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  • Fate Apocrypha trailer 2

    2 days ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    Fate Apocrypha is coming out this summer. I can't fucking wait . I read like halve of the first novel 3 years ago and stopped because I wanted to see it as an anime and now its almost here.


  • First Post!

    1 day ago


    Hello! My name's Kerrin, I'm a 3D animation student currently studying at SCAD, and graduating this spring. I've been a long-time fan of Rooster Teeth, since I first saw Red Vs. Blue when I was 13. Ever since I've pretty much been a lurker, checking out new episodes of RvB, reading comics, watching Achievement Hunter, and podcasts, and basically everything thing that's been done over the last 9 years. I've especially loved all of the new animation that's been coming out recently too, so I figured it's time for me to actually become a member and create an account.

  • #Fit4RTX 2017 Week 12 - Now for the Baby Bulk

    2 days ago

    Tropes Displaced

    All right! So I finished phase one of #fit4RTX 2017! I managed to go from 183 to 160 in terms of weight, but I've also got myself down to about 10% bodyfat. So I'm not at exactly where I wanted to be but I am also not quite done yet!

    So here's the plan for the next four to six weeks: Get big. Only do it healthy, though. Still tracking calories, still giving myself a max cap, and still eating healthy food (clean carbs, healthy fats and lean proteins). On MyFitnessPal I've basically set it to the slowest possible size gaining option and am going to reorganize my workouts around hypertrophy. Then, in mid-May, I'm going to shred down again. Ideally, I'll have gained so little fat when doing my muscle that I'll be able to get down to my original goal of 9% bodyfat or lower.

    Kinda makes me wish I had the time and ability to cosplay - I feel like I would be great as a "Savage" variant of Mogar or Broly if everything goes according to plan.

  • New Show Idea

    20 hours ago

    matteflowers FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Cappy

    Hey y'all, so I've been working on this new idea for a youtube series on my channel. It wouldn't be about gaming really. More of a pseudo-educational series about business, accounting, corporate and personal finance. At least that's the starting idea, I'd love to expand it into more topics, but I'm starting with a passion of mine and something I know decently.

    The working name for it is "the Growth Show" (vague plant/flowers pun intended), but if you have other thoughts on that let me know. Other than that, I wanted to know what questions or topics you would be interested in? Currently I'm planning on high-level chats about things like: business health metrics, taxes, basics of retirement accounts (like 401ks and IRAs), credit cards, loans, interest, as well as how to make basic financial statements and the differences between traditional business (accrual) accounting and the usual cash-basis most people use, as well as interesting business models (I personally love to look at how different companies and individuals make money in different ways).

    Those are just some ideas, but I would love to hear what's on your minds. And even if it isn't businessy finance sort of stuff, maybe there's a place in the show for episodes around those things as well.

  • So it's my birthday today

    11 hours ago

    Smilerbull That guy... no not him

    33 years old..... no one celebrates that birthday though. Just another 7 years before i can have a party again.


    16h57yr.gif     balloon_drop.gif

  • thankskilling

    14 hours ago

    simrell not drunk

    ey does anyone remember the first episode of theater mode? well i made some really cool fanart for it but its like a whole year too late


  • Server admin steps down amid scandal!

    1 day ago

    Evon yep
    No scandal, just kidding.

    But I (Ryon) am going to give over most of my server responsibilities to @Triguntri.

    She's a young go-getter and will hopefully give the server more attention than I have lately.

    I've said it about a million times, Minecraft is a very cyclical game. I go through periods where punching a blocky tree sounds like the most fun I could have, but other times I want to do something else.

    It has been over 4 years of running the server and this is my longest downturn in Minecraft, so I feel like I should hand it off so someone can do right by everyone.

    Tri and Ice will be in control, Ice's duties will remain mostly the same, and Tri will handle more the day-to-day and quality of life stuff. 

    She may take a little time to get used to the systems and whatnot, but she's a smart cookie, so I can see her doing some cool stuff that I look forward to playing as part of the community when my Minecraft lust returns.

    I'm not quitting or any of that crap, I'll still be around to help and advise, I just don't want to be "in charge" right now & I feel like the server deserves more than I have to give currently. I will still swing the ban hammer when necessary, so keep true to Rule #1 at all times!

    I'm hoping this will free up my mind to get back to building stuff for the server, like my house or some games and possibly play other games with community members.

    Cheers to fun!


  • 100,000 Gamerscore Club

    1 day ago

    MassacreMan101 That Guy with the Hat

    I can now proudly say that I have reached 100,000 gamer score. The achievement that got me there was the achievement for completing the 21 DLC in Resident Evil 7. 

  • This weekend's run

    1 day ago


    Well I may have forgotten to mention that my Captain may have signed me up for a Quarry Crusher run.  All I can say is that I was told there would be no math.  It was supposed to be 3.7 miles round trip.  They're still digging tho so it turned out it was more like 4.2ish.  The downhill was fun, but the uphill made me want to just rollover and wait for the medic.  I finished the dang thing tho...53ish minutes later.  Honestly i wouldn't have done it or finished if it wasn't for my captain.  She's pretty freaking awesome.  I hope everyone has a glorious week. 


    She's the great motivator


    And the view from the bottom. There was also a live band playing down there.


  • Update for the Week of 3/26/17

    1 day ago

    GRatFinn RTNY Guardian
    RTNY Anniversary Party

    Next month we will be having our Anniversary Party/Dinner at the Blarney Stone on April 22nd from 7pm-10pm. This event will be quite similar to our NYCC After Party, we all hangout for dinner, drinks and maybe few games. More details as the event approaches.

    Game Nights


    Destiny Xbox One 3/28 8pm

    This week Destiny is getting an update to revamp all the old raid so on Tuesday we'll be attempting to conquer these new challenges. Let us know of you'd like to join and add Evil Angel2020 on XBL. 

    Prop Hunt 3/30 8pm PC

    On Thursday we'll be playing Prop Hunt on Garry's Mod. Add Evil Angel2020 or Finn.garrett on steam and let us know if you'd like to join. You can download the Prop Hunt mod here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=143190159

    RT International Community Day 4/1

    This weekend is International Community day and to celebrate many RT Community groups are all hosting different streams, gaming sessions and more. We'll be hosting a GTA Online session this Saturday at 2pm Eastern time, add GRat Finn and Evil Angel2020 if you'd like to join. Below is list of all the events going on if you want to partake in any of them.



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