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  • [RvB 15.06] On Grif.

    2 days ago

    anneapocalypse Shine bright like a Lina

    So, Grif was my favorite part of this episode, and I mean, if my favorite part of an episode isn’t Carolina and she was there, that means it was damn good.

    Grif is my favorite member of Red Team. I’ve long felt he’s the most multidimensional of the Reds, and I love how much he’s developed over the years. Though Tucker is in the protagonist position for most of the Chorus trilogy, and thus gets the most character development, I’ve always felt like Grif’s side arc was fantastic, and his “I don’t want to be the one giving shitty orders that no one wants to follow!” is a favorite moment of mine.

    And it would’ve been so easy to just sort of plateau his character development there. Not stop, just… level out. He’s gone through all of Blood Gulch, being transferred away, getting a promotion and losing it. Underneath it all, Grif can care and he is capable of putting in effort when he chooses too, but he dislikes the responsibility of leadership, and the asking other people to take risks for you that comes with it. Nevertheless, season 15 Grif could’ve echoed Recollections Grif, and Chorus Grif, with his resigned “Let’s just do it already.”

    But Grif isn’t quite that Grif anymore.

    It’s worth mentioning that Grif functions here as a bit of audience proxy, and it’s not the first time Joe’s used that particularly device. Thus far, the audience proxy has mostly been Dylan, stating out loud theories Joe anticipated his audience would formulate–for example, “Those aren’t the real Reds and Blues, the weapons are wrong,” etc. It’s something he seems to be really good at, anticipating where the viewer’s mind will take things and putting a character right there with us to confirm, deny, or simply relate. So Grif, with his “Why can’t Church stay dead?” gets to be a stand-in for the members of the audience who feel similarly.

    Of course, that’s not all he is. This is the next step of Grif’s personal arc. After years of following the others around on their wild adventures, even volunteering for those wild adventures more than once and yet still being characterized as the lazy one–after embarking on multiple high-risk operations to save others, Grif is done. He just wants some peace. While the Freelancers argue with the rest of the Blood Gulchers over which fire to put out first, Grif chooses door #3. Grif doesn’t want to play anymore.

    And he is really, genuinely, deeply upset. Dylan thinks she can talk him out, smooth things over–she thinks that from watching the logs, she knows him well enough to do that. She doesn’t. 

    Wash thinks he knows Grif well enough to think he’ll come along for the ride, that his (in his mind) good-natured ragging about “look who finally decided to join us” will go over fine. Sarge thinks he knows Grif well enough to crack a joke and give an order and make him come back.

    They don’t.

    None of them know Grif as well as they think they do.

    But I think the one hit the hardest by that realization is Simmons, who doesn’t say a word. He just stands there, staring, as Grif walks one way, and everyone else walks the other. He seems completely at a loss.

    Then, too, their little hook-up probably has hell’s bells of unresolved feelings behind it. I’m not holding my breath for that to be touched on in canon, but I’ll admit, the way the camera lingered on Simmons, there… I wonder.

    Either way, Grif’s characterization has taken off in a direction that’s new yet not at all out of left field. I can’t wait to see where it goes, and how his relationships with the others change along with it.

  • It's ya boi

    1 day ago

    AimeeAnachronism Aimee

    I'm here to have a good time and honestly I'm not feeling attacked at all, so great job.

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