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  • The Wire

    18 hours ago

    Fly Keeper of Blades

    Seriously... How is The Wire so good? I remember when my stepdad watched the first episode... I either had homework or was playing video games or something. 

    Let's take a step back. My wife and I switched cable providers to DirecTV through AT&T. With that you can get an app that allows you to watch the stuff on your DVR on your phone. But because we paid an extra $5 a month for all HBO channels it also allows us to get HBO Go. So I've been watching all of the amazing HBO shows I have missed. Like:

    The Wire

    The Sopranos

    Boardwalk Empire


    True Detective

    The Leftovers

    The Jinx


    Band of Brothers

    Flight of The Conchords

    and The Jinx

    The Wire might be one of the best (if not THE best) crime dramas I've ever watched.


  • Giving it a shot!

    2 days ago

    CalmingTemper FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    So I've been thinking of trying something out that's been on my mind for a good while.  Voice acting.  I've been told by various people that I have a great voice and that I should use it for radio, telling the news, or even voice overs.  Been doing a lot of research about it and I may be signing up for some classes or even some auditions.  Wish me luck!  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    PS: Got Lasik surgery and no longer wear glasses.  Yea boi!!!  Gonna updated my profile pic real soon ;)

  • Yo!

    1 hour ago

    Fly Keeper of Blades

    It's almost the weekend! Ask me some questions! Let's get another AMA going!!! 

    Using either the questions tab or the comments in this post (I prefer the questions tab because I like to look back at your questions and my answers) ask me a question and I'll answer as soon as I get them! 

  • My First Journal

    2 days ago


    Most the content I browse day to day is created by Rooster Teeth and associated groups and I wanted to start being more involved in the community and what better way to do so than to try to be more active on the site. I'm trying to reach personal goals and a big one is to put myself out on the internet more be it on here, instagram or any other platforms. I'm looking forward to exploring and interacting on this site.


  • Yay!!

    2 days ago


    Well I just have to make it through the week and then it is vacation time.  I have not taken any time off in years, but I will next week.  Although it will hit my paycheck hard, but thats ok.  We will be going on a family vacation.  That will include Ryan and I, his parents, sister, grandparents, aunts and uncles and their kids.  It will be quite a crew however I think it will be fun as they are a fun bunch.  We will be going to Branson, MO.  I've never been there.  Then Ryan and I will be visiting friends in Nashville!  It will be a lot of driving but I do enjoy my roadtrips.  

    I really need this break.  I had a bad breakdown over the weekend, and therapy is going ok.  Just starting out with establishing background and everything.  I was able to make it ok.  I really am trying to stay positive but it is so hard sometimes.  

  • Pizza, Fries, and A whole lotta stress, lol

    16 hours ago


    Man oh man, when a friend of mine told me my new job has a high health risk for the folks that tend to be nervous or TOO detailed oriented, I really underestimated how much that'd relate to me.

    Stomach issues came up, and supplements causing weird side effects later, I finally took time to get some videos together again! Here they are!

    And more to come. Just gotta keep up the rhythm going, WHOO HOO!

    2017 is gonna be mine!!

  • I should probably do something with this

    1 day ago

    colatechi Soldier of Misfortune


  • And for the 2nd time in 2 months

    1 hour ago

    McDom GGG Muhahaha


    Again? Somebody must really like me. Or apparently I'm classed as active here, which is really quite sad when I think about it.


    That said, if you missed Topham as FU yesterday you mightve missed the podcast we did. Check it out

    Or if you're looking for some streaming, I know Woodlehh and BeepBep have twitch channels now. Here for Woods, Here for Beep

    As for me, I've got a D&D session to run tomorrow, so I've got to get back to planning. 



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