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  • #Fit4RTX 2017 Week 20 - Starting to cut again!

    2 days ago

    Tropes I Am What I Am


    So today is the first day of my cut. I'm in a range of 1,800-2,000 calories and I'm still dialing in my macros, but I know from experience that I'll want to keep my protein and fats high with pretty low carbs. That, plus my training regimen, will hopefully mean I lose weight that is primarily fat. I plan on taking my stats tomorrow when I've sweat out all my final non-cutting weekend's whiskey and pizza. Yes, I decided to be a naughty boy this weekend. Oh well.

    I'm excited though, since six weeks from now is about when I finish, with a short period to re-acclimate to carbs so I don't bloat up as soon as I land in Texas, then it's off to the vacation races!

  • Yesterday

    1 day ago


    Yesterday I was just numb and operating more or less on autopilot.  Today the tears just won't stop.  It's just like 9/11 except this time it happened on my doorstep.  Everywhere I look all I see is the face of that little girl who was butchered by a stranger for no reason.  

    There's too much hate in the world. I don't know how many people (if anybody) reads this, but if you're reading this, just remember that I love you, even if we've never met or talked.  The only weapon we can yield against hate is love.  

  • Vergil VS Sesshomaru - DEATH BATTLE! (Part 2)

    3 hours ago


    Well, here it is: what you came here for...

    In case you missed Part 1, here's a link.


    Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.

    Boomstick: It's time for a demon DEATH BATTLE!


    (*cues Devil May Cry 3 - Mission Start*)

    Mission ??:

    Aristocratic Assassin

    Travel through time to face the perfect demon!

    Deep in a forest in Feudal Japan, a circular mass of dark energy emerges, partially sunken into the ground. A hulking demon with a club in its hand noticed a circle of some kind and slowly approached it due to its mass. Soon, the orb of dark energy dissipated, revealing Vergil, the eldest son of Sparda, crouching in a mini crater. The demon watched as the teal coat-wearing individual slowly began to stand with a sheathed "katana" on his person. Believing that this foreign half-demon was unaware of his prescense, he lifted his club into the air with both hands, then swung it down onto the half-breed's head...

    Only to see that his club had only struck the ground, with Vergil out of his sight. He lifted up his club, disappointed, then turned his head to see Vergil standing behind him, Yamato in hand. As the demon prepared to turn around, he saw his club cut in two. He saw the man slowly placing his sword back into his sheathe, and prepared to charge at him...

    (*cues Devil May Cry 3 - M-12 End*)

    ...when he saw his right wrist separate from his arm, falling to the ground with the club in hand. As Yamato's handle came closer to touching the sheathe, the demon fell to its knees, feeling a great pain in its chest and looking over at the blade in horror. Vergil finally decided he was done with the supposedly fearsome demon of lore and finally...


    Yamato was finally sheathed. The demon's face froze as its blood spewed across its chest, revealing a straight and perfect cut from below its right underarm to its neck. The demon's head slid off his body along with what was left of his right arm.

    Vergil: How boring.

    He didn't even bother to look at the demon's corpse and walked onward in search of a worthy opponent.

    (*cues InuYasha - Sub Title*)

    Inuyasha: The Dark Slayer Vergil! Sesshōmaru's Greatest Challenge!

    (*cues InuYasha - A Day In The Village*)

    Inuyasha lied by a campfire alongside Miroku, Sango, and Shippo.

    Inuyasha: Let's face it: with Naraku dead, there's nothing to do anymore.

    Shippo: Well I don't mind the peace and quiet.

    Miroku: Actually Inuyasha, you may have spoken too soon. Word has spread of a swordsman unlike any we've encountered.

    Inuyasha: Oh?

    Miroku: He's a half-demon like yourself and his rumors make his skills with his katana sound unmatched.

    Inuyasha: So where's he at?

    Miroku: He was last heard going north of here. We've just missed him.

    Sango: Wait... isn't that where we last saw Sesshōmaru?

    Inuyasha: Yep.

    Sango stands up, her boomerang in hand.

    Sango: We should hurry. He may need our assistance.

    Inuyasha: Nah.

    Miroku: "Nah" as in you're confident in his abilities or "Nah" as in you don't feel like helping him?

    Inuyasha: What do you think?

    Shippo: Definitely the latter.

    (*cues InuYasha - Living Buddha, St. Hakushin*)

    In a valley surrounded by bamboo trees, the small imp Jaken, the young girl Rin, and the two-headed beast A-Un traveled on foot right behind the eldest son of the Inu no Taisho, Sesshōmaru. Jaken was beginning to tire.

    Jaken *thoughts*: *heavily breathing* Couldn't Lord Sesshōmaru wait up for us?

    Suddenly, Sesshōmaru stops dead in his tracks.

    Rin: What's wrong, Sesshōmaru?

    Jaken turned toward Rin, pointing at her with the Staff of Two Heads Nintojo.

    Jaken: That's Lord Sesshōmaru to you! Isn't that right, Lord Sesshomar...

    (*music stops*)

    Sesshōmaru turns around and Jaken can tell from his expression that his lord wasn't in a gaming mood...

    Sesshōmaru: Leave.

    Jaken didn't understand the reason...

    (*cues Devil May Cry 3 - M-13 Start*)

    ...until he catches a glimpse of a coated man with a sheathed blade in hand approaching on foot in the distance. Jaken couldn't hide his fear of the dread dripping from the unknown swordsman who simply walked forward at a relaxed pace.

    Jaken *thoughts*: *panicking* Gah! Who is that?!

    Jaken jumps in front of Rin with Nintojo, attempting to hide the fear on his face and ready to assist.

    Jaken: You heard him, Rin! Get going! Lord Sesshōmaru and I will take care of this!

    Sesshōmaru took Nintojo from Jaken's hands, then lifted and placed both him and Rin onto A-Un.

    Sesshōmaru: Get them away from here. Now go!

