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    #33542430 - 1 year ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    There isnt electrc dust 

    Wind or Air - A "primary" type of Dust, said to correspond to the green crescent shape in World of Remnant: Dust.[5] However, as of Volume 3, it appears that wind may have been changed to white Dust.[6][7]
    Fire or Burn- Fire is mentioned by Weiss Schnee in "The Shining Beacon" as a type of Dust. Miles states that red is fire Dust in the RWBY Volume 3 Live Stream.[11] Miles also specifically informs the RWBY wiki in the Volume 1 Directors Commentary that these are called Burn Dust crystals.[12]
    Water - Mentioned by Weiss in "The Shining Beacon" and mentioned by Miles as a type used to make steam and ice Dust.[10]
    Lightning - Mentioned by Weiss in "The Shining Beacon". Yellow Dust has been shown to generate lightning.[8][9]
    Ice - A "secondary" type of Dust, formed by the combination of Water and Air Dust.[10]
    Steam - A "secondary" type of Dust, formed by the combination of Water and Fire Dust.[10]
    Gravity - Shown when Ruby uses Gravity Dust ammo in the "Red" Trailer. Gravity appears to have the colors black and purple in its released energy, as seen in RWBY Chibi Episode 3.
    Earth - Shown when Blake makes a rock clone in "No Brakes".

    From the wiki

    You are thinking of Neptune's weapon which uses electricity right?

    As far as I can tell he is most likely using a Dust combo that colors the energy release may be just for looks since Neptune does come across like that.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33542431 - 1 year ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis Refer to the RWBY wiki page linked by RoseMaryM. It was most likely a particle effect choice, rather than exactly representative of the type of dust used.

  • revanninja

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    #33542433 - 1 year ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    Could be a mistake and they forgot they associated Lightning with Yellow or she is using a combo Dust in order to make it fire like a bullet.

    Considering how it comes out and behaves I think combo is most likely.

  • RoseMaryM

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    #33542438 - 1 year ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    That's just the colour of the electicity/Lightning. We do not see the DUST colour.

    Yellow is the colour of the Dust crystal. Lighning itself can be various colours. Blue is to show electricity (like from a power source), whereas Lightning itself is actually a type of heat iirc and thus has different colours.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33542471 - 1 year ago

    In reply to RoseMaryM

    In reply to revanninja

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    Okay okay! So I just wanted to get the facts straightened out, no need to gang up on me... I DO appreciate that this didn't start going south at all, like the talk about schizophrenia kinda did, though. I'll stick with what I've got now, then, and hope it makes sense... While it'll only take a couple minutes, I do still have to take the time to think of an emblem, so I won't be able to post the new OC tonight.

  • c4blec

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    #33543246 - 1 year ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    What does it add to them as a character? Does it actually play a part in their development or is it there to be a quirky personality trait?

    This right here. Good shit. Take note of this, everyone.

    It is a lesson applicable to most anything you can do for creating a character.

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    #33543565 - 1 year ago

    In reply to lvxiaohouer36

    What the fuck are you going on about?

    Is this a bot? I can't tell. Have I been Turing'd?

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    #33543568 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Malochroma

    Its a bot because I think that was something I am Jarvis posted a long time go.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33543776 - 1 year ago

    Name: Charlene ("Shar-leen")

    Surname: Aranka (Hungarian for "gold")

    Faunus Trait: N/A

    Aura Color: Bronze

    Aura Rating: Moderate


    -Samus Aran ("Metroid" game series)

    -Leia Skywalker ("Star Wars" movie series)

    Affiliation: Mercenary/Assassin

    Kingdom of Origin: Vacuo

    Kingdom of Occupation: Vale

    Age: 28 years

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 185 lbs

    Build: Lean

    Profile Appearance:


    Note: Weapon in image is only a Rinmaru placeholder of closest resemblance (and is only half of the whole thing).

    Other Appearance Details:

    -Vest has straps sewn in, on the back, with holsters for the two halves of her weapon.

    -Emblem is tattooed on her back, though only partially visible, most of the time.

    -Black shorts, ending at the knees.



    Strengths: Trained from an early age, giving a lot of experience to work with in combat; Physically adept for almost any situation (the exception to such will be mentioned in the next section); Does not let anything get in the way of her task (especially if paid in advance), not even if the target(s) get reinforcements or are felt to not have to be targeted. 

    Weaknesses: While adept to most situations, being pitted against targets of equal or higher skill level is much less than ideal (slow metabolism, which leads to the risk of draining her stamina and, in turn, her Aura); Ranged attack is comparatively weak, given the lack of a high firing rate (weapon is only semi-auto, not fully auto).

