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  • Where is My Stuff?

    9 hours ago


    Squirreling away URLs to my posts here:

  • rt store sent me a pen

    12 hours ago


    i open an order from the rt store and there was a pen in the package. tweet of photo

  • Penny Polendina

    1 day ago

    FKim That dude

    Penny is combat ready!!!!


  • Rwby/Rvb fan

    1 day ago


    Look at my title

  • RWBY Volume 5

    2 days ago

    Malumdrome14 Brandon

    We've had people come back from the dead, maidens of great power, Gods creating everything. We've had monsters and demons. But i think we can all agree on one thing. Hazel has a power  greater than all things in RWBY. The amount of times he can crack his knuckles and neck in a day is extraordinary.

  • Hello World 2

    2 days ago


    Hello Everyone!

    Due to the stellar amount of attention I received on my last post I have decided to make a follow-up. 

    Very important things I have learned the last two months:

    1. I really like climbing to the top of things in games. Grappling hooks are my friends. 

    2. My dad tries really hard at Far Cry 4 and I'm proud of him.

    3. I've played like every GTA V mission twice so far cause I keep messing up the save files. I need to stop doing this. Also Chop is tha real MVP.

    Peace and blessings,

    - R

  • Little Doodle

    2 days ago


    It's been a while since I've drawn Weiss so here's a doodle


  • RWBY FACTS 101

    4 days ago


    LOL I'm here for free shit. I only joined the free trial (which is a lie) to watch ep 12 of RWBY...JOIN THE REBELLION ON YT!!!!!!! #MountyIsDeadSoIsPyrrah #NoRegrets #getrekt ,PLOT TWITS: RUBY IS HER OWN MOTHER.....

  • RWBY Theory

    5 days ago

    Zhuquide FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Austin

    Okay, I have a theory about the moon in RWBY. I've been watching some of the trailers from each volume and see different broken states of the moon. My theory is that the moon breaks in correlation to how much chaos/Grimm are present in Remnant. I think that whenever the Grimm are gone/the show ends (which I really don't want it to end), the moon will become whole again. It could be that, or it could just be a way to keep track of what's in the past and present.

  • Finally got to see the latest RWBY episode

    5 days ago


    Thank God, it looks like Weiss won't end up dying today. Also whaaaat?? Raven's the Spring Maiden????

  • Fan Art Friday #96: Yang Cosplay by Kazenary

    5 days ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Kazenary, AKA @kazenary, for this Yang cosplay.


    Kazenary is a graphic designer based in Stuttgart, Germany. She made the Ember Celica pieces within a week to take to Fotocon, and says this cosplay was largely assembled with blood and tears.

    Her main inspiration was Barbara Dunkelman. Kazenary loves her character, and each time she’s wearing Yang, she wants to be like her – a strong woman.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • Cinder Fall

    6 days ago

    FKim That dude

    We hate and love her!!!


  • RWBY Merch

    6 days ago

    Mudgernz Benjamin

    Got my RWBY backpack and I love it so much it makes me want to go places and take stuff for no more reason than to use it. Also just as an effective way of talking to myself I'm wondering how I should go forward with my second novel. I have the beginning, the end and a few major plot points but filling in the rest is gonna be interesting. Any advice much appreciated from any fellow writers or creatives <3

  • Hayden Argent.

    6 days ago


    Name: Hayden Argent (Hayden: Welsh- meaning fire-Red) Argent (French-Silver)

    Color: Dark gray, deep green, soft sea blue.

    Allusions (optional): A spark, easy to snuff out if caught early, left alone for too long becomes a raging fire that burns anything in her way. Rapunzel, locked in a tower (palace) only to escape (run away)

    Team/Organization: N/A

    School: Shade

    Race: Fox faunus

    Age: 19

    Height: 5’6 (ish)

    Weight: 128.2

    Symbol: The Cross of Salem, only instead of straight lines, looks more claw mark-ish.

