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  • It Took Me 5 Years to Make My First Community Post...

    5 hours ago

    Abbey_Bliss Artist & Vlogger

    Hello everyone! 

    My name is Abbey. I've been a community member since 2013, and a dedicated fan of Rooster Teeth for even longer than that. Even though I am a huge fan, I've never really used the community feature, so today I've decided to change that. Let's go.

    Who am I?

    I am a graphic design artist, vlogger, and doer of things. I come from a small town in Alabama with a population of ~2,000 people. That's where I went to elementary and high school. Then, I went to college in a neighboring city for about a year. My husband and I got married in 2014, moved to Virginia, and I completed 2 years at another college there. Then, we discovered we will be doing a lot of moving around the country/world, I got fed up with transferring college credits, and decided to switch to an online art school where I could get my degree no matter where I was in the world. We lived in San Diego, CA for five months, Newport, RI for one month, and now we have been living in Sasebo, Japan for almost a year and a half. We are currently preparing to move back to California here in a couple of months. 

    I like art, and I have liked all kinds of art since I was a little kid. I spent the first 17 years of my life planning to go to veterinary college because everyone told me that artists never make money. I love animals, so I was okay with it, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. Thankfully, when I was a junior in high school, the world of graphic design was introduced to me and I decided to pursue it! I'm proud to say that I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design in August of 2018! I haven't really started working-working yet, but I occasionally take on commissions. Since moving to Japan, I decided to start a YouTube channel where I mostly do vlogs, but who knows where it will go in the future!

    Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention my dog, Laxus. He's a Belgian Tervuren and also the goodest boi. He is semi-famous on the interwebs. A couple of years ago, a video of him wearing reindeer antlers went viral, and now it get's shared every Christmas time! I made an Instagram account for him, so if you want to see lots of cute pics of my dog, check him out here:

    How did I discover Rooster Teeth?

    When I was a kid, there was this channel I would put on TV that was about video games. I loved video games, despite not having access to some of the latest and best games. One night, they had a little segment about these guys who were turning video games into movies! I had no idea that they were talking about Rooster Teeth, Red vs. Blue, or Halo, but I loved the concept of it! I remember immediately running to our family desktop computer and playing around with voice recordings until I could make my voice sound like it was coming through a radio like the characters in RvB.

    Fast forward to when I was 16. I had just started dating my future husband who introduced me to Halo. We played a lot of Halo Reach together at his house. One day, he tells me that there's this internet show he has been watching for years that he thinks I will love. Guess what it was, guys! It was Red vs. Blue! I had totally forgotten about the segment on TV that I had seen when I was a kid, but as soon as the first episode started playing, I remembered it immediately. I fell in love with the show and have watched it through several times. 

    Eventually, I started watching other shows and listening to podcasts. The RT Podcast quickly became our favorite thing to listen to anytime me and my husband took a road trip (Gus, Gavin, Barbara, Burnie, and Gus are my dream team, ya'll). Rooster Teeth began producing new content, and A LOT of it! I've fallen in love with Camp Camp, Day 5, and several other things they have produced since then. I know I haven't been a fan as long as most of you, and boy I wish I had been following them since the beginning, but I have seen this company grow so much in the short time I've kept up with them, and it makes me SO happy! Everything about Rooster Teeth feels so genuine. The personalities, the relationships between people, and the content they produce... everyone is driven and passionate about what they are doing, and you can see it in everything they produce.

    I love Rooster Teeth. They make me laugh, they make me cry, and sometime they even make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

    This is why I want to try to be more active in the community (I say "try" because I kind of suck at keeping up with things on a regular basis)!

    All that being said...

    I want to make friends and lasting connections within this community of people who all enjoy what Rooster Teeth offers. I've already participated with and made a few new friends via the Facebook group, so I figured it's about time I did it here, too! 

