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  • ShadowSJG


    #33561919 - 4 months ago

    I got overlooked in the last thread as well, so I will post my OC here. Looking for some good feedback:

    Shinku Antares(my first oc. Last name comes from brightest star in scorpio constellation, which is red). I already explained him in detail. as shown here:

    Name: Shinku Antares

    Age: 18-19

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Weapon: Alizarin, a pair of clawed gauntlet and greaves. They can combine to form a large cannon. However, Shinku dislikes using it as it slows him down heavily.

    Semblance: Star/Meteor(still working on the name, was suggested Via Astrum). Shinku body grows in a bright aura as his hair flashes 3 different colors(orange/red/white). With this aura, he can fire star shots from his body, though they drain his semblance and he can turn himself into a comet for one attack. However, he can only use it once every two days.

    Appearance: Shinku has dark skin which contrast his deep red hair, slightly long with cyan eyes. When not in uniform, he tends to wear a black vest over his red shirt.  He accompanies it with a pair of dark combat shoes and dark trousers,

    Personality: Shinku is relatively calm and calculated individual. He tends to speak politely but does have a bit of a dry wit. In battle, he tends to rely on studying his opponents before he starts to hit out heavy moves. His usage of strategy makes him a good leader for Team STRR. It might not look like it, but he actually enjoys a good fight, which can cause him to get too carried away at times. He enjoys reading but is not one to appreciate classical literature, in actuality he is a huge comic book buff.

    History: Shinku is the son of a high ranking White Fang Officer and a human mother. His father had sought out to put him on the path of 'justice' almost immediately, training him at the tender age of seven after he left the group to settle down with his mother . It wouldn't be a while until Shinku discovered his innate nature for combat and his growing lust for battle. He left for Beacon without a word at seventeen, leaving behind both a mother and father with a jaded world view.

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33561920 - 4 months ago

    In reply to ShadowSJG

    Sounds like a neat character. I've also got a star-themed character. Best be careful, though- making characters with star powers can get a little too OP too quickly.

  • JustusLeague


    #33567525 - 4 months ago

    Name: Roland Brunelle 

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'

    Weight: 180 lbs 

    Color: Royal Blue 

    Inspiration: Based off of King Arthur 

    Hair Color: Royal Blue 

    Eye Color: Brown

    Skin Color: White

    Kingdom: Vale

    School: Beacon Academy

    Sexuality: Straight 

    Emblem: A dragon's head with a divided circle in the background. 

    Weapon: Sword and shield X-Calibur and Artheo’s Shield (similar length to the Master Sword and wears it on his back). The sword has a royal blue hilt, gold guard with small crowns on the end and another small gold crown at the end of the hilt. The shield is gray with golden tips and his emblem is on the center also colored royal blue. 

    Weapon Abilities: Sword and shield are unbreakable but cannot cut through everything. Sword can be charged with energy to release energy waves. The sword has runes on it that light up when energy is infused in it. Power is based on time charged. Can also release multiple waves. Shield can transform into the sword's scabbard  (similar to Crocea Mors). While in shield form, the shield can reduce the kinetic energy of attacks, thus increasing blocking ability. While in its scabbard for and Roland is wearing it, it reduces damage of attacks. Can combine to create a longsword with two prongs on the end. 

    Semblance: Aura manifestation into knight's armor. The armor expands in size to that of an Atlesian Paladin. To use it, he must focus his energy for a moment and can manifest it partially  (i.e. an arm). If he manifests his right arm, a sword will appear for it to grasp, and the same with the left arm but a shield for it instead. The arms appear above his own and move as he does. To manifest his aura completely, he must combine his sword and shield together. Then, his sword gathers energy by battling. The amount of energy gathered is shown by the runes lighting up. Once they are all lit up, he is able to use his semblance at it's full power. It is a giant knight that stands two feet taller than an Atlesian Paladin and packs a lot of power and is quite durable (similar to the Susano'o but not nearly as powerful). However Roland can only maintain his semblance for five minutes at maximum. Using his semblance also drains him of energy and if it is breached, his aura fades completely and takes longer to regenerate. 

    Attire: Wears a black tunic with a gray armored breastplate and armored gloves, each outlined with royal blue. Wears blue jeans, brown combat boots, and royal blue scarf around his neck that his love made him. He also wears a necklace with the engagement ring that he gave to his deceased fiancée.<>

    Fighting Style: Favors close combat and approaches battle cautiously. A tactical genius, can read his opponent's fighting style given the chance to analyze it. Prefers to defend initially to read his opponent.

    Weaknesses: Vulnerable to ranged combat and can be overwhed by strong opponents. Can be caught off guard by unpredictable foes. Using his semblance makes him grow weak and can be left vulnerable when trying to use his full power. He also cannot use his semblance or any of his sword's abilities when he combines his sword and scabbard to use his full power.

    Personality: Intelligent in both battle and academics. Prefers to think before acting and always has a plan. Calm and quiet. Often seeks solitude and can seem cold and indifferent at first but has a soft spot for his friends and family. A man of strong character and loyal to a fault. Very serious and a bit literal as he sometimes doesn't get a joke or sarcasm. Humble and brave, willing to face his fears. 

