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  • Too Real: Top 10 Songs of 2018

    1 week ago


    2018 felt like a verse of We Didn’t Start The Fire on speed:

    Elon Smoked Pot! Thanos snapped! BDE! Trump is crap!

    Brett Kavanaugh! Walmart Kid! Royal Wedding! Eagles Win!

    Shaggy Collabs with Sting!

    Fortnite, Is This Your King?

    Donald Glover as Lando!

    Weezer just covered Toto!

    It’s safe to say that too much happened this year. Between the continued embarrassment of the federal government and the hellfire birth of my arch-nemesis Gritty, the race to the finish feels more like a slog through quicksand — hoping with each earth-swallowing news cycle that the next absurdity doesn’t snuff us out for good.

    Luckily, quality music is here to carry us over the finish line. Here are my top 10 songs of 2018, and some thoughts on why they may be better at talking about this year than I am.

  • MOAR PICTURES - This time from an Asheville Festival in the woods!

    1 month ago

    PortalBen Mad Inventor

    Just got through a bunch more edits, this time from a music festival I've been going to with some friends for the better part of the last 7 years! It's a pretty small one, but a lot of the same people attend so I've been able to be more confident asking some of the performers to let me get closer with my camera and flashes.

    It's probably the place I get the most experimental with lighting, shutter speeds and other things. Also one of the few places I've been messing around with my drone still.

    I'm not sure how to add photos into these posts any more so you'll just have to take my word on it... 

    OR, check out the gallery: Equinox Festival 15

  • Anime Music

    1 month ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    I love anime soundtracks.  They're often hard to track down, can get expensive, and sometimes you can only get hard copies.  So in lieu of that, I made a youtube playlist of my favorite anime opening and ending songs:

    Click here.

    Each song is roughly 90 seconds.  Maybe check it out if you want.  It's got some good stuff.  The songs are in loose order of how much I enjoy them.

    But lately, I've really been into the ending song for Seishun Buta Yaro.  Or as it's better known, Rascal Does Not Dream of a Bunny Girl Senpai.  The show is hard to nail down but it's like if someone tried to make the show Fringe into an anime, but with a slice of life romance feel.  I'm really digging the supernatural portion of it.  And if you can stomach the occasional eye rolling logic behind the scientific principles of each arc, you'll probably enjoy it too.

    Anyway, here's the ending song for the first arc.  It's like you can jam out to it, and relax to it.  It's very odd, but in an intriguing way.  But what's extra cool is that each story arc focuses on a different girl, and each girl's VA will get a turn singing the ending theme.  I also found this song, which is the long version featuring all the VAs.  Both versions are so good.

    If you want to check out the show, it's available on Crunchyroll as part of the current season.

  • Updates

    2 months ago

    Gilliweed Anime/RT fan;ArmyOfficer

    Thought it'd be nice to do periodic updates of things going on. Currently trying to narrow down cities and companies that I'd like to work for. Mainly sticking with tech companies in a decent to large size city. Going to start applying for jobs and hopefully find somewhere to go before leaving the military! There's a bit more to say about leaving, but it's probably enough for an entirely different post. 

    Music: Chopin's Ballade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23

    So like several friends a month or so ago watched Your Lie In April. Added some classical music to the playlists I've been listening to, yet this one still takes the cake for me

    Show: Dragon Prince

    In addition to Your Lie In April, finished watching Dragon Prince a day or two ago. It has a good story with quite an expansive world and the potential for so much more. Gonna have to wait and see what happens as we wait for the next season. On the downside, some of the graphics lagged a bit in the earlier episodes (it's not terribly bad, but noticable).

    Movie: Bleach

    Overall it went well compared to how it could have gone. While watching, it got to the point that the deciding factor for making or breaking the movie was the inclusion of Isshin's speech to Ichigo in front of Masaki's grave. 

    Any other Bleach fans out there? Would love to hear other people's opinion on the movie!

  • This is the Hometown Playlist

    3 months ago


    It was the end of August in New York and I wore pants the whole week, despite the fact it was 100 degrees out and the whole island of Manhattan was baking like an inside-out possum on wet asphalt. At 26 years old, I really have no business scabbing up my legs. But that’s what happens when you go home.

    Like a true pop punk kid, I wanted nothing more from the ages of 14–18 than to get the Hell out of the only place I’d ever known. It was stiflingly traditional. Weightily religious. Complacently unaware.

    But hey, so’s New York. Except the traditions are about cream cheese quantity and the religious choices are less “Lutheran or Catholic” and more “Bronx or Brooklyn.” And if you’ve ever seen a lifelong city dweller catch sight of a deer, you know what I mean about unaware.

