PSA - Tax Day

Red vs. Blue PSA: PSA - Tax Day

Why, it's only the greatest day of the year!

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Comments (106)

  • BenYates

    4 years ago

    Sarge called the shotgun ammo "bullets" when ammo for shotguns are called shells.
    But putting that aside funny video.

  • AgentHunter

    6 years ago

    HAH! Chump change dufrane

  • Allieization

    7 years ago

    Tuckers line is classic, doc sucks.

  • GoogleWorld

    8 years ago

    Still got 3 yrs until i gotta pay taxes.. god i dont even understand it

  • Pyronix337

    9 years ago

    lolol pretty good

  • orlo1129

    9 years ago

    one hundred and FIRST!

  • CyanLink

    9 years ago

    Writing out your tax deductions is annoying but also worth it.

  • Kage687

    9 years ago

    Awesome Episode

  • VforVictoria

    9 years ago

    Silly Tucker! Only Caboose can drive Sheila...

  • klingelhofer

    9 years ago

    JON STEWART'S WRITERS WATCH THIS SHOW! About 5 months ago, Rob Riggle said on the Daily Show "I'm technically a pimp, but I put down "whore supervisor" to make it sound better." Coincidence, I THINK NOT!!

  • Spooley

    9 years ago

    lol that is the best PSA ever smiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley0.gif

  • Randool

    9 years ago

    "Chump change DuFrane" Isin't he that mobster wanted by the FBI for tax evasion? Audits suck.

  • DarthMorlock

    10 years ago

    Always, Any advice is good advice around Tax season.

  • cobaltwizard

    10 years ago


  • PvtWSmith

    11 years ago

    More tax tips include... Declaring your children as dependants AND off-shore shell companies. But why stop there, include your pets...even the dead ones. Oh! the number of guppies I've gone through. smiley2.gif

  • 3v4n

    11 years ago

    Whore supervisor. xD

    Another humorous video made by the RT crew.

    Sorry to go off topic, but are these PSA's on the dvd's?

    Sorry to get off topic, but is there a brain in your head?

  • CirceZ

    11 years ago

    Poor Doc he was only trying to help. smiley2.gif

  • Andrew789

    11 years ago

    Whoa! Thats worse that getting personally ass violated by the whole internal revenue service!

    technically it was PIMP! but l like to class it up to whore surpervisor.

    some of the best lines from tucker

  • Andrew789

    11 years ago

    poor doc.....

    lol, owell, it seems all the psas tuckers in are the best

  • itachi1452

    11 years ago

    awesome PSA! smiley0.gif

  • itachi1452

    11 years ago

    OMG, this stuff is so classic

  • Obi1

    11 years ago

    hey sarge, we forgot about gas milage

    Ill get the warthog and rin over him

    Ill get sheela

  • Poetica

    11 years ago

    Tax Day is totally not as fun as Fireworks Day – except in RvB world.

  • silentscope2

    12 years ago

    PSA rocks

  • Azuma41

    12 years ago

    Oh that definetly is the funniest PSA ever and I'm making a shirt that says "Whore Supervisor"

  • Scott1701c

    12 years ago

    I must say but this is the BEST 10 bucks I ever spent

  • rashii

    12 years ago

    "Deduct this Tax Boy!"
    Thats a great quote!
    Thanks RT

  • 1KiLLa

    12 years ago

    I Liked This One

    smiley0.gif 1KiLLa

  • animemanjt

    12 years ago

    Sarge: Ill get the warthog and run him over!
    Tucker; Ill get Sheila!

  • splarkster9

    12 years ago


  • hihg

    12 years ago

    hey morons u can order online!

  • DJButch

    12 years ago

    Funny. a Great PSA


    12 years ago

    i love this one!!

  • nuclearhobo

    12 years ago


  • okay116

    12 years ago

    Good Psa probably 1 of the best go rt

  • WedgeMan

    12 years ago

    Ahhh, laughing is fun and a good way to spend most/all of the day

  • Satarus

    12 years ago

    This is the best PSA ever.

  • xxMalicexx

    12 years ago

    I understand the importance of them, but... TAXES SUCK!!! I hate loosing my money to the government. They should just devise a way to do stuff for free.

  • Drummer1992

    12 years ago

    well officially it was a pimp but i like to class it up and say whore supervisor. BAD ASS. lol

  • Parkersaid FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT + SA

    12 years ago

    Doc is soooo smart. Eat this tax boy

  • phil89

    12 years ago

    the only psa the doc is in and you guys brutelly hurt him. can you guys get any better?

  • ShadowMX17

    12 years ago

    LOL..all i have to say.

  • stew FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    12 years ago

    Tucker's best quote is on this video

  • yamiyovamp

    12 years ago

    this has to be the best PSA i have ever saw!!!!

  • quinn90

    12 years ago

    i couldnt help but laugh

  • aaj222

    12 years ago


  • GameForLife

    12 years ago

    I seem to remember buying this shotgun on my own dime. The bullets too!

    Great episode. But how does Chump Change Dufrane know so much about tax returns? Did he flunk out of a degree in accounting too?

  • sev_ered

    12 years ago

    first time i've heard a threat about being audited. classic

  • murch

    12 years ago

    You took your time to get the lo res did you not yes

  • muchofnothin

    12 years ago

    you know what's funny?
    i say... download HiRes DivX
    and it says "you need to be a sponsor to download hi-res files"
    and i say... that's weird, but whatever
    and i click on download LoRes DivX
    and it says EXACTLY THE SAME THING



    that is all

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