    Likes: Solitary walks in nature and especially loves watching the birds, video games and board games, particularly chess, spending time with family and friends, and reading books.

    Dislikes: Laziness, going without a plan, messiness, deception, being forgotten, doing things he perceives as silly or idiotic.

    Goals: Wants to become strong as a huntsman to protect others and restore the forgotten name of Artheo. After the fall of Beacon, he seeks to stop Cinder and all that followed her to prevent others from suffering as he did.

    Bio: Descendant of Vale's first king Artheo. Oldest of three, has two younger twin sisters. Since his parents left on missions often, he took care of his sisters often and matured quickly as a result. Possessed a lot of aura, semblance didn't awaken until he found and inherited X-Calibur and used it to save his home from massive Grimm invasion. He managed to turn a hopeless situation into a victory. Got accepted to Beacon 15 when Ozpin witnessed his actions in defending his home. There he met his team: Team REGL (regal). He and his team were the best Beacon had ever seen and they all graduated after three years instead of four after displaying academic prowess. They stayed together after graduation and took jobs. Roland then proposed to his sweetheart Lyla, but lost his entire team the following day after being led into a trap by the White Fang led by Cinder. Was rescued by his parents and Qrow after almost being killed by Adam. Lost his will to fight and distanced himself from everyone. After a good chat with his parents, he took up his sword once again. Went to the Vytal Festival and witnessed the Fall of Beacon. He then left for Mistral to investigate Haven Academy and ran  into Yang along the way.

    Quote: "The night must turn it's darkest before the day breaks and the light returns."

    "All I did is what anyone would to to protect the things and people precious to him."

    "I watched the woman I love die before me once, I'm not going to watch that happen again!"

    P.S. I've written a fanfic about how he would fit into the RWBY story. Check it out here:

  • Vohxus

    Vohxus Illidari

    #33567588 - 4 months ago

    In reply to JustusLeague

    This thread doesn't have many active people on it. This thread has a lot of people that could review your OC. Link

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33567591 - 4 months ago

    In reply to JustusLeague

    Oh hey! I remember you from Facebook! With that weapon, would you happen to mean this thing I gave myself a headache to design over the past week, by any chance?  yang


    Also, it's so good to finally see the OC you had in mind for it!  ruby Oh but a quick call-out on your history bit, "being led into a trap" is lacking some detail there... Also, the Semblance seems just a little bit overboard. It does seem somewhat fair with the whole charge time thing, yes, but the difference it makes is scaled WAY out there compared to other Semblances... It's good to see the OC though, like I said before!

    Edit- Oh, and sincere apologies, once again, that I couldn't get the dragon head right. I'm just not good with drawing animals of any kind...

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33567605 - 4 months ago

    In reply to ShadowSJG

    Oh I guess I got so caught up with my Facebook work (I'm doing weapons design requests, but they're slow-coming, with everything else I do on a daily basis, so I don't commission them) that I didn't see it. It's definitely a good start, but like ImmaThinkin said, Semblances like that can be tricky. Now, I see what you're getting at with that resting period, but I would simply tone it down to a sort of shot limit before Aura runs out (like somewhere between 5 and 20, depending on how strong those star things are). As for the "Comet Charging", That should tie in as about 5 times the cost of each of the stars. On another note, I would certainly agree that "Via Astrum" definitely sounds more appropriate, so you could certainly use that. Good effort, to say the least!

  • JustusLeague


    #33567622 - 4 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis Yeah, I mean the weapon you made for me. No problem with the emblem. It helped me get a picture of how I wanted it to be. Again, I appreciate the work you put into it. As for my OC's semblance, sure, it's a mouthful, but I've run it by others who actually think it's acceptable and not too OP. I made sure to put checks onto it to counter that. He has this power because he's the descendant of an ancient king who had the same power. For the history, I wanted to keep things brief to get folks to read my fanfic. Things will be more explained there. On another note, how did you add your photo to your post? I can't seem to figure out how to do that as I have a picture of my OC to display.

  • RedST


    #33567628 - 4 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    That weapon looks like a near exact replica of Jaune's Crocea Mors spare for the different color scheme and slightly bulkier shape. Is this intentional? If not I'd recommend changing up your idea a bit so it doesn't look like you're ripping off already-existing characters in the show.

  • JustusLeague


    #33568007 - 4 months ago

    In reply to RedST The weapon design was changed as it was indeed too similar to Crocea Mors. Now, it's just a sword and shield. The shield does not transform at all now.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33568353 - 4 months ago

    In reply to RedST

    In reply to JustusLeague

    Indeed. It's this for right now, but I'm working on adding a crossbow to the back of the shield where it mounts to the arm of the user. YjQvdMc.png

  • GenErick64

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    #33568358 - 4 months ago

    Alright, I've finally finished the last of the BLHV sisters but I have not finished Battlecruiser Haruna's short history yet.

