ian Flemming/ Tom Clancy spy political thriller.

    Now with that said....
    Are you Bond?


    Napoleon Solo?


    Illya Kuryakin?


    Sam Fisher?




    or Archer?


  • Learning A New Skill.....

    1 day ago


    So at the end of March I had taken part of a part of a percussion circle. At the end of the night I started to talked to some of my fathers new friends. I was asked if I had played any instruments outside the congas and ajimbes. I answered to the man that I used to play piano but expressed interest with a guitar. Well flash forward a month to when I finally got the guitar. It's a beginners guitar but I'm having so much trying to learn. My friend came over tuned my guitar and showed me something to practice. Well nonetheless I practiced for over an hour. 

    Well something annoying happened. The 5th string snapped. But it was a thing I had to expect if I am to travel down this rode. 

    If you guys remember a post I made called 'Dem Nights.....' I mentioned that we, at home, fed and hosted a good night with friends and family of around 20. Well tonight we had 14 people all together. We served Spanish rice w/pigeon peas and summer sausage with 4 kinds of chicken wing. Regular, BBQ, Buffalo, and Lemon Pepper. 

    I wonder what the next night will be like. 

  • sleeeeepy

    11 hours ago

    Pelessaria Psychedelic Venom

    all the time.

    i legit have no energy at all, lately.

    still waiting on calls/doctor(s)

    tbh i know i'm v boring lately.

  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Flibbity Jibbit

    Despite Americans owning more than 78 million dogs as pets, only about 30 deaths per year are attributed to dog attacks, fewer than bees.

    Raise the dog well, treat it with respect and care, and the dog will return it tenfold.

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatal_dog_attacks_in_the_United_States


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