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  • angelus987

    angelus987 Archangel of Prowess

    #33548963 - 1 year ago

    In reply to AlbionBard

    Fair enough.

    I never understood why the Romans changed their equipment so drastically, except cost of course. I just wondered if there was some advantage to the Skouton that I couldn't see.

  • ThePhoenixRisen


    #33548968 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Angelus987

    Probably to suit the different environments they were in and enemies they fought as some of their equipment probably wouldn't be fit for fighting i dense forests or mountainous terrain, like wise in open area's they'd probably want to use their more heavier equipment etc.

    Same reason most armies change up equipment to suit the environment and enemy they are fighting in and with and probably also just to test newer gear and see how it fairs in combat conditions vs older battle proven equipment.

  • LukePrather


    #33548969 - 1 year ago

    So you all think the Gladiator would be best for my team judging by the current line up i have for the other members?

  • ThePhoenixRisen


    #33548973 - 1 year ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    It's an interesting choice, you have versatility at least since they used everything from flails, axes, swords and even tridents and nets. Go for it.

  • Capcans2


    #33548981 - 1 year ago

    Alright, so I've had another team planned for quite a while and I really want to get this guy out there and started. However, I haven't been feeling well lately, probably due to being down an eye as well as lots of college work, so I've been struggling to write out this guys story and personality in the way I want to. It's a bit like artist's block I guess. So I've arranged his personality into key parts and notes until I can fully write it out. But here you go.

    Name: Darcul Sumbra

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Color: Dark Colors (Brown and Black)

    Aura Color: Maroon

    Team: S_ _ _

    Allusion: Dracula

    Name Meaning: "Darcul" is the name Dracul switched around to sound like Darkul. Dracul comes from the name Vlad Dracul, who was the father of Vlad Dracula (who inspired the popular character of the same name). "Sumbra" is a tiny mix between the Spanish word sombra (which means shadow), and it's Latin root umbra (which means the same thing). The full name "Darcul Sumbra" is a reference to Dark Shadows, a Gothic soap opera that became well-known for the character of Barnabas Collins, who was a vampire.


    Appearance: Long, wavy dark hair framing a handsome face. Light mustache and goatee. Sharp hazel eyes that stare straight into your soul. Stands at 5'11" with lightly tanned skin. Dark coat with light brown trim and accents. White poet shirt tucked into dark brown khakis. Black boots.


    Story: (Coming Soon)




    • Both natural and boosted by semblance.
    • People can't help but feel drawn to him.
    • Helps gets him out of trouble (and sometimes danger).
    • Slightly unnatural, he could make a person do anything he wished. Borders on being dangerous.


    • Enjoys excitement and the sense of adventure.
    • He has a fair share of escapades and tight spots, most of which he likes to retell at parties/celebrations/meals.
    • Bit of a trickster.


    • Goes hand in hand with his sense of adventure.
    • As said before, he enjoys retelling his stories among crowds of eager listeners.
    • The slightly dramatic nature has been known to annoy his team.
    • Over-confident, and believes that he can get out of any situation.

    Family Relations

    • His mother was very loving and caring towards him, Darcul cherishes his memories with her.
    • His father was a bit distant, but there was a feeling of respect and pride as Darcul grew up.
    • Darcul is very protective and caring towards Atsu, who grew up in Darcul's shadow. In return, Atsu understands that Darcul didn't want to be a favorite child, and harbors no ill towards him.

    Hidden Maliciousness

    • No matter how much he hides it with his charisma or semblance, every once in a while there will be a shift in his demeanor
    • Fights brutally against true enemies or those who manage to piss him off, sometimes even cruelly.
    • Brief instances of surprising anger.
    • Light hints that he has abused his semblance before.
    • An air of superiority/vanity.
    • This maliciousness is not his "true personality", but rather all the anger and rage that he holds back in an attempt to retain an image.




    Wallachia - Elegant straight sword that has been passed down through his family. Mythril blade engraved with religious text. Stylish gold guard.


    Gravity and Wind Dust infused cloak, pants, and boots - Allows Darcul to walk on walls and ceilings just by lightly activating his aura. With the addition of Wind Dust to the equation, Darcul can effortlessly glide short distances and move through the air with monstrous speed. On the ground, the Wind Dust makes Darcul all the much faster and evasive. However, this ability shouldn't be confused with flying; in order to glide or dart through the air, Darcul must create the base movement himself, whether its jumping or launching off from a surface.