    But first:

    Bellona Pearl

    Lavender Rose


    Name: Hyuuga Pearl
    Inspiration/Allusion: IJN Haruna
    Age: 19(V1)
    Ht: 6’1” Wt: Classified
    Gender: Female/Faunus
    Hair: Dyed blonde and in a single long braid. Even when braided, her hair hangs down to her waist. In combat, she wraps her hair around her neck and under the collar of her coat to keep it from getting in the way.
    Eyes: Hazel

    Emblem: Golden Yellow 16-Point Chrysanthemum
    Aura: Golden Yellow
    Semblance: Water Walking

    Sharing the same semblance with her sisters, Hyuuga can walk on water. Her semblance requires very little concentration and almost no energy to use but if her aura is depleted, her semblance fails and she sinks (or swims). A secondary ability to this semblance is her ability to choose exactly how buoyant she is; choosing whether she wants to stand on the water’s surface or sink up to her waist or even further without having to tread water.

    Kaigun Jū 30/45 “Shai Haruna”

    Dual-mounted 30mm/45 caliber naval cannons that pack a serious punch.

    In the primary fighting mode, the Kaigun Jū weapon  splits into two single arm mounted cannons that can be used for a bashing weapon and makeshift shield in melee combat or as a powerful cannon in ranged combat.

    For BLHV’s team attack “Broadside”, the Kaigun Jū recombines into its dual mount form so all four girls can unleash a devastating 8 projectile salvo.

    Ammunition: The shells have a black smoke tracer.

    1. General purpose high explosive rounds powered by fire dust.

    2. “Kiri” smoke shells. Each shell upon impact detonates into a 5 meter diameter cloud of black smoke.

    3. “Fujin” wind dust shells. Mostly used to dissipate the black smoke from the “Kiri” shells.



    Water Walkers:

    A unique piece of ankle-mounted equipment built by Hyuuga herself. It works with the girls’ semblance by providing a rudder and propeller system so the girls can sail across the water’s surface at a speed of up to 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph). This piece of equipment uses Remnant Collapse-o-Tech and folds up so as not to get in the way while walking on land.


    Hyuuga wears a white cap-sleeved shirt with black sleeves. The pair of skinny jeans she wears is ornamented with a belt buckle of her emblem, and she has a pair of black boots with a short heel. Finally, Hyuuga also has a longcoat similar to the one her father, Nickolas, wore. The coat is black with golden yellow trim and two yellow patches (one on each sleeve). When done up, the collar comes up to her nose while the lower limit of her coat stops at kneelength. Her coat acts somewhat of a security blanket (see below).

    Backstory: (snipped for redundant)

    Personality and Abilities:

    Hyuuga is the shy and withdrawn sister; she never really takes the initiative when interacting with those other than her sisters or mother. As stated above, Hyuuga’s coat is a security blanket and depending on how open or closed her coat is will tell you her exact comfort level.

    When her coat is completely closed and she is withdrawn up to her nose in the collar, Hyuuga feels most vulnerable and really wishes she was somewhere else.

    When her coat is open, she is half way comfortable with the setting. This is her level of vulnerability about 80% of the time.

    Very rarely will you ever see Hyuuga with her coat off aside from bathing or laundry. (though it is never too far away) Being without her coat means Hyuuga is completely and undoubtedly comfortable with her surroundings as well as the present company.

    Given her insecurities and vulnerability, Victoria, Bellona, and Lavender Rose are all very protective of their sister. Teasing and otherwise making Hyuuga feel uncomfortable will gain you the undivided attention of her sisters.

    Aside from that, Hyuuga is very bright and likes to tinker. She is the one who designed the Water Walkers and the Kaigun Ju cannons. Given enough time and materials, she can make and repair just about any mechanical device. She even has sets of tools pouched to the insides of her coat because you can never know when something will break.

    In combat, Hyuuga plays more of the support role. She can hold her own in the main fight but prefers to lay down smoke cover with her Kiri shells or provide ranged covering fire.

  • JustusLeague


    #33568412 - 4 months ago

    Thanks to all your critiques, I have changed a few things about my OC. Again, thanks for your feedback!


