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  • Jurassic Monsters (Double Feature)

    1 day ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Rampage (2018)

    Fun movie. Hearkens back to the old monster movies from before even I was born (and I was born a long time ago).

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    Like Rampage but more serious but, yet, not a wholly serious movie. Fun still takes priority.

    I'm not saying the stories are anything alike. The stories are nothing alike. It's the general feeling about each movie that I'm asserting.

    Now, Rampage is inspired by an old arcade video game of the same name (that existed before some of you were born, even). Knowledge of the arcade game is immaterial. There is fan service thrown in late in the movie for those who know, but we also realize that the Rampage game had no story and, ultimately, no point. We know full well that there's no way to make a movie out of the game. Even without any knowledge of the arcade game, the movie still accomplishes its obvious goal with its own story.

    So take it for what it is: a throwback to the old monster movies with an homage to an old arcade game (which itself was an homage to old monster movies). For that, it does it well.

    Fallen Kingdom might have a special marketing agenda, but without spoilers, I cannot say more. It involves the ending, specifically.

  • Let's be honest.

    2 days ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    I saw one portion of a Let's Play of Tales from the Borderlands (from @LoZelda stream) after playing it myself first. I have not seen any other Let's Plays of adventure games.

    What about you?

    (Part of the issue with me catching a live show is that nearly all creators either stream too late in the evening for my work schedule or too early while I'm still working, but I doubt that being able to watch streamers regularly would change my answer.)

  • Schrödinger's Tale

    3 days ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.


    Is TellTale Games closing down or not?

    There's a rampant claim on the Internet that they're closing shop with a handful of people remaining to finish TWD. (Some have the decency to declare that it's a rumor. Some don't.)

    ...but TTG just posted a number of images a few hours ago.

    EDIT: It is confirmed. TTG is going to finish their obligations with whoever remains and are closing shop.

  • First Post: A Call Out to All Lovers of Broadcast Tech

    4 days ago

    Napping_Sloth Isaiah

    Hey there world, it's ya boy.

    I've never made a journal before, and honestly it's nerve-wracking (like, I'm sweating at the thought of putting this out into the void that is the community (that maybe like 1 person will see)). Uh, I just wanted to make this post as a kind of, call to arms for others who come from a background of technician work (broadcast, theatrical, radio, concert etc) who would all like to sit around and talk stories or gear or goals and stuff.

    For example, my background is theatrical sound design and lighting/electrician work. Audio is easily my best work and I could gush for hours on stuff I want to design or be in or mix and master or score. Podcast ideas and the list just goes on and on and on.

    And I figured if enough people (assuming that anyone sees this and then cares about it) maybe putting together a group or a forum or something. 

    I don't know, I'm rambling to help get my thoughts together and also anxiety i guess. All I know is that, I want to pursue audio, and that if I could find a gig that was half as nice as RT, I think that'd be swell.

  • 15 minutes of fame...

    4 days ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    GTA Online takes place before the events of GTAV.

    So... what happened to my nightclub? We were doing so well.

    Is it because I stopped managing the nightclub to play RDR Online in a couple of months?

  • The Bongocat Bandwagon

    1 week ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Am I doing it right?


  • Watch what you read...

    1 week ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.


    Watchmen (2009)

    To put it simply, it's like watching a comic book come to life.

    However, a comic book and storyboard are two very different disciplines. A comic book has a different set of rules for timing, themes, and camera angles than movies for a good reason. It's like they used a comic book as the storyboard.

    Imagine reading a comic book at someone else's pacing. Sometimes, you'll want it to hurry up, and sometimes, you'll want it to slow down. Sometimes, the internal monologue gets in the way. Sometimes, it seems absent.

    ...and this is not a superhero movie. It's a 1980's political drama that browbeats a message into the audience. Imagine if Ayn Rand wrote a comic book about war - instead of a 1950s novel about big government - and turned it into a movie.

    Now that you're prepared, go ahead and give it a watch. Watch it knowing what it is, and it's a good movie... for what it is.

  • Back in Black after 13 years...

    1 week ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Riddick (2013)

    It immediately abandons the fanatical Underverse storyline from The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) and returns to the theme (and, for the most part, story) of Pitch Black (2000). (It acknowledges the events of Chronicles with nothing more than a mere nod.)