    Personality: Not one to talk unless spoken to. If the situation isn't during a "mission" however, she CAN be quite sociable, cheerful, even has some semblance of humor... if the topic of conversation calls for it. But since conversation is usually rare, not many are able to witness her as a sensitive human being, and knowing this has a depressing effect on her. Even so, she does everything she can to not let that get in the way of her line of work, and the effort most definitely shows. Orders or not, she does still care if the target isn't some Grimm pack that needs to be cleared, even if she does feel the need to charge extra for the hit against said person.

    Known History: Born in a remote location just outside of Vacuo, life was already difficult with the lack of outside support. When a group of Griffins swarmed the town when Charlene was only eight, however, things couldn't have gotten worse... She was lucky to have survived, as it was when she found the sense to run that she discovered her Semblance... which didn't, at the time, do anything more than stall just long enough for her to get past the Griffins that tried to attack. What made matters worse was when the town suddenly burst into an enormous ball of red fire for reasons that even she couldn't tell you. It IS theorized, however, that the Dust merchant visiting at the time had found the sense to gather up enough Fire Dust to wipe out every non-flammable thing in the town, not long after Charlene had gotten to cover just outside the town's now shattered borders. Knowing she'd have to survive on her own, since then, she'd tried every possible way to get by. Using her Semblance to perform, attempting to make a living through cooking (she turned out to be nothing exemplary in the practice), even blacksmithing (which... only lasted until she had forged a weapon that she just couldn't part with, at the age of 14). Eventually, however, she found an occupation that was more... "financially reliable" towards her abilities at the age of 15: mercenary contracting. See, in the town she grew up in, it was already important to be ready to act when Grimm or bandits attacked (even though at the time, she couldn't even fend off a young Beowolf). That in mind, it made sense, that she'd have the mind to continue training when no one else was around. She had been trying to get her act together again with another group of performers when an accidental incident, involving some of the props being flung in entirely the wrong direction (let's just say it didn't go well, so you can be spared the details), caught the interest of... "less than reputable people" as some would say. Anyways, it started off as covering for certain people or standing guard for certain establishments. Eventually though, when she became of age (18), the jobs only got more serious, going as far as assassinations of political figures (usually ones that kinda had it coming, which did make it all the easier to stomach) or some "punks" that upset the wrong people. To this day, she does still take said mercenary contracts from various sources (taking care that said hits didn't conflict with said sources, of course), but it's not unknown that she has gotten in trouble with people that say/do the wrong things around her... but that's pretty rare (and by that, I mean like...  one-in-a-thousand chance). Best guess, though, she may well still be looking for a life outside of being a mercenary... as her personality suggests, in the views of others that have conversed with her...

    Semblance: Telekinesis (physically bound) - Basically, it's like controlling gravity through direct motion of the user. While this may seem like a huge advantage right off the bat, this ability has it's limits. Namely, the ability to move an object and the mass of said object, in comparison to the user, are inversely related. For instance, an object (or person) of the same weight of the user could only be moved around for a few seconds at a time, and the force in said movement wouldn't exactly be enough to cause serious injury.

    Weapon of Choice:


    "Metro" Tactical Dust-Phaser Staff- Two... excessively large Dust pistols, with a custom-made interlocking mechanism to join them together into a short staff. The ammunition for these comes from Fire and Lightning Dust, which forms a combination that acts a sort of molten ammunition. Both guns also have a control switch, activating such alters the function from semi-auto pistol to pistol-grip heat saber (basically an orange light saber with a pistol grip). This makes for several different applications, especially in making use of the rotator joint on either side of the locking mechanism.

    Fighting Style: Style is a combination of several forms of kung fu... should it involve use of oversized pistols and a staff that melts through Grimm like a hot knife through butter. Charlene will usually start with both pistols and relying on ranged combat as a way to keep the opponent(s) from getting too close. Should that fail, however, she will either switch them both to saber setting and use them individually, only switch one to saber and use them as a combination, interlock them into staff configuration... okay, let's be honest, having to list ALL of the configurations would be boring, so let's just assume they are each used accordingly to the following combinations: pistol + pistol, pistol + saber, saber + saber, gun + gun on staff, gun + saber on staff, and saber + saber on staff.

  • terrabyteprime


    #33544153 - 1 year ago

    Has anyone else noticed the big thing in Chinese or Japanese or whatever it is up there, or am I just crazy?

  • revanninja

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    #33544179 - 1 year ago

    In reply to TerrabytePrime

    Its a bot they havent cleaned up give it a few and it will be wiped.

