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  • It's been awhile

    2 days ago


    Can't believe I made it back here. Shoot, I can't believe I've been on this site for more than 11 years. Crazy how time flies...So many memories of this place..

  • Talking to mom

    1 day ago


    As I walked in the house, I asked my mother if she was feeling better.

    She said, "No."

    "Do you want some ginger ale? It might help." 

    "No, I tried that when I was pregnant."

    "With who?" I ask


    Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • So upon further inspection

    2 days ago

    Sangjester InSeRtBrAiN

    I apparently only have 634 hours worth of music on my hard drive....this is unacceptable to me. No seriously, somehow I've lost music I can only go 26 days straight without hearing the same track twice.... this obviously excludes live versions, and remixes.Yes, I do have a problem with music.... I don't have enough. 

  • Minecraft Leaderboard (UPDATED 4/26/2014)

    1 day ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    This is an important Let's Play. Episode 100! Please watch it before viewing what are most definitely spoilers.

    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 100

    Congratulation to Jack Pattillo for winning Minecraft episode 100! A very great honor, now putting him up to 12 tower victories and 15 overall victories! It seems Ray's dominance won't stand much longer if this keeps up!

    Thanks to @geoff, @Gavino, @Ray, @jack, @Michael, @Ryan, @caleb, @Lindsay, and @Kdin for all their hard work over the course of 100 episodes of Minecraft. It's been a great, entertaining experience, and I'm excited for the next 100!

    Also thanks to @JJ, because now we know "We can really do anything".


    Also, feel free to take a look at the Google Doc I made documenting the result of every Minecraft Let's Play competition.

  • Active Watcher, Inactive Community Member

    1 day ago


    I've been a long time watcher of RT content, years and years and years, but it was mostly on youtube and not really on the site. It's been about two years since I started being a First member in which I never really made any post or looked at stuff, really just paying to support, but recently I've responded to a few things here and there. I'm thinking it's time to start being much more active in a community where I watch content at the very least every day, if not the only thing I watch most days. SO HERE I AM!

  • The Problems With RWBY

    2 days ago


    Now, before I get down to it, let me make one thing clear; I LOVE THE SHOW. I enjoy its story, its characters, the music, the unique animation, etc. I am not just “mindlessly hating on it”. Constructive criticism is given BECAUSE I love the show and is done in the hopes that Miles and Kerry will read it and improve on it. I do not want to hear fans whining about me pointing out the show’s flaws just because they can’t see them or accept them. If criticism is not given, people will not improve.

    OK, with that out of the way, LET’S BEGIN!

    The first flaw RWBY faces is also the first rule of writing that it’s broken: Show, Don’t Tell. RWBY tells us a bunch of stuff, but never shows it. The one thing that comes to mind, even as you’re reading this, is the alleged racism against Faunus. We’re never actually shown true racism against Faunus within the show. No, Cardin and Roman don’t count. Cardin is a jerk to everyone around him regardless of species, and Roman’s just evil. He belittles everybody under him except for Neo. We’ve never seen anyone be racist to Faunus within RWBY. The World of Remnant video also doesn’t help, as it’s just telling us about it instead of showing us it. At this point, we could just as easily say that the Faunus are all prejudiced against Humans, as we’ve seen more of THAT than we have of Humans hating Faunus. We need to see more racism within the show, instead of it being told to us. It needs to be subtle, no over-the-top ridiculous displays, something more real. Say a Human buys some Dust for some Lien and leaves, then a Faunus tries to buy some too. Have the Faunus charged more than the Human was. Show racism, but make it look and feel real. Otherwise, there’s no point in this imaginary hate against Faunus. Another issue is the "controversial labor forces" that the Schnee Dust Company utilizes. So, when we were shown Weiss’ father and brother, why never bring that up? SHOW, DO NOT TELL. NEVER JUST TELL.

    Another issue RWBY faces is its characters. Namely, how they’re handled. I’ll be taking a crack at a few, so bear with me. First stop; YANG. She lost her arm to Adam, and I theorized back at the end of V3 that she’d face some difficulties, probably have PTSD. Now, know that not everybody who has a traumatic experience will suffer from PTSD. However, Yang showed signs of it in V4, and to RT’s credit, they did it rather well. My mother, who does suffer from PTSD, commented on it (Yes she watches RWBY too), saying that RT managed to do it right. However, as Yang got her arm on and started training, her PTSD looked like it disappeared and she seemed almost right as rain again. Now, I’ll give RT the benefit of the doubt and say that Yang may NOT be over her PTSD and may be forcing herself upwards and onwards. My mother certainly thinks so, as she did it when she was younger. The result, however, was that it made things worse for her later on. IF Yang really is pushing herself, we need to see proof of it. Little scenes here and there to show that she hasn’t recovered. Heck, have her see a flash of Ruby’s cloak, make her think it’s Adam, and have her almost attack Ruby. I mean, I’d personally like to see it, but my point is, if Yang still suffers from PTSD, show us. Don’t sweep it under the rug, because you don’t recover from it, you just learn to live with it and try to move on. This is coming from someone who sees it every day with his mother.

