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  • 111 Taking Laurelin

    1 hour ago

    DodongoDuster Mothindi

    The six of them make their way to the Third Battalion, taking pride of place in front. First and Second have already been sent in, they’re attacking the Main Gate.
    CALEB Anara, can you get us in behind the Gate.
    ANARA Yeah. Hold on a minute, somethings wrong. The Gateway doesn’t want to open.
    There’s a long stretch while she tries different things, then a gateway opens.
    ANARA We’re about two blocks in, we might have to fight our way through, but I couldn’t open one any closer.
    CALEB Close enough.
    Third Battalion marches through, 10x10, and is immediately set upon by Ardan troops. They don’t stand long, the magic users making short work of them.
    They advance towards the Main Gate.
    ANARA Something’s wrong, my abilities seem to have been muted. I can’t use my magic.
    There’s a muted chorus of agreement from the other magic users, who were now mostly defenseless.
    CALEB Well, draw your swords and do your best. Stay to the back until we resolve the situation.
    They reach the Main Gates and face off against a full battalion of Ardan soldiers. Once again, they make short work of the soldiers, but with a heftier price without the magic. They open the gate and can’t believe their eyes. First and Second Battalions are nearly broken, charred bodies lie everywhere from hot oil that had been poured on them from the walls above and set on fire. A quick search of the houses and buildings nearby found a curious device
    running off a generator. When the generator was turned off the magic users were again able to use their powers. They destroy the device, just to be sure nobody can trap them with it, and they move on.
    A full Division is sent in, 20,000 men and women who sweep the town street by street and converge on the Southern Air Field.
    As expected, there is another disruption field blocking the Theans’ access to magic.
    CALEB Magic users, stay back, out of the field, and see if you can do anything from there.
    The magic users immediately begin sending volleys of fire and arrows of ice, weaves that they try to penetrate the bubble with unravel on contact, and do most of the fireballs. Lightning gets through every time though.
    ANARA Use Earth fire and lightning, they seem to pass through unhindered, but you can’t aim them once they pass the event horizon.
    The first volley of bombs hits the Theans uncontested.They immediately put up shields, layering and overlapping them, extending all the way to the disruption field. The infantry form ranks and attack, two regiments to the front, one reaching around to the left flank, including Third Battalion.
    Without magic there is no way to shave the spears from the hedgehog, so they have to actually fight their way in, which is a bloody and grueling process. Soon enough though, the line starts to bulge inward on the left flank, the first regiment cutting deep into the heart of the Ardan formation. They reach the front lines and soon there is no Ardan formation, every man fighting for his own life, all thoughts of retaliation lost.
    The bombs continue to rain down though, while the Theans search for the hidden disruptor field generator. The remains of the Ardan army scrabble for safety, but there is none. They are destroyed to a man. After a while the bombs stop falling, none of the ships ever coming low enough to offer a target.
    Eventually they stop, and the Theans can stop to look around at what they’ve won. Prisoners are rounded up and killed, but a few make a good case, at least to Rueben, who agrees to keep them under his charge, and to accept all responsibility for them.
    RUEBEN So, you can teach me how all this tech works.
    HEPH Yeah, basically. I’m an engineer, I can design and fix everything from handheld radios to ships.
    RUEBEN You can build me a ship?
    HEPH Yeah, but it would be easier to fix one of the existing ships, or steal one. It takes a long time to build one from scratch.
    RUEBEN How many of you are engineers?
    A few raise their hands.
    RUEBEN Ok, you lot, come with me.
    They disappear into the crowd.

  • Bought JDoolz book

    16 hours ago

    br0wnbr0th4 The Greed

    Time to play the waiting game. 2 weeks until I get GO NITRO by @Jeremy Dooley.  Can't wait

  • 110 Solstace

    1 day ago

    DodongoDuster Mothindi

    Ceban, Celia, Eden, Anara, Kieron and Kiaron all gather in the kitchen, Eden and Anara cooking.
    ANARA So, I’ve been made Maia. I get my Rites a week from Sunday.
    EDEN Congratulations! I know it wouldn’t take you long.
    CELIA Congratulations.
    EDEN So is that why you were summoned to Azuriell?
    ANARA Yeah, 12 of us are being raised.
    EDEN So does anyone know why we’ve been summoned to Minas Valar?
    KIERON Word on the grape vine is that they’ve decided to retake Laurelin.
    ANARA About time. We should have moved on that months ago, not given them time to breathe after Lunamar. I wouldn’t mind be stationed there.
    KIERON Me either, hopefully they’ll accept my transfer request.
    Celia gives Eden a meaningful glance. She ignores it.
    CELIA Eden has some news concerning moving.
    Eden looks tortured.
    EDEN I...I’m going to be moving to Azuriell. As soon as we finish retaking Laurelin.
    Ceban looks to Celia who gives a slight shake of her head.
    CEBAN You’re resuming your training?
    EDEN Yeah. I’ve already spoken to the Maia, I’ll be accepted right in, right where I left off.
    CEBAN Well, congratulations, I hope you enjoy your new life. You won’t be in combat will you?
    KIARON I’ll be there to look out for her if she is. I too am looking to be stationed at Azuriell.
    Ceban actually looks relieved.
    CEBAN Thanks be, I’m glad she’ll at least have a friendly face and a restraining voice. I take it you’re going to move in together?
    EDEN It..it just makes more sense. Besides, we’ve been together for 4 years, and we’re ready to start our life together and you can’t stop us.
    CEBAN Relax, I’m glad for it. And I’m glad to see you aren’t letting this war stop you from living your lives. We may not even have each other when this damned war is done.
    CELIA You’ll still have me.
    She puts on an evil grin.
    CEBAN Suck a dick.
    Ceban chuckles.
    The six of them step out of a gateway, then release it. They spot a Maia with an audience and go to hear what she has to say.
    YANI If you are Maethori or unaffiliated, you should meet with the Maethori commander in the northern fields. All Maia or apprentice Maia should come with me.
    EDEN Well, I’m still unaffiliated, so I guess I go with you.
    They make their way to the northern fields, minus Anara, and soon find the gathering they’re looking for.
    CALEB Alright, as most of you already know, we’re assaulting Laurelin in just a few hours. Those of you who already joined should continue on to your overseeing officers, located in Azuriell, and those who are unaffiliated should stay here with me, I’ll get you sorted out.
    They split into groups and Kieron and Kiaron head off to Azuriell, leaving just Ceban, Celia, and Eden.
    CEBAN What if we have friends who we are usually assigned with?
    CALEB Wait for them to get their orders then, if they include you, go with them.
    They wait for a while until Anara and the twins show up, then ask their orders.
    KIERON We have permission to bring you along, so we better be getting on.
    ANARA I’m with you as well, lets get going.
    They gate to Laurelin, with masses of Theans waiting to enter the city by a smallish main gate.

  • ​Conversations with mom.

    21 hours ago


    Mom: You're not that smart

    Me: Well I am yours after all

    Mom: I'm getting really fed up with your sassy attitude! (very mad at me)

    If you can't take it, don't dish it out.

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