    Thank you all so much for reading this insanely long post. Please enjoy this Rooster Teeth themed Inktober drawing that I did this year as a thank you! Looking forward to getting to know some of you!

    Oh, and feel free to follow me on social media!






  • Journal 4: No Writing, Just Drawings

    3 days ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    I don't have much to write about this time, it's just the same routine that I'm going through when it comes to working and completing digital projects.

    Other than that I have more drawings to share.



    Just me in the holiday spirit


    Yukon Cornelius


    Charlie In The Box


    Buddy The Elf


    The Grinch


    Apathy Grimm


    Jack Skellington


    Elf On A Shelf


    Clark Griswold


    Ebenezer Scrooge


    Blaine Bot 3000




    Day 700 on my Instagram


    Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great week.


  • Journal 3: A Well Deserved Break

    2 weeks ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    I have been on my Thanksgiving break, which was scheduled from my work place, for the past week.  I had a relaxing time at my place by playing Spider-Man for the PS4, working on my digital art, and planning new projects in the near future.  I wanted to go more outdoors during the break; but with the smoke we had from the California fires (which is finally gone) and the shift to rain in the Sacramento area, I wasn't able to do it.  I was able to get a lot done during the break and clear my head.  But sadly, I have to return to my full-time job tomorrow and work as usual.  I'm just waiting for the holiday break to start now.

    With nothing else happening in my life so far. I have more drawings to share with you all.

    Cat Plushy


    Geoff Ramsey And A Boo


    Turkey Chasing A Hunter


    Thanksgiving Turkey


    Edna from The Incredibles


    The Abominable Snowmanq2cPrUB.jpg

    The Abominable Snowman behind buildings


    Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great week.


  • Journal 2_Part2: More Drawings

    3 weeks ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hey everyone,

    To keep a positive attitude, I have more drawings to share with you all.

    Voyd from The Incredibles 2












    Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great week.


  • Community? COMMUNITY!

    3 weeks ago

    dizzyblinker Loud person

    Fandoms. Communities.


    So what the heck is a community anyhow?

    Is it the communal interest? The love of the products that we consume? Or is it something more?




    But how are communities different from fandoms? 

    Well, it can be hard to tell, the respective terms have so much overlap it can be easy to confuse the two, especially when looking at Rooster Teeth.  Both groups have laid claim to Rooster Teeth’s virtual space and as the definitions in our lexicon of what it means to be part of a fandom or a community has grown and changed and as members of this vast group of consumers, it can be hard to say where you land.


    Are we fans? Yes.

    Are we a community? Most definitely.

    Can you be both? Are you both? How do you define yourself?

    From the fandom that originated almost 16 years ago, we’ve become so much more.  We’ve become a community, a family even, a place to call home. Every year since 2011, thousands of us have made the journey to the proverbial mecca known as RTX.  We gather in shock and awe and celebrate the sense of belonging and acceptance, telling ourselves that these are our PEOPLE!!

    But it didn’t start there, it’s been a winding journey to where we are today and not always directed by the hardworking staff who produce the content and experiences we cherish so much.  We have grown over the years to become over 3,367,970 (at the time of this writing) members strong on site with so many more on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets; and while the fandom of all things Rooster Teeth is impressive, at the core is an intensely passionate group of members who call themselves a part of the Rooster Teeth community.

    You. Us.

    We’ve taken an interest not just in the products but each other.  For us, a community is a fandom taken to the next level. We engage with the products, the producers of the content we love so much, follow the updates and demand the highest respect to what is offered to us.  But we also want to see the things we love taken to the next level, and with that community is born. We are not satisfied to sit quietly and absorb the generous offerings on the proverbial table alone. We want more.

    It only seems natural then that we turn to each other.  Communal interests only can hold us for so long; after all, what good is watching a show, playing a game or participating in an event (either online or in real life) if you don’t have someone you know to share that same passion?


    (And so many more!)