    (*cues Devil May Cry 3 - Reunion*) or (*cues InuYasha - Youen at 7 seconds*)

    He could smell that the man was now standing behind him.

    Vergil: Are you finished?

    Sesshōmaru turned and stood his ground before the stranger.

    Sesshōmaru: Who are you?

    Vergil: I am Vergil, the Son of Sparda. And who might you be?

    Sesshōmaru: I am Sesshōmaru... and you are trespassing on my father's land.

    Vergil: The Inu no Taisho... the Great Dog General, correct?

    Sesshōmaru did not waste his breath, for Vergil knew the answer.

    Sesshōmaru: Why are you here?

    Vergil: I came here seeking a worthy opponent. I've searched for some time, but now here you are... and no demon in this entire realm offers as much of a challenge as yourself.

    Sesshōmaru readied his claws.

    Sesshōmaru: So all you want is a fight...

    Vergil places both his hands on Yamato and enters his fighting stance.

    Vergil: Then lets get started.

    (*cues Devil May Cry 4 - Swipe of Sword*)

    The two stand in place, staring each other down and waiting for one of them to make the first move.


    Sesshōmaru lunges forward, his hand and claw outstretched as Vergil grins. The demon's claws strike the ground hard, sending dirt flying upward and leaving a crater behind. In the instant he saw that he had missed, Sesshōmaru caught just a hint of Vergil's scent from right behind him. Vergil drew Yamato with such speed that one blinking would have entirely missed it, only to see Sesshōmaru leap upward. He then forced himself back to the ground, this time slashing with both claws. A far larger amount of dirt than before was launched away as Sesshōmaru stood in a small crater. Once more, Vergil has avoided it by teleporting and was now staring down the Inu no Taishu's son.

    Vergil: So slow.

    As the Son of Sparda had hoped, his opponent did not take kindly to his taunt and came running towards him. Sesshōmaru saw Vergil preparing to draw Yamato, but saw that he never drew it. He continued onward...

    ...but something was off.

    Sesshōmaru *thoughts*: Wait... that scent...

    He couldn't quite pin his nose on what it was or its precise location, but it was near him. In an instant, he heard something in the corner of his ear... like something was cutting through the dimensions of his very world. A flicker of white flashed by Sesshōmaru and he was sent rolling to the ground, a wound on his left side. He didn't even bother to tend to it and instead looked over at the half-demon who had struck him. He saw Vergil going through the same motions as before.

    Vergil: How disappointing.

    This time, when the odd scent reached him, he knew what it was and what to do. The Judgement Cut left a large slash mark in the ground and when the dirt settled, Vergil saw Sesshōmaru floating in midair. Vergil was undettered and sent off another Judgement Cut. Sesshōmaru flew to the side, then began moving forward quickly to Vergil. He swerved downward to avoid another Judgement Cut, then before Vergil could unleash one more, Sesshōmaru's claw neared him. Vergil drew Yamato and slashed, but Sesshōmaru zoomed past him and avoided it. Just as Vergil was about to sheathe his blade, he felt a cut on his right side. He turned toward Sesshōmaru, noting his two sheathed swords.

    Vergil: You have weapons, yet you scratch at me with your claws.

    As Vergil was speaking, Sesshōmaru ran to him and went for a slash with one hand...

    Vergil: Tell me...

    ...which Vergil stopped with Yamato's sheathe.

    Vergil: Why do you hesitate to draw your blades?

    The Son of Sparda saw Sesshōmaru's free hand ready to strike and pushed with Yamato's sheathe, allowing Vergil enough breathing room to teleport before the next claw strike could reach his head. Vergil reemerged a short distance behind him and seized the opportunity by running forward with Yamato drawn and swung...

    ...when Sesshōmaru stopped it with Tenseiga. He pushed Vergil back with great force, whom vanished into the bamboo forest. Sesshōmaru leapt upward over the forest, standing atop one of the trees to find Vergil.

    Sesshōmaru *thoughts*: He's close...

    He turned and saw Vergil seemingly floating in mid-air unleashing a flurry of slashes at once. Vergil saw pieces of the tree scattering around him, then realized he had lost sight of his opponent when he looked down and saw Sesshōmaru flying upward from below him. He blocked with his sheathe as Sesshōmaru slammed into him, knocking him upward over the forest. The Inu no Taisho's son flew upward quickly to capitalize on this with his claws when he saw Vergil began to recover and swung Yamato at him. Sesshōmaru clashed with Tenseiga, then the two rapidly slash at one another. Their blades counter blow-for-blow, but Vergil sees something odd with Sesshōmaru's technique: he's stopping Yamato's attacks rather than attempting to attack with Tenseiga.

    Vergil: Either strike me down...

    Sesshōmaru saw Tenseiga knocked out of his hand into the forest below by a two-handed swing from Yamato. Before he could act, Yamato was a blur.

    Vergil: Or fall!

    Despite attempting to back away, another two-handed swing struck Sesshōmaru's chest, slicing his lower armor into two, spewing some blood from the wound, and forcing him downward. He saw himself about to crash head-first into the ground when he managed to regain control and swerved to avoid it. He flew across the forest, inches from touching the ground, spotting Tenseiga on the ground. He approaches it when he hears a twig breaking followed by an all too familiar smell...

    He takes flight, avoiding a Judgement Cut that slices through nearby bamboo trees like a knife through butter, and Vergil is caught off-guard by Sesshōmaru's sudden approach. A slash from Sesshōmaru's claw cuts his chest and knocks him through three bamboo trees before using Yamato's sheathe to anchor himself back to the ground. He sees Sesshōmaru approaching once more, having retrieved Tenseiga, and the two ready their blades. Rapid slashes of Yamato cut down the bamboo behind Sesshōmaru, but Vergil once again notes that Tenseiga was doing no damage to the bamboo behind him: it was all Sesshōmaru's claws. All Sesshōmaru had done with Tenseiga, one of his two blades, was use it as a purely defensive side arm, which puzzled him.