    Here's a blog I wrote about growing up a Lake Effect Kid.

    And here’s a playlist of songs about hometowns — ranging on the “A Day to Remember / Ocala” to “All Time Low / Baltimore” scale of appreciation.

  • The oddest thing to hear...

    3 months ago

    SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

    ..was my (now husband) using the 'w' word.


    Not used to it yet I think, but it made me smile, so I must like it.

    We got married on Saturday 18th August 2018 (yeah I am half-Chinese, so this date was purposefully picked). Everything went really smoothly, I was really surprised how I was not stressed and by how much fun we had, and that our guests had.

    We recently met-up with some friends who attended and they loved how we made the wedding very 'us' - using music from Final Fantasy and Studio Ghibli, having DIY table decorations and placecards with origami, the choice of where the ceremony was being very architecturally and aesthetically awesome. That they picked up on these things made us both so pleased, as we did try to put so much of ourselves into it as possible, and it worked!

    This ticks off one of my new years resolutions - to not stress on my wedding day. Achievement unlocked.

    If you aren't in the Discord chat, you won't know that 2 months before the wedding I broke my PC by pouring a cup of green tea into it (no joke). So my posts and chats online became pretty infrequent. Fingers crossed with the wedding over I'll soon have the money to repair it. Then I'll be back posting consistently and gaming consistently! Hooray!

    Laughter and Sunshine!

  • Music

    3 months ago


    I'm obsessed with Mamma Mia Here We Go Again's soundtrack!!!

    Am I alone or can we jam together so I feel less lonely??

  • Beny_Boi - Attack On Titan Eren Yeager Rap

    4 months ago

    benjaminlaws I put together for Attack On Titan Season 1 Part 1 As Attack On Titan Season 3 Is Now Showing And Will Be Doing All The Seasons Of Attack On Titan And Could Be Doing Rap's For Mikasa And Armin As Well Re-Done

  • Rooster Teeth Games, Arcades, Tabletop, and parties at RTX Austin!

    4 months ago

    Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

    Hey there gamers!

    The RT Games Team has been busy quietly working on a few projects… and we’re excited to finally show off some familiar IPs as well as tease some new content we’ve been keeping under our hats!

    First things first: thank you for all of your incredible feedback and ideas on game projects. Rooster Teeth has a long history of drawing on the brilliance and insight of our community, and RT Games is no exception. We read every tweet, every email, and every piece of feedback. Keep your thoughts and ideas coming. As a small team, we’re limited in what we can take on at any given time, but there is NO limit to our desire to bring you fresh content as well as allowing you to take up your Crescent Rose and Ember Celica’s again in combat.

    So. With that. We are SUPER excited to announce that WE ARE GOING TO HAVE NEW DLC FOR RWBY: GRIMM ECLIPSE!!! We’ll be giving attendees at RTX a taste of some new content, including some new cosmetics this weekend! You have more to look forward with new maps and a new game mode planned for later this Fall. We’ll be announcing more details closer to September.

    If that isn’t enough to lure you over to the games booth, we’ll also be featuring one of the hottest new IPs in the indie horror genre: Bendy and the Ink Machine! You’ve probably heard whispers of it. You may have seen a Let’s Play or two. You may even own Chapter 1 on Steam, but at RTX we’ll be giving those who have never experienced Bendy a chance to demo either Chapter 1, and for fans the latest release in this episodic horror adventure: Chapter 4. We’re excited to be publishing this game to Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, also later this Fall, with the fifth and final chapter of the Bendy saga included. Our official Alice Angel cosplayer, Citrus Bell, will be there in her full Alice regalia along with Joey Drew voice artist and Head of Rooster Teeth Games Publishing, David Eddings!

    And for those of you with a penchant for sloths, pizza, and weapons of mass dysfunction, we’ll be bringing back fan favorite Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars for your top-down, multiplayer shooter enjoyment.

    But that’s not all. Brian Reilly, aka Skilltacular, aka RT Games Tabletop Producer, will be running around playing our latest co-op card game, Heist, on the show floor with our community. (Among other games- bring your best Magic: The Gathering deck. He’ll be on the prowl for fellow tabletop and card game enthusiasts!) Mothership Games will also be back again with their booth (#221) hosting a series of game tournaments including M:TG, some DnD One-shots, and more. Show up alone or with friends to play against other pros or learn new games with our fabulous guardians and staff from Mothership.