    Communities are elusive, wild things that grow sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly, but very rarely within the projected or defined parameters of any marketing team, or founder intentions.  Quick to reject things they dislike, and quicker to embrace things that they are passionate about, it can be a whirlwind experience for those looking from the outside in. It can be difficult to find a way to engage with others, to feel accepted for who you are, but a true community can offer not only the sense of belonging and family but, in some cases, create new families.

    It makes sense then that as we’ve found ourselves drawn in more and more over the years, first by the content that makes us laugh and then to the willing openness of the staff.  Time and again they have reminded us what it is to take a leap of faith and to put it all out there-- hoping that someone else will pipe up and say “I relate!” that we find ourselves searching out the nervous but welcoming smiles of those RT Community members we’ve found in the wild.  We identify ourselves by proudly wearing merchandise that often times still feels like an inside joke and loudly squealing with delight when we’ve found someone new to introduce to the content and people who have shaped our lives so much.

    We’ve declared ourselves more than a fandom, we’ve taken on the initiative and risked ourselves to find more than just a random comment we agree with, we’ve pushed for friendships and more connections.  We’ve ignited new passions in others, pushed each other to succeed, raised money for charity, and created events to showcase ourselves.

    We do what we can to take care of our own, from showing newbies around to starting up our local groups and growing our circles wider, and the relationships that have formed here have been cited time and again as an integral component to the magic of this company.

    And we don’t want it to stop. EVER.


    So, how did you get involved in the community? How *can* you get involved in the community if you never have before? How do you create a community?

    There are plenty of answers to these questions and it would take a whole series of posts to possibly scratch the surface.

    Hang on.... we’re being told that we actually have something like that planned.  

    Really? There is an entire series planned?


    Aaaaand it’s all about how people have become involved in the community?!

    Including tips, advice and pumas personal stories from admins and members of regional groups, online specialty groups and more?



    So stay tuned as we bring you our new limited series, coming to you fresh weekly:

    How To: The Rooster Teeth Community Edition

    As always, written for and by the community.

    We love you.


    *We thank all of our members and communities who have helped us by sharing their pictures, time and words on this project*

  • Journal 1

    1 month ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    I couldn't think of a title for this journal, so I plan to number them from now on.  But if I do have a title for a certain week, I'll make sure to write it in.  

    As far as I'm concern, I'm doing pretty well for now.  I'm still working on sound editing for my 3D animated project.  I have everything ready, I'm just stuck with one problem.  I have a character involved in this project that seems to have multiple sound functions when it moves.  So I have been experimenting with different sounds that could work for my character.  This is a tricky one because it's something that no one has seen before, so I have to combine certain sound effects that could potentially relate to the character.  So I'm creating new sounds by mixing others together so that they go well for the character and that they are timed perfectly as it moves around.  It's hard to think of new characters, but the sound that goes into them is difficult to find too.  That's where I am currently at with this project.  I'm hoping to get this done by next month and then I will start to work on the title card, end credits, and an animated graphic logo.  So much to do, yet so much to discover.

    On to some positive things in my life, I have been taking some time to play the new Spider-Man game for the PS4.  It's so much fun to play and the story that goes into the game is going well so far.  It's such a big city (New York) to just swing across in the air from when one location to the next and having to fight bad guys when you have the chance.  I'm surprised on how well they made the game, everything seems to work as it should.  I don't want to spoil anything if anyone is reading this, but I say give a chance when you have the time.  It's worth it.

    I didn't post my work for a couple of weeks now.  So I have more to share with you all.

     Wednesday AddamserT5dPH.jpg



    Grin Reaper




    Space Kid
















    Quarter Master


    I drew a lot of characters from Camp Camp, these are my favorite characters.

    Drawings I did during the Rooster Teeth Extra Life Stream







    Michael and Gavin about to get hit by moonballs.


    Miles (Spooky)


    I drew myself


    RIP Stan Lee.  He was truly a hero to everyone.


    Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great week.