    Name: Roland Brunelle 
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 180 lbs 
    Color: Royal Blue 
    Inspiration: Based off of King Arthur 
    Hair Color: Royal Blue 
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: White
    Kingdom: Vale
    School: Beacon Academy 
    Emblem: A dragon's head with a divided circle in the background. 
    Weapon: Sword and shield X-Calibur and Artheo’s Shield (similar length to the Master Sword and wears it on his back). The sword has a royal blue hilt, gold guard with small crowns on the end and another small gold crown at the end of the hilt. The shield is gray with golden tips and his emblem is on the center also colored royal blue. 
    Weapon Abilities: Created by rare metal found in the bed of the lake where its first wielder Artheo first received it from the maiden of the lake. This special metal makes it more durable than the average sword and shield. Sword can be charged with energy to release energy waves. The sword has runes on it that light up when energy is infused in it. Power is based on time charged. Can also release multiple waves. Shield is separate from the sword and its scabbard. 
    Semblance: Called Royal Authority. Nullifies opponent's semblance. To activate, Roland must touch his opponents who then receive a mark (his emblem). His eyes and the mark then turn blue when it is activated. He can mark up to four opponents at a time and the more opponents he marks, the greater the cost in aura. The marks fade when he removes them or his aura depletes.
    Attire: Wears a black tunic with a gray armored breastplate and armored gloves, each outlined with royal blue. Wears blue jeans, brown combat boots, and royal blue scarf around his neck that his love made him. He also wears a necklace with the engagement ring that he gave to his deceased fiancée.
    Fighting Style: Favors close combat and approaches battle cautiously. A tactical genius, can read his opponent's fighting style given the chance to analyze it. Prefers to defend initially to read his opponent.
    Weaknesses: Vulnerable to ranged combat and can be overwhelmed by stronger opponents. Can be caught off guard by unpredictable foes. 
    Personality: Roland is a shy person and prefers to keep to himself. He's also very task-oriented in that when given a task, he focuses solely on completing it. He's not one for words and often seeks solitude. Because of all of this, he can seem cold or distant. However, when he really gets to know someone, he opens up to reveal that he is a kind and loyal friend who cares deeply. He also is man of strong character, preferring to stick to the rules and tradition and shows respect even to his enemies. He'll try to use reason before fighting an enemy and will only kill if necessary. He thinks before he acts, always having a plan. Keeps things neat and tidy. Whenever he does something wrong, he's quick to take the blame himself, not wanting to be a burden to others. This has resulted him doing too many things on his own and he comes to realize the need for his team and that they're there for him. 
    Likes: Solitary walks in nature and especially loves watching the birds, video games and board games, particularly chess, spending time with family and friends, and reading books.
    Dislikes: Laziness, going without a plan, messiness, deception, being forgotten, doing things he perceives as silly or idiotic, insults hurled at his friends or family.
    Goals: Wants to become strong as a huntsman to protect others and restore the forgotten name of Artheo. After the fall of Beacon, he seeks to stop Cinder and all that followed her to prevent others from suffering as he did.
    Bio: Descendant of Vale's first king Artheo. Oldest of three, has two younger twin sisters. Since his parents left on missions often, he took care of his sisters often and matured quickly as a result. Possesses a lot of aura and was prodigious in combat with a sword and shield. His semblance didn't awaken until his home was invaded by a massive number of Grimm. After he took his sisters to the shelter with the civilians, Grimm break into the shelter. After he fends off the Grimm, he sees all the huntsmen and huntresses surrounded by the Grimm. He is then called to where X-Calibur by the maiden of the lake (who orginally gave Artheo the sword), previously thought to be lost to history, is. He proves that he is worthy to wield it after pulling out from its seal, and gaining approval to use it by Artheo's spirit and the maiden of the lake who both were guarding it. Artheo infused his own aura into the sword before he died to make sure no one unworthy uses the sword and guide the next heir to the sword who proves himself worthy. After taking X-Calibur, Roland managed to turn a hopeless situation into a victory. He then faced off against Cinder who organized the attack to steal books from Mirlen's Library (Mirlen being a powerful wizard of old and friend of Artheo) and after she kidnapped his sisters to lure Roland out and take his sword. He struggles against her but is rescued by Qrow who was tracking her to find out more information about Salem. Roland is then accepted to Beacon at 15 when Ozpin witnessed his actions in defending his home and seeing the sword he inherited since it was only thought to exist in legend. There he met his team: Team REGL (regal) to which he became the leader of. He and his team were among the best Beacon had ever seen and they all graduated after four years with high honors, the year before Team RWBY attended Beacon. They stayed together after graduation and took jobs for the next six months. Roland then proposed to his sweetheart Lyla, but lost his entire team the following day after being led into a trap by the White Fang led by Adam and Cinder. Cinder wanted him eliminated due to his power posing a threat to her plans and Adam revealed that he had a grudge against Roland. Team REGL at an earlier time took a mission pulling security for the Schnee dust company for dust shipments in Vale. they fought a team of White Fang soldiers led by Blake. Roland fought her and defeated her but spared her life and asked her the question: "Do you want to be feared or respected?" He also communicated his desire for peace between the two races. That caused her to think about what the White Fang was doing and saw the terrible violence they were committing and that those actions did nothing to bring peace between humans and faunus. Adam found out that Roland spoke to Blake, and after she did, she left the White Fang, causing him to blame Roland for her desertion. Roland was then rescued by his parents and Qrow after almost being killed by Adam. Lost his will to fight and distanced himself from everyone for the next several months. After a good chat with his parents, he took up his sword once again, but still struggled with PTSD over what happened. Went to the Vytal Festival and witnessed the Fall of Beacon. He then left for Mistral to investigate Haven Academy and ran into Yang along the way.
    Quote: "The night must turn it's darkest before the day breaks and the light returns."
    "All I did is what anyone would to to protect the things and people precious to him."
    "What?! You were joking?! Geez, don't do that again! I'll die of a heart attack!"
    Other Facts: Roland sounds like "royal" and Brunelle sounds like "blue," hence "royal blue" is his color.

    P.S. I have written a fanfic of how my OC fits into the RWBY universe. I will be making changes due to the profile change so hang tight for that! Check it out here:

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33568577 - 4 months ago

    In reply to JustusLeague

    MUCH better, this time around! Well done, good sir!

