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  • RWBY Volume 6 Episode 7 Review (Spoilers)

    1 day ago

    Nightpound7 RWBY Enthusiast

    **Volume 6 Episode 7; "The Grimm Reaper "**

    Alright, so this is only my fourth review I have don’t so far because I only decided to do this earlier this volume, so I have not talked about much other than team RWBY, so strap in because in episode seven we get the remainder of team JNPR back in action and I have some thoughts.

    Before we talk about JNPR, I think I should start at the beginning of the episode, with the Grimm reaper. Beyond having an awesome name like Grimm reaper, her power set includes, two scythes that can be pulled together and silver eyes. I can’t tell the animators enough how much I enjoy, not just the effort they put into the show but also the elegance and appealing look of the whole thing. The whole time she fought I was immersed in the action and it flowed excellently. They established her as a good fighter first, and in no time jumped straight into why we should care. Also, subtle hints that it was Maria popped up over and over until she outright told us at the end. The sixty second aura on the (shark? Barracuda? Snake?) faunus was cool and the added ticking to the music gave the scene a sense of urgency. The end of the scene was jarring and brutal and I couldn’t have done it better if you doubled my brain cells to two and gave me a hundred years. However, I would like a set photo from when you recorded her screams because I need to know you didn’t actually attack your voice actor. The screams from Maria and the music stopping so quickly really pulled the scene together.

    Now, enough of me flattering the animators and director and writers, and on to the review of the plot. Framing Maria to be ashamed of her past but willing to tell it says a lot about her character. This show has a plethora of people who are ashamed off their past and try to hide it. Blake, ashamed of being a part of the white fang, tried to hide it. Ozpin, ashamed of, well, everything in his past, tried to hide it. Jaune, ashamed he knew nothing about how to fight and cheated his way into beacon, tried to hide it. Maria is obviously ashamed of having given up being a huntress for so long, but she still tells the team because she knows that secrets lead to distrust and pain. I really enjoy Maria as a character and I love seeing her open up.

    Now, on to the Argus portion of the episode. (one quick second, when Yang said “ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at Argus” who else thought she was going to say, “we got em”) I cannot express how much I love Nora Valkyrie. She is the number one character in anything I have ever seen, and I have felt this way since she first came on screen in volume one. And no, its not because we both have red hair and ADHD. Anyway, I was whooping loudly in my chair when she came on screen, and I love the nickname little boy Oz. I should cut this reunion short by adding that team JNPR did not see jinn’s explanation of Ozpin’s backstory, and do not know anything about Maria. Anyway, I would like to address how many people in the comments have said that they support a Ruby and Jaune ship. I usually don’t touch on things like this but for the sake of innocence, I am now. Please let Jaune and Ruby, or for that case any two characters, just be friends. Please.

    Anyway, now on to the next best part of this episode, Jaune's sister. I love Jaune, he is great, and I love the idea of him having seven sisters. I was overjoyed when we finally got to meet one of them and see a cannon photo of his family. Also, we now know that Jaune and Saph are the only two living away from home, so if Jaune and the gang go to his home, we can meet all of them at once, which I look forward to greatly. The fact that Saph is a lesbian and has a child made the moment incredible, mostly because they didn’t spend too much time on it. And finally, I love their home, it looks gorgeous.

    The ending of this episode on team RWBY at the gates of the military base was interesting and I look forward to next week.

    (Sorry this one was late, I was not in a good head space to wright a review, and I didn’t want to publish a half-baked review. Better to be late and good than on time and meh.)

    Well done Rooster Teeth, keep up the good work, Nightpound.

  • Cons of 2018!

    2 days ago

    Davidov64 YouTube Wannabe

    Hoo boy it's been a long time since I've posted here! I plan on being more active on the community side of the site in 2019 because in all truth I really missed this place! 

    So to start it all off I'm gonna give a short summary of Conventions I've been to this year! Obviously I went to RTX for my third time! This one was very special to me because they opened up for community panels and well I had one!!! My RWBY Podcast VYTALCast was accepted to be a panel and we were one of the first panels of the WHOLE WEEKEND! I had to really hold it together from dying of living my dream that I had when I started the podcast 2 years ago!  I had a lot of great times and took a lot of video and pics that it took two separate videos for the vlog! Part one taking inspiration from Sugar Pine 7 and part two sorta taking it but not as much  barbara

    This year I started cosplaying more and met a lot of local peeps that have been helping me! They told me of this great convention called Banzai and they were having a RWBY themed dance their sooo obviously your boy put on a dress and learned the dance and yes, it is on video! There's also a vlog full of dumb memesif you wanted to see that.