  • Why I love RoosterTeeth

    1 month ago


    I started watching RoosterTeeth in 2008 when RedvsBlue began to reach high popularity. I use to tell my grandmother that I was watching cartoons on her computer because I knew she wouldn't let me watch a show with guns at the age of 7. She didn't understand English very well so I was okay. Anyway, I was obsessed with RedvsBlue and my sense of humor really changed because of it. Then, in 2010, I discovered Achievement Hunter when I saw the first AWHU. After that, my love for content creation really began to skyrocket.  I didn't have a lot of friends growing up and its not until now that I really began to find my group. So, at the time, everyone at RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter was my friend. As sad as it sounds, I really enjoyed it. Roosterteeth has encouraged me to do what they did. I want to create a platform where people alike can express themselves and find others like them. A place to make friends all while enjoying the content my team and I can produce. I love RoosterTeeth and sorry it took so long to get an account and a FIRST membership

  • RWBY Hope Of Vale re-upload

    1 month ago


    Content:RWBY by Monty Oum & Rooster Teeth

    Music: Hope of Morning by Icon for HIre

  • RWBY: The Memories

    1 month ago


    Just something I made to bring in the feels. And also the growth of the characters and show. 

  • Our fan show, RWBY Recap, is BACK!

    1 month ago

    DarthDPool Zeroes To Heroes Co-Foun

    Thank you Rooster Teeth for giving us such a strong start to this new RWBY season! my friends and I host a weekly show where we discuss in great detail our thoughts of the episode and theories about the intro!

    RWBY Recap | Vol. 6 Ep.1: Argus Limited

  • I've Had A Good Week

    1 month ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    So I have been having a fun and exciting week through all the work I have been doing (not my full-time job, but my passion projects).  I am still working on sound editing for my animation project, but I have been getting to it more often since I have more time to work on it.  So far, I am still doing rough cuts of sound and then I will edit more when I have the right sounds in place for the animation.  I'm currently stuck on sound editing for now, but I hope to share more later on in the future.

    Aside from that, I finally got my video/animation up while The Gold Souls performed during Audio Muse at the Crocker Art Museum.  I was super excited that my video was projected on the wall while the band was performing.  As the band was playing their music, my video worked just as I planned it because I wanted the video to sync and match with their music.  I'm really happy that I got the chance to work with them, they are an amazing band and they made the event incredible.


    Me and The Gold Souls (I'm the one wearing the Achievement Hunter shirt)


    Here's my 30 second video/animation for the event.  If you put it on a loop, it goes on forever.

    From all the cool artwork/videos I have been working on (or still working on), I have more drawings to share.  I'm still focusing on Halloween. 

    JNPR Skulls




    The Shining (Here's Johnny)


    Backwardz Compatible Skulls


    Texas Chainsaw Massacre




    Regan from The Exorcist


    Jigsaw from Saw


    Jason from Friday the 13th


    Mother from Psycho




    If the Achievement Hunter crew were the Peanuts characters from the Halloween special.


    Splicer from Bioshock (I dressed up as one for Halloween)


    Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great week.


  • How has Rooster Teeth changed you?

    1 month ago


    I first discovered Rooster Teeth in secondary school when I was around 13 or 14? My story is pretty much the same as everyone else, through friends or people I knew in class talking about Red Vs Blue and Achievement Hunter. That night I went home and found myself captivated in Youtube content like I had never seen before. Shows like Five Facts, Fails of the weak, Game Night, Vs and of course GO changed what I thought YouTube could be. By the time I had started to watch RVB Project Freelancer had come to an end, but the Corus trilogy had just begun. I decided I didn't want to be lost in the show so I went back to try and find previous episodes. I remember hearing that now famous line for the very first time as I sat upright in my bedroom with my dads old laptop. I don't remember being blown away by the first episode it just seemed like something funny to watch, however at the same time I couldn't look away. It was genius, it was hillarious and most importantly it felt like it could be something bigger. Eventually I caught up had such an appreciation for the show and what it was. I remember thinking "I know who Griff is because Geoff is one of my favourite Achievement Hunters". But what of the rest of them? Sarge, Church, Caboose, Simmons who are they? This was the question that subsequently changed the next 6 years of my life. 

