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  • RTX London 2017 (October)

    1 day ago


    I don't really know where to start with this. I have that feeling that I want to write a post but I don't really know what to say. I've woken up in a weird mood- not a bad mood, but not exactly happy either. Flat. But we'll come back to that.

    RTX London has been and gone ridiculously quickly. I was dreading the weekend, merely because I didn't know what to expect, plus in my mind, dreading something means it normally turns out better. Safe to say that my crazy method worked again, and I had such a fun-filled weekend. Despite major hiccups and possible "problems" that occurred during the convention, on the whole it went really smoothly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed resuming my position on panels and have made some more friends, specifically with the panels team. When will RT ever quit introducing me to new people?! I got to see two of my American babes and show them a little bit of good ole Landan Town. The weekend made me realise just how much I enjoy working conventions, and it's really something to be considered for the future. The social aspect is a massive part, but just the atmosphere and bringing people together and whatever.

    Moving to my mood. There was part of this weekend where things got to me a little, and this seems to be happening more recently. My friends are doing amazingly well in life it seems. No matter how they see themselves, I see that they're just bossing life, and I am so, unbelievably happy for them. But it's been getting to me. Now, I don't want to moan, these people fully deserve the plate they have been handed. They work so damn hard and are achieving goals and I could not be more proud. It's just making me think a lot about my position in life. I shan't dwell on the negative thoughts, but these feelings combined with my love for working conventions has got me so determined to make it to RTX Austin 2018. I realistically can not afford to go under any circumstances. But fuck that shit, you know? By not going i'm probably going to be stuck in some dumb job, regretting not even trying to make it, so let's just fucking do it. 

    1) Me and my friend have been in talks about fucking off and perhaps travelling. This was brought up again last night over a phone call. She told me her little plan that she's been forming, and I am so down for it.

    2) I'm going to ask my manager for more hours, but if this is not doable then I shall ask another department within the theatre if they are willing to take me on. Gotta get dat money.

    3) I am not going to plan anything like concerts or outgoings unless it is viable/ already planned. As soon as the 6th November goes, I have nothing whatsoever planned. 

    Just fucking get the money and fuck off.

    Let's do this.

  • I Need More People To Play This Game With

    23 hours ago

    Kikyobutt Keeper of Beards

    I've tried convincing some of my friends to play, but getting them to buy a game is like herding cats sometimes.

  • Day 1388: Double Toast

    2 days ago

    topham DHYB

    Today we made a trip to a historic location in downtown Macon. We visited H & H Restaurant for breakfast which is where the Allman Brothers were fed when they were up and coming musicians.

    I was excited, I was going to get a smores waffle which included peanut butter, but the weekend menu is specifically the brunch menu, and so I had to change my mind, so I ended up choosing PB&J French Toast (without the bacon) which was suspiciously light on peanut butter. To say I was a little disappointed would be apt, but I hope I can find some redemption when I have a mid-week visit to experience the true breakfast menu. 


    We spent the rest of the morning experiencing Macon and ended up travelling around and getting stuff done, and ended up looking around an antique shop. It was an interesting time. 

    Then we headed back, played some Lego Jurrasic Park, and chilled out for a while. Eventually, lunch headed round and I decided I wanted more toast, so I had baked beans on toast and smothered it with butter on the toast, tipped the beans and then topped the whole thing with cheese, an assortment of 4 kinds of cheese. It was delightful. 


    The rest of the day was spent on other adventures, some involving dinosaurs, and some involving bottle openers. Having received a call, we had to source 4 bottle openers for a wedding party that had a lot of bottles of wine and beer, but no way to get them open. So we headed off to the supermarket, found what we needed and headed downtown to deliver the precious cargo. Having a look around it was a massive ordeal and it was cool to see before everything kicked off. 

    Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Strangest movie news I've ever heard.

    1 day ago

    CoffeeNut78 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold PUC the Lunatic

    I Tonya

    The Tonya Harding story with Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding.

    This falls under the category of movies that didn't really need to be made.  

    Anyone over the age of 35 who had a TV in the 1980's early 90's knows the story or at least enough of the story to not care about seeing a movie about Tonya and the Nancy pipe to the knees debacle surrounding the winter Olympics they took part in.  

    Younger people might not know much about her.  Hell, even the actress playing Tonya didn't know that she was playing a real live person until someone told Miss Robbie that Tonya really does exist.   