    That's really been it for the conventions I've been to this year but it's brought tons of new experiences to my life! I've been able to convert a lot of people to RWBY and Rooster Teeth as a whole in the process and I'm happy our RT family is growing  caboose Let me know what conventions you guys have been too! Did you go to RTX? 

    Until next time, I will boop you later!

  • Salem saved by...

    2 days ago


    So here is a theory about Salem being saved by possibly Ruby somewhere down the line maybe. Facts according to Jinn's knowledge 1)Salem is immortal because of the god of light. Fact 2) when Salem jumped into the Grimm pool she became an immortal being with a desire for pure destruction. Fact 3) Salem can't be destroyed. Fact 4) she will remain immortal until she learns the importance of life and death until then she can not rest. 

    If other fan Theory's are correct it's not about destroying Salem but saving her and if that's true then I have a theory that kinda goes with that at least in my mind I could be very wrong but it's a theory. 

    Since the first episode of RWBY it was said by ozpin "perhaps victory is in the simpler things you've long forgotten"  "requires a smaller more honest soul" which is Ruby Rose (ozpin didn't say the last part) Not to mention he says when first meeting Ruby "you have silver eyes" which makes her silver eyes important. 

    In the episode with the Apathy Grimm she disintegrates them with her silver eyes. So my theory is this again just a theory ...Ruby uses her silver eyes to not destroy Salem (cause Salem is immortal) but perhaps disintegrates the part of Salem that is grimm (Jinn "immortal being  with the desire for pure destuction"). With the Grimm part of Salem gone what is left behind is just immortal Salem that still has to learn the importance of life and death before she can final rest. Don't have a theory on how she learns that only a theory on how to save Salem at least on the Grimm side of things. 

    I don't know if anyone else has said this theory or has a similar one but I just thought this up after watching the alone in the woods episode and went back to see if I could find things to kinda support my theory in other seasons.

  • Art Dump - 11-2018

    3 days ago

    lambency Insomniac




    Bunch-a-doodles. The Coco Nouveau card is a new attire for her with a blinker acting like her sunglasses. 

    The Relic Of Knowledge is a glow in the dark enamel pin I have in the works that will hopefully be a passing out item around RTX time.

    Some doodles and oh boy, Maria! I love her already! 

  • Team RWBY in The Sims 3!

    5 days ago

    HyperCrisis There is no spoon.

    So a month or so ago I attempted to recreate Team RWBY in the Sims 3. The show's style obviously won't translate one-hundred percent in a game like the Sims (at least not without heavy modding), so instead my Sims turned out this way!

    tumblr_mzgdc12nVy1t1j3czo1_540.jpg tumblr_mzgdc12nVy1t1j3czo2_540.jpg
    tumblr_mzgdc12nVy1t1j3czo3_540.jpg tumblr_mzgdc12nVy1t1j3czo4_540.jpg


    1 week ago


    WELL...ïm a huge fan of RvsB AND RWBY

  • RWBY fan comic

    1 week ago


    shoud I make a RWBY fan comic or fan art

  • holiday drawing update #1

    1 week ago

    stefanni_mah a pile of thoughts

    I've decided to challenge my artistic abilities for the holidays by creating a RT animation based holiday drawing!

    i've finished inking and will be colouring next weekend!

    hope y'all like it so far! :D

  • RWBY Volume 6 Episode 6 Review (Spoilers)

    1 week ago

    Nightpound7 RWBY Enthusiast

    **Volume 6 Episode 6; "Alone in the Woods"**

    This episode was full of confirmations of my and other people’s theories, and it also introduced not only a new Grimm, but a whole new type of Grimm fighting style. I was very happy with this episode and I am very eager to write another one of my reviews on it.

    First, I would like to thank Rooster Teeth, and especially Kerry Shawcross for finally giving the fans what they wanted this volume; information. The few episodes of backstory we got from Jinn are a prime example, but in the latest episode we finally got some clear and concise ideas on how the silver eyes power works. Obviously, we don’t know everything as of now, but this was a huge step in the right direction. I also commend the writers for making the information come at the right time and pace. Ozpin’s secret was a hinderance for the group, so given the option to ask about it and receive 100% truth and 0% riddles, it makes sense that Ruby would opt to do so. And the same goes for the silver eyed power, and for that, I am grateful.