    If you've seen Pitch Black, you'll essentially be rewatching that movie with minor adjustments scattered around. One might say that it's just part 2 of Pitch Black.

    In truth, this should have been the sequel to Pitch Black because, even with it's painful predictability, it comes full circle with that movie.

    Can't say that I was impressed, but to be fair, Pitch Black didn't impress me, either. (Chronicles just left me confused.)

    I would put this on par with Pitch Black but 13 years too late. If you recently saw Pitch Black for the first time and enjoyed it, Riddick could be a good follow up even if just more of the same. If you saw Pitch Black over 18 years ago, I think too much time has passed to resurrect that story. If you saw Chronicles in between, you'll probably be rightfully expecting disappointment, though you might still enjoy Riddick despite... whatever Chronicles was.

  • Pro-Tip

    1 week ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    I keep seeing questions about this. There are two funny icons on the video site in the upper-right corner of the thumbnails for recorded videos and live events.

    4lxUfV2.png This means that it is currently early-access for First memmbers.

    It will become available to all viewers later. Depending on the show, it could be the next day or the next week before it is available to all viewers. The icon will disappear when it becomes available to everyone.


    DINjqx2.png This means that it is for First members only.

    It will not become available for all viewers. Live broadcasts may become available as a separate on-demand video with its own icon of early access or First-only (or even no icon for all viewers). Not all live broadcasts are First-only, but must of them are.

    I hope this helps those who happen upon this journal.

  • Primed for Prime Time...

    1 week ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    So... this might be happening. Alan Wake TV series.

    Now, many games have trouble translating into a linear media outside of the players' control. Yet, I think Alan Wake (2010) is a good candidate to try.

    Its narrative was very on-rails. The players played through a story that was told to them, but they weren't really in control of the story at all. The players were corralled into each paragraph of the story by force, interrupted for some gameplay in between. The character's personality was strictly defined to the smallest details and the player had almost no influence on that. Players played Wake just how the authors wrote him. ...and it was still a good game and story.

    I believe this makes the transition to linear media far easier than games with characters of loose backgrounds or a high amount of narrative freedom or customizing.

    That said: A hurdle would be that the character model, Ilkka Villi, is native Finnish and doesn't speak English well and the voice actor, Matthew Porretta, looks nothing like Ilkka. The iconic Alan Wake from the two games will be difficult to reproduce, but a reasonable substitute is possible.

    I loved the Lovecraft-esque feel of Alan Wake. The freaky stuck-in-a-mind-hump that was American Nightmare was good, too. I want more.

    I'm crossing my fingers so much!

    Trivia: Ilkka and Matthew did a live action trailer for Alan Wake's American Nightmare (2012) where they made fun of Ilkka's name, portrayed by Ilkka as Mr. ₴₵Ɽ₳₮₵Ⱨ (the psychotic alter ego of Wake), who lip-synced with Matthew's voice-over as they did in the game itself for the FMV sections of Mr. ₴₵Ɽ₳₮₵Ⱨ. One might not even know that Ilkka didn't voice the character because of American Nightmare.

    Trivia: Matthew Porretta played the character, Will Scarlet O'Hara, in Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993). (Will's from Georgia.)

  • Game Night

    2 weeks ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Game Night (2018)

    If you know nothing about this movie, watch it before you find out anything about this movie.

    If you've seen trailers, you can give the movie a miss. You'll find the pacing to be off and everything to be predictable.

    The only gripe I have: Interesting camera shots - nicely done, but I find that they're really out of place for a movie of this genre.

  • Technophilia... (A Prediction)

    2 weeks ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Remember when bloom became a thing? Remember when HDR became a thing? Remember when volumetric lighting became a thing? There's a new thing out there now. This is what I predict will happen until the devs get over the mania.


  • Beyond Necessary

    2 weeks ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    It's game day at Ole Miss, which means I'm stuck at home with the kids. We ain't going anywhere near town with all the craziness that happens with the flood of visitors in town, especially just the three of us. So... We're watching random movies.

    The Beyond (2017)

    It's a sci-fi drama in the form of a documentary.