    Though to be fair she is only in her mid - late 20's and is from Australia.  But anyone in the USA who has not heard of Harding is most likely below the age of 35 and even some of them have heard of her.  

    Now I hope it does well because I am not a total jerk.  And the people who made it need to eat too.

    But honestly the only way I would bother watching this movie is if there was a full length shot for shot reenactment of Ms. Hardings infamous wedding video in the movie. That just isn't going to happen so I think I'll save my money and spend it on a drink with a nice lady or a beer with my friends.

  • Love TWD Love Star Trek... hate STD

    1 day ago

    CoffeeNut78 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold PUC the Lunatic

    Sonequa Martin-Green  Loved her on The Walking Dead.  I love TOS STNG and Voyager and even DS9 and Enterprise were good in their own right. STD is not Star Trek.  I'm currently watching Talking dead when she came out on stage I went to take a shit and read a Gary Larson Far Side comic.  If I would have had the time to do it and known she was going to be on the Talking Dead I would have loved to organized  a 100 person or more group of people to chant at the top of our lungs...


    Very glad I am not clairvoyant or that evil.  Because it would have detracted from TWD and all REAL Star Trek.


    Wow I can say the Tonya Harding story didn't need to be told but still be magnanimous but fuck up Star Trek and I am a raving nutter.  I didn't actually know I was a trekkie or trekker.  I thought I was a casual fan.  Apparently not because after only 3 ep of Stupidly Transmitted Disease ST Discovery I want the show to Die. 

     It is a Walking Dead night and all I can think after seeing SM Green is how much I hate her new show.  Which really sucks because I think she has talent and is hot as hell. And purposely leaving to poo just because I knew STD would be mentioned when she walked out is childish on my part.

  • Here's a little song i wrote inspired by hard times and a bi-polar outlook.

    13 hours ago


    [Verse 1]
    I had that dream again 
    Like a punch in the mouth 
    And I just can’t get out of the cycle I’m in

    It’s almost 4am
    And I’m pulling up floorboards
    I’m swinging my pick
    Digging to sanity 

    [Pre Chorus]
    So if you find me on the other side
    Please stop and say hello / goodbye 
    I’m headed somewhere fast 
    I just hope it’s somewhere good 

    [Chorus 1]
    Ohhh, Ohh, Ohhhhh,
    I just want to be home
    Next to mountains and water
    Far away from this bullshit 

    Ohhh, Ohh, Ohhhhh,
    I’m still catching my breath 
    Take one swing at a time
    Choke on dust as it flies 

    If I don’t make it 
    There’s some cardboard in the corner 

    Shove me in it
    Ship my corpse to California 

    [Verse 2]
    I’m starting to question
    How much it really matters 
    To get a plaque up on the wall
    That says “You did it!”

    We’re all fucked anyways
    Cuz they’ve put bombers on standby 
    We’re all just a bad tweet
    From oblivion 

    [Pre Chorus]
    So if you find me on the other side
    Please stop and say hello / goodbye 
    We’re headed somewhere fast 
    I just hope it’s somewhere good 

    Ohhh, Ohh, Ohhhhh,
    I just want to be home
    Next to mountains and water
    Far away from this bullshit 

    Ohhh, Ohh, Ohhhhh,
    I’m still catching my breath 
    Take one swing at a time
    Choke on dust as it flies 

    If I don’t make it 
    There’s some cardboard in the corner 

    Put me in it
    And ship my corpse back home- 

    I was never big on walking away
    But it gets easier every day
    To just lie down and take it 

    But I’ve gotta see my sister
    Lord knows how much I miss her 
    and her brothers 
    And our fluffy little pal 

    So fuck the world and all it’s shit
    I don’t need this apocalypse 
    I’ll flip those fuckers off 
    Through radiation clouds 

    Ohh, Ohhhhh,
    I just want to be home
    Next to mountains and water
    Far away from this bullshit 

    Ohhh, Ohh, Ohhhhh,
    I’m still catching my breath 
    Take one swing at a time
    Choke on fumes as we die 

    If I don’t make it 
    There’s some cardboard in the corner 

    Put me in it
    And ship my corpse to California

    If I don’t make it 
    There’s a box that’s in the corner 

    It’s pre-addressed
    Please ship my corpse to California

  • RTX London: The Mattyou story part 1

    1 day ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    Hey I went to RTX London last weekend. Why did't I write a journal about it like last Monday or something? I was busy with all my deadlines hitting the week after RTX.