    I would also like to correct a wrong I realized recently. I have not talked about the new old lady in the group, Maria Calavera. I have yet to talk about how much she rocks in every scene she is in. it is true that she holds her own set of weaknesses, but she has not slowed the team down any, and has in fact saved their lives on at least one occasion. I will return to that later, but for now I want to talk about her as a character. She is not the old, set in her ways comic relief I thought she would be when I first heard of her, but is instead an old, spunky, I-do-what-I-want wise woman who quickly gained my respect. She is not all-knowing, but she is experienced, she is not weak and slow, but she is old, and she’s not a fighter, but she is not a burden either. She knows through experience how to get the team out of tricky situations and in this episode, she put her life in danger for team RWBY.

    Now, to talk about how she saved their lives. It was theorized from the second she was first shown that she has silver eyes, and the intro really hammers that in. It was revealed both through her advice and through herself that she “had” silver eyes. She knew what to say to Ruby to get her to use her power and she knew when to do it. This proved useful in saving everyone’s lives from “the Apathy” (great Grimm name by the way). I supported the theory that she had silver eyes, but lost faith due to her not talking to Ruby about it, but the writers cleared that up too. From the start she has been saying that her mechanical eyes need repair, and when Ruby used her eyes accidentally, she asked Ruby about her eye color. The scene then switched to her point of view, revealing that she can only see in shades of blue. I really enjoy this idea for a storyline and I look forward to the exploration of this in later episodes.

    Now that I have talked enough about Maria, I want to talk about “The Apathy” and the new warfare they bring to the table. Just in case you have not seen the episode (why are you reading this? Go watch it or wait to read this until it comes out to free users) the Apathy are a new type of Grimm in the series. They take on an eerily human form and the description given to them by Maria (or Bartleby via his diary) is this; “The Apathy. They’re not strong or ferocious, they drain your will to go on.” This is an insane new power that is not a semblance possessed by one person but rather belongs to an entire type of Grimm. Now I know that psychological warfare is not new; Emerald uses people’s fears against them in every fight, but this kind of power is brutal and in its own league. Take away someone’s strength, they can outsmart you. Take away someone’s brains, they can out-punch you. But take away someone’s will to go on, and they wont fight, or even try to escape. This presents an interesting discussion both symbolically and tactically.

    Tactically, in universe, Salem has been revealing that she is stronger than we thought. She cannot be killed, and she has powerful Grimm under her command. This new weapon in her arsenal is a big one and may lead to her being able to take over another school or remove a character from the group. Someone who is weak and full of doubt already. Someone like Qrow. Yes, I know I went over this in my last review, but this episode really proved me right. Qrow deals with misfortune by running away from help and drinking, just as he did in this episode, and Ruby is concerned about Qrow and wants to help him. Anyway, back to the Grimm.

    Symbolically the Apathy represent the pointlessness of the journey our heroes are on as of now. They thought they were collecting the relics to defeat Salem but found out early in the volume that Salem can’t be stopped, and if they collect the relics then they will probably kill all of humanity. Many of the fans became less interested in the series because there was no longer an end goal for the group, and that their previous goal was unobtainable by any reasonable standards. The Apathy symbolize this by taking away their ability to see past the current rut the heroes are in, and the fact that team RWBY fought the Grimm and came out on top symbolizes their triumphant spirit and their refusal to give up just because they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. This episode showed us just how easy it is to lose hope when its not right in front of you, but even then, you must press on and overcome the binds that aim to keep you down.

    As I said in my last two reviews, this volume, or at the very least the first part of this volume, is meant to be a ‘heroes’ abyss’ stage in the journey. The quest has lost its pizzazz, the challenges are getting harder, and the bonds between them are weaker than ever. This is exactly what the Apathy represent. Hopelessness. This will test the heroes and make them stronger, if not by the end of this volume, then by the next. I enjoyed this episode thoroughly and I am overjoyed at the idea of what will happen next week in episode seven, but I think that the next time we see team RWBY, they will have a new purpose, and a new outlook on just what they are fighting for.

    Well done Rooster Teeth, keep up the good work, Nightpound.

  • RWBY6

    1 week ago


    just seen RWBY volume 6 , chapter 6, very creepy but i loved it

  • 3D Printed Beacon Academy

    1 week ago


    Here I will post how to make Beacon Academy's courtyard along with its files and how I made it as well.

    (Files will be posted near the bottom if you want them quickly)

     weissHow it was done yang

    To start, the hardest part of the whole project was finding a way to measure distance on a screen. It's easier said than done because you have to worry about the depth of something. If the two objects are in two different depths, you wouldn't be able to use cross multiplication and have to guess the error. It took me a while to finally find the perfect screen that unlocked the key to find every other distance. With this I can safely say that my model is fairly accurate to the academy. The only error that I can't account for is the animation team not keeping things scaled with each other with each scene, but I think they did a good job, especially now that I had to observe many different pictures of the academy.