    Ice-Dust crystal rings - In hand to hand combat, hitting unprotected areas of skin will cause a cold numbness to set in. This effect is only temporary, but can easily turn the tides in close quarters.


    Semblance: Psychic Prowess - Darcul was born blessed with physic talent, but when his semblance activated, these skills increased exponentially. Ever since, Darcul has trained himself and slowly mastered the art of mental manipulation. His abilities include reading minds, influencing the thoughts and feelings of others, increasing a person's susceptibility to suggestion. At peak performance, Darcul can inflict a feverish or addled mental state on his opponent.

    While Darcul's psychic prowess is extremely powerful both on and off the field, as well as not needing to eat up aura to run, it still has it's weaknesses. Concussions or heavy blows to the head can hinder Darcul's power, and while rare, "loud" thoughts can drown out other "quiet" thoughts, making it hard for Darcul to get a mental read.


    Combat: Darcul is an accomplished swordsman and experienced hand to hand fighter. His semblance lets him get into his opponents mind and know their every move before they make it, along with understanding their fighting style and potential weaknesses. Darcul's fighting style focuses on speed and overwhelming attacks, which is complimented by his equipment's movement capabilities.  

    Thoughts and even reviews are welcome. I know it doesn't seem like much right now, but this is only until I can really get a good writing session in.

  • ThePhoenixRisen


    #33548989 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    Sounds pretty interesting physic Dracula with a short or long sword. I especially like the dust woven into his clothing I'm doing something similar with my character ^^.

    I like what I see ^^. I'd love to fight you in the OC vs hehe.

  • AlbionBard

    AlbionBard FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #33549011 - 1 year ago

    Anywho, in the spirit of Mothering Sunday, I thought i'd introduce you all to one of my OC's mothers.

    Harleah Bray, mother of (former) Beacon student Forrest Bray. Enjoy. 

    (Oh and to anyone whose read my Ragnarok story, there are elements in the backstory section that might highlight the motives of a certain antagonist)

    Name: Harleah "Mother" Bray

    Age: 55

    Height: 5’1’’

    Weight: 123 kilos

    Species: Highland cow Faunus (trait, horns)

    Hair: deep highland ginger, curly and wild worn down to hips

    Eyes: sky blue

    Emblem: An artistic celtic knot with a pair of horns on either side.

    Affiliation: Formerly Lantern Academy, Current Cheiftess of the Emerald Weald

    Outfit: Ankle length, sleeveless dress of plain green grey wool, with a belt and shash of stonewash tartan and a fur mantle, along with a bright green but weather and time faded cloak with her emblem in a bronze badge. all outfit fixtures bronze or brass in colour. no shoes.

    Background: Back in the time in the early kingdoms, the Emerald Weald were a clan of faunus living in Vale on the borders of the emerald forest. When the great war came and the Grimm grew more aggressive as they fed on the rage of the world, The original town of the Weald was overrun, causing the survivors to flee and join up with a nearby human village that had suffered the same. Both groups came together and survived as one, in time forming the town of Emerald Combe. all was tell in the down for decades, until the time of the white fang came. As aggression from the fang mounted, tensions between the two halves of the population of Emerald Combe grew and strained until they day they broke in half once more. In the dead of the night, the Faunus just... left.  The majority had been a planned exodus, 50 or more faunus residents leaving under the leadership of Sarako Vangandr to make their way to Menargerie and plead themselves to this new fang. those that remained, who had know of this exodus in the coming and knew that they would not be welcome as a sudden minority population, chose instead to follow the leadership of another.

    Harleah Bray was the descendant, the granddaughter to be exact, of the Weald cheiftan who'd originally joined up with the humans and she decided they could and should return to their roots, establishing the Weald once more, in it's original site not 15 miles from the modern town. Building up the wooden walls and building their homes into the treeline, to keep them all the safer from the Grimm, in the decade since the village was refounded it has managed to thrive, especially after what happened to Vanagandr's group; Annihilation. Before they even reached the coast and the ships they hoped to find, the combined fear, angry and other emotions made a cocktail that brewed over and became as blood in the water, drawing in the Grimm. those who survived came into the Weald in the days that followed having been turned away from the Combe, telling of the nightmare that that night had become for those who had followed Sarako, though none knew what had become of the man. Taking to her herditary post with dignity and duty, Harleah has maintained good terms with the humans in the combe, trading supplies and sending the young Faunus to be trained at the town's academy of Lantern, including her own son Forrest, who went to Beacon in the fullness of time, just in time for it to fall to the machinations of CInder Fall. Now her son is home, and the world around her prepares for war. Harleah knows not what she needs to do to keep her clan and her family safe, or even what she must keep them safe from, but aging as she is, Harleah Bray refuses to let this new incarnation of her heritage be snuffed out in but a single generation.

