It's just me checking in to give you all a few messages from the desk of Lewis.

smiley9.gif School sucks nobs, I'm sure everyone already knew that, but give me a deadline and I will be guaranteed to freak out. I'll procrastinate and then I'll freak out because I procrastinated and somehow in that process work will actually get done, and the deadline will be met, not without a good amount of stress of course.

smiley9.gif I've become addicted to this strange place called YouTube, there are just so many videos and video producers that I've come to love and I simply cannot watch them all! Achievement Hunter and their new channel are going to be making more and more videos and my entertainment schedule is going to go through the roof! It's extremely awesome though, god bless the internet.

smiley9.gif Thanks to all this time that I have spent on YouTube, I've become addicted to this new game called Don't Starve, a sandbox survival game that has such ingenious mechanics, and the permadeath that happens if you fail, that there's nothing to hate! So much to love!

Anyway, I dislike talking about myself, but I manage to do a lot of it anyway.

Shoutout to @MrBunns and his new CD that is going to be coming out, all RvB related songs, fantastic stuff, and @vivalajady for being kind enough to actually tweet me and say that this CD is coming out.

And to everyone else that I gave shoutouts to in this journal, recycling my own stuff I know, but I'm busy and lazy and I need to get back to Don't Starve!!

Only a week until my birthday, it's scary really.
Thanks for your time peeps.