    Here is the screen that made this all possible


    This is the ruler I downloaded to measure things accurately on screen,


    I used the length of the road that Weiss is standing on with inches of my screen as its unit, along with the height of Weiss with inches on my screen as its unit, and the given height of Weiss being 5'3'' in heels. With these 3 known values, I used cross multiplication to find the unknown, how wide the walkway was in feet. 

    From there, I was able to get everything else, building off of the bridge that I now know the width of. I had to use many other screens to get all other parts of the model, but you get the idea. It was similar to completing a jigsaw puzzle. You start from the corner, in this case the road, and build off from there.


    Also, in case you want to see my math/notes I used to ensure that everything is fairly accurate


    That's not even all of it, and some of those were front and back, but most of the math was mostly just using cross-multiplication with 1 unknown

    Here is also scrap work I've had to do in the CAD software, also not all of it as this portion was a lot of experimentation on how to make the arches


    I haven't decided if I will post all of the scrap work on future posts, however I thought it was a good idea on my first post to prove that I made it, and that it is accurate to what I'm recreating.

    Here is what it looks like in the CAD software up close 


    And here it what it looked like in real life (The engravings in the buildings don't show up here that well due to the camera, but believe me they are there)

    Also, according to the scale I used, one inch in real life is about 35.5ft in RWBY! This makes the whole courtyard about 533ft x 649ft! The trees might be a bit big though...


    You can compare mine to this picture


    The whole project to roughly 50 hours to create, but part of that was me experimenting with the 3D aspect of the software as this was the first time I have created something like this.

     jauneHow YOU can make one pyrrha

    Here is a list of things you will need to create Beacon Academy

    1. Some kind of adhesive (I used a hot glue gun, tape won't work for holding the main parts together, but double sided tape is a cleaner way of sticking the parts to your board)

    2. Some way to 3D print the parts (I went to my local library, try theirs if you don't have a printer. Also, you may have one at your university if you go to one, as Stony Brook University has one, although the printers may be too small for some of the parts. Just make sure you print the parts in all the same color, I               liked white.)

    3. A green board to put the finished model on

    4. blue fabric (the more it looks like water the better)

    4 1/2. You may need some sort of file as printing something always comes with errors. So if something has a tight fit, just file it a bit until it can fit. No need for a serious file, just something that can grind off plastic.

    The rest of the materials are more or less bonus

    5. small model trees and/or red paint if you can't find a red model tree

    6. I didn't use one, but if you can find a green fabric that looks like grass that would look good, along with some bushes and trees

    7.  If you courageous enough, you can try to paint the parts that aren't white, but I personally think it looks better all white. If one of you wants to prove me wrong, send me a picture of your painted version!

    There may be a lot of small parts, they are mostly just the top to the towers and the surrounding arches. It should be relatively easy to tell which one goes on which as they are all different sizes. The only thing you should know is that all of the tops on the surrounding arches are the same EXCEPT the ones closest to the front of the model, those are a bit taller, and they all go where the arches and a bit thicker. You will see what I mean if you print the parts.

    Here are all the files (The first file is not mandatory, if it doesn't work don't worry about it, as they are separated into printable parts later on, but will make the towers more stable.)

    These files are set so the build will be 15in by roughly 18.27in. If you want it smaller it will require you to resize every part the same amount in the printer. Just beware, if you make it too small, some details won't show up, or be printable at all!

    Instructions: (Don't worry if you mess up any of these steps, hot glue can be taken off with your finger nail. Take as many tries as you please, I sure did!)

    To put the build together, it will require to cut the green board into a shape that is at least 15in x 18.27in. I made a rectangle, but an oval can work as well as long as two of the sides are flat. Then you will need to measure the middle of one side along the edge. This is where you will glue or use double sided tape on the larger building. Then glue the other building in front of that one. From here you can glue the larger arches so the end of it is parallel to the tower on the side of the bigger building, and connect the other halves of the outer arches. I recommend connecting the arches together before gluing it onto the building as it removes any chance of damaging your board.

    Once the framework is set, glue all of the walkway together, but not on the board yet. This is because you will now need to cut your blue fabric to go under this walkway without it peeking over. Once this is done, glue the fabric to the bottom of the walkway (I used double sided tape as its cleaner, but glue should work fine). Lastly for this step, position the walkway as I have and glue it down.