    Song(s): I Found by Amber Run, AmaLee & dj-Jo's cover of "ECHO"Caravan Palace - Lone Digger,Two Steps From Hell - Impossible, Evo-Devo (Despacito Biology Parody)- A Capella Science , (will add more as I find them)

    Appearance: Medium black hair that fades to silver at the tips that hangs down her back. Garnet eyes seem to sparkle with hidden secrets as a faint smile can usually be seen curving at her lips. Her canines are larger than normal, noticeable if someone was to pay attention. Calf high boots would

    expose skin if it wasn’t for the dark leggings she wore instead. A dark gray jacket covers the dark sea green tank she wore under,

    her clothes accented with a soft sea blue/white. A thin black leather strip curls around her neck and a beanie hides her ears from sight.

    Post fall of Beacon: Hayden starts to wear her hair in a braid to keep it out of her face, a scar cuts across her right cheek from shrapnel from the explosions during the fall. Having reunited with her mother, she keeps her ears exposed, although she does try to stay out of the way of her Mother's minions and plans.

    Personality: Surprisingly easy-going unless someone she cares about is messed with. Her loyalty, once earned is almost impossible to break.

    The epitome of; ‘hey, if you need a body to hide, there are enough trees and I do have a shovel.’ She has no qualms about going and defending those she cares about, to the death if need be. Her sense of humor tends to lean towards a mix of dry humor and puns, hates riddles though. Don't beat around the bush, if someone has something to say, they should say it.

    History: Hayden’s life started long ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you have seen in your dreams. It started with a

    man who followed the God of Light meeting a woman who followed the God of Darkness. Like every other human, the man wasn’t perfectly

    good, and the woman wasn’t fully evil. They ended up falling in love and had a child, a balance between two forces. The oddity of the child

    was that when magic meets magic, things happen, and in this case was a pair of dark fox ears on top of her hair, the first faunus.

    Things were good for a while, until the Man’s acolytes, convinced that the woman put the man under a dark spell and gave birth to a beast­­,

    decided to attack them while her and her daughter were at home. Telling her daughter (who by now was in her early twenties and visiting

    her parents for her birthday) to hide. While her mother was easily able to fend of the attacks, her daughter wasn’t so lucky. The woman found her daughter

    dead, the murders celebrating over her corpse as they cut her ears off. The combination of her daughter being murdered, and her husband

    taking off to live as a hermit in the woods, drove the woman mad. She would, somehow, bring her daughter back.

    This, combined with her actually using science and research, angered the God Brothers. No mortal was supposed to bring those back from the

    dead without their help. Using the relics, the gift of the gods was one thing, but to outright defy the Gods? To do it by herself? That was another. The two Brothers ordered the man to stop

    his wife. A war waged on, and by the end, the wife was able to create a body for her daughter.

     In the Brother’s rage, they cursed the family. The

    Father was punished for failing to stopping his wife, the Mother punished for being so arrogant as to tempt and succeed creating life, and the

    daughter to further continue pushing her parents. Her father, after dying is reborn into another body, one of similar spirit. 

    Her mother, forced

    to watch her daughter never grow older than twenty-three, to die in front of her over and over. Luckily enough, she has her father’s strong

    mind, making her past lives understandable rather than driving her mad. Hayden's curse is she always dies before or on her 23'rd birthday, never making it a day older than she did in her first life. Her 22's birthday, her body starts to shut down, cells mutating until her lungs fill with blood and she dies.

    Haden’s (As we know her now) story really starts when she snuck away from her mother, desperate to explore outside of her mother’s palace to see how the world has evolved.

    Making her way to Shade Academy, forging her way onto a team and a pass to Vale and into Beacon Academy for the Vytal Festival, 

    Weapon: Lumiere and Ombre. Duel disc that lock together, thrown similar to a boomerang. Locked to Hayden’s aura it will return to her hand

    (think Thor’s hammer or Aegis-fang). The disc’s can be separated into two and each will unravel and form duel pistols. The pistols and disc’

    will glow the color of whichever dust she puts into the weapon.