  • JustusLeague


    #33568586 - 4 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis Thanks. Your feedback was most helpful. Again, nice job on the sword and shield! ruby

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33568605 - 4 months ago

    In reply to JustusLeague

    Hey, any time  weiss

  • Flagwaver


    #33572442 - 3 months ago

    Liath Linioct


    (Grey pencil with scribbled shading behind it)


    Liath Linioct is a student at Beacon Academy and a member of Team VILT.  He speaks softly and is extremely shy and introverted.  His weapon of choice is Sceitseala, a sketchpad with charcoal pencil attached by a string.



    Nickname: Idiot (by TuttiFrutti Bjart)



    Race: Human

    Weapon(s): Sceitseala

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16



    Outfit: Gray, White, Black



    Handedness: Right

    Complexion: Pale

    Height: 5’

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Grey

    Aura Color: White

    Semblance: Drawn Life


    Professional Status

    Affiliation: Beacon Academy

    Team: Team VILT

    Partner: Tuttifrutti Bjart




    Liath is short, pale, and thin.  He is often confused for a child by those he meets.  He has a wash of gray freckles across his nose that looks like a smear of graphite from his drawings and stand out against his thick-rimmed glasses.  His hair is bowl-cut and always a couple of strands that stick out.


    He wears a grey baseball cap from Beacon Academy that he turns around backwards before getting into a fight.  He wears a grey polo shirt under a darker grey letterman vest.  His gray faded jeans have a black leather belt holding them up and the right knee is torn open.  The cuffs of his pants are rolled up so he doesn’t walk on them.   His outfit is completed by a pair of black sneakers and matching fingerless gloves.  He has a bookbag over his left shoulder.  His emblem is a patch on the lower left side of his letterman vest.



    Liath sleeps in a pair of light gray pajama pants, decorated with various colors of gems, and a white v-neck t-shirt.  He usually carries a brown teddy bear with him.


    Dance Outfit

    During the Beacon Dance, Liath wears the standard tuxedo for Beacon Academy.  It includes a white button-down shirt with gray vest and black dress shoes that seem perpetually scuffed.  His dark gray trousers are a little more faded than his over-sized jacket, the latter with a gray trim that matches his poorly-tied green bow tie.



    Liath wears the same brown shoes, dark gray trousers, dark gray jacket with tan trim, blue vest, red tie, and white shirt as every other male student attending Beacon Academy.  The ends of his trousers are rolled up and the jacket looks oversized on him.  His shoes are scuffed and his tie poorly tied.  He still wears his gray ballcap.



    Liath is an introvert.  Not just an introvert, but so introverted that he is uncomfortable being around other people.  He prefers to hang back when in groups or to stay to the sides of the room.  He never makes eye contact and his voice is barely above a whisper.  If he is ever missing, the best place to look is for an isolated tree; he’ll be sitting on the opposite side from where everyone is at.


    Whenever he has time, he is sketching in the book he always seems to have.  Anyone peering over his shoulder as he looks through the pages to add a smear here or a line there will be amazed by what is in it.  From bullets to Grimm to people he meets around the campus, the book is full of them.  He pays more attention to it than to anything else around him.


    Weapon and Ability

    Liath is as physically imposing as a stick.  When fights break out, he usually jumps back with his “battlecry,” which is actually a start of fright at the sudden movement and sound.  He doesn’t know how to throw a punch, doesn’t know now to properly block, and doesn’t know the first thing about either marksmanship or melee combat.



    Liath is armed with Sceitseala.  It is nothing more than a sketchbook with a charcoal stylus attached to it.  The edges look brand new, but the pages have charcoal marks on them as if things have been erased from the blank pages.


    There are three distinct sections in the sketchbook, each with a tabbed card-page to separate them.   The first section is full of pages and pages of projectiles in every shape and size; from single high caliber bullets to smaller automatic fire, to large grenades.  The second section contains various depictions of Grimm in every shape and size.  The third section contains beautifully depicted sketches of Huntsmen and Huntresses with their weapons in various poses and movements complete with the motion lines to show how they are moving.



    Liath’s semblance is the ability to Draw Life.  He places his hand on an image that he draws, from a simple stick-figure to one of the ornate sketches in his book, and thrusts his hand forward.  Whatever it rested on appears in front of him.  If he does this with a bullet (or stream of bullets or grenades), it fires them at whatever he is casting at.  However, the full power of his Semblance is when he Draws Life on a figure.


    Whatever figure he casts appears in its sketched state before him to fight.  It has a life of its own, and a bit of an Aura in order to defend itself and power its attacks.  While it cannot use the Aura powers of the figures it represents, it can be drawn to include speed leaping and even ammunition or a fired weapon.


    The only limitation is that no two Drawn Lives can be active at the same time and casting them erases them from the pages.



    Liath is physically unable to fight.  He can run and hide, but all of his offensive abilities come from his Drawn Life figures.

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33572739 - 3 months ago

    In reply to Flagwaver

    Interesting idea. I think it would be pretty cool if Liath could turn into whatever it is he draws for a short time, but then again he could just turn into a cartoon character and be impervious to damage if that were the case. Still, awesome character!