    This step can be done anytime, but now you should start gluing the tops to all the towers, along with connecting the 3 towers for the back. You can also glue the tops to the arches as well. Then put the small arches into the floor with the holes in them. If it doesn't want to fit, just file it slightly.

    For the last step, glue all the towers into there correct places, along with the smaller arches, the walkway and the model trees to there locations and your done!

    If you have any questions or remarks, please don't be afraid to write in the comments or email me on an alternate email I made

     blakeClosing remarks ruby

    I didn't know anything about 3D printing before this, so don't worry if you have no idea what your doing. If you are using a public 3D printer and they even ask you what settings you want on the 3D printer, assuming you don't own one yourself, just say "No raft" and "Supports". Note that not all of these require supports but if a part doesn't need supports it won't get any even if the setting is on, so it doesn't matter, but I did label the files. Also, if the patterns on the main buildings are not showing up when 3D printed, try to set the printer settings to be more fine and precise. The rest of the parts don't require a fine setting, but it doesn't hurt to do the best you can. Just know that using the best settings will use up more time and plastic.

    The whole print will take more than 24 hours, especially since there are so many different parts. You can look at my pictures to put it together or try to do it without looking to test your abilities on your knowledge of the building.

    If anyone has other ideas of what I or other people can make, please write it in the comments. I would love to create something you guys think up!

    Also, some of you may have noticed that I don't have the statue of the hunter and the huntress that has been shown multiple times, which would be placed in front of the main door. The reason for this is because making a human-like structure in the CAD software is extremely difficult, along with the fact that they would be very small to print. If any of YOU can make this, I would love to see it and add it to mine! I will credit you on the next post if you wish.

    (This is the statue I'm talking about)


    PS: I have to thank my highschool CAD teacher Mr.Kench and the library I went to that 3D printed all the parts, one of them also gave me a friendly note that I still have. Thankyou!


  • why isn't there a RWBY MOBA game?

    1 week ago


    ever since I started playing Amity Arena, I couldn't stop thinking about what a RWBY MOBA game would be like. when I first saw the trailer for Amity Arena, I thought it was going to be a MOBA game, but then I found out it wasn't and I generally felt let down. I can see what a top down MOBA game for RWBY would be, but I lack the status, abilities, and influence to make a dent in rooster teeth's plans. all I can hope for is people to see a few forums posts from me on this topic.


    1 week ago


    Okay, everyone so I'm new to anime and my ex showed me the Volume 2 Episode 1 of what he called the Most Epic Food Fight Ever. Well thanks to that, I have now watched the entire series of RWBY at least 4-6 times completely through (not counting Volume 6). Now I have a question because I am re-watching Volume 3 as I type this and I noticed something. In episode 6 of volume 3, Ozpin is talking to Pyrrha (R.I.P) and asks her "What is your favorite fairy tale" To which she responds with "Well, theres The Tale of the Two Brothers; The Shallow Sea; The Girl in the Tower-" 

    Now, stay with me. Volume 6 just had the episode talking about a girl in a tower who we learned was Salem and that was also intertwined the tale of the two brothers. Was Volume 3 Episode 6 just preparing us for Volume 6? Was it foreshadowing? Please leave comments on this. I wanna hear everyone's thoughts on this right now! 

  • RWBY vol. 6 Chapter 5!!!

    2 weeks ago


    I'll be covering spoilers!  Just a heads up!

    Oh my goodness, I never gasped so hard in my life!  I was filled with so much joy!!

    NEO!!!!! <3333

    I loved every moment of her being on screen!!!!  She is my absolute favorite character, and it was so awesome seeing her in the new engine!!!!  GAH I am so happy!!!

    Everything else was great, too!

  • My Resume

    2 weeks ago

    adammerrigan Adam Merrigan

    To the staff of Rooster Teeth, I am looking for a screenwriter position in Rooster Teeth. If you are interested in hiring me, feel free to contact me according to my resume. 

    To view my screenwriting profile, visit this page:

  • RWBY Volume 6 Episode 5 Review (Spoilers)

    2 weeks ago

    Nightpound7 RWBY Enthusiast

    **Volume 6 Episode 5; "The Coming Storm"**

    I feel as though this episode was very much needed after the last one. Episode four, as I stated in my last review, was meant to break the characters down and to act as the “Heroes Abyss”. Of course, this was a darker turn than whet fans of this show are used to and, while it doesn’t reach “PVP” levels of dark or shock, it was a step in that direction. This episode was a re-assurance that the next few episodes will be darker, and the tone will be on the sad, rebuilding relationships side of things, but it’s not all bad. This episode had its moments, and overall was like the last, but they added some moments (or in cinders pert a whole scene) just to tell the fans, its not all bad, it will get better.

