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  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Easter egg

    1 day ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    So there was a theory for a while that a kid wearing a Iron Man mask who stands up to one of the hammer bots was actually Peter Parker. Which was a fun theory since the Stark Expo took place in Queens but I did not think much of it at the time.

    Fast forward to now and Tom Holland in a interview confirmed that it was in fact Peter Parker.

    Heres a bit form the article:

    “It is Peter Parker,” Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland told The Huffington Post.

    “I can confirm that as of today,” Holland continued. “I literally had a conversation with [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige only 20 minutes ago. Maybe I’ve just done a big, old spoiler, but it’s out there now. It’s cool. I like the idea that Peter Parker has been in the universe since the beginning.”

    If you want to read more its up on I09.


    Well the story got updated with some new info that makes it less confirmed. here's the new Tom Holland quote:

    It’s funny, I literally had a conversation with Kevin like 20 minutes before [The Huffington Post] interview and he didn’t confirm it, I took it upon myself just because I thought it would be a good story and it’s exploded.


    There was a interview with Kevin Feige that confirmed the exitance of a other big Spiderman Character in the MCU but since the interview refers to something that happens in homecoming I will not talk about who it is. If you do wanna know and spoil yourself on a easter egg in the movie I09 once again got you covered.

  • Working my ass off

    11 hours ago

    Benchmark Be Happy

    I'm working like 60 hour weeks right now, and it's getting to me. It's been a challenge, one I definitely need but oh man. It's difficult spending the entire summer working without any friends in the state, or many days off. I find myself just counting down to when school starts back up and people I love get back in this state. 50 more days, I'm over halfway done with my summer. But I still have halfway to go. It feels so close, but yet so far. I just try to take it in chunks. When I'm at work all I think is "Two hours, I just need to make it two hours till my break." When I'm at home I just try to make it "Only two days until I have time to skype with my best friend" or some other smaller goal so it's more achievable. 

     But I have some 14 hour days coming up, and oh man, I haven't worked one of those in a while. Lot of pressure right now, and my car isn't working well, and the distance from me to any of my friends is getting to me, but hey. Pressure's on. Step up or step off. I just keep telling myself that if I can work 60 hours without any friends or family here for the next 50 ish days I can do pretty much everything else on my to do list. I'm eating better, putting more effort into healthy relationships with my family. making a lot of big life changes this year. It feels good, but it's exhausting. 

    Just 50 more days. 

  • Bacrylic's Share

    1 day ago


    Story #2

    Eyeball Ejaculation

    So I've had a lot of wierd things happen to me here and there and this one of the top odd stories I have.

    While I was in highschool I used to work at my local grocery store.

    One night, while were getting ready to close up, I was pulling in carts from outside when something flew right into my eye. I was suspecting dust or a bug, but for some reason it immedately started burning. 

    Like painful burning. Intolerable to the point where I have to stop what I'm doing to see about it. 

    I run back inside the store, grab the bathroom key and make a bolt for it. 

    I'm blinking furiously, while splashing water in my eye to try and stop the burning.

    It's not working.

    So I pry my lids open to see if I can find what the hell hit my eye. An then I see a black speck of some kind. I manage to get it out, and upon further inspection I still don't know what exactly it was. It looked like either a gnat or a flea. But despite the fact that I got it out, it is till burning. Just as bad. 

    I finish closing up, and drive home with one eye closed like a pirate without a patch.

    I'm the type of guy that likes to power through things, so I thought this wouldn't last the night. But I was wrong. The pain may not have been as bad, but my eye wasn't looking too good. So we schedule me an Optometrist appointment, but we couldn't get one till in a few days. 

    In the meantime I had to suck it up and go to school. ....bummer....

    So what if I would have to spend a few days with one eye closed to alleviate the pain. Thats not how this goes. 

    My eye is still red and at some point in time it is brought to my attention that my eye is leaking some sort of white fluid. Jizz right? No. I leave class to go see whats up, and sure enough I got this gross looking, white fluid building up in my eye. Its like I saw something that really turned me on visually and my eye had premature e-blink-ulation.  

    This continues for the following days. An sure enough when I discuss what I thought happened to my friends they made fun of me. I was stupid at this age and my explanation was that the bug must have bit my eyeball. Yeah I'm a fucking genious. They suggested that the bug layed eggs in my eye and in the next period they were gonna burst out. Thanks guys, true friends.

    At my appointment the Optometrist examines my eye and explains to me what the hell happened. Now get this, upon contact with the bug, whether it was a gnat or a flea or released an acid. A FUCKING ACID!!! And it had stained my eye. He showed me the stain mark like an orange oval blotched on me.   

    I'm fine btw. That stuff cleared up fine, but had that little bastard done that on my iris I wonder if it would've blinded me.

