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  • Soooooo.....

    1 day ago


    How's everyone's week going?

    Nothing too interesting here, just a typical uneventful week so far. I have a birthday party and a wedding to go to on Saturday, but aside from that, this week is nothing special or particularly interesting.

    I did kind of start contemplating Christmas gift purchases. I like to try to get them done and out of the way before December comes and shipping becomes a nightmare. I do my best to avoid having to physically go buy anything that isn't groceries between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • About Me

    1 day ago


    So, a little bit about me. My real name is Cameron Whistler. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Mesa, Arizona. My goal in life is to become an animator for video games and shows. I go to a school called EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology) for 3D Animation. I've been a fan of RoosterTeeth for about 4 years now, when my friend introduced me to Red vs. Blue, not telling me it was RoosterTeeth, I loved it. After that, he tried to get me to watch RWBY, but I refused. I didn't like it at first. Then, after that fateful day in 2015, I decided to watch RWBY, in honor of Monty. When I started watching RWBY, I fell in love with animation, and wanted to do it myself. That just about sums up me. Let me know if any of you have additional questions. Thanks.

  • Day 1387: Sky Zone and Chile Relleno

    2 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I went on a proper adventure that involved walking, jumping, slam dunking and flipping.

    I went to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park, where there's a large array of trampolines and assorted activities to carry out. I aimed to get there just before the schools let out and so that I could have some semblance of peace, and I got there at what felt like the right time, not too busy, not many kids, all in all, I felt pretty good. After all, I'd rather be able to practice and be able to flail around wildly and not risk flattening a small child. 

    So I walked down the path alongside two miles of busy 5 lane traffic, in the 80-degree weather, and made a decent time of it. By the time I got there, I was parched but determined, so I got checked in, had a drink and started bouncing. It didn't come back to me immediately, it took a few attempts of no control to build up to what I was familiar with, the trampolines were smaller than I anticipated, so staying on one and not moving towards the edge was the key. 

    I strayed off the main trampoline and headed to the jump into the foam pit until I felt okay with inverting myself through the air and coming down at all sorts of strange angles. I then headed to the area where there were runway trampolines and basketball nets suspended. I got my bounce on and picked up a ball and practised jumping high and throwing the ball through the hoop, it certainly helped with coordination, so it was definitely a worthwhile adventure. 

    Then I headed back, onto the regular trampolines, where I started to practice front and back flips, of which I will have short videos on my Instagram at some point in the near future. Initially, it felt strange and just trying to find my feet for a landing was problematic, but I did it, I landed a few flips and was able to remain bouncing, and that was very encouraging. Considering I haven't done any flipping in probably 4 or 5 years at this point, I was pleased with what I accomplished today. 

    Then I was worn out, and we headed back to the house and chilled out for a bit then headed out. 

    We went to a Mexican place and I had a Chile Relleno. After seeing one on the first episode of I Hart Food, I knew I had to try this treat when I was over here. It didn't take much hunting, but I'm really glad I tried it. It was delicious, a well-roasted pepper stuffed with cheese, coated in cheese and onions with rice and refried beans. Top notch. Yum Yum. Other positive statements. Okay, I had eaten the corner before I realised I should probably talk about it today, but I was hungry, bouncing took a lot out of me. 


    It's been a fun day, I also started watching Iron Fist, which I will hold my judgement on for now, as I'm enjoying it, and I can't wait to see where it goes, and I know I've heard not many good things about it. I also can't wait for the new Punisher series, but I need to get through Iron Fist and Defenders first. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Memory is the Key

    1 day ago


    wow 8 years ago was my last journal.. that was likely the last time i logged in. there has been so much since then..

    now i need to see how this site works.... 

  • Dragonball Super

    7 hours ago



    Dragonball Super gets announced: *FANS GET EXCITED* CAN'T BE WORSE THAN GT


    Now: Ugh-_- at least GT was more consistent

    Guys what happened in DBS? Just tell me and use the spoiler tags. Because these are some pretty major emotional change how people felt about the show 

  • Hello o/

    1 day ago

    voidskeeper Just a random cheerful R

    Just joined thou community!

  • SORRY! 2017 - SORRY! Not Sorry! Edition!

    1 day ago

    seanchris Collector of First Names

    New, for 2017 it’s the number 1 board game for rejectors of political discourse: The Sorry! - Not Sorry! Edition!

    The game where you’ll never have to apologize, because you’re never wrong!

    A 90's commercial for today's political climate! Enjoy, you fascist snowflake cucks!

  • Took Me Long Enough

    2 days ago



    After years and years of watching the RT crew and all the amazing content I finally joined the RT community.

    I've enjoyed so many shows throughout the years. They have been my source of distraction when life was too stressful, my entertainment after a busy week, and a source of creative inspiration when I felt stuck.

    I am beyond excited to become more involved in the community, but I must say I feel like a kid on their first day in a new school; excited to be part of a group but nervous for being the new kid.

    I look forward to getting to know  some  all of you!

    Stay Rad,

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