    Now that I have covered the overall, its time to talk about the parts. The first thing that caught my eye was, of course, Neo’s return. I must say that I am not one of the fans that absolutely adores Neo and everything she is in or does, but I do enjoy the character very much and find her humorous. I, along with everyone else, knew that her return was coming, but we did not know when. I am very glad she is back, and I look forward to the things they will do with her character. I admit that I still fall into the category of fans that believe that she will not stay with Salem’s crew for long and may in fact turn to the RWBY crew in the hopes of being able to get revenge on the people who set her partner up to die. (R.I.P. Torchwich). However, I admit that these hopes were slightly diminished by Cinder using her manipulation to make Ruby the bad guy.

    The next thing I want to talk about is Blake and Yang. A quick disclaimer I am, beyond a shadow of a doubt, hoping for Bumblebee to become a thing (not the bike, Blake and Yang relationship). But if it is to happen, as it should, I know that Blake has some ‘splainin to do. Blake seems to understand that her method of dealing with crisis is to run away. Instead of facing her relationship with Adam, she ran away (cant blame her that was an abusive relationship, if you are in one tell people you trust and don’t be afraid to run if necessary), Instead of comforting her friend yang after her efforts to save Blake cost her an arm, she ran away to avoid the guilt or the blame. And once she returned, she realized how her absence had affected the group and her friends. She wants to redeem herself, not in a prince Zuko “I must redeem myself for my honor and pride” way, but in a “I hurt my friends and I want my relationship with them to keep growing and for the team to be whole again” kind of way.

    Anyway, rant aside, Blake wants nothing more than yang’s forgiveness because she feels responsible for the loss of her arm. Blake jumps at any opportunity to aid Yang and even admits, even if not outright, that she wants to protect Yang and make her feel safe. She treats Yang as she was when she left, afraid, incapable of accepting the circumstances and helpless, but instead it feels condescending because Yang has moved on and doesn’t feel like she needs the help. This is creating tension that will at some point, boil to the surface and lead to a conversation about their feelings. I just hope that they can get past this, and once they do, and all is forgiven, they can begin their relationship.

    Finally, I want to talk about Ruby. More specifically, her concern and her attitude over the past few episodes. First, her concern for others. Ruby feels as I do and realized the same thing I did in my last review. Qrow will not handle this well. If presented with large quantities of alcohol, he will choose alcohol. Ruby feels as though Qrow is slipping, maybe because she has seen it before, or because she is smart and can put two and two together. Either way, she does not want Qrow to do this to himself, which, in my opinion, is thematically setting up both Qrow and Ruby’s arc for this Volume. Qrow will find rock bottom when he starts drinking again and hurts someone or lets someone get hurt. Ruby will find rock bottom when her role model compromises his intelligence and his morals by letting himself drink through the pain of the situation. She will help him get clean or must let him leave, and that will be a tough decision. I am unsure if it will play out this way, but it is starting to look like it.

    Secondly, her overall attitude over the past five episodes. Ruby used to be the innocent, young, bright eyes protagonist that always saw the good in people, and she wants desperately to remain that way, as we all do. The circumstances on the other hand, do not want that and instead force her into battles and confrontations with people that undeniably have no good, like Salem. Ruby has moments of goofiness, like when she spotted the food in the cellar, but she is realizing that she must grow up and become the leader she was forced into being. She cannot rely on Qrow or Ozpin because they are just as tired and vulnerable as she is. This could lead to her becoming the strong leader they need, only for her mother to return and for her to revert to her childish ways and become vulnerable, or more likely, she will find that she doesn’t have to abandon who she is but embrace her evolution and be the goofy leader we all know her to be.

    Anyway, as I said this episode was meant to act as a checkpoint, reassuring us that good is coming, but we need to get through the bad first. I can’t wait to see what they do with all the stuff they have set up so far, and thank you for the Neo return we all knew and hoped was coming.

    Well done Rooster Teeth, Keep up the good work, Nightpound.

  • Rwby is Back BABY!