    Vergil: I'm done.

    With a swift upward swing, Tenseiga was launched from Sesshōmaru's hands once more, this time flying upward into the air. Before Sesshōmaru could even think of pursuing his father's blade, he saw Vergil zooming forward with his blade drawn. Sesshōmaru sidestepped it and turned to pounce on his silver-haired foe when he caught the odd scent...

    ...in abundance all around him. White flashes emerged all around him and while he attempted to avoid all of the slashes as best he could, the straight path of Judgement Cuts struck him from the front, back, and sides. Vergil saw Sesshōmaru stumble from the wounds and charged with Yamato in hand. Even in his current condition, Sesshōmaru closely watched his adversary's approach and eyed Yamato, which was raised over his head. Vergil swung downward with full force, intending to cut down Sesshōmaru unless he proved himself worthy...

    ...which his demonic opponent did by catching it between his two hands. The force caused minor cracks in the ground beneath them, though both stood their ground. As Vergil saw that he could not push forward, but that Sesshōmaru could not push him backward either, he saw Tenseiga descending fast within his reach. He let go of Yamato, caught Tenseiga by the handle, and struck Sesshōmaru's face. Caught completely off-guard, Sesshōmaru fell onto his back and watched as Vergil thrusted Tenseiga's blade into his chest.

    (*music ends*)

    Just as Sesshōmaru knew, his father's blade did not stab into him as Vergil had intended.

    Vergil: So... your father's blade will not harm his kin? Or rather...

    He decided to conclude his theory by placing one of his fingers upon Tenseiga's blade, then slid it with the minimal force necessary to cut. He felt and saw that his flesh had not been cut.

    Vergil: A blade that cannot cut the living. What kind of father would give their heir such a worthless weapon?

    (*cues InuYasha the Movie: Fire On The Mystic Island - Sesshomaru vs. Kyora II at 23 seconds*)

    Enraged at his words, Sesshōmaru lunged with his claws, barely missing Vergil as he teleported backward.

    Sesshōmaru: You know nothing of my father, half-breed!

    Vergil teleported behind Sesshōmaru and tried to sweep at his feet with Yamato's sheathe when the full-blooded demon hopped over it and brought both his claws downward. Vergil caught them with his sheathe, but the force Sesshōmaru brought down caused Vergil's feet to be planted into the ground. As Vergil grabbed hold of Yamato while trying to free himself quickly, he was struck in the gut by a punch. Vergil spat out, then was struck in the chin, knocking him partially back until Sesshōmaru grabbed hold of him by his coat. As Sesshōmaru pulled him backward, Vergil readied Yamato, but before he could swing it, a powerful punch sent him backward with great force, flying through rows of bamboo trees before disappearing into the distance.

    (*music ends*)

    Sesshōmaru retrieved Tenseiga, then flew upward and took to the skies.

    (*cues InuYasha: Sword of an Honorable Ruler - Sounga the Demon Sword*)

    Looking over the bamboo forest, he searched for signs of his opponent.

    Sesshōmaru: He couldn't have gone far.

    His eyes opened wide, for he could smell Vergil underneath him. He flew straight downward, only to see no sign of the half-demon.

    Sesshōmaru: His scent is faint, but it is beyond this forest.

    He left the bamboo forest and saw a temple just ahead.

    Sesshōmaru: There... he's right behind it.

    He zoomed forward, floating just above the temple's roof when he lost Vergil once more.

    Sesshōmaru: What?! But where...!?

    It was then that he caught Vergil's scent right behind him. Just as he turned, he saw that he was too late to avoid an attack.

    Sesshōmaru: You...!

    Vergil flew downward into Sesshōmaru with a powerful kick, sending the two crashing through the temple's roof and into the wooden floor.

    (*music end*)

    Monks within the temple panicked as Sesshōmaru was sent crashing into the ground by Vergil. As Vergil leapt off of him while Sesshōmaru got up from the impact, the monks saw the demon's claws and markings. One monk pointed.

    Monk: *screams* A demon!

    The monks fled from the temple in terror, though one turned backward while running.

    Monk: Kind stranger! If you slay this demon, you can stay here for the night!

    (*cues Devil May Cry - Super Ultra Violet at 42 seconds*)

    Finally, Vergil and Sesshōmaru were free from any further distractions. Sesshōmaru noted a change: the gauntlets and grieves which Vergil were now wearing: Beowulf. He floated upward and saw that the Son of Sparda wanted to engage in fisticuffs.

    Vergil: Face me.


    Sesshōmaru flew into him for a punch, which Vergil matched with one of his own from Beowulf. The collision caused cracks in the wooden floor, but while Vergil stood his ground, Sesshōmaru was pushed back. As he landed to the ground, Vergil charged at him with a punch, which Sesshōmaru avoided, followed by another, which he caught. As this happened, Vergil leapt up and then delivered a kick to Sesshōmaru's head, sending him grinding across the wooden floor. He leapt towards Sesshōmaru as the demon began to get up, who then clawed upward. Just as this happened, Vergil appeared to jump off of thin air, causing a release of demonic energy that knocked Sesshōmaru back downward.

    Vergil: Are you even trying?

    Vergil teleported to Sesshōmaru with one leg raised, then unleashed a flurry of kicks. Sesshōmaru blocked as best he could, but his guard gave way as one final kick knocked him backward. He saw Vergil running in for a punch and prepared to guard once more, but Vergil's uppercut broke his guard once more. He saw Vergil go for another uppercut and this time swerved to avoid it. He watched Vergil land and turn around for another punch...

    ...which Sesshōmaru stopped by stabbing into Vergil's wrist with his claws. He then swiped at Vergil's leg with his other claw, stopping him from kicking or leaping away. He then saw Vergil preparing his other hand to punch and stopped this by slashing his upper body. His attack stopped by the sudden pain to his chest, his other arm was left open for Sesshōmaru to stab his claws into.