    Next up: Blake. Hoo boy, what most critics will say is the biggest disappointment in Volume 4. After Beacon’s fall and Yang’s cripplement, Blake seemingly did what she vowed never to do again; ran away. She either did it so Adam wouldn’t target her friends anymore, or because she was scared. Who knows? The issue here is it’s not clear. If she ran away so Adam wouldn’t attack her friends or loved ones, why return to her family? Adam swore to destroy EVERYTHING she loved,and you better believe family is on that list. Did she think Adam wouldn’t know she was on Menagerie, or did she think he wouldn’t target her family? She even hints at this to Sun, saying “This is why I left them all behind” after Sun was hurt. So, why return to her family? HOWEVER, she also told Sun on Chapter 8; “I told you, I'm not here to fight the White Fang, I'm not here to fight anyone. I'm here to rest, to figure things out, and to see my family.” So, which is it? A character’s reasons for running need to be clear and easily understood, instead of contradictory and confusing. Another issue everyone seems to have with Blake is her family; namely that her father was the founder and head of the White Fang. While I don’t mind it, and it even clears up just WHY Blake feels like it’s HER responsibility to stop the White Fang, as well as I just hate the old “Blake’s an orphan” theory, another issue with her family is Ghira himself. So,why did NOBODY, not even Ozpin, make mention of Ghira? She shares the same last name as the founder of the White Fang, Belladonna, so why did nobody comment on it? It’s not like the White Fang were created in secret either, Blake herself outright tells us that the organization was formed to bring peace between the two races. You can’t do that in secret, and if Ghira DID hide in the shadows, then that should have been made clear LONG ago!

    With Ruby, the problem lies in how little character development she’s gotten. Yes, we’ve seen her change from a shy girl who didn’t want to make friends to someone who DOES, but that’s about it. Outside of crying for Penny, and going Mary Sue on Cinder after Pyrrha died, Ruby hasn’t shown much of a reaction to their deaths. She’s pretty much the same character, albeit with a little less energy and love of weapons as she used to be. She’s the main character, the show’s pronounced after her name, show us how she’s coping. No long letters that honestly aren’t that good (Sorry, but that letter was pretty bad) and no telling us about it. Show us how the death of two friends has affected a 15-16 year old little girl.

    With Jaune, it’s how MUCH development he’s getting. Yes, I get it, he’s the Deuteragonist, the second protagonist, the Hero to Ruby’s Heroine. However, at this point he’s becoming more like the traditional main character than Ruby herself is. He’s had the Love Interest (even if he never knew it) who died, he’s the audience surrogate, he was made leader of his own team, we learned that he cheated his way in, etc. etc. Now, I’m not saying that what he’s been through is BAD, but the issue here ties in with Ruby, namely that she hasn’t gotten as much attention or development as Jaune has. I like Jaune. In another story, he WOULD be the Hero. But the show is called RWBY because it revolves around Team RWBY. It’s time they took the spotlight back.

    Another issue that the show has is its sense of time. Before it was retconned, Miles and Kerry said early on that Volume 4 took place 6-8 months after Volume 3. They then decided to change it to avoid plotholes. Unfortunately, this just created more plotholes. How long were Blake and Sun on a boat? How long was Weiss cooped up in her room? Yang said she and Taiyang were training for weeks. The only thing that makes sense is RNJR’s journey on foot, as it WOULD take quite a long time to go from one country to another like that. (A minor plothole with THAT is why didn’t they get transportation there, when Oscar did? If the answer is no money, where did they get the extra ammo at the end of Chapter 1 of V4?)

    Something I personally have a problem with within the show, though some would argue against it, is the Grimm. We’ve been shown Grimm that wiped out whole villages, Grimm that rule the seas and are huge, and yet students who haven’t even finished their first year were able to kill. The Grimm as a whole are also disappointing. We’ve been told that they wiped out all life on Remnant except for four Kingdoms where life exists, but we’re always seeing them mowed down so easily and quickly that it’s kind of pathetic. The Nuckleavee Grimm, in particular, showcases this problem. This is something that wiped out three villages and could not be defeated, yet RNJR took it out no problem. The Grimm have been getting the Worf Effect pretty badly, and they’re not the scary monsters that we’re told they are. I, at least, want to see more creepy looking Grimm that aren’t defeated on the first encounter with our heroes. Grimm are supposed to be unnatural monsters of darkness, not cannon fodder.

    The lack of foreshadowing is also a problem here. We had only one line of dialogue about Ruby’s silver eyes, and that was it. One line, in the very first episode, and it was never touched upon again. Blake’s family was never hinted at, neither was Weiss’ little brother, Whitley. While I understand that some things are meant to be a surprise and kept secret, common things like family need to be at least mentioned. You don’t need to reveal any big secrets about them, just a mention is enough, like Winter in Volume 2. For something as big as Ruby’s silver eye power, foreshadowing is a must have, otherwise it’ll come out of nowhere and feel like a Deus ex Machina.

    There are probably many other things I’ve forgotten to add in that I meant to, but I can always address those later, or edit them into this post. These are the biggest flaws though that are dragging RWBY down. I still enjoy the show, and I will keep watching it, but it could always be improved, and there are some things in it that require attention and fixing.

  • Minecraft Leaderboard (UPDATED 3/2/2014)

    2 days ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    I hope no one thought I forgot, because I most certainly did not.

    Congratulations to Geoff Ramsey on his recent victory in the recent Let's Play, "Iron Golem". This is his 5th Tower of Pimps victory and 12th overall victory. Ray better stop slacking, or his overall lead will dissipate.

    Check out the scores and watch the Let's Play if you haven't already done so.


    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 92 - Iron Golem

  • Minecraft Leaderboard (UPDATED 4/19/2014)

    1 day ago

    Caofontaine Wizard

    Watch the recent Let's Play before viewing the results below.

    Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 99 - Golden Hoe

    Congratulations to Ryan Haywood on his most recent Tower of Pimps victory in "Golden Hoe". This marks his 10th Tower victory and 12th overall.

    Check out the leaderboard and enjoy your weekend.

    Edit: I've started to create a Google Doc of every Let's Play where a victory occurred. You can view it in the following link:


  • Bang Bang, I shot you down

    18 hours ago

    PasvSmkng Worst ever, of all time



    I ended up re-drawing the hand (again!)  Better than it was, but still a bit sausage-fingery.  Also wanted to see how it would look with some colour down so there you go.  

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