    The movie spent so much time trying to explain the fictional science behind what they were doing that they didn't have any time left to explore the story's resolution. All their explanations still fall short, and we're left with a confusing finale. Production quality is decent, though, but for me, it's all about the story.

    Until next week - a slightly bigger game so maybe a slightly better story?

  • Damn you, Autocorrect!

    2 weeks ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    The war between humans and machines will be started by a misunderstanding via speech-to-text and autocorrect algorithms.

  • Speedrunning...

    2 weeks ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    I'm just going to state that the speed controls on RT's video player has saved me from removing episodes from my enormous backlog accrued last month.

  • When is Geralt not Geralt?

    2 weeks ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    When you try to fit a "name" into a character that just doesn't fit.

    The studios tapped Henry Cavill to be Geralt of Rivia in the proposed The Witcher series on Netflix. The only logic that I can see with going for a named actor that doesn't fit is that the studios think it'll draw in viewers more than any title involving The Witcher would. Yet, few are the people out there with familiarity with The Witcher who feels that Cavill is the right pick.

    Of course, anyone's face can be made into anyone else's. That's not the issue. Can Cavill have the proper presence that the novels present to the readers for Geralt? There are significant doubts.

    The general response from the Internet is appropriate.


    Will we watch it? Likely. Will we like it? The magic 8-ball says, "Try again later."

  • Plundering the Dead Five Years Old

    3 weeks ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Both Tomb Raider (2013 video game) and Tomb Raider (2018 movie) tackle a similar scenario.

    If you intend to do both, watch the later movie first. Then, play the earlier game knowing that everything that you saw in the movie is going to be very, very different even though the characters, places, and things have the same names - all recast, though.

    If you do it the other way around, you'll think that the movie abbreviated far too much and had to rewrite the script all over just to make sense of anything as well as throw in a twist just to make sure that people who played the game wouldn't be able to see it coming (as if - both movie and game are predictable, but the movie more so).

    The main difference between the two is that the game is interactive and can take a long time while the movie is only ~115 minutes long excluding credits.

    (On an aside, if Epic Mickey: The Power of Two wanted something to be necessary to progress later in the game, they shouldn't make it optional at the start of the game requiring the player to travel all the way back to the beginning to pick up said optional thing just to keep going. You either gatekeep players away from progressing without the required thing when it's available or you make the required thing available quickly near the moment when it's required - which is the proper way to gatekeep.)

  • Getting Dimmer - The S&M Finale

    3 weeks ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    In continuation of the previous post about Telltale Games (TTGs)...

    Sam & Max is a silly series... until it's a TTG.

    I played the TTG season trilogy of it. All three seasons went darker as the season went on, but the final season ended on the level of TT's A Game of Thrones or TT's The Walking Dead.

    For a little background, Sam & Max is a goofy noir detective parody adventure game series featuring a suit-wearing talking canine with a blunt personality and a naked lagomorph (a rabbit - specifically, a short, weird rabbity-thing in this scenario) with an unstable personality in a world of Humans in a bizarre version of New York (mostly). Sounds like fun. Right?

    Not according to Telltale games. While still fun and ridiculous throughout, the final season finale ended on an extremely somber tenor. Each season went darker as the season progressed.

    Does Telltale Games need a new shtick or is this fine for all of their adventure games? Do you find these kinds of games rewarding?

    (I would apologize for the sadomasochism fetish reference in the title, but click-bait is still all the rage online.)

  • Return to Ravenholm...

    3 weeks ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Project Borealis is gearing up to launch a technology demo to the public. Essentially, they want to gauge the public response to using Epic's Unreal Engine 4 ("UE4") instead of Valve's Source Engine ("Source") used for the Half-Life 2 series ("HL2"). They also are trying to avoid spoilers while tweaking the game.

    To accomplish this test without spoilers, the team is taking the well-known (and well-loved or well-hated or well-loved/hated) map of Ravenholm from HL2 and upgrading it to the snowy environment that is more in-line to the setting as set by the former Valve employee. (Marc is not Mike. Mike is formerly of Dragon Age. Marc is formerly of Half-Life.)