    Sesshōmaru: Playtime's over.

    Vergil feels a burning in his wrists and sees a green glow emanating from Sesshōmaru's claws. It was then that Sesshōmaru booted Vergil backward, tearing Beowulf's gauntlets off of him. As he tossed them aside, Vergil teleported and emerged off the ground and flipping forward rapidly. Sesshōmaru barely avoided the spin kick, then swung his claws to counter two upward kicks. The first kick sent Vergil slightly off the ground while the second had him rising further upward, looking down at Sesshōmaru. He teleported out of Sesshōmaru's sight for a surprise attack, flying downward for a downward kick...

    As Sesshōmaru simply turned around and manuevered just enough to avoid the kick and catch Vergil with his claws. They dug into him enough, but Vergil's momentum only allowed the claws to stab further into his stomach.

    Sesshōmaru: You're getting predictable.

    He swung Vergil into a wooden pillar, damaging it, then did so repeatedly before leaping backward and launching Vergil off of his claws. He slammed back-first into the damaged pillar and as he hit the ground, he saw it begin to topple over him. He rolled out of the way, then leapt backward as Sesshōmaru lunged forward for a claw strike.

    Vergil: Don't get so cocky.

    As he saw Vergil land, he saw something flying towards him: a summoned sword. It struck Sesshōmaru in the shoulder, but the demon was undeterred and simply brushed it off of him with his nails, shattering the weapon in the process. Vergil charged forward with a few slashes, and as the full demon avoided them, he caught the scent of incoming summoned swords. He hopped backward as the blades neared him, but instead of slashing at them, he simply placed his hand out and what looked like a thin gas emerged from his claws. The summoned swords flew straight for Sesshōmaru only to be melted away before they could even touch him. He landed, with Vergil out of sight when he decided to try something different.

    He pulled out Nintojo and smirked as he caught Vergil's scent behind him. As Vergil began to swing Yamato downward, Nintojo fired off flames and Sesshōmaru turned around, a circular wall of flames following him. Vergil saw this and prepared to avoid it, but before he teleported, some of the flames managed to make contact with him. He smelled Vergil a further distance away, whom was grasping his chest and tending to the burn, then pointed Nintojo in his direction and fired once more. Vergil teleported to avoid it as the wave of flame zoomed forward, causing a fire to emerge on the temple's wall. Sesshōmaru continued firing waves of flame each time Vergil teleported away as the temple's fire only grew in size.

    Finally, Vergil emerged in front of Sesshōmaru and before Nintojo's flame could be unleashed, a single cut from Yamato cut the staff in two and cut through Sesshōmaru's stomach. Sesshōmaru stumbled backward, still on his feet despite the single slash nearly cutting him in two, as Vergil ran forward to finish the fight. Instead of pulling out Tenseiga, Sesshōmaru raised out his hand, the nails aimed towards Vergil, whom continued onward for his next swing. It was then that Vergil caught what emerged from his opponent's claws was not a thin gas, but a large clump of acidic material large enough to cover him. In that instant, he switched from swinging Yamato to attack to swinging it in front of him in a circle to block. He watched as the mass of acidic sludge ceased upon contact with Yamato...

    (*music ends*)

    (*cues InuYasha - Attack at 37 seconds*)

    ...but a small amount had gotten through before the sword had rotated once. It struck Vergil's face, whom grasped it with his free hand, then teleported away blind. Sesshōmaru fell to the ground on his chest, some blood spewing from the severe cut to his stomach as his eyes went red. The wound healed in that instant, but it wasn't a painless endeavor. Smelling Vergil nearby, his face began to elongate as the rest of his body soon changed.

    Vergil was near the temple's entrance, fortunate he had not teleported into a wall, pillar, or flame. His face was severely burned and at first, he could not see. As his eyes began to heal, he looked over and saw a mass of white. By the time his vision had cleared up, the mass was miliseconds from crashing into him: a massive white demon dog.


    From outside the temple, the sky had become dark and cloudy, flames covered the roof and threatened to engulf its entire outside.


    Vergil crashed through the temple's front doors followed by the dog charging forward, leaving an even larger hole in its entrance. Vergil rolled throughout the temple's courtyard, which was surrounded by large stone lanterns, trying desperately to recover from the massive blow. As he made it onto his feet, barely standing, he saw the giant dog demon charging at him with its claws. He teleported, barely avoiding the strike that left a claw mark-shaped crater in the tiled ground. Vergil emerged and went for a Judgement Cut, but saw the dog had charged through it with only a piece of hair being cut from its tail. Before Vergil could teleport or even move out of the way, the dog pounced him, slamming him straight downward. He lied in the small crater, looking upward at the dog, whom readied its paw. Vergil covered his face with Yamato, but the paw had knocked the blade right from his hand. Without his prized weapon, he simply crossed his arms in front of his face as the dog went for a bite.

    Suddenly, Vergil's form changed entirely and a shock wave of demonic energy struck with such force that the giant dog was launched off of Vergil into the air. The dog then reverted back to Sesshōmaru, who floated upward and looked over at the blue metallic figure standing on the ground.

    Vergil: Now... I'm motivated.

    His voice sounded slightly distorted, no doubt an effect brought about by his transformation.

    Sesshōmaru flew at Vergil, whom raised his fist as the full demon slashed. To Sesshōmaru's surprise, his claws did not pierce through Vergil's fist, and in that moment of shock, Vergil teleported behind him. Another punch sent the full demon flying to the ground, his feet's impact shattering pieces of tile. Vergil emerged there as well, throwing two punches that Sesshōmaru avoided by moving his head. He raised his arms to guard when Vergil let off a flurry of kicks. Just one kick alone had broken his guard, causing him to take on the full flurry before the last launched him into the air. Just as Sesshōmaru was beginning to regain control in midair, Vergil raised his leg, then slammed it down onto Sesshōmaru. Another crater resulted as Sesshōmaru got back up, stunned by the change in power due to Vergil's transformation.

