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  • Moonlight festival so far.

    1 day ago


    It is deliciously funny and to prove it.... images. 

  • Hey. You!

    10 hours ago

    Fly Keeper of Blades

    Ask me a question! 

    Ask me any question!

    Use the question tab or the comments here.

  • Getting my shit together.

    1 day ago


    Well, I fucked up. E in maths, U in Further Maths D in Physics.

    My only good grade was a Merit (B) in Engineering. So, I've set myself a minimum to achieve next year and I'm gonna actually put the work in.

  • You busy Friday at 5PM for some RT Radio? Me neither!

    1 day ago

    Geislor Handshake Wizard

    You there, with the chiseled bod! Yes I'm looking at you!

    Swing on by the RT Radio group tomorrow at 5:00PM EST! I'll be hosting the tunes with another lovely RT member! 

    Would love to see you there, and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  • All praise the Mighty Jay!

    1 day ago

    MasterJay75 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Pretty much been watching for years now. Love AH and Funhaus..Hope to work there one day..About to become a US Airmen for the Air Force..

  • First entry in a long time

    22 hours ago


    First entry in a really long time, I don't know why I'm so inactive on here. I'm gonna try to be more active and update this more. Really missed the RT website. 

  • Unsolved mystery

    1 day ago

    Squid520 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Squid520

    why do people do stupid stuff? How did they even manage to do it? Nobody knows

  • New Member

    5 hours ago


    I've been watching RvB since 2009 and I absolutely love the series. For years I knew there was more Rooster Teeth content but I never got around to checking it out until recently. A year or two ago I watched RWBY Vol. 1-3 and I fell in love with Rooster Teeth all over again, and my cousin told me that there was a podcast late this June.

    I then gave myself a challenge: listen to every episode. By July 4th I had been listening for a few weeks and managed to get 120-some-odd episodes. I'm now on episode 311. THIS HAS BLOWN MY MIND. 

    Even though I have never met any of the Rooster Teeth employees I feel like I know these people in ways that I don't know my friends. This has also given me an even darker discovery: I have way too much free time and I need to fill my day with things other than watching the podcast, maybe study a little more. 

    In the end, my love for Rooster Teeth has been quadrupled and I am very thankful for them. Just figured I'd post something like this as a first post.

  • I have those clone blues

    1 day ago


    Though I'm fairly certain nobody has cloned me.

    Hello everybody and welcome to our next transformers review.  Today, like yesterday, we have another twofer for you, only we're looking at the official releases.  And because we're still in Legends week, we're looking at two legend class figures.

    So, without further ado, may I present to you the Titan's Return Legend Class clones, Wingspan and Cloudraker!


    This is a special Walmart release that I got online thanks to TFSource, your one source for Transformers, and it's a double pack with two figures, Wingspan and Cloudraker.

    Though good luck getting their clone brothers, Pounce and Fastlane.  They're being released in separate box releases featuring other figures.  Why they would do it like this I do not know.  So you might want to wait for hte Takara releases.


    Anyway, on the back of the box you have your obligatory product shots, and you can show that I kind of, sort of cheated to get this, since we have the moon language label there.  Don't tell anybody that.

    But that's enough about the box.  Let's get them out and see how they really are.


    And here we have Wingspan and Cloudraker out of their packaging, and you are probably thinking "Hey, they look like the same mold!"  Well, you would be right.  The clones are essentially heavy remolds of each other, but because they're clones, it makes sense, though the transformation and alt-modes are different.

    For now, let's get in on some close ups.  First, starting with Cloudraker.


    The picture is a little better this time.  But you got a nice sculpt on the face, which includes a nice, blue visor.  You also can't see it here but that black space is actually an emblem showing what Cloudraker transforms as, which is a jet.


    As for Wingspan, his facesculpt isn't as good as Cloudraker's.  As for his symbol, it's a hawk.


    Now, because they are the same mold, they have the same posing options.  No waist swivel due to transformation, though they do have thigh swivel's at the hips.  The joints are both weirdly tight and loose at the same time.  The heads are really tight on the swivel, though.  Otherwise, you're typical legends fare.

    Now, they don't come with any additional accessories, so we'll skip right to the comparisons.


    For the official releases, here is combiner Wars Skywarp with Wingspan and Cloudraker.


    For a size comparison, here is Combiner Wars Off-Road.

    Now for transformation.  While the molds are the same, the transformation for each is different.  Though they do share some parts, like the arms.  Otherwise, the instructions are the way to go.  But soon, you'll have the clone bots from robot mode...


    Into their respective alt-modes, a hawk and a jet.


    My main issue is tolerance.  Cloudraker doesn't feel like he's locked in properly compared to Wingspan, who can support his own weight rather well.

    Now, as they are part of the Titan Return's line, they can allow Titanmasters to ride on them.


    Here we have Apeface and Loudmouth, respectively, riding on their larger companions.  For Cloudraker, you have to lift up a piece in the center to act as a seat, while for Wingspan, it's just a spot on the back.

    Now for some comparisons.


    Here we have Wingspan and Cloudraker with Naughty and Blue Cat, showing that the official releases are slightly larger than the third party headmasters.


    And for the official line, here is Frenzy and Warpath with the clone bots.

    So, here's the thing.  The clone bots are a nice idea, but the way the releases are being done is weird and very costly.  If you want all four clone bots, you have to spend over two hundred dollars because you need to get two separate releases, which will include figures you may already own or don't want.

    As I mentioned before, Takara are releasing Cloudraker and Fastlane as a set, so if you don't want to go through the hassle here, that's your best option.

    Legends week takes a break tomorrow as I focus on another episode of Symphogear, which you should totally watch with me, but we finish up the week on Saturday with one more look at a legends figure.  It'll be a real stinger of a time.  Until then.

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