    Semblance: Grimm see her as one of them. She's not invisible to their senses, only they sense a Grimm when near her and she sometimes has issues where baby grimm want to follow her into towns. In fact, there is a Beowolf that follows her around she's affectionately named Beo. (No one ever said she was good at naming things.)

    Combat Skills/Fighting Style: Being a fox faunus, Hayden's specialty includes being an annoying pest. She's fast and bouncy. While her disc'

    (and by extension guns) don't cause massive damage like a hammer (looking at you, Nora) but they do cause enough to steadily whittle away at

    aura and can hurt if she's ignored. She's not particularly strong either, she can easily be pushed back if she can be caught. While she is fast, and uses more than a fair

    amount of pakour (she's a traceuse, very bouncy), she can't out-speed someone who has speed as a semblance. She also isn't as fast as a fully trained Huntress, but she's slowly getting there. 

    Trivia (optional): The main reason she hides her ears isn't because she has them. No, it's to hide the tiny Grimm-like bone shards that stick

    out of the fur that was gifted from her mother when she 'replaced' Hayden's fox ears the first time she was brought back to life, she sees this as part of her curse.

    Likes (optional): Cooked rabbit, any kind of fruit. Any kind of vegetable that isn't green. Bell peppers are her favorite (yes, even the green

    ones). Video games, especially those where your choice matters in them (think Fable or Mass Effect)

    Dislikes (optional): Green vegetables (except green bell peppers) fish (it stinks) bananas (that texture is terrible) Chocolate (any kind, but especially white chocolate)

  • Ruby and CWKY

    1 week ago

    FKim That dude

    Ruby Rose eating some good CWKY!!!


  • WAAA!

    1 week ago


    Rightclick on the URL




  • Supplies I will be Using In construction for Yang's arm

    1 week ago


    I said I'd do this so here we go!: 

    Sharp Pair of Scissors 

    A Utility Knife (I got one from my previous job)

    Yellow Craft Foam 

    Mod podge glossy (After painting)

    Matte finish elbow length gloves 

    Rust-Oleum Spray Paint 12-Ounce Sun Yellow (I am using the Multi Purpose version)

    Celtec Expanded PVC Sheet  (Sometimes called XPVC)

    Flex Seal Spray (Sealent before painting)

    Polymorph plastic beads

  • Things about me

    1 week ago


    I like cats classic music l like anime  I love  prettylittle liers I love rwby 

  • Well.. Yang Cosplay update:

    1 week ago


    Getting most of this done ahead of time rather than waiting until the very last minute, I actually will probably post a tutorial on the arm and give a list of the product I use. 

    I'm also getting it on Amazon and to be fair it's mostly readily available for most, and I'm trying too keep a max of 53$, I know a weird number but it's what I have currently on my Amazon account XD so that being said, if you have more money than I, do what you you must next post is probably going to be about what products I decided on, and reasoning. 

    Just as a heads up. Worbla is expensive as hell.

  • Self-Care

    1 week ago

    jaydrive2000 Jon H

    So i'm sat here writing this post, with my bedroom curtains drawn closed and my bedside SAD light on. My iPhone now has a blue light filter running during certain times of the day and so does my PC. 

    I felt with being out of the convention circuit this year, i'd take more time to look after myself and try and get things done that i'd been meaning to do. I've got a telephone assesment with occupational health tomorrow morning for work purposes to try and help myself, and i'm seeing the doc the week after to see if i can get an implant that will help prevent my shakes.

    With a new year, my simply health allowances reset and therefore I am considering purchasing new glasses already, bearing in mind i beleive i am now 'blue light' sensitive. I'll need to see about my iPad and if i can get a filter for use at work. I also have SAD type lightbulbs coming tomorrow from Amazon, plus a new light switch from eBay which i'll need to get installed.