    (*music end*)

    Sesshōmaru *thoughts*: He’s faster and stronger... as strong as myself, even...

    Sesshōmaru watched as Vergil retrieved Yamato, then reverted back to his normal self, but was shocked to see his face had been completely healed from the severe burn from before. He also noted a large blade on Vergil's back, which the full demon revealed alongside Yamato.

    (*cues Devil May Cry 3 - Intrusion*)

    Vergil: Look at these swords. These are the blades of my father... Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight. You will remember them, Sesshōmaru.

    As Vergil had pushed him farther than any swordsman he had faced before, Sesshōmaru was finished toying with him.

    Sesshōmaru: I'm done underestimating you.

    Besides drawing Tenseiga, he also drew his other sword from its sheathe, which had a green glow emanating from its blade: Bakusaiga.

    Sesshōmaru: This is my blade... a blade of my own making. All who have faced it are no more... and you, Vergil, will remember it well.

    Vergil laughed, now thrilled by the prospect offered by his opponent.

    Vergil: You truly are a challenge as I had hoped.

    Both heard lightning in the distance and felt the rain pouring over the region.

    Vergil: Now...

    He transformed back into his Devil Trigger form, prepared for combat.

    Vergil: One of us will stand and one of us will fall.

    Sesshōmaru: Let's end this.

    The two walk forward with their blades drawn, then the two begin to run, their swords dragging across the ground.

    (*cues Bayonetta 2 - Valor In Courage And Gallantry*)

    The two collide with their blades, sending water splashing around them as the two push forward.

    Eventually, Vergil sends Sesshōmaru sliding on his back, then teleports behind him to impale him with Yamato. Sesshōmaru rolls to avoid this, then stops a swing from Force Edge with Tenseiga before swinging with Bakusaiga. Vergil stops it with Yamato, then the two slash rapidly with all four blades clanging in the rainfall. Sesshōmaru begins to see that Yamato's speed was beginning to overtake him, inches from striking him multiple times, and tries to get some distance by stepping backward. Vergil sees this and seizes it by swinging both swords downward onto Sesshōmaru, whom stops it with both his blades, only to see himself being forced downward. His feet slowly sink into the tile as Vergil pushes downward with all his might, causing Sesshōmaru to be sunken into the ground by his knees.

    Vergil swung Yamato down swiftly as Sesshōmaru dropped Tenseiga and used his hand to grab onto Vergil's. This redirected the swing just enough to avoid a killing blow, but left a slash across Sesshōmaru's face. Before Force Edge could strike, Sesshōmaru flew upward, breaking the tile that had entrapped his legs, and unleashed a swing from Bakusaiga. Vergil moved enough that it barely touched him...

    ...cutting across his face, leaving a green wound in the process. Vergil could feel a sudden confidence emanating from Sesshōmaru, whom flew backward to keep a distance from him. Vergil unleashed a volley of summoned swords behind him, then launched all of them at once. Sesshōmaru swiftly slashed them apart by Bakusaiga, then flew backward once more as Vergil emerged with a flurry of slashes. He retrieved Tenseiga, then looked over at the blue figure...

    ...and couldn't believe his eyes: the green wound was all but gone. When Vergil emerged back from Devil Trigger, only a scar remained on Vergil's face.

    Sesshōmaru: That's not possible.

    None who had ever been struck by Bakusaiga had ever healed from it, yet he saw that Vergil still stood. The Son of Sparda saw a hint of something virtually non-existent before: fear and doubt in Sesshōmaru.

    Vergil: You said you were done underestimating me.

    Sesshōmaru decided to fly upward into the air. Vergil teleported upward to pursue and emerged above him, flying downward with Force Edge. Sesshōmaru swerved to avoid it, and before Vergil could hit the ground, he teleported above Sesshōmaru once more to try again. The full demon avoided it once more and Vergil could tell that from here, he could not teleport above high enough to reach his opponent. He then charged up Yamato and Sesshōmaru caught the scent of the oncoming attacks. He flew left, right, upward, and downward, avoiding the flurry of Judgement Cuts before him that blanketed the rainy sky.

    Afterward, Vergil saw a blue lightning-like burst of energy flying towards him and teleported to avoid it. He looked over at the crater it created, then saw another coming his way. He leapt backward, barely avoiding the impact...

    (*cues Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX - Rage Awakened*)

    He then looked over at Sesshōmaru, who floated upward far above him. He hoped that the full demon's ears would hear his words.

    Vergil: Will you really run from this battle?

    Sesshōmaru hoped that the half-demon could hear him.

    Sesshōmaru: You are mistaken: Sesshōmaru does not run.


    He flew forward with a speed faster than any Vergil had seen before as he prepared both his blades to cut him down. Instead, Sesshōmaru swerved upward last-second, unleashing a glowing green whip-like strand of energy from his claws. It wrapped itself around Yamato and before Vergil could act, Sesshōmaru swung upward with all his might, sending the sword flying high into the air. Vergil teleported upward to follow it, his hand outreached for its handle, but Sesshōmaru caught up to him and swung Bakusaiga, forcing Vergil to block with Force Edge.

    As he fell downward to the ground and lost sight of his most prized weapon, he gave off a roar-like shout of anger before going back into his Devil Trigger form. He disappeared, then came crashing downward with Force Edge as Sesshōmaru sidestepped it. However, Sesshōmaru suffered a wound to his left shoulder, splitting his spiked shoulder piece in two. He then saw that Vergil had large summoned swords circling around him and readied his poison whip once more. He leapt upward as Vergil teleported upward to follow, swinging Force Edge as he saw Sesshōmaru spinning in midair with his poison whip nearly wrapped around him. During this, Vergil saw his spiral swords being chipped away before breaking entirely.