    Personality: Harleah is loud, rambuncious, rude, outspoken, crass, scornful, sarcastic and quick to anger. She is also empathetic, loving, sympathetic and supportive. This personality has given many who meet her for the first time a kind of emotional whiplash, but those who get to know her simply know Harleah to be a woman who wears every emotion on her sleeve and cares nothing for who happens to know them or her opinions. She is a quick thinker and an excellent haggler and is generally a lot sharper than people might exact a short, fat, middle aged woman living out in the woods would be, an image she is often happy to play up right until she is in a position to tip her hand and leave them with their foot in their mouth. 

    Semblace: Borrowing -When focusing her Semblance sends her mind into an animal and watches the world through its eyes, of riding in it’s mind like an unobtrusive passenger but able to make use of all of it's senses. If she needs to, she can control the animals actions directly, but this often stresses the creature out so she prefers not to if it's not needed. When using this power, she enters a trance like state and her body, for all intents and purposes, becomes unconcious.

  • JadeTerraza


    #33549043 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Tuckapenguin

    I know I'm a bit late on the reply, but thank you so much for the feedback! I've never really gotten much before and your constructive criticism was very helpful! Thanks so much! :)

  • LukePrather


    #33549051 - 1 year ago

    hey do you guys think that a shield ,similar to Jeans, that collapses into a crossbow would be a good weapon for a knight?

  • GenErick64

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    #33549058 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    Dang, that's a sharp edge. A dark character you've go there. I'll reserve further judgement until you finish his backstory.

    In reply to AlbionBard

    "... loud, rambuncious, rude, outspoken, crass, scornful, sarcastic and quick to anger..."

    Jeez, did you run out of adjectives?

    Well written as you always do. +1

  • GenErick64

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    #33549070 - 1 year ago

    Well, after several weeks of teasers and annoyances, here's the first of Team BLHV of Haven.

    Name: Victoria Pearl
    Inspiration/Allusion: IJN Kongō

    Age: 19(V1)
    Ht: 6’1” Wt: Classified
    Gender: Female/Human
    Hair: Black with a violet sheen. Hangs past shoulders. Styled with two loose buns, one on either side of her head and the rest of her hair hanging free. Also wears a golden headband with her emblem attached to it.
    Eyes: Royal Violet

    Emblem: Violet 16-Point Chrysanthemum (may change)


    Aura: Violet
    Semblance: Water Walking

    Sharing the same semblance with her sisters, Victoria can walk on water. Her semblance requires very little concentration and almost no energy to use but if her aura is depleted, her semblance fails and she sinks (or swims). A secondary ability to this semblance is her ability to choose exactly how buoyant she is; choosing whether she wants to stand on the water’s surface or sink up to her waist or even further without having to tread water.

    Kaigun Jū 30/45 “Kurasurīdā Kongou” Translation: Naval Gun 30/45 "Class Leader Kongou"

    Dual-mounted 30mm/45 caliber naval cannons that pack a serious punch.

    In the primary fighting mode, the Kaigun Jū weapon  splits into two single arm mounted cannons that can be used for a bashing weapon and makeshift shield in melee combat or as a powerful cannon in ranged combat.

    For BLHV’s team attack “Broadside”, the Kaigun Jū recombines into its dual mount form so all four girls can unleash a devastating 8 projectile salvo.

    Ammunition: The shells have a red tracer.

    1. General purpose high explosive rounds powered by fire dust.

    2. High impact “Thumper” round that uses gravity dust to impart a massive amount of kinetic damage upon the target. This ammunition type is only used by Victoria.



    Water Walkers:

    A unique piece of ankle-mounted equipment built by sister Hyuuga. It works with the girls’ semblance by providing a rudder and propeller system so the girls can sail across the water’s surface at a speed of up to 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph). This piece of equipment uses Remnant Collapse-o-Tech and folds up so as not to get in the way while walking on land.


    Victoria wears a Victorian style dress with a short, combat cut skirt. Further detailed with a modestly cut bust line and long sleeves. She also wears black, thigh-high boots with a small heel. The primary dress color is a dark violet and the secondary color is a dark cream color. Dress style is similar to Kancolle HMS Warspite


    After the dissolution of her team, Ariel Pearl retired to Mistral where she gave birth to four identical quadruplet girls: Bellona, Lavender Rose, Hyuuga, and Victoria. These girls kept the hands full of their mother and “Grandpa Warden” during their early years.