    ...Eyeball Ejaculation...

  • Fan Boy

    1 day ago


    I've been watching Roosterteeth and Roosterteeth related content since I was 12. Finally decided to step it up and now that I have a little bit of money support you guys by getting a first membership! Thank you for all you do Roosterteeth!

  • Fact of The Day:

    10 hours ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    The loudest finger knuckle crack was measured in at 83.2 dB, it was achieved by Miguel Ángel Molano, on the 25th of May, 2012.

    That's about as loud as a garbage disposal.

    I have very creaky bones, I can crack just about every joint in my body, even my hip.

    What about you?

    Further Info: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/loudest-crack-of-finger-knuckles


  • Hello there! Very nice to meet you.

    6 hours ago


    Hi, everyone! Yesterday, Barbara announced on Twitter that I've started as the new Social Media Manager. I can't tell you how excited I am to be back at Rooster Teeth (I interned back in the Spring of 2016), and how happy I am to be working with the best heckin' online community there is.

    I look forward to getting to know you better over the next few weeks and months, and continue to learn more about the community and company as a whole!

    Feel free to add me here and DM me any questions, recommendations, or general chit chat! Let's get a meme-in!


  • Harry Potter is not a guide to life.

    1 day ago


    I'm not sure why this has to be said, but it has to be said.
    If you use Harry Potter to justify or determine your political leanings, or if you compare anything and everything to harry potter, then you don't have a worthy opinion.

    I dont know where this trend over comparing todays politics to Harry Potter has come from to the point where major political figures are using it, but it needs to stop.

    Thats not only showing how little one reads (or at least shows a lack of variety) but shows how shallow your understanding of politics is.
    Stop it.
    Expand your taste.

    J.K. Rowling is NOT that great of a writer to take seriously on politics.

  • My worries with streaming....

    5 hours ago

    Sangjester InSeRtBrAiN

    First off, yes I used to have  a NETFLIX account until they pissed me off a year or two ago, and I still have a funimation account (and obviously a RT account) But I want to say that I have a few concerns with streaming. See when it was just one service, it was a great thing. Well, for the most part. lets face it sometimes you just want to punch netflix (hence why i walked). But, I am getting a little worried. See, I had streamers so I didn't have to worry about TV. it was cheaper, easier, and I got to watch what I wanted when I wanted not some predetermined scheduled time. Movies, shows, whatever whenever and that's just fuckin awesome. But now, some networks are pulling their shit. Take the BBC for instance. They said fuck you netflix we want that kinda cash so now they started BRITBOX. So now if i want to watch Black Adder, Bean, Python, Dwarf, Doctor Who..... i have to get a fucking britbox account. I'm waiting for FOX to do the same. I'm waiting to see every fucking company go OH wait why should we get pennies from netflix when we can jsut do it ourselves? Then what happens? You end up having to spend more on subscriptions to all these different streamers, plus the cable company or phone company (face it, same company anymore anyways) to be able to get online to access the streamers.

    Now companies like ROOSTER TEETH, I got nothing bad to say about them. First off, why would I pay for a subscription, promote the site, and then after all they've done is entertain me fucking bash them like some kind of piece of shit? Anyways, Companies like RT they were born on the net. So, the fact that I pay for them, doesn't bother me. They provide content I can't find elsewhere. I mean theatermode..... i dunno if I could find movies that bad..... though, I do know quite a few they probably don't know about haha. But still, what I'm saying is online companies, I have no issue with. They were born here, we the users helped build it up with our support, I got no issue paying for shit with them. The major networks though, like ABC, FOX, NBC and so on..... yeah....fuck yourselves. 

    Also here's something (non streamy) that has always bothered me about cable. The packages. To me, as a user, I would much rather just be given a list of channels and asked what ones I want. not offered packages of 20-30 channels, when all I will watch are maybe 3 of them. Oh i have to upgrade  and pay an extra $40 for this package, jsut because out of these 15 channels, I want to be able to watch Syfy. WTF. Just say "hey these are all the channels we offer, what ones do you want" and let me check off every fucking channel I want. Why would I want the sports channels if I give fuckall about sports? Why would I want to have lifetime? WTF do i need the soap network for? No just give me the cartoon stations (bite me) usa, tnt, tbs, fox, syfy, chiller, amc, and that's pretty much it. The rest, I don't watch. So why the fuck do i have to pay for what I don't watch? ugh. WAIT I know..... it's logic, and logic has no place in this reality right?

  • Why didn't I get the memo?

    8 hours ago

    PasvSmkng I am not Groot

    I got texted by a friend who wanted to know what I was up to, (at the time I was flopped on the sofa watching Cowboy Bebop on Netflix) so I replied "Netflix and chill".  

    Apparently that doesn't mean chilling out whilst watching Netflix.  


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