    When this was done, he avoiding a swing from Bakusaiga with a teleport, then his next swing with Force Edge was stopped by the same blade as the two swung rapidly in place on the ground with both. Their next weapon clash was in Vergil's favor, whom pushed forward, forcing Sesshōmaru far backward. Vergil threw Force Edge at Sesshōmaru like a boomerang, who leapt upward to avoid it, only to be surprised at the sword still spinning and following him.

    During this, Vergil began conjuring a far larger flurry of summoned swords all around Sesshōmaru. The full demon changed his approach, this time swerving to avoid the spinning Force Edge, but timing it so that he could reach for its handle. Sure enough, he was successful and saw multiple summoned swords coming at him. He threw Force Edge with all his strength, which shattered multiple summoned swords before Vergil saw it inches from him. He teleported in time as the blade was lodged into the ground.

    As Sesshōmaru landed to the ground, he saw Vergil signaling with his fingers. Sure enough, he saw himself completely surrounded by summoned swords.


    He watched as they slowly began to swarm him. He swung with his blades as quickly as he could, shattering as many as possible, and while none struck him, Vergil could see fatigue in him. He created more summoned swords behind him and unleashed them all at once as Sesshōmaru began to fall to his knees, Tenseiga pointed towards him.

    Sesshōmaru: Dragon Strike.

    A vortex-like wave of demonic energy, almost like a sideways tornado, flew across the ground, immediately dissipating the summoned swords that struck it, as Vergil created a bubble-like shield around him. Sure enough, it withstood the blow, but he then saw Sesshōmaru with Tenseiga planted into the ground. What he could not see was that this separate Dragon Strike had burrowed itself underground, then unleashed itself from below where Vergil stood. Even though the shield stopped it once more, Vergil could tell that the shield was giving way, beginning to crack under the pressure from both attacks at once. He then saw Bakusaiga glowing much brighter than before as Sesshōmaru swung it.

    Sesshōmaru: Bakusaiga!

    A green blast of demonic energy neared him and while Vergil was still in his Devil Trigger form, he wasn't about to chance his survival against that attack. He caught a glimpse of Yamato falling towards the ground quickly. He timed his teleport to right before the Yoki Wave would touch his shield, disappearing as his shield completely shattered and a large crater was left behind. Sesshōmaru lost Vergil's scent and in that moment let down his guard...

    ...at the worst possible moment as the all-too-familiar scent surrounded his left arm with Bakusaiga in hand. He moved as quickly as he could, but the Judgement Cut was far faster than any before it.

    (*cues Devil May Cry 3 - Arkham Running Amok at 42 seconds*)

    It successfully cut off his left arm, which fell to the ground alongside Bakusaiga. More enraged than in pain, Sesshōmaru flew at Vergil the moment he caught his scent, swinging Tenseiga so swiftly and forcefully that Yamato was knocked out of Vergil's hands and flew across the courtyard towards the temple. In that instant, Vergil disappeared from Sesshōmaru's sight and Sesshōmaru noticed a cut in the ground from where Force Edge was last embedded...

    ...and too late did he catch him as Vergil dashed forward, impaling Sesshōmaru's chest with Force Edge. The two flew forward before Vergil struck Force Edge into one of the stone lanterns, leaving Sesshōmaru pinned in place and dropping Tenseiga to the ground.

    Vergil turned back to his normal self as he saw Yamato lying right nearby.

    (*cues 1:01*)

    He reached out to grab it as he saw Sesshōmaru reaching for Tenseiga with his remaining hand and trying to move his feet. Vergil rectified this by firing off a summoned sword that pinned Sesshōmaru's hand to the stone pillar. He then fired two more summoned swords, which impaled Sesshōmaru's feet. As Vergil drew Yamato and swung, Sesshōmaru's eyes went red and a green glow emerged from his left side. As Yamato was about to hit its mark...

    (*cues Devil May Cry 4 - Power Of Destroyer Limit Break at 1:34 seconds*)

    ...Vergil saw that Tenseiga had stopped it and that the glow soon gave way for Sesshōmaru's left hand regrown. He pushed forward with Yamato, but as Sesshōmaru pushed back with Tenseiga, the full demon's blade began to crack. Even still, Vergil saw that Sesshōmaru was starting to overpower him with just one arm. Just then, the summoned swords impaling Sesshōmaru's other hand and feet shattered and he pushed forward with all his strength. Tenseiga broke into two, but Vergil was pushed far backward. He saw Sesshōmaru forcing himself from Force Edge and teleported with a slash...

    (*cues Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - Voldemort's End at 18 seconds*)

    ...only to see Yamato clash with his father's blade. He then saw Sesshōmaru flying towards Bakusaiga and fired off a Judgement Cut, only to watch as Sesshōmaru had barely avoided it while retrieving his weapon. Feeling that it was time to end it, Vergil went into his Devil Trigger form, teleported far from Sesshōmaru and prepared Yamato.

    Vergil: Rest...

    Sesshōmaru, knowing that he was reaching his limit, floated off the ground and towards Vergil with all haste.

    Vergil: In peace.

    Sesshōmaru saw him disappear, then smelled Vergil all around him. Vergil flew in rapidly with Yamato and while Sesshōmaru swung Bakusaiga as fast as he could to stop him, he was struck several times.

    He began to fall towards the ground as he saw Vergil reemerge in the same place as before about to sheathe Yamato. Sesshōmaru could smell the killing scent all around him. Despite his body's state, Sesshōmaru would not allow himself to die falling and flew forward with all his might.


    Yamato was sheathed. From the distance, the sea of Judgement Cuts looked like a white flash. 

    Sesshōmaru emerged flying forward...

    ...and in that millisecond, Vergil saw blood spewing from all around the full demon.