    Later on, the girls wished to become huntresses like their mother and attended Sanctum Academy before graduating on to Haven where Victoria was chosen as the leader of Team BLHV; Burning Love.

    It was not until their second year at Haven that anything exceptionally exciting happened to the girls. They decided to take part in the Vytal Festival Tournament and faced off against Team ONIX of Beacon in the 4v4 round. Victoria faced off against Nikolas in the swan song of the fight and ended up breaking his nose with one of her “Thumper” shells. In the aftermath, Ariel and Thera had a reunion in Beacon’s infirmary where it was discovered that Nikolas was cousins with the Pearl quadruplets.

    Continuing in the Festival Tournament, Victoria and Lavender Rose went on to the doubles round but were unable to pull off the win. Team BLHV also fought in the Battle of Beacon before returning to Haven but they plan on transferring to Beacon for their third year of huntress training with their “cousin team” Team ONIXX.

    Personality and Abilities:

    Victoria was born first and even though it was only by minutes, she makes it known that she is the better sister though it is just teasing 99% of the time. She is overall the wisest and generally better skilled in a fight while all of her other traits are average compared to her sisters.

    Victoria is very eccentric and likes to dress up fancily. She makes most of her own clothing and even some items for her sisters as well as loving to cook. Her specialty is an apocalyptically spicy Japanese-style curry with black tea to drink.

    While interacting with her cousin, Nikolas, she refers to him with the pet name: “Bucky”. This is because Nikolas hates being called “Nicky”. Funnily enough, Nik only allows Victoria to call him “Bucky”.

    Victoria is also afraid of sea lions, she thinks they will eat her.

    History Lesson: IJN Kongō (Just a small snapshot)

    Kongou was the last warship built outside Japan and nameship of her class of four ships of British design. She was laid down in 1911 at Barrow-in-Furness in Britain by the Vickers Shipbuilding Company. Armed with eight 14” (356mm) main battery guns and sixteen 6” (150mm) secondary battery guns located amidships. She was commissioned in 1913 as a battlecruiser and patrolled of the coast of China during WWI.

    Due to the restrictions of the Washington Naval Treaty, Japan was unable to build new battleships and was forced to upgrade their WWI ships. From 1929-1931 Kongou was upgraded and reclassified as a battleship. Her armor weight increased from 6,500-10,300 long tons which violated the Washington Treaty.

    In January 1935, Kongou was toured by the Nazi German naval attache, Captain Paul Wenneker. A former gunnery officer, Wenneker was unimpressed with Japanese gunnery technology.

    In June 1935, Kongou was drydocked at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal for further upgrades. She was lengthened to improve her fineness ratio, she was given new oil-fired Krampon boilers, and her armor was further improved. In addition, she was given a fighter catapult to allow her to support three floatplanes and her superstructure was completely rebuilt into the iconic pagoda mast style that Japanese battleships became known for. Kongou was now reclassified as a fast battleship, the big guns and heavy armor of a battleship with the speed (30 kts) to support carrier task forces.

    Throughout WWII, Kongou participated in many battles. She supported invasions in the South Pacific including: Thailand, Malaya, The Dutch East Indies, and even the Battle of Midway. She participated in the most successful Japanese battleship action of the war with her sister ship, Haruna, when they bombarded the Americans at Henderson Field. They fired 973 14” shells at about 15km heavily damaging both runways, destroying almost all of their aviation fuel, destroying 48 of 90 warplanes and killing 41 marines.

    On 21 November 1944, Kongou, Yamato, Nagato and the rest of the First Fleet were headed for Kure for reorganization and repair. The submarine USS Sealion fired six torpedoes at Kongou and three at Nagato. Only two torpedoes hit, both on Kongou.

    Fifteen minutes after detaching from the main force, she was flooding uncontrollably and as the evacuation was underway, her forward 14” magazine exploded. She sunk with 1,200 of her crew including her captain. The escorting destroyers Hamakaze and Isokaze only rescued 237 survivors.

    She was one of only three British built battleships to be sunk by submarine during WWII.

  • Rakolai

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    #33549073 - 1 year ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    It could work.

  • vohxus

    vohxus Illidari

    #33549082 - 1 year ago

    Here is one that I have been working on for a while now.