    AAAAND if that wasn’t enough, our friends over at ScrewAttack will be hosting a classic arcade space at the JW Marriott in conjunction with the Animation Fest! They’ll have Windjammers, The Simpsons, Street Fighter III New Gen, Tekken Tag, three consoles featuring Street Fighter 30th Anniv., Smash Wii U, CrossTag Battle, and more in rooms 402 and 403 along with some familiar faces from the ScrewAttack squad hanging out and wreaking some scunion on challengers.

    Plans for Saturday night? Join us on the Hilton Austin Grand Ballroom for The Rave at RTX presented by ScrewAttack. This 18 and up event will be featuring DJ GRIMECRAFT with an animated opening performance from team RWBY. (RSVP for free HERE:

    The games team is excited to meet you and share our love for these games with the community in our favorite annual fan event. Don’t be shy and stop by!

    Much love babes,


  • Playing electroswing while at work is great

    4 months ago


    You walk through the halls hearing rock or (god forbid) country radio, go into the dishroom where I am, and BAM-

    It’s like it just turned into a 1920's rave.

  • My Road To Halo Infinite

    5 months ago


    I've played Halo a lot for years, & I never disliked anything about the games because the main thing I see in them is how good the campaign modes are & how challenging they can be & I'm hoping that for when Halo Infinite comes out next year (later on) which I feel will have the same classic Halo tone to it but with more detailed graphics to it, & in terms of music that I like to listen to when I play Halo whether it'd be either campaign or multiplayer (like Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Muse, HIM & Imagine Dragons) I'm gonna use songs I've listened to that I didn't add to any of my original playlists (with the exception of multiple versions I created in the past) for the other games except for both Halo Wars 1 & 2, because by the time that Halo Infinite comes out, Ill still have all of my Halo viewpoints that I've had since High School as well as the comedy in Red Vs. Blue that I've had since 2016 (& got me into Rooster Teeth to begin with) to go along with that for next year (by the time Halo Infinite comes out) as well.

  • Wow ok it's been a time

    5 months ago


    I've been MIA from Rooster Teeth content for nearly a year at this point- only popping in for some live streams and such (I refuse to miss out on Extra Life). Tuning into the live RT Podcast became more of a struggle and less of a priority when it moved to a time before I got home from work and I kinda fell off the wagon. And while I still can't watch live anymore, I'm finally watching the older podcasts again. And I'm no longer too sad or anxious to enjoy it. I graduated and am now in a job that kinda uses my degree. Still fond of lights.

    But I guess the biggest life update is that my band finally released our debut EP two months ago… General McMurphy’s Last Stand is an EP we worked really hard on and is a big part of why my time here was basically non-existent this past couple of years (aside from my thesis film). But it’s one of my greatest accomplishments so far- a real EP basically available anywhere music streams and stuff. I'm happy with what I've done and was even happier to see some folks I met through the RT community in the crowd at its release. Anyway, I missed this. Until next time.  crescent_moon

  • This is the Father's Day Playlist

    5 months ago


    One of my earlier existential crises happened when I was around 9 years old. Here's how I connect that moment to my love of Bruce Springsteen.

    To Dad and Classic Rock

  • Recent Music Obsessions

    6 months ago


    Hey Guys! If you are anything like me or know me at all, music is a very important part of everyday life. But sometimes you go through periods of time where you are just bored with your usual playlists. Well that's why I'm writing this. If you ever find yourself struggling to find new music, sometimes friendly recommendations are nice. Anyways, I hope this helps.

    1: Hurts So Good by Astrid S (Pop)

    2: Falling Slow by Tori Kelly (Pop)

    3: Shall We Dance by Block B (Kpop)

    4: Be Like You by CVBZ (EDM)

    5: Anpanman By BTS (Kpop)

    6: Fake Love by BTS (Kpop)

    7: Forget About Tomorrow by Jay Park (Kpop & EDM)

    8: Voicenotes Album by Charlie Puth (Pop)

    9: You by Dodie Clark (Indie)

  • Nostalgia Breakers Playlist

    7 months ago


    I've been separately blogging about music for awhile. Geoff's latest trend of sharing some of his curated tunes inspired me to bring what I'm digging over to the RT site. This first list is comprised of newer, younger artists out there who can break you out of your music rut if you're itchin' for something new. Destroy Boys, The Chain Gang of 1974, and The Wrecks are just a sample of what you're in for.