    But ah well let me regale you with the tale of me at London / RTX London.

    So I walked from the airport to my hotel which looked a lot more getto then the pictures(the hotel ,not me walking). But the inside was fine so It was all good.

    After dropping all my shit in my room it was off to find my British friend in London . I took the underground which my god that's a maze and a halve . And made my way to the London Bridge which in fact was not falling down. 

    Now my friend was at the Big Ben (which in fact did look like it was falling down)


    And his phone battery was dying. So I came up with the masterful plan to make him walk to London Bridge and make me walk to Big Ben both along the water and if we did it right we would just run into each other. And we did  tower.

    Now when we found each other we had food and drink and made our way back to the hotel.

    Lets fast forward to RTX day one :

    What was the first thing Mattyou did when he entered. HE PLAYED MOTHER FLIPPING MARIO ODYSSEY !!!! ITS SO GOOD!!! can't wait to explore the full game next week.


    After that I stood in the line for the store and watched Bruce and Adam play ... You guessedit. MARIO ODYSSEY !!!! (side note I spend so much money. While there I kinda forgot about the hole exchange rate thing ).


    When that money was spend it was time for me to play a shit ton of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. 

    I love this game. Its a 2d fighter made pretty simple so that a casual like me can play it. And it's got 2 of my favorite series in Persona and RWBY in there. I think I played about 10 rounds with Ruby and Yu Narukami before I had to run to que up for the RWBY Pannel.


    Speaking off the RWBY Pannel. That was so fun. I made a hole new group off friends in line cause in the chaos of lining up I lost my other friends. We got to watch the Yang short and the first episode and man watching RWBY with a crowd of people who are as into this show (if not more) as I am is just awesome . Also they showed us a little preview for Gen:Lock which looks so cool.


    All and all RTX Day one was a ton off fun. I bought cool stuff , I made new friends , I played awesome games and I got to see cool RWBY and Gen:Lock stuff which I'm always up for.

    When I find some more time I'll type all about Day 2 where I go to more panels and meet some cool people . But for right now I got some homework to finish .

    Thanks for reading.

  • We'll see how it goes...

    10 hours ago


    Didn't get much sleep last night (how could I? I slept through the day with the plan to work until my cough attack happened), but I just recently got back from a trip to a walk-in clinic. After over an hour of waiting, the doctor said it was just a simple cold and I should be fine to return to work. Paid $20 for a doctor's note to cover last night, walked to work and turned it in. Assistant manager said she'd just called my house looking for it. Didn't say anything about who filled in for me or much on the subject at all. When I told her I should be fine to work tonight she just said that the boss'll talk to me, that she didn't know what her plan for me was. While I doubt that, I don't doubt that I'm going to be getting yelled at later. I just hope I don't break down again. I didn't do anything wrong, I should be fine as long as I hold onto that thought...

    Well, if I do get fired over this (dunno what other sort of punishment I could expect, really), at least I'll have time off of overnight shifts so I can look for work elsewhere. I don't intend to get mad and burn a bridge here, but plans go up in smoke if things get heated. Dunno if she'll talk to me by phone later or if she'll show up to work in person on her day off, but we'll see how it goes...

    Gonna try to get some more sleep so I can last through the night shift, assuming I still have one tonight...

  • Song of the Day - 23rd October 17

    18 hours ago

    Joe Eighty7/RT Radio

    Bit of Weiss after that awesome Vol. 5 fight. Much love to CRWBY - those guys are the best.

  • A Very Dumb Girl & A Very Violent Man

    2 days ago


    For the summer of 2017 I found my line-up of anime to be pretty dry, with only one anime I watched striking home with me. Oh I watched others, but each of them had such glaring faults that I came to grumbling like an old man who remembers the "good old days when anime was striking gold left and right." For Aho Girl I found the fault forgivable in the beginning, but soon realized that the fault was in fact the gimmick of the series; a very stupid girl. I don't even mean this in the insulting manner, as "stupid" is the only word I could possibly use to describe her. And when you make the setting of your anime surround an insufferably dumb character, you only end up hurting the series, especially in the case of a slice of life.