  • HunterBlaine

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    #33544184 - 1 year ago

    Been a while since ive posted in here but figured id show what i got so far for my newest character 

    Name: Valko Lupin

    Age: 17

    Species: Wolf Faunus 

    Aura Level: Moderate

    Aura Color: Silver

    Occupation: First year student at Beacon

    Team: Leader of team VRDN (Viridian)






    Semblance: Wolves eyes-When trying to track a target, the trail appears to glow enabling him to follow it easier

    Thats all i got so far. Still working on his backstory etc

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33544227 - 1 year ago

    In reply to HunterBlaine

    Nicely done so far! I look forward to reading the rest of what this guy's got!

  • HunterBlaine

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    #33544238 - 1 year ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    Thanks! Ill probably post the rest of the team as well. Honestly their backstories are all im missing so why not?

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33544525 - 1 year ago

    Ok, finished filling in the blanks on Charlene Aranka. I sincerely hope I didn't do as bad as I did with Elderim (I say that because yes, I do factor in when a proposed disorder is found inappropriately used... plus he WAS a rushed OC)

    Edit- I've also squeezed in just enough time to complete another trailer for one of my Team G.G.N.L.T. OCs, Derek Talanton! Feel free to visit the team thread on my Profile, if you want to! (Just a quick note, this one gets kinda dark near the end.)

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33550362 - 11 months ago

    Welp, I'm not sure what'll come first. Finishing the trailers for Team G.G.N.L.T. or figuring out a team name for the group being Mote Rajani, Felina Melanie-Rajani, Elderim Hurik, and Charlene Aranka. I was thinking "M.E.R.C.", but I don't know if that qualifies. Honestly, I wouldn't mind any particular order or arrangement, so long as it's not... ELDERIM leading... Yeah, no... I think it's self-explanatory as to why...

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33550413 - 11 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis What about CREM or CRME? To mean creme? That's a color, right? Or would you rather use the F instead of the R?

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33550709 - 11 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    Like I said, my only limitation is NOT HAVE ELDERIM FIRST, so sure, F could be used... Still, I feel like it should reflect the nature of the team as well... So "cream (or similar)" wouldn't work...

    On another note... yes, I SOMEHOW got another OC idea... In fact, I'm almost done. Trouble is, I haven't actually come up with a allusion for this one... On the other hand, this makes for a first for me: This is the first OC I've created based around the SEMBLANCE before anything else, rather than the weapon.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33550723 - 11 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis Wait, why doesn't cream work? I don't know your team.

  • revanninja

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    #33550728 - 11 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    Well CREM

    and CMEN

    are both attached to Cinder









    So that maybe why.

  • GenErick64

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    #33550731 - 11 months ago

    I teased Team BLHV a short while ago so here's the first sister. Let me know any thoughts.

    Name: Victoria Pearl
    Inspiration/Allusion: IJN Kongō
    Age: 19(V1)
    Ht: 6’1” Wt: Classified
    Gender: Female/Human
    Hair: Black with a violet sheen. Hangs past shoulders. Styled with two loose buns, one on either side of her head and the rest of her hair hanging free. Also wears a golden headband with her emblem attached to it.
    Eyes: Royal Violet

    Emblem: Violet 16-Point Chrysanthemum


    Aura: Violet
    Semblance: Water Walking

    Sharing the same semblance with her sisters, Victoria can walk on water. Her semblance requires very little concentration and almost no energy to use but if her aura is depleted, her semblance fails and she sinks (or swims). A secondary ability to this semblance is her ability to choose exactly how buoyant she is; choosing whether she wants to stand on the water’s surface or sink up to her waist or even further without having to tread water.

    Kaigun Jū 30/45 “Kurasurīdā Kongou” Translation: Naval Gun 30/45 "Class Leader Kongou"

    Dual-mounted 30mm/45 caliber naval cannons that pack a serious punch.

    In the primary fighting mode, the Kaigun Jū weapon  splits into two single arm mounted cannons that can be used for a bashing weapon and makeshift shield in melee combat or as a powerful cannon in ranged combat.

    For BLHV’s team attack “Broadside”, the Kaigun Jū recombines into its dual mount form so all four girls can unleash a devastating 8 projectile salvo.

    Ammunition: The shells have a red tracer.

    1. General purpose high explosive rounds powered by fire dust.

    2. High impact “Thumper” round that uses gravity dust to impart a massive amount of kinetic damage upon the target. This ammunition type is only used by Victoria.



    Water Walkers:

    A unique piece of ankle-mounted equipment built by sister Hyuuga. It works with the girls’ semblance by providing a rudder and propeller system so the girls can sail across the water’s surface at a speed of up to 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph). This piece of equipment uses Remnant Collapse-o-Tech and folds up so as not to get in the way while walking on land.