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33572916 - 3 months ago

    In reply to Flagwaver

    Very nicely done, good sir! Well done indeed!

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33576930 - 3 months ago

    Got a new one! This one I made, edged forth by a competition that came up on a Facebook page, but hey, at least it would seem that I'm not as out-of-ideas as I originally thought. Well, that's enough talk outta me. Here he is!


    Name: Geoffrey 

    Surname: Dusan 

    Faunus Trait: Tail (Grey Wolf) 

    Aura Color: Silver 

     Aura Rating: Very High 

    Allusions: N/A (There are multiple, but very loosely related) 

    Affiliation: Hostile (Territorial) 

    Kingdom of Origin: Vale 

    Kingdom of Occupation: Vale

    Age: 32 

    Height: 5'11" 

    Weight: 175 lbs. 

     Build: Stocky/lean 

     Profile Appearance:


     Additional Appearance Details: 

    -Black robes include a hood, which is normally worn when in public (when that does happen). 

     -Shoes are hand-made with leather from animals he's killed himself, as is the undershirt he wears. 

     -Emblem is stitched to the top left corner of the undershirt. (Not visible in the Profile image) 



    Strengths: Strong grip and firm stance; Attacks are fast and precise; Relentless towards finishing what is started (to the reasonable extent of withdrawing when in critical condition)

    Weaknesses: Has no regards towards employing a fighting strategy; Ranged attack has limited use (Each use, before reloading, has a life span of about 5 seconds; reload takes about as long and prevents being able to attack)

    Personality: Generally warm-hearted to those he's known and trusted for a long time. To all others, he is cold and ruthless, even to those he trades with whenever he decides to visit a certain village; even more so to those that enter his domain, regardless of intention.

    Known History: Born in a village located in the southern region of Vale, it was reported that a large pack of Beowolves had attacked when Geoffrey was only a few months old. The villagers had done everything they could to fight them off, but there were just too many Beowolves and the town was almost completely overrun, save for when the carnage attracted the attention of a pack of wolves whose territory extended beyond the village (they and the villagers had been living in tandem, neither one attacking the other for many years). Aggravated that the Grimm were attacking within their territory, the wolves furiously fought and killed the few Beowolves that the villagers couldn't hold back. One of such wolves discovered the small child that was Geoffrey, who was caught by his Faunus tail on a burnt rafter and beyond distraught that both his parents had been killed during the attack. With no parents to look after him, the wolves took Geoffrey back to their den to care for him. In this, he was eternally grateful to them, so even after he became of age to fend for himself, he remained with the pack to help with hunts and even training to fight off any attackers, be they Grimm, settlers other than the already existing village within territorial borders, or attackers of or from the village. Given the village's need to survive as well, he and the pack continued to allow the villagers to trade with outside sources, so long as said outsiders didn't stay any longer than necessary (there HAVE been a few... "close calls"). No one really knows when he discovered his Semblance or even how, but for the most part, at least the villagers have reason to be glad he doesn't intend to use it on THEM... at least, until given a reason to...

    Semblance: Spectral Division- The user fades out of visible reality and into an incorporeal state, dividing Aura into four physical representations of the user (weapons included). These "spectral projections," basically slightly weaker versions of the user (made distinct by their monotonous color, usually the same color as the user's Aura), don't lose energy from fighting -nor does the activation itself require Aura- but from taking damage. The user is free to move about, but can only attack through controlling these spectral projections. Once each projection is out of Aura, it is destroyed completely, and Aura can only be recovered by recalling any existing projections and deactivating Spectral Division. Whenever a projection is destroyed, the user can distribute the Aura from the others to replace it if they so choose, but Aura cannot be regenerated while Spectral Division is in play. Also, while ammunition is duplicated in the initial split, all ammunition is simply distributed as necessary from there.

    Weapon of Choice:


    Shrapnel- Forged from parts of discarded weaponry, the unique arrow-like weapon was made for a variety of uses, such as digging with the arrowhead blade, sharpening/carving wooden items with the axe-blade side, throwing like a spear, and pretty much everything in between that involves inflicting pain on the target. What's also special about the weapon is the corkscrew activation of the ranged application, triggering the firing of a large beam of Fire Dust energy from the axe-blade end. This beam has a life-span of 5 seconds, an effective range of 50 feet, and cannot be reloaded until used up. Also, use of the ranged application and reloading disallow being able to attack through melee use. Oh, and it should also be noted that Geoffrey possesses two of these, both made courtesy of trade with the villagers, which is pretty much the only time he spends in the village.

    Fighting Style: Primarily dependent of Spectral Division, the projections are directed to split roles of long-range and melee 2x2, alternating when ammunition is used up. Once ammunition is used up, all four projections attack as a group, all the while interacting as if actual people (not as copies that could simply be replaced). Once all projections are eliminated, Geoffrey will deactivate Spectral Division to attempt to get the job done himself until he has sustained too much damage to continue rationally, in which case he will reactivate Spectral Division as a means of escape.