    Vergil lost sight of Sesshōmaru, then felt a horrible wound, like he had almost been cut in two. He stumbled backward, barely standing with a green glowing cut in his stomach area. Sesshōmaru crashed into the ground, dropping Bakusaiga, rolling across before landing on his knees, unable to stand. He had wounds all over, bleeding from all of them and his mouth as he saw Vergil still standing. The Son of Sparda ran towards him, roaring with Yamato in hand and his wound healing as the full demon knew his body could do no more.


    As Vergil swung Yamato at his neck, Sesshōmaru closed his eyes.

    Time slowed as Yamato made contact with Sesshōmaru's neck. Vergil's Devil Trigger expired. He reverted back to his normal self.

    Yamato dropped to the ground as Vergil felt an intense pain, like something eating him from the inside, and grasped his stomach. He looked over at the green wound, which was smaller, but soon began to grow. He then saw the green glow had encompassed his fingertips and looked over at his hand. To his horror, not only had it continued to spread across his entire hand, but that his very fingers began to disappear. Vergil knew that he couldn't stop it now. This was his end.


    Vergil looked up into the rainy sky and screamed as the disintegration spread more rapidly and soon left fragments of him flying upward into the air like thin pieces of paper mache.

    Sesshōmaru did not witness this event as he remained with his eyes closed, bleeding from his neck and heavily bleeding from his mouth. He fell onto the ground on his left side, completely motionless as the puddle he lied in soon turned a crimson hue.

    (*music end*)

    Much time had passed as the rain had stopped, leaving way for the night sky. The temple still stood, the flames put out earlier. In the distance, multiple persons ran forward.

    Jaken: Rin, stop!

    Rin did not heed Jaken's demand and ran toward the temple's courtyard.

    Jaken *thoughts*: Lord Sesshōmaru will kill me for allowing this.

    After passing the temple, Jaken saw Tenseiga cut in two.

    Jaken *thoughts*: That's not a good sign. Then again, he had broken it before.

    He then spotted Bakusaiga lying on the ground.

    Jaken *thoughts*: Now that's definitely not a good sign! Why would Lord Sesshōmaru not have it on his person? Unless he was...

    He thought was interrupted when he heard Rin gasped, not believing what she saw...

    (*cues InuYasha - Living Buddha, St. Hakushin at 1:20 or InuYasha - Sorrow's End*)

    Sesshōmaru lying completely still, covered in wounds, and his blood all around him.

    Jaken: No...

    The two ran over to him, turning him over onto his back and both desperately trying to shake him awake.

    Rin: Sesshōmaru! Wake up!

    Jaken: Please wake up, Lord Sesshōmaru!

    The two went into tears as he didn't respond. Rin's hands went into fists as she slammed them down onto his chest repeatedly, not wanting to accept what had transpired.

    Rin: Wake up... please! You have to wake up! You have to!

    Jaken: You can't leave us, Lord Sesshōmaru! You can't! This can't be!

    Rin had tired herself out and saw her efforts were to no avail.

    Rin: No...

    She sobbed on Sesshōmaru's right shoulder's fluff as Jaken could only stand close by pondering what to do or say.

    Jaken *thought*: What am I supposed to say to Rin? That at least Lord Sesshōmaru died honorably in battle? That won't comfort either of us!

    Rin: Sesshōmaru...

    Sesshōmaru: Rin...

    Rin and Jaken both looked over as Sesshōmaru's eyes slowly opened.


    Jaken jumps towards Sesshōmaru to hug him, whom punches the imp away as all that remains of Vergil are Yamato, Beowulf's grieves, and Force Edge.


    (*cues InuYasha - Main Battle Theme at 43 seconds*)

    Boomstick: Oooh man! I thought that was going to be a Double K.O. for a moment there.

    Wiz: Both eldest sons...

    Boomstick: Oh, and I totally call dibs on all of Vergil's weapons.

    Wiz: *clears throat* Both eldest sons were comparable in durability, healing factors, and running speed, and in spite of the century gap between them, Vergil could more than hold his own.

    Boomstick: Both have survived taking tons of punishment and had the stamina and endurance to carry on even while in bad shape.

    Wiz: So with both their incredible willpower, it was only a question of who could land the killing blow first.

    Boomstick: How is that even a question when Yamato's bio states that it can cut through anything?

    Wiz: We scoured through the entire Devil May Cry series for answers and despite its dimensional-cutting power, it had very little evidence to support that outlier.

    Boomstick: Yeah, I get the idea that because Rebellion was its brother sword that Yamato couldn't cut through it. But then it failed to cut through Lady's rocket launcher. No, no, being exhausted has nothing to do with it. If it were truly a "cut through anything" sword, Vergil being tired would hardly be a factor, and even if it was, the blade should've at least cut through it enough to make it completely inoperable.

    Wiz: As for Yamato's Devil Bringer feat, that was accomplished by Sanctus, a demonically-enhanced human of much greater power at a later point of the series.

    Boomstick: And no, it wasn't a cut: it was a stab. Why is that important? Wiz, science that.

    Wiz: See, when a bladed weapon is thrusted, all the pressure is concentrated into a smaller point of impact. While a slash can cause damage, a thrust's force can perform much deeper damage, such as piercing armor.

    Boomstick: Now onto Judgement Cut. Years later, Yamato was in the possession of Dante when he took on the monstrous Savior. At this point, Dante was not only way more powerful than when he faced Vergil, but had even surpassed Sparda himself. However, Judgment Cut couldn't cut through it. Well I mean it had conveniently less durable weak points, but the only way the Savior could even be stopped was by sending Yamato through a convenient opening, not just Judgment Cutting it until it fell to pieces.

    Wiz: With all that said, Vergil certainly wielded far more cutting power than even Sesshōmaru and both Yamato and Judgement Cut were more than capable of killing him...

    Boomstick: ...if they could hit their mark, that is. Sure, he easily had the potential to, say, decapitate or cut Sesshōmaru into pieces, but that would only be if his attack went perfectly.