    I began to discover other shows on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel. This what eventually led me to RT life, RT shorts and Immersion. This is where I would discover the voices behind RvB and it made me appriciate how much content involved all these personalities. So life was good, a new bit of content I could enjoy most days (aswell as the other channels I would watch) and part of something bigger than me. I remember those days of going back into class after watching new videos and joking and laughing about it with my class mates. I remember the one day in school saying I had never watched the RT podcast because I didn't see the point in them. My mate eventually encouraged me to just "give it a go" and that its just as good as any other show. I only regret not watching it sooner as it has given me hundreds of hours of entertainment. 

    Its only this year that I have become a site member and began to interact with the community in a whole different way. I finally understand now when People like Burnie, Jack, Barbara or Joel have stated in the past that this is the best community on the internet. Its cause its true! There are so many amazing people all here for the same reason and all in love with the same content. Rooster Teeth has made me feel like I'm a part of something even when the world didn't and so I owe most of my teenage years to that. But I go back to the statement I made at the start "My story is pretty much the same as everyone else". In most respects that is true, however RT has changed the person I am today. I'm far more confident in the person I am, I personally believe that I am fucking hillarious (which has to be true cause I said it) and I try and be a nicer person in my life. 

    Did you ever wonder why we're here? Well I know why I am, but I want to hear your guys story. I want to know how RT, The lets Play Network, The Slow Mo guys, and every other channel has changed you and made you the person you are today. 

    Have fun my dudes

    Mike D (Zetekh)

  • Getting A Lot Done

    1 month ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    I have done so much this week when it comes to my artwork and animations that I'm shocked on how much I have done.  Since I knocked out my top focused projects, when it comes to working with other people, I had more time to work on my own projects and get stuff done.

    First off, I finally got my video done for the Crocker Art Museum event coming up soon in my hometown of Sacramento, CA.  I will post a sample of the video I made after the event is done.  The video I made goes on for about 23 minutes and it goes on a loop for a 90 minute show while the band is performing.  I have attached a flier of the event (I'm in the middle with The Gold Souls, but no picture of me).NdSy7JK.jpg

    Second, I have been getting more into sound editing for my short animated film project.   Right now, I am doing a rough edit to sound by clipping the necessary sounds to the video clips to see what is working and what is not when they go together.  And whatever sounds I don't have, I have to find new sounds by creating them with certain objects and record them.  I thought this was going to be an easy process to get over quickly, but it's a lot harder than I expected.  I have been learning so much about sound editing and combing them with the videos makes it feel more alive, it's incredible.  But hopefully, I will complete this part of my film and have it, finally, be done.

    So there's a lot going on for me right.  I have taken a break today since it is my birthday, but I will do more work in the following weeks ahead.

    In the meantime, I have more drawings to share.  I have been doing a lot of skeleton's this Halloween. 

    Coraline's Skeleton


    Frankenstein's Wife's Skeleton


    Frankenstein's Skeleton


    Kayako's Skeleton from The Grudge


    A Witch's Skeleton


    Myself as a Skeleton on my Birthday


    Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great week.


  • Same Old, Same Old (Nothing New)

    2 months ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    I don't really have much to write this week.  Other than working on sound for my short animated project and working on my digital art, same old same old.  

    Other than that, I have more art to share with you guys.



    Andy from Mission Hill


    Kevin from Mission Hill


    Jim from Mission Hill


    Posey from Mission Hill




    My character as a werewolf (I think)


    Jack Skellington


    Norman from Paranorman


    Micheal Myers7fvl7AH.jpg

    Myself with a new Funhaus shirt with my character giving a morse code message


    The Raven


    Headless Horseman with a skeleton head


    Charlie Brown's Skeleton


    My character as a zombie in a graveyard around my neighborhood


    RWBY Skeleton Heads (New Banner)


    Thank you everyone and I hope you have a great week.