    Simplified Statistics:

    Agility- 6/10

    Melee Proficiency- 7/10

    Ranged Proficiency- 5/10 

    Defense- 6/10

    Strength- 6/10

    Aura- 10/10

    Sociability- 5/10

  • Purple_Grenade


    #33577272 - 3 months ago

    Who are you and why did you step between me and that alpha?

    I can't say but I need to talk to you about Salem.

    Alright, go ahead.

    Many of you thought they were dead and soon you forgot about them.

    But what if I told you that not all of these great warriors are dead but kidnapped by her. Silver eyes are rare but very powerful so it makes that we were all hunted down.

    Now I said that not all of them were killed and that some of them were kidnapped and that’s which is what is important now. My father had silver eyes and was killed before I was born and my mother was kidnapped. She ran her experiments on use and shortly after I was born she died. What they did was sick and vile. I have never seen the sun shine or felt the wind against my skin. My whole life was in that place from birth to braking out. That’s 15 years without the feel of fresh water going down my throat or a hot meal.

    I don’t what to forgive and forget. I want to free them and kill Salem to stop this and what’s next. No, no, no death is to forgiving, I want those experiments done on her, see how she likes it. Been out here on my own for about 2 months. Only a few of use tried to escape and even fewer made it out and we split up for safety.

    There was a woman there who helped me; protected me and well trained me when the guards were gone. She stayed behind. I promised her that I will return and I will set them free.

    So why didn’t you?

    Because she sent me on a task. To find you, make sure your safe.

    Me? Why, who is she and how does she know me? Why does she care?

    A story for another time. Look Salem is moving and I need to find the rest of the Winter and Spring maiden. Summer is still trapped and you met Fall.

    But enough of that because I have some question for you like where you got that weapon from. I feel like it’s the best way to bet to know someone.

    Fell the same way but you have a lot of weapons and I want to know why.

    No time to see what works best for me.

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33577416 - 3 months ago

    In reply to Purple_Grenade

    what's this about?

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33577543 - 3 months ago

    In reply to ImmaThinkin

    I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it's supposed to be a snippet from a fan-made AU? Oh, while we're talking about content, anything on my latest OC? I'm well aware that the personality I put down for him is pretty small, but honestly, the reason for that is because there really isn't much to him. Mentally, he's a pretty simple character... though I suppose the complexity in his Semblance more than makes up for THAT... My only concern is whether or not I went a bit overboard...

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33577566 - 3 months ago

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    I don't know. Sorry, didn't really read your character's bio. Sometimes I've got the attention span of a gnat, and I just got home from a 4-hour AP test in what pretty much felt like a sweat house.

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    Hey, I just took my AP physics test yesterday, what was yours on?

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33586512 - 3 months ago

    I'll post Bibi here too, as I've done with my previous OCs. Enjoy!

    [NAME] Bibi Bumbelle.

    [GENDER] Female.

    [AGE] 17.

    [SPECIES] Human.

    [OCCUPATION/EDUCATION] First-year student at Sentry Academy.

    [COLOR THEME] (Bumblebee) Yellow.

    [REFERENCE/ALLUSION] Thumbelina.

    [PERSONALITY] To strangers and mere acquaintances, Bibi seems reserved and quiet, though not necessarily shy or easily embarrassed. She just doesn't really take the initiative in conversation and isn't good at making small talk. She keeps her answers short and her friend list shorter; it can be quite difficult to get through her bubble. She isn't dismissive of social interaction however, and will answer questions or contribute to discussions or conversations in a concise, well thought-out manner. This gives her an air of dignity and gracefulness, perhaps a bit like the wise, strong silent type. Some outsiders might even think she's very distant and closed-off emotionally. Around anybody who isn't a very close friend, Bibi is indeed truly polite and quiet. Get to know her, though, and you'll find that she's profane as anything. When surrounded by friends she's comfortable with, she is loud, swears like a sailor, burps loudly without holding back and makes many, many bad jokes. She doesn't act quiet in public out of care about her image, she just has trouble opening up to people she doesn't know well. She is quite calculating though, despite her behavior in her private time. She just strongly unwinds whenever she feels comfortable enough to do so. This initially shocks most people that get to see this side of her, but they usually quickly find that she's not explosively aggressive or emotionally unstable; her introverted personality just strongly clashes with her very loud true nature. When she is with the small group of friends she gets along with after a long day, she can finally be herself. Her friends typically see her unexpected, sudden undignified behavior as her way of emotionally 'catching up' on all the times she's acted overly reserved in public that day. Though slightly less inhibited and much more profane in this state, Bibi's core personality doesn't change. Overall, she's kind, and at no point does her excessive behavior contradict this; she's loud, but not mean or inconsiderate. Just a bit of an oddball. What is most consistent throughout both extremes of her emotional behavior scale is her hate for making decisions or dealing with responsibilities head-on. She either loudly dismisses them or silently ignores them, depending on how she's being at the time. If someone else can make a decision for her, she will always go that route, and she prefers not having to commit to any choices she makes herself. Maybe the thought of being consistent in a choice or behavior, or otherwise acting like a mature adult, is a little alien to her; she prefers the freedom to be one way first and the other way later, as opposed to having to commit to being one type of Bibi.