    The Serpent

    “One cannot know peace without knowing war ” -  Sun Tzu

    Role: Tank/Crowd Control

    Name: Yale Jun-Lao

    Accent: North American

    Languages: Common (English)

    Inspirations: Monks (D&D)

    Favorite finisher:

    Fairy Tale Inspiration: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Age: 19

    Aura level: Moderate

    Aura color: Blue (Yale)



    Likes: Sparring, tai chi, meditation, pushing the limits, food, training, booze and fighting Grimm.

    Dislikes: Having to kill innocents, Grimm, Grey’s puns/jokes, being out of alcohol, dishonorable individuals, the White Fang, people being mistreated and murderers.

    Favorite foods: Vegetables, rice, noodles and lamb.

    Favorite music genre: Any music that incorporates the shakuhachi, sea shanties and the sound of water falling.

    Mental State: Sane

    Relationship: None

    Personality: Yale is a relaxed individual who likes to enjoy a drink with his friends after a long day of hunting Grimm, although it is debatable if he is old enough to drink, he seems to fight better while drunk. Although behind all the booze, he is a relaxed and happy individual who loves to meditate, spar and open his mind with a tai chi session. He lounges around all day, waiting for action, rather than finding it on his own. He believes that no matter how fast you can find adventure, one will find it faster than you. So might as well enjoy the peace.



    Bio: Left on the doorstep to a monastery, young Yale was discovered by monks who lived in the Mistral mountains, secluded from all. He was brought up by these monks, trained to fight, to learn and to live. He was raised in the Temple of the Black Ox, there he began to train even as young as 4 years, where he had to bring jugs of water up and down mountains for his teacher. He began his hunter training, when his teacher saw that he fought faster, the more he hit and was hit. His teacher realized that it was his semblance, and began to train him as a hunter. Yale and his teacher, went into the wilds and studied Grimm for hours, until Yale needed to recite them over and over, if he did not, he was beaten with reeds. He learned that failure is not a valid excuse and that he must always fight to ensure that this world is safe from the Grimm threat. When he reached the age of 16 he created his new style, “Water Serpent Style”, which incorporated, many jabs and lunges to defeat a target. He mastered his own style in a matter of weeks and presented it to the heads of the monastery. Unimpressed, they declined his offer and told him to return to his studies. Distraught, he sat in his room, disregarding his responsibilities. Though his teacher was to beat him for his irresponsible attitude, he instead told Yale, that even though the light isn’t shining now, it will peak its head out. And that is when you strike. Yale thanked his master and a week later, he was right. The teachers of the monastery decided to teach the students his technique, seeing that it could be useful. When he finally reached the age of 18, the teachers offered him a role of being a teacher and the title Grandmaster. He declined, wanting to help those in need, from the Grimm attacks. He departed from the monastery, on a perilous journey across Remnant, helping all those who needed his help, he would help many on his travels and would stumble upon a find of great value, whilst on his travels.



    Weapon name: Wander

    Other weapons: N/A

    Gadgets: Blinding powder

    Weapon forms: A bamboo staff with a flask hanging off the edge.

    Appearance of weapons:

    Wander: Wander has a basic appearance of a bamboo staff, but colored a light brown. The staff at the ends, has blue tassels on it, along with a flask that bears Yale’s emblem.


    Fighting styles:

    Staff: When in combat, Yale uses his staff by striking enemies with quick hits, making countering him a difficult task. Unlike many, Yale doesn’t go for vulnerable spots immediately. He confuses his enemy by making them assume he is a novice, when in reality he is a near master in his style. He confuses them by hitting spots that would only annoy targets, making everywhere he hits them, a vulnerable spot. He uses his own technique, “Water Serpent”. As he created it himself whilst staying at the monastery.

    Fists: If he cannot use his staff, he will use his fists, and use his technique, “Water Serpent”. To inflict quick jabs and strikes, disorienting enemies.



    Head: He’d wear his straw sun hat.

    Neck: He’d wear a necklace of wooden beads around his neck.

    Spaulders: N/A

    Top: He’d wear a yale blue coat that would go down to his waist and would be open, showing his bare chest.

    Back: Yale wears his brown bag, wear on top of the bag is his green sleeping bag. Inside the bag are basic things such as food, water and clothing. He travels quite a bit so he must stop at Inns, bars and stores to replenish his rations.

    Gloves: White wrist wrappings.

    Belt: White bandages.

    Legs: He’d wear yale blue monk pants, that would tuck into his tabi’s. They’d have a black string wrapped around the pants that ran down along the tabi’s to secure them.