    2 months ago


    WOW. This place has changed. I haven't been on this account for 7 years! 

    Haven't they done well! Love everything you do Rooster Teeth. You never disappoint.  

    PS. FUNHAUS are amazing. They're immense. 

  • Not mad, just disappointed

    2 months ago

    mskatlyn Fluffer

    My card was declined for my renewal of my First membership despite there being money definitely on my card. It must have been a glitch but now Rooster Teeth says I have to resubscribe - but I was grandfathered in at $15.99 every 6 months. I feel kind of scammed/cheated, ya know? Like why do I was to have a bump in price when it was either RT's or the banks fault for this error? It's really upsetting that my grandfathered rate, which in itself felt kind of cool to have, is being taken away unfairly. Wish they could fix that and reinstate it. Support gave me a discount code for now but once it's renewed in 6 months, it's going to be full price which is still rude but I feel like there's nothing I can do. Thanks, Rooster Teeth. I'm disappointed.

  • Looking for friends

    2 months ago


    So I've been watching Rooster Teeth content for 5 and a half now, and after so long I've finally decided to get a little more into the community.

    I'm from Portugal and it's almost impossible to find anyone who watches Rooster Teeth content in my country. 

    I'd like to just befriend some people who like to talk about games, comics, Rooster Teeth (of course) and all that nerdy stuff and beyond.

    Btw I'm 19 and a art student. 

  • Beyond-ish

    2 months ago


    A new season begins. Fall to be exact. We are rapidly approaching the denouement of this year. So if you use the dramatic structure, you could say we might be in the falling action. I think that the turning point of the story is will happen first though.

     My fate is going to change. Something amazing awaits. Not just for me, but for all of you. 

    We all have goals we want to accomplish. Some are simple and others not so much. Life is filled with so many little things that will try to stray you from that vision you have. It will be so easy to lose it, but I know that if you focus on it, it will come true. 

    I have been imagining a career for myself since I finished college. That was almost four years ago now. That vision has not happened. 


    This year has been a focus of creativity every single day. So far I have done it, just like I promised myself. The help of my twin brother has allowed me to do so many inspiring things. We have written screenplays, created a twitch channel/community, filmed a short film teaser and traveled all the way to London for a company I hope I can work with someday. 

    The journey has only just begun for me. It has only just begun for you.

    I grew up with people not believing in me or my dreams. I promised to never do that to other people. So let's accomplish great things together because...

    I believe in you.

  • Pushing Myself Further

    2 months ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    I haven't been posting in awhile because, as always, I'm still working on my projects.  Everyday for me has been a busy one when it comes to completing digital work for myself and with others.  I'm still working on the museum's video project for an event coming up next month and I'm continuously drawing everyday to build myself further in my style of work and to find new directions when it comes to changing my work.  With all of these projects going on at once, I have to delay my film project for the time being.  I'm so close to finishing it, I'm working on sound editing for the film.  I want to get to it and finish it, but I have to get to the other projects because of the deadline I set for myself.

    With everything going on in my life when it comes to my digital projects, my work and for others, as well balancing my full-time job, I'm starting to get overwhelmed with all of the projects I decided to do.  Don't get me wrong, I love doing these projects and all the drawings I do, but sometimes working on them gives me anxiety when it comes to getting to the deadline.  But through all of the experiences I have done with all the work I have accomplished so far, it shows that I can go further and to do more with my work.  I can't let my anxiety get to me, I have to push through whatever is in my way and to keep going forward afterwards.

    Now that's off my chest,  I have more drawings to share.



    Mr.  Meeseeks


    New merch I got from the RT Store.  I'm loving them, but someone took it to far.