    I’m as much a sucker for nostalgia culture as the next guy. We all feed that beast and then complain about how big it has grown. It’s gotten so big, in fact, that #tbt playlists are no longer welcome opportunities to revisit classics from middle school dance days. Instead, they’ve become overplayed lists of the same ~20 tunes. They've lost all sentimental appeal, becoming just as inescapable now as they had been in their heyday (looking at you, Ignition Remix. It’s 2018, we need to stop supporting R. Kelly).

    I want to combat that addiction to fight for “the good old days” with a quick list of the artists you should be checking out right now, instead of spinning your “Reblog if u r a tru 90s kid” playlist for the thousandth time. This is as much a reminder for myself as it is for you.

    Spotify Playlist: Nostalgia Breakers Part I

    Here's my full blog about why these artists are my recent fixes. If you're into these artists, you should let a girl know.

  • I figured 11 years is probably enough time spent lurking

    7 months ago

    IIKaDicEU The Scottish One

    So, first post.

    Not sure what people really put in a first post.
    I'm Jason, I'm 19, and I've been here in the shadows for quite a while (I've been more active on the IB site than here).

    I'm a gamer, like quite a few people here I'd imagine, and am pretty willing to play just about anything I can. I also enjoy playing around with and making music. 

    I'm really not one with words, feels like shouting into a soundproof room.

    Anyway, feel free to fire me a message if anyone's up for a game of something.


  • Parody Song Translation - Damned Opel

    8 months ago


    Rough translation by yours truly~~ here's the song.

    after a thousand smoky driving meters,

    the man opens the Opel’s hood

    by the road a grey Opel

    it’s October and raining

    burning smell of battery acid stings the eye

    somewhere a flame, the Opel coughs

    take out your phone and call a cab
    just push that damn Opel into a swamp

    passers-by give weirded looks
    the Opel driver ignores them all
    he turns the ignition key,
    but just can’t get the Opel to start
    sweat drops on his forehead
    who told you to get an Opel?

    take out your phone and call a cab
    just push that damn Opel into a swamp

    with numb fingers he grabs the plug wires
    just last week he bought a new engine
    the car shop praised in earnest
    but Opel is the shittiest ever

    “But, but, what says to this the Opel driver himself?”

    exhaust fumes get in the nostrils,
    oils trickle down the gutter
    parts after parts
    had them installed at a brand store
    who told me to get an Opel?
    I’m stupid and you guessed it, I lament

    take out your phone and call a cab
    push that damn Opel down the swamp

    with numb fingers, he grabs the plug wires
    just last week he bought a new engine
    the car shop praised in earnest
    but Opel is the shittiest ever

    Opel is the shittiest ever


    (Btw, I drove an Opel Vectra for a couple of years... not totally an awful car to drive, but... yeah. XD)

  • Parody Song Translation - We're Driving a Tractor

    8 months ago


    Ajetaan me traktorilla - lyrics roughly translated by yours truly~~ 

    NOTE: ? marks an unknown word (couldn't find the Finnish lyrics written anywhere so had to go by ear), *’s are apparently place names of small towns in southern Finland


    I came from the manure storage, from lower yard’s barn
    smells like cow shit in there, you watched me shovel dung
    walked around chicken coops, piggeries, cattle sheds
    swung manure forks, continuously felt nauseous

    we’re driving a tractor, tippling through the night
    on the hinterlands field road, and from there to the pub

    I’ve been to Kuppila*, Myrskylä**, Askola***
    in every pub until dawn my mouth squawked
    ? and the cap, the calfskin jacket
    in the pub the tractor’s ?? was having a beer by the table

    we’re driving a tractor, making noise and tippling
    on the hinterlands field roads, and from there to the pub

    in the small hours it’s good to ride home
    listen for the buzzing, those fuckers playing in the head
    buttocks are numb, I’m driving drunk
    tastes like cat pee in the mouth, heeo-heeo-heeo-hoy

    we’re driving a tractor, making noise and tippling
    on the hinterlands field road, and from there to the pub

    back home early in the morning, of course feeling great
    ??? the wife thoroughly ???? recounts
    I was out drinking, boozing at the pub
    the fuck am I doing here, in a hurry to get wasted

    we’re driving a tractor, making noise and tippling
    on the hinterlands field road, and from there to the pub

    we’re driving a tractor, a fucking tractor
    on the hinterlands field road, and from there to the pub
    we’re driving a tractor, a fucking tractor
    on the fucking field road, and from there to the pub


    Yeah. I was really bored one time. XD 

  • Very loud band rehersal and other music things

    8 months ago

    stefanni_mah a pile of thoughts

    well hello again!

    It is currently 7:40 in the evening and I'm still stuck at school on stage with my schools band.