    Victoria wears a Victorian style dress with a short, combat cut skirt. Further detailed with a modestly cut bust line and long sleeves. She also wears black, thigh-high boots with a small heel. The primary dress color is a dark violet and the secondary color is a dark cream color.


    After the dissolution of her team, Ariel Pearl retired to Mistral where she gave birth to four identical quadruplet girls: Bellona, Lavender Rose, Hyuuga, and Victoria. These girls kept the hands full of their mother and “Grandpa Warden” during their early years.

    Later on, the girls wished to become huntresses like their mother and attended Sanctum Academy before graduating on to Haven where Victoria was chosen as the leader of Team BLHV; Burning Love.

    It was not until their second year at Haven that anything exceptionally exciting happened to the girls. They decided to take part in the Vytal Festival Tournament and faced off against Team ONIX of Beacon in the 4v4 round. Victoria faced off against Nikolas in the swan song of the fight and ended up breaking his nose with one of her “Thumper” shells. In the aftermath, Ariel and Thera had a reunion in Beacon’s infirmary where it was discovered that Nikolas was cousins with the Pearl quadruplets.

    Continuing in the Festival Tournament, Victoria and Lavender Rose went on to the doubles round but were unable to pull off the win. Team BLHV also fought in the Battle of Beacon before returning to Haven but they plan on transferring to Beacon for their third year of huntress training with their “cousin team” Team ONIXX.

    Personality and Abilities:

    Victoria was born first and even though it was only by minutes, she makes it known that she is the better sister though it is just teasing 99% of the time. Though she teases, she knows that as the eldest sister it is her responsibility to take care of her siblings. Mess with them and Victoria is first in line to beat the snot out of you, wearing a dress or not.

    She is overall the wisest and generally better skilled in a fight while all of her other traits are average compared to her sisters.

    Victoria is very eccentric and likes to dress up fancily. She makes most of her own clothing and even some items for her sisters as well as loving to cook. Her specialty is an apocalyptically spicy Japanese-style curry with black tea to drink.

    While interacting with her cousin, Nikolas, she refers to him with the pet name: “Bucky”. This is because Nikolas hates being called “Nicky”. Funnily enough, Nik only allows Victoria to call him “Bucky”.

    Victoria is also afraid of sea lions, she thinks they will eat her.

    History Lesson: IJN Kongō

    Kongou was the last warship built outside Japan and nameship of her class of four ships of British design. She was laid down in 1911 at Barrow-in-Furness in Britain by the Vickers Shipbuilding Company. Armed with eight 14” (356mm) main battery guns and sixteen 6” (150mm) secondary battery guns located amidships. She was commissioned in 1913 as a battlecruiser and patrolled of the coast of China during WWI.

    Due to the restrictions of the Washington Naval Treaty, Japan was unable to build new battleships and was forced to upgrade their WWI ships. From 1929-1931 Kongou was upgraded and reclassified as a battleship. Her armor weight increased from 6,500-10,300 long tons which violated the Washington Treaty.

    In January 1935, Kongou was toured by the Nazi German naval attache, Captain Paul Wenneker. A former gunnery officer, Wenneker was unimpressed with Japanese gunnery technology.

    In June 1935, Kongou was drydocked at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal for further upgrades. She was lengthened to improve her fineness ratio, she was given new oil-fired Krampon boilers, and her armor was further improved. In addition, she was given a fighter catapult to allow her to support three floatplanes and her superstructure was completely rebuilt into the iconic pagoda mast style that Japanese battleships became known for. Kongou was now reclassified as a fast battleship, the big guns and heavy armor of a battleship with the speed (30 kts) to support carrier task forces.

    Throughout WWII, Kongou participated in many battles. She supported invasions in the South Pacific including: Thailand, Malaya, The Dutch East Indies, and even the Battle of Midway. She participated in the most successful Japanese battleship action of the war with her sister ship, Haruna, when they bombarded the Americans at Henderson Field. They fired 973 14” shells at about 15km heavily damaging both runways, destroying almost all of their aviation fuel, destroying 48 of 90 warplanes and killing 41 marines.

    On 21 November 1944, Kongou, Yamato, Nagato and the rest of the First Fleet were headed for Kure for reorganization and repair. The submarine USS Sealion fired six torpedoes at Kongou and three at Nagato. Only two torpedoes hit, both on Kongou.

    Fifteen minutes after detaching from the main force, she was flooding uncontrollably and as the evacuation was underway, her forward 14” magazine exploded. She sunk with 1,200 of her crew including her captain. The escorting destroyers Hamakaze and Isokaze only rescued 237 survivors.