    Pibbles from Planet Panic








    Drawing I made for a happy couple on their wedding










    Bob Ross


    Freddie Mercury


    I'm trying something new.  I want to combine the photos I take with the drawings to make a little comic strip.  I'm trying every week, let's see where this goes.


    Thank you and I hope you have a great week.


  • A 16 Year wait...

    2 months ago


    After being a fan since season 1 I have finally joined the community that I have loved for so long from the outside.


  • Post RTX London and Beyond

    2 months ago


    Dear RT Family,

    So this year started off quite differently than others. I was told by one of my friends to start a twitch channel with my twin brother, Rob, because he said we had "a voice." A unique one. This was daunting to us that he felt that way. We were just two guys from a small town in Massachusetts. 

    Anyways, it took a few days, but we launched it under the name "ImLividTV" (most people just call us "Livid" though). I think the "livid" part just comes from Rob's rage to honest. Don't tell him I said that. 

    We have met people from all over the world. From the UK to Norway and all the way to Japan. We thought that would be our focus this year outside of filmmaking, but things got even crazier. In a good way. I promise! 

    It was thanks to an announcement that Rooster Teeth was getting a new RT Games Community Manager that I was lucky enough to meet Cricket. She is amazing, kind and so supportive. There aren't enough words to describe her. 

    We started chatting and watching her stream some cool games on her twitch channel. And then, she inspired us to venture out to RTX London and meet her in person there. 

    So here's the thing I have never been out of the country before so this was a crazy thing for me. Plus I'm not the biggest fan of flying, but I couldn't find a reason not to go. I have been a part of the RT Community for quite sometime and yet, I haven't really met anyone who was a part of it in person. 

    We ended up booking our flights and began our journey to London. We landed and found out that Cricket was not going to be able to make the event. I was definitely sad to hear that, but I know that we will definitely meet someday (Plus she is probably crazy busy with the upcoming release of Bendy and the Ink Machine next month). 

    She was kind enough to let us know that Jackie, the RT Community Manager would be there. We were able to meet her on our first day and it was great to chat with someone who, also never been out of the country before. 

    I'm so thankful that Cricket was able to be a voice that pushed us in a direction that we needed to go. The trip to RTX London even allowed us to meet some of the Livid Family who lived in the UK. It was so incredible meeting people who have been so supportive of our shenanigans on twitch. I consider myself so lucky to have all of these people in my life. They are the reason I keep working toward being a writer, an actor, a content creator, and most of all, just being a friend.

    We caught the "A Million Pounds Although...," "RT Animation," "RTUK Community," and both "Kinda Funny" Panels during RTX London. We met so many amazing people who were just as passionate as we were. One of the Kinda Funny Best Friends, MC Fixer was someone who I had only met on twitter and he was even more amazing in person. I hope that I am lucky enough to collaborate with him on content in the future. 

    The friendship he has with Greg Miller is amazing and you can tell the impact that community has had on him. It's these stories that show us why we love being creative and pursing the future we know is possible. They push us to never give up on what you are meant to do.

    The truth is, I have no idea where life is taking me, I'm just along for the ride. I am keeping my head up and looking towards the future. The goal from here is finish 2018 on the best note possible and grow more next year. 

    I'm sending you love, no matter where you are on this marble we call Earth.

    Thanks for listening to me get emotional and ramble.


    Trevor Dylan 

  • RT Has it changed?