    2 weeks ago


    hello im deene or "*******" , I love Rooster Teeth and all they do. One lf my favorite shows is Rwby

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    I love rwby but I found the fourth episode and it didn't work

  • RWBY Volume 6 Episode 4 Review (Spoilers)

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    Nightpound7 RWBY Enthusiast

    **Volume 6 Episode 4; "So That's How It Is"**

    In a clean thirteen minuets, this episode had a lot to say. It opens on a black screen and Yang yelling at Ozpin, however once the black screen stops, and we see where they all are, Oscar, or more accurately, Ozpin is on his knees crying. this is a strange and interesting new emotion for Ozpin, for up until this point he has been the professor, the headmaster, the untouchable mystery man who knew how to defeat Salem, but as we learned in the last episode, he not only doesn't have a plan to kill Salem, he knows that he can’t. stripping away his ability to reveal this information little by little, Ozpin is shown just how weak he is. when he is asked point-blank about what his plan is to defeat Salem, if he even has one, he says "I have none". it is at this point that Qrow shows emotion as well, going as far as to punch Ozpin in the face. this is important, and I will expand on this later. the group all starts yelling when the old lady becomes the voice of reason and plans to follow a trail and find civilization as to not be hunted by Grimm of freeze. we then cut to Salem's "domain" and we see the three, Hazel, Mercury, and Emerald, arrive by plane, establishing further that this is a physical place that team RWBY can go to if they find out where. (also no one is flying the plane, but that's just a small detail). they are stopped at the door by Tyrian who has some interesting things to say to Emerald specifically, most notably of which is "Cinder isn't here to protect you anymore". this begins Emeralds growing fear that will progress with the scene. they then enter the throne room where Hazel has apparently just told Salem of their defeat and she asks, "who is responsible".

    like any good superior officer Hazel takes full responsibility for the failure of his subordinates, however, Salem dislikes this answer, throwing the table to the side and using what appears to be red glyphs to summon Grimm hands to bring Hazel to his hands and knees. she asks Emerald that same questions and she answers (with only slight hesitation) that is was Cinders fault. this is also important, and I will return to this later. Salem lets Hazel go and begins to return to her throne, giving the speech we heard in the trailer, only this time to everyone and adding some "you need me" to the end. at this point Emerald is scared beyond belief. Hazel then reports that RWBY is taking the lamp to Atlas and are being led by Ozpin. This makes Salem immediately angry, however the group does not notice as her back is turned. They all start saying things like “Ozpin, so soon?” which may reveal that he has taken much longer in the past to reveal himself. Salem turns and tells everyone to leave the room, and they do so silently, and we get a shot of Emerald acting more scared than ever, watching Salem as the door closes. Salem, now alone, has a burst of anger that shatters the windows. She obviously still harbors much resentment to Ozpin and will most likely go to great lengths to kill him again. This also shows that they all know him as Ozpin, not Ozmo as we learned in the last episode was his name.

    It then switches back to the team RWBY walking and shows us the shots from the trailer. Yang is very agitated and lashes out verbally at the old lady before being hushed by Ruby, who notes squeaking in the distance. They then arrive at Brunswick Farms, a seemingly abandoned home and farm that they take shelter in. the episode ends there, but I would like to return to a few things. To start, I would like to return to the moment Qrow Punches Ozpin in the face. This shows that he is weak, and him doing this in front of team RWBY means that they are now officially a team and get to see their role models’ failings and weaknesses. Qrow also gives a short speech about how meeting Ozpin made him feel like he had a purpose because he wasn’t being treated like a curse anymore, but now he feels like Meeting him was the worst luck he has ever had, and this makes Ozpin retreat into Oscar, and when asked where he went, Oscar says that he is “gone”. This is concerning and shows that Ozpin was affected by these words and cares about Qrow.

    The second thing I would like to return to was Emeralds escalating fear. She seemed to have relied on Cinder and may have seen her as a mother figure. Realizing that this was her life now, that Cinder is gone and that she has no hope of escaping the evil things that Salem will make her do seems to get to her in this episode. Many have theorized that Emerald will turn good and maybe join team RWBY now that Cinder is gone, me included, however I feel as though this will not be the case. I do think that she will die doing something good, but she will not join team RWBY, at least not soon. She fears Salem, as she should, and will not retaliate against her unless she is certain she can escape.

    Lastly, I would like to talk about the overall tone of this episode. I had a lot to say, and so I had a lot to review, but one thing I have yet to mention is how dark and hopeless this episode seems. RWBY is a show about hope, and even in its darkest times has shown that if you band together and trust the people around you then you can do anything. This was echoed in Penny’s death when instead of lashing out a Pyyrah, ruby saw the real threat and fought with Pyyrah to stop the real villain, something that is not done in many other shows. Other shows like to have that misunderstanding tear a group apart, but in RWBY it made them stronger and gave them motivation. This is one of the things I like best about this show and I hope they keep going. However, in this episode all we saw was distrust, anger, and people lashing out at their team, be it villain against villain or hero against hero. I think that the reason Cinder was not in this episode was that she is on a solo journey and cannot lash out at a teammate if she doesn’t have one.