    Feet: Black tabi’s

    Piercings and tattoos: His emblem is tattooed onto his back.

    Emblem: A blue sea serpent. (Located on his back and on his pants right thigh.



    Semblance name: Speed of the Serpent

    Semblance: As Yale fight’s on, his attack speed increases making him harder to keep track of. Though this does not increase his movement speed, it does enable him to increase his reflexes and striking speed.

    Handedness: Right

    Strengths: Can take a few hits, relaxed in almost every situation, strong willed, quick reflexes, confident and

    Weaknesses: Cannot focus when too many are talking, fear of disappointing his teacher, can only go so far with his semblance before he is too tired to go on and hates to lose.




    Hair: long, in a ponytail, sides are shaved off.

    Scars: Across his nose.

    Height: 6’1

    Weight: 155 lbs

    Complexion: White

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Navy blue

    Body Type: Mesomorph


    Fun facts:

    • Hates it when people disturb him, while he is meditating.

    • Seems to be having visions of his teacher instructing him during his meditations.

    • Thinks Grey is the only rational person he has ever met.

    • Is the creator of the Water Serpent Style



    Father: Unknown

    Mother: Unknown

    Others: N/A

  • LukePrather


    #33549152 - 1 year ago

    Whats the most loyal animal you can think of? Other than a dog/wolf that is. Need to know for my Knight character.

  • ThePhoenixRisen


    #33549207 - 1 year ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    None mythological I assume? hmm well there was these 2 guys that adopted a baby lion once, after a few years they had to release him into Africa but before that he was extremely loyal and loving and years after they had released him they went into africa to find him and when they found him in the wilds of Africa he remembered them and charged right up to them and gave them huge hugs and made them meet his pride. And they spent some time up there with him for a bit.

    Does that count?

  • LukePrather


    #33549217 - 1 year ago

     In reply to ThePhoenixRisen Not really what i was looking for, im talking about animals who are just naturally loyal. I dont wanna use wolves or dogs cause their overused and kinda boring now.

  • Malochroma

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    #33549225 - 1 year ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    Corvids are pretty good friends if you treat them right. They're crazy smart and good communicators, so if they recognizing you as "friend to us," they'll be chill with you.

    'Course, if you piss a few off, the entire local population will be giving you hell.

    Also, a common stereotype in Korean folktales is that magpies are loyal birdies who'll repay favors for you, while in Indian beast fables the mongoose is seen as a loyal, protective pet that'll kill all the snakes.

  • ThePhoenixRisen


    #33549239 - 1 year ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    Horses are also naturally loyal to humans and since your character is a knight that would be a perfect fit.

    Though in reality most animals are capable of being loyal to humans if humans gain their trust, this is the same for wild dogs and wolves to.

    There are some species of bird to.

  • xyonai

    xyonai Nephilim

    #33549251 - 1 year ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    You can train bears as loyal pets as well, if you wanna go for that.

  • LukePrather


    #33549252 - 1 year ago

    In reply to ThePhoenixRisen

    In reply to Malochroma

    Hmm, i think i might go with horse on this one, give her a horse tail as a faunus trait and change her hairstyle to resemble a horses mane. Maybe shaved on the sides and braided?

  • ThePhoenixRisen


    #33549280 - 1 year ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    It would make sense given that she is a knight I mean what's a knight without his or her horse right?

    That could work, sounds good ^^ !.

  • ThePhoenixRisen


    #33549642 - 1 year ago

    For whoever comes in next.

    Name: Iro Stormcrow

    Iro is a variant of the name Hero but also means Iron, which is grey in colour.

    Stormcrow's are said to herald storms, lighting, thunder, death and misfortune. And storms like crows are black/dark grey and the lighting is blue.

    Colour ( Theme ): The colours of lighting and storms which is the main and constant theme with my character so black/dark greys and blues.

    Allusion: I based my character off of several people I will list them here.

    1# Myself

    2# Tachibana Dosetsu: 

    3# Ikki from the anime Chivalry of a Failed Knight.

    4# Miyamoto Musashi 


    Former: Signal Academy

    Current: Beacon Academy, Stormcrow family, Team IVRY ( Ivory )

    Basic Information

    Species: Human Gender: 

    Male Age: 17 

    Height: 5 foot 9 inches 

    Build: Medium build/very fit 

    Eye colour: Grey 

    Hair Colour: Black 

    Skin Colour: Standard light tan colour most white people are coloured.

    Face: Pretty much same as my profile picture.

