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  • "In the spaces....

    1 day ago

    Lpokmnj I miss my LGOP's.

    ....between desolation and diviinity."


    I like em. There is a power to em. A way to tap into the mainline circuit of energy behind the turn of words being quoted.

    Hearing one tells you exactly where the other person in, psychogeographically. Yeah, it's a term I've come to use. Being able to express, generally verbally, the time and place one's mind is inhabiting. It's like a city skyline to a narrative. Want to convey France? Insert the Eiffel Tower.

    I've got my own set, you've got your's, we all have em. Sometimes, they move beyond the words themselves, past the time and place being referenced, turning into a mental iconography of THAT TIME and THAT PLACE being heard by the listener.

    Go read what Hunter put forth and tell me it isn't true. If so, maybe it's just me. And yet I'm comfortable with that.

    Anyways, the quote that begins this blog entry is my own psychogeographic landmark. It's as much a counter response to as it is an understanding of the Tolkien quote "Not all who wander are lost."

    And times like these, I'll reservedly admit that it's only half true. I'm both lost and wandering. An honest assessment would lead to an analytical, honest answer that doesn't answer the follow up question of where to go from here. You ask anyone for advice on where they'd go, they're not answering you, but merely the younger version of themselves they imagine is asking.

    Enough of this stream of consciousness philosophy (though I did warn you of it.). Semester's coming to a close soon and that means I can get back to writing my Eclipse Phase fiction. I've had the bearest of ghost images of yet developed ideas and coalescing through my head. 

  • Update For The Week Of 4/23/17

    23 hours ago

    GRatFinn RTNY Guardian

    RTNY Anniversary Party

    Our party was last Saturday thank you to everyone that attended the turnout was amazing, we'll definitely be doing something like this again. We've also setup a Facebook album for the party, please share your photo from the event there. 

    Lets Play Live Newark 4/24

    One last reminder Lets Play Live Newark is tomorrow night. The RTNJ group (the New Jersey community group) are having a pre show meetup, for more info check out their event page http://roosterteeth.com/event/rtnj-meet-up and tickets are still available https://roosterteethlive.com/letsplaylive and use code LETSPLAY for $20 off.

    Game Nights


    Rainbow Six Siege 4/25 Xbox One 8pm

    On Tuesday night we'll be playing some Rainbow Six Siege, add Evil Angel2020 or GRatFinn on XBL and let us know if you'd like to join.


    Heroes of the Storm 4/27 PC 8pm

    On Thursday we'll be playing Heroes of the Storm on PC. Heroes is a free to play game so we encourage anyone with a PC capable on running the game to download it and join us. Add "EvilAngel20#1930" on BattleNet and lets us know if you'd like to join.

    Star Wars BattleFront 5/2 Xbox One 8pm

    Next week in honor of May The 4th we'll be playing Star Wars Battlefront on Tuesday May 2nd.


    RTX is fast approaching and our Fit4RTX challenge is still going on, if your interested in joining check out the forum thread for more details and to let everyone know what progress you are making.

    Twitch Channel & Youtube Channel 

    Gamertag/Usernames Thread 

    Game Night Suggestion Thread

    Meetup/Event Suggestion Thread 


  • How To Apologize

    8 hours ago


    If your apology sounds anything like "I'm sorry you didn't understand what I was doing", it's a shite apology. 

    Callout: every Malaysian politician ever, between now and the heat death of the universe.

  • Testing....

    1 day ago


    I haven't updated anything in about 2 years. A lot of shit has changed, art has improved a whole HELL of a lot, and so on.

    Also, our studio's game comes out in about two weeks and I'm excited/nervous. 

    Hopefully the people like Prey.

    Anyways, might start using this a bit more and start streaming again. 



  • Day 1208: Back On It

    2 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I'm back at work, and on with all the things I left off. There's a whole bunch of things to do, so much stuff to plan and work on before I go away again. 

    But, I'm also back at TKD tonight, and I'm looking forward to it, hopefully, it will be a fair paced class so that I can push and get better. I'm aiming to train 3 times a week, I would say for the next few weeks, but next weekend is a long weekend again, so I'll only get 2 training sessions in, then the week after I'm away. After that though, I'll be right on it. 

    I'm slowly getting better about not using my phone, and looking at any social media. Actually, last week I barely touched my phone or looked at anything. Continuing that I feel like I'm slowly stripping off all of the extraneous things, and I'm finding more time to just chill out and get stuff done. I would like to do the same with some other things too, but I'd really like to find some other games to work through and keep myself entertained. I need to get better at Necrodancer, so I might play that a bit, and I have Steep to play also. 

    It's certainly interesting but also boring times in my world. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • First Journal!

    1 day ago


    Hey all!

    I managed to finish most of my end-of-the-semester work here at college to be able to create/customize/fiddle with everything here. On that note, I'm looking for some friends!

    Bonus points if you can make a ninja entrance.

  • Sammich

    3 hours ago



    Sandwich from hell

  • RSWU 277: Manic Monday

    1 hour ago

    DaCuban Rooster Speak

    Another week, another missed Sunday. Hello folks, and welcome to the RSWU! We've got a fairly full week this week, so buckle up! 

    First up, we've got Movie Night on Tuesday, April 25th, at 8 PM CT! We're watching Johnny Dangerously!


    Next up, on Saturday, April 29th at 8 PM CT, @Giries is hosting an Open Mic Night! Toto's Africa, Bet On It, etc etc. 


    Aaaaaand finally, this Sunday, April 30th, at 7 PM CT, we've got a Watch-A-Mania event! We're watching WWE Payback! Contact @Newbs, Adam Davis, and definitely not Mr. Cheese for more details! Don't talk to Cheese. Don't even think about it. 


    That's it for us this week! Next week, we've got your May Birthday Shoutouts, so stay tuned! Tip your wait staff! 

  • insert title here

    1 day ago


    tfw u haven't been logged on in over a year

    what up

  • Spartan Catina Da Sá

    3 hours ago

    Tock WDSY

    Shameless advertising: http://grobi-grafik.deviantart.com


    Just revealed today! Some artwork of my second Halo 5 multiplayer character. We have a face revealer here obviously. This is originally my Grand Theft Auto Online character, former military turned violent criminal and mass murderer, who was forced to serve the UNSC, or have the new self destruct feature they gave her activated.

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