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  • Im Back

    3 hours ago


    Sweet I'm back rooster teeth help me get my account back thank you rooster teeth

  • Gavin or Google Title Song Variant

    1 day ago


    I hate to admit that I had waited a very long time to release this track. Mainly because I kept reworking it to the point of redundancy. From conception, the reason this piece exists, is because at the time. "Gavin or Google" didn't have a title theme to it. So taking the very "Rough" tune Burnie sang on episode #209, I set to work making a very bouncy 2 second long jingle.

    Here are the two versions of it. One with the voice over by Burnie, the other is just the instrumental.

    Gavin or Google (Title Variant)

    Gavin or Google (Instrumental)

    I hope you enjoy!!

    PatHazard Out!

  • Minecraft: Single Player

    2 days ago


    Having fulfilled on my promise to never again play a Telltale game as it is released, given how infrequent and questionable their release schedule is, I have finally gotten my chance at Minecraft: Story Mode. This version of Minecraft actually has very little actual crafting, but instead focuses on a story of adventure within the world of Minecraft seen through the eyes of our protagonist Jesse. Now you may be wondering, how could you ever possibly piece together a story from a game like Minecraft? It's the literal definition of a Sandbox Game. Well that's easy, you just simply craft it.

    Poor puns aside, this game was surprisingly fun and very creative with its story. Having watched Achievement Hunter play Minecraft into the ground, so much so that it caused one of their most valuable employees to up and quit, I was not expecting much from the title. It just goes to show you to never doubt the human imagination, as the multiple scenarios contained within the full game continued to entertain me. I laughed at the jokes, I explored and examined as much as I could, and in the end I was left very satisfied.

    Now the beginning of Story Mode is a tad bit slow, introducing us to our main cast of characters and the first big adventure we would partake in. As I mentioned before, our playable character's name is Jesse, someone who can be either a man or a woman depending on your selection at the beginning of the game. The male version is voiced by Patton Oswalt (Remy's voice from Ratatouille) and the female version is voiced by Catherine Taber (Padmé Amidala from most of the Star Wars video games), now I didn't really play a female character except to mop up some missable achievements but I will say that Patton Oswalt did a fantastic job and seemed to pair perfectly with male Jesse.

    The rest of the gang is comprised of Petra, a female adventurer of some skill. Axel, your hulking male friend who enjoys explosions. Olivia, your smart female friend who enjoys inventions. Lukas, a rival-turned-friend who is a pretty nice guy, and Ivor, a mad genius who starts out as your first antagonist. However the cast doesn't end there, as the game will take you to multiple worlds full of interesting characters including one world where you meet some famous Minecraft YouTubers. However I will say that of the cast, Ivor, voiced by none other than Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman), was probably my favorite. Some of his lines were by far the funniest, and his glass half-empty perspective was quite refreshing to someone like myself.

    As far as the stories go, the first connects what little plot Minecraft has with the defeat of the Ender Dragon by a group known as the Order of the Stone. Jesse's gang learn that it is possible to meet one of the legendary Order if they win a building contest, which depending on your choices can become true. But then Ivor shows up and creates a Wither, unable to control the creature it begins to consume everything, forcing Jesse's gang to hightail it out of there and go on a quest to relocate the Order of the Stone. Of the stories, this one was alright but felt like it went on too long. I mean, every episode after the fourth is a brand new story. There's one that is a murder mystery, one about a rouge AI, one about a city in the sky, and the final one where you meet the original builders behind some of the most ancient structures in the world. The stories all wrap up in a satisfying manner, and the end of the game, while leaving things open to a new season, actually connects to a question you were asked at the very start of the game. It's kind of brilliant.

    This was actually the first of a couple Telltale games I played through, so expect to see a couple more reviews relating to that company. Of the ones I have played, Minecraft: Story Mode was lighter in mood but had a very diverse and wide range of story. Given that the PC version of Minecraft now has space exploration in it, I'm thinking that a second season of Story Mode, if such a thing exists, will have at least one episode on a spaceship or perhaps on a planet with aliens. I mean, technically Jesse's gang did explore new planets, but I'm talking more in terms of time travel or alternate dimensions. Because when it comes down to it, I think Minecraft is a perfect outlet for Telltale, as they can craft the story however they want to.

    Minecraft: Story Mode gets a 8.7 out of 10


  • Finally back!!

    1 hour ago


    After years of being away working im back and can now keep up to date again!!!

  • Horse video

    1 day ago


    3 patreon rewards down 2 to go

    Get you one!


  • Minecraft Server Networks Rant

    2 days ago


    So I've been thinking a lot recently about Minecraft Server Networks (an area where I used to work in) and this is something that has never sat right with me which is how these businesses/companies make this huge amount of money (and trust me, some of these companies turn over several million per year with hundreds of thousands in profits) by for the most part "employing" workers (sometimes underage depending on the employment laws of the country) and not paying them... It's just not right.

    They call them staff members, they get hired and fired, they do anything from several hours work per week to in some cases tens of hours of work per week - The amount of hours some people put in to it, it could be classed as a part-time job. Yet they don't get classed as employees, they get treated as volunteers and don't get paid.

    Every community have different policies regarding minimum ages and most say you have to be over 14/15 years old however there are some of these companies that "hire" children aged as young as 12/13... Sure, maybe they want to do it and help out, maybe they have some sort of brand loyalty to the minecraft server but that's not the point. They should be getting paid for their work.

    Huge companies like Amazon, Starbucks/Costa etc etc get a bad rap for apparently not paying their employees the minimum wage (in the UK, I don't know about other countries) but surely then this is worse.... Companies bringing in all this money off of the back of not actually paying their employees anything. Even if the kids are legally allowed to work (differs country to country), surely it's illegal for them to work without pay? Some countries even have limitations on how much younger people can work per day and numerous times have these even been broken.

    Rant Over.

  • Stream! 27th March, 8pm BST

    1 day ago


    It's Monday again! And time to explore Enderal again!
    I wonder what will happen this week? Callum said it was very sad last week...

    The stream will start about 8:00pm BST and it will be on Callum's Twitch.

    Mic will be on, so come join us in chat! Not that anyone has been, but don't be rude in chat.
    Just come along, enjoy the game, have a chat (We get lonely when no one is there) and just have a good time.

    ~Stream Schedule~
    Saturday is the day for Panda and Friends! at around about 8pm BST every time, unless stated otherwise!
    Callum's streams will be every Monday 8pm-12pm BST and Wednesday 8pm-11pm GMT

  • So...RTX

    2 days ago


    Am considering going. Who else? Who needs a roomy?

  • So Sleepy

    4 hours ago


    I feel like I didn't get any sleep last night, and today is filled with classes and work later. I'm going to try and squeeze a nap in after this next class, but I'm not super optimistic about that happening. 

    On the upside I've been getting quite a bit of side work done today. I got my test episodes of the DeviantRED Podcast up on iTunes and made a new logo for it.


    I like it, but I'm still a little unsure. How do you guys feel about it?

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