    Relationship: Unknown 

    Origin: Vale 

    Current Residence: Beacon Academy

    Family: Stormcrow

    Occupation: Hunter in training. Current Beacon Academy first year student. Team IVRY ( Ivory ).


    Rising sun with a bonsai tree ( actual colour should be dark red fading into ivory white )



    Asian robes similar to a kimono worn by samurai the top is a dark but vibrant navy blue with shorter sleeves stopping just after the elbows.

    The rising sun symbol( the one above ) on the back of the top part of the robe actual colour should be dark red fading into ivory white

    The bottom part is black and goes down to my upper ankles.

    black boots with a silver/grey thin armor plate lining the front of the boots that have both wind and ice dust is woven into the boots.

    He wears black combat gloves with lighting dust woven into them, the tips on the fingers are gone and they have a thin armor plate on the top of the glove.


    I came from the Stormcrow family, a family of master swordsmen, warriors and hero's. Who have a unique genetic semblance, that allows us to burn sigil's and runes onto our body to physically augment our capabilities. Though they only stay on our bodies for the length of the battle before disappearing.

    We used to be well known throughout vale but waddling about in the saftey of the capitals walls made us weak, less capable and so like most things in this world we've faded from history and into the shadows from the public eye. Opting to protect vale and it's outlying villages from the dangerous wilds where it is survive or die and as such we have through harsh training and living environments we have emerged yet again and regained the power that made us so respected in the past.

    My parents are both loving and caring, though very strict and worrying due to the nature of where we lived. I was trained from a young age in the art of the sword and how to use our family semblance so that I wouldn't get myself killed. And when they thought I was ready they sent me to Signal Academy where I designed Raijin a sword that compliments both my fighting style, dust preference and semblance. And that my combat style is reliant on.

    From there I applied to Beacon Academy which I successfully gained entry to. This is my first year here, while I am a competent and skillful warrior already, I still have much to learn and am still inexperienced. But after I graduate here I will have the experience and training I need to fully utilize what has been gifted to me.

    But there is another reason I am here to, in addition to gaining knowledge, training and experience from the best hunters and huntresses in the kingdom. I am also here to find a suitable mate in order to bring into the world the next successor of my family after me. With the oncoming darkness that I feel growing in the world we will need all the hunters, huntresses and warriors we can train and produce.

    I am the lighting that strikes with purpose and precision, the shadow that holds the darkness at bay, lest I and the world be consumed by it.

    I am Iro Stormcrow and my story is just beginning *turns back and smirks*


    Extremely laid back, to the point where he's been mistaken for dead multiple times during naps because his heartbeat slows down when he is relaxed.

    Easily amused.


    Serious when he need to be.

    Dry humor.

    Loves fighting, training and combat in general always looking for the strongest opponents to fight and beat.

    Despite having high combat ability, is quite humble and respectful when it comes to fighting opponents even weak ones and will not fight un-honorably or fight a unfair fight.

    Goofy at times.

    He is in general a reserved person though not shy just more of a listener he does not mind talking just not an overly amount.

    He is patient and when he acts, especially in combat it is with purpose.



    Martial Arts ( hand to hand )

    Close range weaponry specialist

    Dust manipulation





    Custom Dust Katana/Naginata

    Name: Raijin

    ( I did not make this picture and it is just being used as a placeholder for now since it looks almost exactly like what Raijin will look like )


    Raijin 2nd form: Naginata Spear/sword

    ( place holder picture )


    Link to weapons full information and capabilities


    Semblance: Runic Battle Enhancement

    Runic Battle Enhancement is the genetic semblance of the Stormcrow family it is powerful but takes a lot of training and practice to master, otherwise it is potentially fatal if used incorrectly and still can be if the user pushes the semblance to far even after mastering it.

    He places his palm on his skin and burns a sigil/rune into my skin which takes a few seconds. Each sigil/rune has a certain physical and sense augmentations that they grant him, the sigil's/runes take 

    the form of a black tattoo in the shape of each rune and or sigil.

    He can burn/have multiple sigil's/runes into/on his skin at one time but he can only have one active at a time, once he activates a different one the affects of the previous one disappear. And he can not bestow these augmentations to anyone other then himself. And they only last the length of the battle, once the battle ends the runes/sigil's on his body disappear.

    Each sigil/rune in addition to a powerful augmentation also has a downside to it.

    Almost all of Iro's sigil's/runes have a visual affect which helps his team mates or people fighting along side of him to know what rune/sigil is activated.