    [LOOKS] (NOTE: the way her weapon is drawn here isn't entirely accurate to its most current design, see the 'weapons' section for that. I also didn't have a name for her weapon yet when I scanned in this drawing, and spelled her name 'Bumbell', which I've since changed to Bumbelle.) 


    Crowning her pale face, she has blonde hair, tied in a messy bun on the back of her head. It features two strands of hair, one on each side of her face, too long to be considered part of her otherwise straight bangs. Her eyes are a bright, icy blue. Her stylized, lightweight gold-colored armor fits her torso perfectly. The armor set also sports large, upwards-pointing cone-shaped shoulder pads and, from her waist down, what amounts to being a tasset, with 4 sections fanning out slightly to look like an open tulip, albeit pointing downwards. The edges of each of these sections, as well as the ridges separating shoulder pads from torso, have a silver-colored border. From her chest down to her waist, the front of her armor features her emblem, similarly silver-colored. Furthermore, she wears a shoulder strap over her left shoulder and a belt around her waist, providing her with pouches hanging off of it on both sides of her body. On her forearms, she wears silver-colored guards, fastened with two straps, with an extension covering the top of her hands and her middle fingers. On her shins, she has similarly colored, shaped and fastened guards, which extend to her foot, sparing her heel, going between her first and second toes. This leaves her toes and heels exposed, though she does wear white socks over them. These guards, though rigid, hinge where necessitated by the presence of bodily joints. Lastly, around her neck and over her armor, she wears a light blue-colored, semi-transparent cape. It's shaped a bit like an upside-down V, or a boomerang, and doesn't quite flutter like usual capes do, as it's not made of typical cloth. It's instead made of slightly more rigid materials, and its down-pointing appendages retain their shapes and orientations with respect to one another in most situations. This gives the cape the look and material behavior of something resembling insect wings.

    [BACKSTORY] Coming from a very ordinary family in Vale, Bibi grew up as a very ordinary girl, having an ordinary life. She was a good student at Signal, achieving perfectly average grades on both physical and theoretical exams. Though not technologically talented enough to construct her weapon to be automated, it functions just fine enough and fits her style of combat well. However, to the surprise of her parents, professors and peers alike, it wasn't good enough for her. She lived a perfectly content life, behaved decently, performed sufficiently, and experienced no major hardships growing up. She did just fine, but wasn't happy. She didn't give anything her all, just as much as was needed, and no more. She hadn't even unlocked her semblance yet. Perfectly average simply wasn't her best, and she knew she could do better. She just lacked the motivation to put all her energy in what she was doing. She did want to be a huntress, but it wasn't working out, regardless of how good her grades were. She missed some kind of challenge, something that would truly make her want to go above and beyond whatever she needed to do. When she caught wind of an unofficial, Mistral-based Academy going by the name of Sentry, her interest was piqued. Supposedly, their selection criteria were really strict and the campus building was located outside of protected land borders. It only featured four professors, of which one simultaneously served as its head. The ability to stand on one's own and constant preparedness to fight for one's life were required to even stay at their location, most notably because of regular Grimm ambushes and the limited protectors against them. Seeing it as a challenge to break out of her all-too-average lifestyle, Bibi grabbed this opportunity with both hands and applied to join. She was admitted, and has since joined Plum Burgundy, Roy Lazuli and Liam Nixx in team PRBL, in whose company she quickly unlocked her semblance and discovered a newfound excitement for the huntsmen's craft.

    [WEAPONS] Tulip Grace: 


    Actually non-automated, its 'transformative' qualities are handled manually. It consists of three sections, two of which are identically curved and spiked and the third of which is a segmented metal rod, extendable from no more than a fist and a half in length to well over half the height of an average adult human. The two hollow, gold-colored identical parts feature half of a spearhead, which extends downwards and then out from the middle, with a spike sticking out. It connects back to the midpoint as it extends farther, and then goes straight down, with one last spike at the bottom. Some of their edges are decorated with silver-colored lining. The two halves can be placed together; sticking the fully extended rod through the perfectly sized holes and gaps in the middle of them then turns the whole item into a spear. The pointy head of the identical parts both have a lock system to click the two together, one of which also contains a rolled up wire. Fully unwinding the wire from this part so that a bit of tension is on it and attaching it to the tip of the other part, and then connecting the bottom ends together with the fully retracted rod, turns it into a bow, with the rod being the grip. Alternatively, the two identical parts can just be held in each hand, not connected to one another, to wield as blade-like weapons. Arrows to shoot from its bow form are materialized from dust.

    [EMBLEM] A front view of an upright tulip, of which 3 petals and 2 sepals are visible. Its stem resembles a part of Tulip Grace's spear form, pointing downward. It's the same shade of yellow as Bibi's overall color theme.

    [SEMBLANCE] FeatherweightThis semblance grants Bibi the ability to reduce her body's weight to any point from her normal weight to practically nothing (not literally nothing, but pretty much to a weight as light as that of a feather), allowing high movement speed, great jumping distances (horizontally and vertically) and the potential to float on the right breeze. Not useful in most types of direct combat, but barely taxing on her aura level at all. The changes in weight have no effect on Bibi's physical appearance.