    This dumb girl's name is Yoshiko, and she is obsessed with two things; bananas and A-kun. The first is a fruit she eats so much of you'd worry she is suffering from potassium poisoning. Her obsession is so great that at one point in the anime she drags a hapless friend along for a run across the country of Japan to a banana farm, nearly resulting in their deaths as the two suffer from Yoshiko's special brand of stupidity. Her other obsession is a person and the one she loves; Akuru. This guy is by far the most violent male character I've seen as of late, letting his fists do all the talking for him. He's triggered so fast by Yoshiko that you can almost be certain if the two are near one another, then Akuru will send Yoshiko flying with a hard punch or a kick to the stomach. Now normally I'm completely against violence towards women, but in Yoshiko's case she honestly deserves it as we learn in one episode how her obsession with bananas and A-kun began; Akuru not always having been the violent brute he is today.

    A big negative is that for all her faults Yoshiko has no redeeming factor, except for maybe the fact she kind of looks a little like Asuna with her hair down. Aside from this though she is a gross pervert, has the intelligence of the fruit she eats so much of, and forces her presence on anyone she wants to. Maybe if she grew up to be more like her mother I could dig that, as her mom is a milf who fully admits to forcefully taking her husband's first time. Which if things continue down the path they are, Akuru is in very grave danger of suffering the same fate at the hands of Yoshiko. Though if such an event did take place, I might actually see Yoshiko in a new light as she has finally accomplished something.

    Now I mention that Yoshiko forces her presence upon others, and this happens a few times to bank us some supporting characters. The first is a girl by the name of Sayaka, a cute blond girl who is really good at making friends. She's even able to befriend Akuru at their first meeting, but her base character is too kind, and so she can't turn down Yoshiko's dumb ideas. Oh, and she's very sensitive about her flat chest. On the opposite end of this spectrum is Fuki, a disciplinary committee member of the high school Yoshiko and Akuru attend. She starts out as a pretty straight forward girl who hates Yoshiko's idiocy as much as Akuru, but soon shows her true self to be a stalker who becomes obsessed with Akuru after he compliments her for being more attractive (of a person) than Yoshiko. Oh, and she has the largest chest of the girls, because of course the one in charge of high school morals has the biggest tits.

    All things considered though the anime itself is amusing, but the impact Yoshiko's stupidity has upon that amusement is quite deafening. It ruins the appeal of this series as a slice of life, becoming more of a "what dumb thing will Yoshiko do this week?" which I could have forgiven since she usually gets her punishment via Akuru, but they just take things too far. Because Akuru's violence isn't just directed towards Yoshiko, but to her mother, his little sister, his hot female teacher, and one of the 'gal' girls in his classroom. Not that he physically harms most of them, but his behavior is brash and rude and just makes him look like an asshole. I can't appreciate an asshole, even if it's only because his patience is paper thin due to Yoshiko. Not that he hates everyone, but the only character he gets along with is a white shiba inu! It's not even a person! Hell, even Yoshiko calls him out on this!

    No, there are just some things I can't overlook. They're such a key component of this anime that trying to push them aside is like trying to just eat the marshmallows out of a blow of lucky charms. You can do it for sure, but then what do you do with all that soggy cereal afterwards? It's best to consume both at the same time, even if the cereal drags down the flavor. Which is a shame, because had Yoshiko had at least one redeemable quality, this might have been good.

    Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

    Animation: The one thing I can't say anything negative about was the animation, as Diomedéa really brought their A-game to the table for this one. You might recognize this studio as the ones who worked on Handa-kunCampione!, and Mondaiji. Expressions are plentiful, characters and backgrounds are both a solid thumbs up, and they really surprised me with the fighting in an episode where Yoshiko battles a gang of delinquents who dared to sully the good name of bananas.

    Voice Acting: Well they certainly did a good job placing the voices, as Aoi Yūki does a great job at giving us a sort-of nasally annoying voice for Yoshiko. Though Tomokazu Sugita really nailed it home as the brash Akuru, having already played numerous characters who are violent and use their fists to solve problems.

    Favorite Character: You probably saw this coming, but I'm giving this award to Fuki Iincho. Her stalker tendencies were an instant favorite of mine, and the fact she is a closet pervert was pretty good too. Yoshiko hanging around seems to be dragging out this more dirty side to her, which is probably the only thing Yoshiko does that made me happy. Fuki's character model were also more in-line with my tastes, giving me more of a feeling of the traditional Japanese girl than anyone else in the anime.


    Aho Girl gets a 6.0 out of 10


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