    1# Taikyu: Endurance He take less physical damage and trauma while it's active but his body becomes heavier when it's activated making it harder to move when it is activated.

    He glows white when this is active

    2# Chikara: Strength/Power He gains increased offensive power/force and strength behind his attacks when this is active but each attack physically tires him out far more then it usually would which in turn while not decreasing his power it does make his movements slower and more sluggish.

    When this is activated his eyes turn and glow red.

    3# Sokudo: Speed When this is active Iro will move faster then normal and gain the ability to leave afterimages with his movements, making him easily able to dodge most attacks. But as a result his aura is more easily damaged and so if he does get hit he will take much more damage then he normally would, it also makes his attacks deal less damage then they normally would. So it is suited ideally for chipping away at an enemies aura or a grimm's strength or just for harassing the enemy.

    When this is active afterimages follow his movements.

    4# Kanpekina bijon: Perfect Vision With this active he can gain absolute perfect vision far beyond that of human, faunus or animal. he is able to see every little detail almost regardless of how small it is and can see opening's in an opponent's defense that he would otherwise not see. But at the cost of speech and hearing in which he will go completely deaf and can not speak at all. Making using this while fighting multiple opponents or in environments where he would need his hearing difficult. Also not advised to be used against opponents that can turn invisible or transport.

    His eyes glow white when this is active.

    5# Ryakudatsu chōmon: Predatory Hearing

    With this Iro can hear far beyond the capabilities of human's, faunas and animals, being able to hear almost every little thing within a wide area around him as well as being able to predict attacks such as swings and projectiles through the vibrations in the air, though his eyesight deteriorates the longer he uses it. ( the bad eyesight only lasts until the rune/sigil is deactivated, not permanent )

    No visual affect with this one.  

    Iro can also just deactivate the sigil/runes altogether if he wants to so that he doesn't waste energy or aura.

    It should be noted though that Iro can switch between each sigil/rune very quickly, so he can avoid or at least minimize the downsides of using each sigil/rune. But in the heat of battle that is not an easy thing to do so mistakes are made among other things.

    So this semblance can be very powerful or a double edged sword runes/sigil's can be overused and the physical affect can be overwhelming. And if he use's a sigil or rune for to long at once it will stop working and he won't be able to use it again for a several minutes.

    Fighting Style:

    Sword/Spear/Sebon Style

    Name: Tento ( Lighting )

    Consists of:

    Counter fighting.

    Basic sword and spear techniques with a few advanced sword techniques tailored for both grim and armed human opponents. In both a offensive and defense capacity.

    Fast, quick drawing/striking, which is the motion of drawing the sword and cutting in the same motion and quickly returning to the scabbard.

    Consists of 5 secret swords or hidden techniques created by and passed down by the family throughout the 

    generations. And 4 hidden spears, hidden techniques created by Iro for his swords naginata form.

    Link to weapon martial art Tento's( Lighting ) full information and techniques

    Martial Arts ( hand to hand )

    Name: Sanda ( Thunder )

    Emphasizes a combination of hard and rigid power techniques that pit your strength against that of the enemy's, even his defensive techniques hurt the enemy. and fast and fluid soft techniques that deflect and reflect enemies attacks and strength using it against themselves, utilizes knife hand,palm strikes, kicks, punches, feints, blocks. And utilizes lighting dust infused gloves and ice/win infused boots used by Iro

    Link to hand to hand martial art Sanda's ( Thunder ) full information and techniques



    Close combat

    Hand to hand combat

    Dust manipulation and use

    Crowd control

    Strategy and tactical thinking.


    Fighters like Nora that use electricity to power up or can absorb it or who are resistant to it.

    Long range weapons like sniper rifles

    Weapons that posses overwhelming firepower like Coco's minigun.

    Iro's own semblance if used for to long or not switched out enough

    Fire/Earth dust which will cancel out his own. fire canceling out wind and and earth canceling out lighting.


    Likes: Napping, training, fighting/sparring, strong opponents, nature, weapons, coffee, professor port's mustache(lol).

    Dislikes: Bullying, grimm, onions, current white fang leader, doing nothing.   


    Iro is a variant of the name Hero

    Stormcrow is what some cultures called crows because they thought the birds brought with them storms, lighting, thunder, death and misfortune.

    Iro's favorite food is steak.

    Iro is not just at Beacon to train in combat and be a hunter he has an ulterior motive( which I stated above somewhere see if you can remember where it is )

    Iro has a rival at Beacon

    There is no place he'd rather be then in the heart of a battle or having fun.

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