    Wiz: Sure enough, what perhaps aided in Sesshōmaru's survival the most was his incredible sense of smell, which is capable of following events from faraway distances and those that have long since occurred. His scent is even precise enough to tell the difference between demon and half-demon blood.

    Boomstick: That would prove to be the ultimate headache for Vergil, as Sesshōmaru could smell him and his Judgment Cuts coming before they could even strike.

    Wiz: Vergil was much faster with a blade than Sesshōmaru was, and while he would have the advantage in a ground duel, Sesshōmaru could simply take to the skies for complete control of the battlefield.

    Boomstick: Remember: Dante's Devil Trigger form allows him to fly, but Vergil's does not. So any time Sesshōmaru found himself in trouble, he could stay up there as long as he wanted and Vergil wouldn't be able to reach him. Even two of his most devastating attacks, Dimensional Slash and Judgment Cut End, both of which unleash a flurry of slashes, were fruitless once Sesshōmaru was in the air. I know, "Sesshōmaru has to come down to attack at some point."

    Wiz: Which brings us to Bakusaiga. Sesshōmaru didn't require a fatal blow with his blade, but just simply any successful cut, no matter how small, to kill an opponent.

    Boomstick: It's ruined healing factor's far superior to even Vergil's. Take, for example, main series baddie Naraku, who finally had the full power of the Shikon Jewel at his disposal. Even with that, he knew that Bakusaiga could not only stop him from healing, but would destroy him. So he kidnapped Rin to stop Sesshōmaru from using it against him.

    Wiz: Vergil's Devil Trigger could counteract and even heal from wounds inflicted by Bakusaiga, but it only lasts for a limited time, and any wounds still remaining upon deactivation meant the end for Vergil.

    Boomstick: So even with Yamato's superior cutting power, he has to work extra hard just to get a killing blow on Sesshōmaru while Sesshōmaru just has to cut Vergil, period. While Vergil's more than proven he can keep attacks away from him, his defenses weren't unbreakable and even then, he can sometimes be wide open during his attacks if he's not careful. Final inquiry, Wizard: if we gave Vergil his Nelo Angelo form, then his increase in all his stats would completely overwhelm Sesshōmaru, right?

    Wiz: Yes... however, at the cost of any sense of self-preservation, as his armor and warped mind resulted in a fighting style preferring to tank hits rather than avoid them, which would only make it easier for Bakusaiga to strike him.

    Boomstick: And seeing as how Bakusaiga became his primary weapon towards the end of the series, there's really no reason why Sesshōmaru would hesitate to use it from the very beginning.

    Wiz: Ultimately, with Bakusaiga, his enhanced senses, and the experience and mobility advantage, Sesshōmaru had the perfect hand with which to defeat the eldest Son of Sparda.

    Boomstick: He gave Sesshōmaru a good fight, but in the end, Bakusaiga was Vergil's Downfall.

    Wiz: The winner is Sesshōmaru.



    • + Faster swordsmanship
    • + Teleportation could keep up
    • + More well-rounded arsenal
    • + Greater cutting potential
    • + Superior transformation


    • + More experience
    • + Sense of smell negated fatal surprise attacks
    • + Flight offered aerial advantage and battlefield control
    • + Capable of regrowing limbs
    • + Able to nullify healing factors
    • + Bakusaiga offered easier one-hit kills

    Next time...


    If you think this is all there is to Yamcha...




    Then you just don't know Yamcha.

    Click here to read up on the desert bandit-turned-Z Warrior.

    Thank you very much for checking out this blog. And if you enjoyed it, then that’ll make me even more happy. Either way, I hope your day is epic.

  • My First Journal

    1 day ago


    Most the content I browse day to day is created by Rooster Teeth and associated groups and I wanted to start being more involved in the community and what better way to do so than to try to be more active on the site. I'm trying to reach personal goals and a big one is to put myself out on the internet more be it on here, instagram or any other platforms. I'm looking forward to exploring and interacting on this site.


  • Bombing

    1 day ago


    https://twitter.com/PA/status/866984839228084228 Hardly a huge surprise but still bloody sickening. 


    2 days ago



  • Humanity sucks but also rules.

    1 day ago

    Ollie The Resurrected

    Why the actual fuck would you target a concert full of kids for a terrorist attack? It proves nothing other than you're a twat that can hit an easy target?

    I adopted Manchester as my home city years ago. Everytime I'm there it feels like home to me, the people are fantastic and welcoming, I've never had a bad experience there.

    People's reactions last night made me incredibly proud of Manchester. People giving places in there homes for the night, free taxi rides home (some travelling down from Liverpool to give free rides). Even Hotels letting people stay for free overnight. 

    There is still good out there.

  • Personal Update V 2.0.5

    1 day ago


    Hey all! A lot has happened since my last journal entry.

    I made a game!

    Well I did graphics programming for a game for a class. I worked on sound and graphics (drew custom sprites and found sound stuff online). Compared to the other games my classmates made, my group's was the most incomplete, but I feel like it had more character than a lot of the other ones.

    I cosplayed for the first time!

    So I know I've had a lot of Captain America cosplay plans posted on here, but I still have yet to finish it even though I've had the shield done for like a year. I cosplayed as David from Camp Camp at my school's little Matsuri Festival. I had a good time, but I think only a total of 3 people recognized the character.

    Back on the creative saddle

    I've been practicing drawing a lot more, and I actually see improvement. I've also been writing more now that I've got the time to work on writing without worrying about procrastinating. I'm also working on some props (one for a friend's birthday. She doesn't cosplay, but I don't really have the money to buy something but I do have leftover foam).

    Try, try again

    Lastly, I'm trying to transfer out of my school again. Personally, I don't mind the school, but the computer science department here needs a lot of work. Plus, I don't want to live in Bakersfield for the rest of my life and transferring out, I feel, would put my foot in the door living somewhere else.

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