    2 months ago


    Am I the only one who feels like RoosterTeeth has changed. Now obviously RT is going to change with time but i really feel like it's changing and not for the best. I'm not going to bash RT as I still love them and think that the company is great but I feel like some stuff has kinda made me grow distant from the company and made watch a lot less of their content. I feel like the golden years of RoosterTeeth as a whole were 2010 - 2014 in 2010 they really started branching out with their youtube channel. Also Red vs Blue was getting better and better! in those 4 years I believe RoosterTeeth was as it's absolute best! we had many great shows back then like RT Life and RT recap the podcast was amazing not saying it isn't now. But the number 1 thing I believe that made Rooster Teeth amazing back then was that it wasn't as big and not as formal. Now most of you are going to say RoosterTeeth is everything but formal which yeah is kinda true but I'm saying it grew bigger and bigger. 1 big way I feel like RoosterTeeth changed was the office which I think represents the changing that I didn't like very well. back in the smaller office it felt like a small company that was just having fun. Everyone knew each other. Achievement hunter wasn't super big and neither was animation. but when they moved offices and achievement hunter moved from the main office to across the parking lot which it should seem like not a big deal but to me it is. I feel like no one really knowns each other anymore. I feel like Burnie, Gus. Geoff, Joel, Matt are a lot different now. Constantly at the Founders of RoosterTeeth panels at RTX which have always been some of my favorite panels, They always say that they barely ever see each other anymore. Now of course I can't say any of this with evidence as I've never worked at RoosterTeeth before but I feel like with the smaller office and way less employee's they all would see each other a lot and everyone was a lot stressed and happy. One last thing is one of my favorite parts about RoosterTeeth was the people. Back in 2013 I could basically name all the employees who worked there but now I barely know anyone there. Which could of course be me just not watching as much anymore. I feel like the people I watched back in 2010 - 2014 grew up. Just take Achievement hunter for example, all of AH has changed drastically, Go watch one of their older Minecraft letsplays from the first 100 episodes. I guarantee you there will be screaming, laughing, craziness all around. But now it's a lot more tame. I feel like thats obvious as Michael, Gavin, Geoff, Jack, Ryan, have all grown up in their own way I feel like no one at RoosterTeeth is having as much fun as they use too. I feel like the company just got too big which is maybe a very hipster thing to say but that's just how I feel. I'm just a guy who likes seeing the smaller company and everyone knowing everyone. Everyone being by each other. One reason I love the RT Doc Why We're here is that it shows the history of RoosterTeeth and shows how they evolved and I don't blame RoosterTeeth for becoming a bigger company they had too as they growed more popular especially with RUBY. But It kinda just makes me sad knowing that I'll never get to relive the Experience of that small company and everyone having fun. No one will probably ever see this maybe I'll make a youtube video about it but hey if someone else is reading this thanks. Also if somehow someone is reading this that works at RoosterTeeth please don't take this at hate or take this as hey be a smaller company again, It's just me expressing myself and it also doesn't mean I will stop watching Roosterteeth just again me saying my thing

  • So Many Projects to Manage

    3 months ago

    marettiready Bryan Maretti

    Hi everyone,

    I've had another busy week with many other projects that I didn't get much time to work on sound editing for my film project.  I had to work a special effects video project for an event for a museum and I was getting ready for SacAnime by creating fanart for the RWBY crew to sign.  Hopefully, I will get to edit sound later this week for my short film.

    Otherwise, I have more drawings to share.



    Geoff On Hardcore Tabletop


    I made it to 600 continuous days of drawing




    Donald Duck


    Michael Jones and Sun


    Jen Brown and Pyrrha


    Shannon McCormick and Professor Ozpin




    The Nomad


    Canti from FLCL


    Wreck-It Ralph




    Lindsay Jones and Garbo on her birthday






    Homer Simpsons


    Thank you and I hope you have a great week.


  • Been Too Long

    3 months ago


    I joined the community over 5 years ago, and yet, I never felt a part of it. I never wrote journals, I didn't comment on videos, I just sorta ghosted the company and community, but I want to change that starting today. I want to be more involved with the lovely people in the community, the incredible people at RT, and make friends in the process.

    I should probably introduce myself then. I'm Jordan, I'm 20, from Birmingham, UK, but now live in Cardiff, Wales. I love comics, PS4, archery, pop punk music, RT (obviously), Mr Robot. I'm sure there's more but I can't remember