    I've decided to try and make more effort into a goal of mine to learn Japanese - and whilst i'll be doing this alongside my sister, I needed some flashcards to help memorise the character sets. Since i have a set of Danny Choo's Moekana, i've managed to grab a set of Moekanji from eBay to make a matching pair up - I nearly forgot i had the Moekana to be honest!

    My two goals for this month are to buy my flight to San Francisco to hang out with my friend JS, and secondly, clear my cashplus card overdraft. I think i should be in a good position to do so, and I'm making headway on clearing some of my debts. I won't be closing the overdraft as i need to play the numbers game and have a fallback for emergencies, but it's gradually getting better.

    If the January sales are kind, i should be able to book my flights for Texas too meaning my US trip to meet with another friend will go ahead, and i'll be present at her wedding.

    Unfortunately, i feel i have run out of spoons for the day - even having a short rest I feel incredibly drained, and i'm sat with a blanket over my shoulders. Having replaced my computer chair is doing my back some good as i got rid of the small tatty chair that was beginning to fall apart.

    New Years was an incredibly relaxed deal this year - myself, Madcat & Claire playing through the Mansions of Madness and a new game called Tsuro - whilst we were done by 10.45 / 11.00pm, everyone got home and had some decent sleep, and even Tsubasa Rei joined us by means of Discord audio. Given we were gaming since around midday, nearly 12 hours of gameplay and munchies was nothing to be dissapointed at. 

    My chicken skewers turned out well, but the beef ones will need a re-run at some point - evidently i used the wrong kind of meat for the purpose! So i'll be keeping those in mind for a party plate dish to take with me in the future.  

    So - why all this? Well, i think it's best summed up by a video that was recently shared out by Matthew Mercer. One which i discovered i relate to pretty well.

  • SacAnime Vol 5 ep 12

    1 week ago

    James_C AHPariah

    Today was amazing! Saw episode 12 with Lindsay, Kara, Arryn, and Barbara and it was so cool. The energy was great, and it really made the experience. There was no available seats left in the room, and it was filled with people all so excited to be a part of the event. Can't wait for tomorrrow's panel, I'm honestly very excited.

  • Ursa Noctua

    1 week ago

    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi

    The Rooster Teeth Instagram Account called RTDraws had a theme to make Grimm fan art, whether original or from the show.  So I decided to make an iconic deadly monster from Dungeons & Dragons into a Grimm, the Owl Bear!  I dubbed its Grimm name to be Ursa Noctua, which literally translates into Bear Owl from Latin, to keep with the original Ursa naming scheme.


    If you like this piece how about giving it an upvote for the weekly Fan Art Friday presented by BigBite!

  • RWBY Theory - Grimm Humans?

    1 week ago

    k33gan Professional Nerd

     Can Salem create people-like Grimm? If so, is Cinder already one of them? As stated before, Cinder has the Grimm arm now, but I don't think it was just put there. When Ruby used the Silver eyes the first time, it seemed to only affect the dragon and Cinder. The dragon became frozen, presumably even "stone-fified", but still alive on the inside. When it hit Cinder, it froze up her face and did something to her arm, what we thought to be destroying it. When Ruby used the eyes again this time, it did not do much, but it definitely seemed to hinder Cinder a little, yet not anyone else. My theory is that the silver eyes can freeze up/mortally wound the Grimm, which is why many working for the darkness side are trying to take them out. This then leads into my actual reason for this, I think Cinder is a Grimm construct. I think her "human form" is just a husk for whats on the inside, that when Ruby used the eyes the first time, it broke her arm shell, letting loose her real arm, and that the black eye hole Cinder now has is just a window into the inside of the husk, letting us see her real form. 

  • RWBY Vol 5

    1 week ago

    James_C AHPariah

    DUDE!! Just watched everything up to this point, and oh my GOD it's so cool. I can't wait to see what's next!!