    Compared to Source, UE4 is far more advanced, far more feature-rich, far more versatile, and far easier to use. Compared to Unity Technologies' Unity Engine ("Unity"), UE4 is slightly more advanced, slightly more feature-rich, slightly more versatile, and slightly more difficult to use. In my opinion when it comes to Unity and UE4, the decision between them would probably be by the dev cycle that one can manage versus the features that one wants.

    (What about "Frostbite"? You have to work for EA to use that. Ready to sell your soul?)

    (What about "Lumberyard" or "CryEngine"? The dev cycle is abominable for both, their clients are resource hogs even for simple things, and CryTek has this habit of throwing six fits if you don't do what they want - even if they didn't say that they wanted it.)

    Given that Project Borealis started with zilch, they advanced a lot in just one year.

    So... Is anyone else watching this project's progress?

  • When is a Director's Cut not a Director's Cut?

    1 month ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    When it's Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut.

    This version isn't just longer than the theatrical Deadpool2. It's changed. There's different dialog, different events, different songs, different credits...

    It's Deadpool 2: The Alternate Take. If you want the complete experience, you'll need to watch both.

  • Stranding Paranoia

    1 month ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Thinking on the absurd tabletop RPG, Paranoia, I came to the realization that respawn mechanics in Death Stranding is a bit similar.

    In Paranoia, a clone is dropped where you died, complete with memories and equipment.

    In Death Stranding, your clone grows up due to the time contraction, complete with memories and, apparently, most equipment.

    The only significant differences are that time passes in Death Stranding whereas clone replacement is instant in Paranoia and that there's a post-demise "death lobby" minigame in Death Stranding.

    (Given how Paranoia is a Co-Op FFA PvP game with rules that are more like guidlines, a death lobby minigame would force the whole dysfunctional party to wait for the respawn.)

  • Now what?

    1 month ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Nearly a year and a half before I expected, the car loan is paid. Surprise! The lien release and title are on their way. I had no idea this was happening until today with a strange notice and the last payment was Friday.

    This car was purchased specifically for the 2013 RTX. It was supposed to be a 7 year loan.

    So... what am I going to do with all that money each month?

    (Honestly, changing my habits now would be too much trouble so, probably nothing.)

  • One of the best things about D&D...

    1 month ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    ... is that you never need to upgrade your computer or console to play it.

  • Getting dimmer...

    1 month ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    Is it just me or do all Telltale Games games [sic] (TTGs) go darker in mood as each episode continues?

    For TTGs, I played The Walking Dead (season 1), A Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us (1), Tales from the Borderlands, and Minecraft: Story Mode (s1). I'm currently in the last episode of Tales from Monkey Island (which is a linear game - no branching).

    In all of those, things got more serious as the stories moved forward. (I have not played the Sam & Max games, though.) TfMI started really goofy and care-free. Now in the last episode, the main character's facing people who died because of his actions - mostly unintentionally (and, at the time, humorously but seems far less funny now).

    TWD(s1) started dark and kept getting darker. Same with GoT and TWAU(1). TftB and MSM seem to follow TfMI's pattern of starting off mostly humorous but losing a lot of that humo(u)r in the last episodes.

    (The Odd Gentlemen's King's Quest was the same. It started off happy but went dark and even ended very, very sad. Sierra originally had TTG working on it before taking it back for unknown reasons and handing it over to TOG. So, the TTG pattern remains in my opinion.)

    So, is this what I could expect from the TTG version of Sam & Max? Starting absolutely bonkers but ending with dark moral hind-sight dilemmas?

    EDIT: Yup. Season 1 of Sam and Max is starting to take some dark turns towards its end. I guess this really is the Telltale telltale [sic] standard method.

  • Он – дракон (a better love story than...)

    1 month ago

    EricHVela Don't be a divider.

    The pacing of the movie is excruciatingly slow.

    ...but the pacing is more appropriate to the story of two people struggling against what terrifies them most about themselves and each other compared to Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

    If you like the idea of dragons and the story of Beauty and the Beast and have an attention span longer than what Disney gives us credit for having, this could be the movie for you. "I am Dragon" (2015) [English title, better than the Russian title of "He's a Dragon"]

    (Mind you, the movie is in Russian.)