    She was one of only three British built battleships to be sunk by submarine during WWII.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33550784 - 11 months ago

    Name: Wilbur

    Surname: Eticus (derived from "Eutychus")

    Faunus Trait: N/A

    Aura Color: Multi-color (varies with environment)

    Aura Rating: Very High

    Allusion: Gambling

    Affiliation: Positive-Neutral

    Occupation: Entertainer/"Bouncer" (as far as Grimm are concerned)

    Kingdom of Origin: Atlas

    Kingdom of Occupation: Atlas

    Age: 27 years

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Build: Stocky-Toned

    Profile Appearance:


    Other Appearance Details:

    -Two small sheaths for his weapons are strapped to his hips.

    -Dress pants match the overcoat and stop just above the ankles.

    -Shoes are polished brown leather (replaced with the appropriate winter boots of similar color when not indoors. 

    -Overcoat has a loop on the back to lace the dress shoes to, when going outdoors.



    Strengths: Fluent in several forms of on-stage entertainment such as stand-up comedy and interpretive dance; Flexible, despite what his build suggests (while not compromising strength); Can play an opponent into his hands through decisive motions and strikes; Great with all ages and types, he has no preference except anyone that isn't a Grimm.

    Weaknesses: Lacks a means of long-ranged combat; Can't afford a change of lifestyle (lack of adaptability); An impulsive gambler; Can't make a decent meal for himself (or BY himself) to save his life...

    Personality: With being such an impulsive gambler without being able to provide for himself outside of his occupation, there are only two possible reasons as to why he doesn't have more enemies than he does. One: He's an all-round crowd-pleaser for people of all sorts and ages, so it's hard to find a reason to not like him as a person. Two: His stature and "decorations" on his sides, paired with his casual demeanor possibly create an air of intimidation about him, to those that DO find issue with being around him. Whichever the case, at least he's not afraid to admit when he messes up...

    Known History: As far as what's known, his life has been relatively uneventful... which seems quite abnormal, for the person that he is. He went to school like everyone else, he studied at the Academy, which is hardly unusual. Heck, he was even just an average student... Well, there WERE a few gambling incidents that put him into a troublesome amount of debt, but that debt was settled rather quickly, during his time as an entertainer. His normal salary, given his usual expenses outside of gambling, doesn't seem hardly enough to have done so that quickly, so there is speculation as to how it happened. Either he's that good of an entertainer that people simply pay extra, his gambling has started paying off, or there may have been some... background action... of the illegal sort. If anything, it COULD be ALL of them, for all we know. In any case, at least he doesn't plan on going anywhere, so whatever way he got out of debt, it's likely to come up at SOME point.

    Semblance: Aura Channel - Ability allows for Aura to be used directly in many applications, especially offense or defense. While acting so with it doesn't wear the Aura down, taking damage with it does (which includes DEALING said damage). The further away the Aura is cast, the weaker it bind is, to the point where it is possible to be broken off and destroyed easily (the threshold of which starts at around 15 feet from the user). For Wilbur in particular, being able to interact with it without running the risk of taking damage comes as a good application in entertainment...

    Weapon of Choice:


    "Cold Steel" Scissor Blades - ... They're basically dagger-like scissors that happen to have a freezing effect from being readily imbued with Ice Dust... Other than that freezing effect (which can have devastating effect to cuts made), what else is there to it that's so special, really? Sarcasm aside, they certainly pose a particular threat to Grimm that get too close. Oh, and they DO show the emblem on each (with Ice Dust accents), so that's pretty cool... pun not intended.

    Fighting Style: Incorporates his dancing techniques into martial artist style dodges and maneuvers towards attack and defense, allowing for fluent agility and unpredictable attacks. When he's running low on Aura, however... the opponent should probably start running (with the very high probability that their low on Aura as well, if they didn't land many hits), as he is very effective with his Cold Steel daggers when he decides to get personal.

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 8/10

    Melee Proficiency- 7/10

    Ranged Proficiency- 4/10 (Dependent on Semblance)

    Defense- 7/10

    Strength- 5/10

    Aura- 10/10

    Sociability- 10/10

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33550797 - 11 months ago

    In reply to GenErick64

    Well done, once again. Seriously, I could never imagine having to pull off such obscure allusions, yet you do so very impressively!

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33550802 - 11 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    They're all mercenary OCs, and none of which have much to base off of such a name as "cream". Also, there's revanninja's point about already canon characters. Maybe it'd help to read up on them. They're on my shortcut post on my Profile.

  • GenErick64

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    #33550808 - 11 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    It definitely helps being fond of world wars era battleships.

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