    The theme of this episode was distrust and failing relationships. At this point, both teams are weak and the bonds that hold them together are fraying. If anyone were to change teams, be it bad to good or good to bad, now would be the time, but I also feel that this is here to give the two groups a chance to strengthen their bonds. If one of the groups can get through tins, they will be stronger for it. This could be the way they defeat Salem’s army. By pulling through faster and better than Salem can, reinforcing the show’s theme of friendship and teamwork. Leaving on the note of weakness and distrust was not an accident, but a clever way for the writers to justify new members joining team RWBY (like Blake), and who will not be able to cope and leave (like Qrow).

    I love Qrow almost as much as Nora and Penny, a feat not easily done, but I will rag on him a little in the next few lines so bear with me. Qrow has never dealt with anything in his life and his main way of coping with loss or realizing that he is developing feelings for someone is to run away. He blames himself for many deaths and drinks heavily to forget it. This makes for good jokes and is a part of his character up until this point, but I believe it could be his fatal flaw. In the intro he is shown drinking when he is pulled to the ground by Grimm hands, ones like the ones Salem uses on Hazel. My theory is that Qrow will not talk to the team and instead do something stupid, be it leave the team or join Salem’s group; however, I don’t think the latter is likely. He will most likely die in this season or the next and show team RWBY that if they let things go unsaid it could destroy them all. My final thought about episode four of volume six was that I cannot wait to see the rest of the volume and see who can pull through and who cannot, and how much stronger they are by volume seven.

    Well done Rooster Teeth, Keep up the good work, Nightpound.

  • What we think we know, and what we actually know...

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    With Volume 6 on the rise, some people have begun to wonder what the meanings behind what has happened actually mean.

    I am here to offer some possible, yet confusing, insight to what we are facing over what evidence we currently possess.

  • The RT Radio RWBY Tournament

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    Joe Eighty7/RT Radio

    I haven't really spoken much about how the tournament came to be and things so I thought I'd do a quick journal that will probably be very rambling and uninformative so yeah, you've been warned!

    The tournament was a random idea that popped into my head at some point over the RTX London weekend. I dismissed it and it wasn't until I was ranking Bond themes randomly one morning that the idea returned. I started to build a bracket just for fun and the more I looked at it the more I liked the idea. I grabbed all the songs and made a few decisions like putting the Volume themes at the top of the seeding and having the trailer songs in the preliminary round but the rest was random.

    I was worried that RT Radio wouldn't get the engagement needed for a tournament like this to work. If you just get a few votes it's pointless so I needed to make sure it was out there in the RT Community and the wider RWBY stratosphere. This is where RT World were amazing. I made the announcement video and tweet and they did their thing and spread it far and wide. It was exactly the boost needed before the tournament started and I was fairly confident we'd get some decent engagement in it and I was blown away by the response. It's a passionate community and I was worried about possible negative attention being sent our way but I was relieved when there was basically none. It meant I could concentrate on the tournament and engaging positively with a much more active twitter account.

    I try to keep as neutral as possible with votes. RT Radio twitter, of course, never supported one song over the over but I also tried to be careful with my own Twitter not to push the vote in any way. I voted of course but I decided it was best not to campaign for certain songs like others did. The biggest of course was 'BMBLB'. I knew that had the potential to decimate all if the Bees got involved and I was right to a certain extent. In its first round matchup it went up against Caffeine at won easily but it was the amount of votes that was interesting. Over 400 votes happened in that matchup, most had between 120 and 140. It didn't happen again in Round 2 but it was interesting to see the engagement on that Round 1 matchup with lots of Bumblebee shippers calling on fellow bees to vote. Of course, there were songs that I wanted to see go through that didn't but I know not everyone has the same connection to certain songs like I do. It was occasionally hard not to get really pissed off at it, like how could 'Wings' go out in Round 1?!

    Anyway, the whole tournament was an amazing few weeks and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I might have become slightly malevolent with some of the GIFs I was using towards the end but it was all in good fun. I'm looking forward to doing another RWBY tournament before Vol. 7 but before that I have a Disney tournament to start planning...

    Much love,



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    I love Penny not only as a member of the show but as a character all together she is funny and goofy on occasion but is a hyper intelligent robot girl trying to fit in

  • RWBY / Salem

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    Hessenerd #Team Cinder


    ...that was an episode alright, my dudes. I think I'm a Salem stan now.