    We're 70ish people and God it's loud I can't even hear my own thoughts...

    Rehersal goes from 6 to 8:30, so my head is pounding and I just want to go home by the end of it!

    To make it even more tiring, I have a choir rehersal before my band rehersal and that goes from 3:15-5:00!!

    I honestly only 30 minutes to eat before more playing!! It's a hard life!

    I also play the bari sax which is one of the bigger saxophones and it's really heavy, so I always have back, neck and shoulder pain after rehersals!

    Well music is a huge part of my life. I'm the vice-president of my schools music council, i play about 9 instruments and i sing.

    Music is such a beautiful form of expression and it's able to speak and convey things that words simply cannot!

    I strongly believe that everyone should have any form of music in their lives!

    So what kind of music do you guys enjoy? Do you play any instruments or which instrument do you wish you could learn?

    Much love,

    Steph xx

  • Primis

    8 months ago


    Daughter are an indie folk band from England. Fronted by North London native Elena Tonra (born 15 January 1990), they were formed in 2010 after the addition of Swiss-born guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella from France. They have released four EPs, three singles and three albums, and are currently signed to Glassnote (North America) and 4AD (Europe). After playing the local London circuit, they toured supporting Ben Howard around Europe and have since played headlining tours around North America, Europe and Australia.


  • Is this thing on?

    9 months ago


    Inspirational music for your Thursday.

  • My RT Aspect Playlist

    10 months ago


    1. Opening - Linkin Park

    2. Poison Girl - HIM

    3. Perfect Situation - Weezer

    4. Change (In The House Of Flies) - Deftones

    5. Connected - Hoobastank

    6. I’d Come For You - Nickelback 

    7. Breath - Breaking Benjamin

    8. In The End - Linkin Park

    9. Hard To Say - The Used

    10. Butterflies & Hurricanes- Muse

    11. Savior - Rise Against

    12. Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness) - HIM

    13. Closer To The Edge - 30 Seconds To Mars

    14. Complicated - Avril Lavigne

    15. The Wind Blows - The All-American Rejects

    16. Numb - Linkin Park

    Note: These are songs that I find to be suitable for my Rooster Teeth aspect.

  • Videos!

    10 months ago


    I love to create. Last year I was able to work with a bunch of great people and create some awesome music videos. I'm set to make some more in the near future. But I just wanted to share the ones that are out there for the world to see. You can catch them on my site and, please, if you like the music, support the bands and stream/buy their music and see them when they come to a town near you.


  • Songs of the Month - 2018/02

    10 months ago


    2018/01 (January)


    Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy

    Great little chiptune song with really nice production, I found them through the Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack.  Good stuff.

    Joji - Thom

    This was my introduction to Lofi type music, I knew of the dude through Filthy Frank.  The samples at the front end are top notch.

    Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks

    The first Gambino song I ever heard, this was the song that got me into Gambino and other artists like Chance and Danny Brown.  It's quite punny as well as being included in a fantastic EP.

    Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror

    A song I heard a bunch when I was younger, full to the brim with guitar towards the second half as well as the lead singers thick scottish accent.  Makes me feel a bit patriotic haha.

    Simon & Garfunkel - Sound of Silence

    Whenever you hear someone talk about 'real music' they usually mean something like this, and I can't deny that it's great.  Great harmonies as well as being lyrically interesting.

    James Blake - Sound of Silence

    Heavy-on-production cover which never fails to impress me.  His other stuff is great as well, but I'll write about that in another months list probably.

    Childish Gambino - Zealots of Stockholm

    Another really heavily produced track from one of my favourite albums ever.  Maybe I just like the bass hitting my ears.

    Porter Robinson / Madeon - Shelter

    Great samples throughout the track, great melody, great song in whole.  This won't be the last time I mention Madeon.

    The Clash - Rock the Casbah

    Classic song, really clever lyrics with references to different middle-eastern building and such.  Catchy chorus as well.

    Joe Hisaishi - One Summer's Day

    This song takes me back to one of my favourite films ever, totally transports me to a different time in my life. Brilliant film. Beautiful song. 

    Daft Punk - Aerodynamic

    On of my favourite instrumental tracks from Daft Punk, I love the almost impossible guitar riffs at the front of the track and the hypnotic synths towards the end. 

    Frank Ocean - Pyramids

    I used to listen to the song while cycling, because I could cycle into the centre of town in about the same length as the track, it made it feel like I was in a music video or something.

    Ninja Sex Party - 6969

    Great comedic song, tons of attitude and personality. Danny Sexbang is my idol.