I'm 16 today! That's totally crazy am I right? And despite the fact that I've been busy as shit with exams I haven't forgotten the RT site in all its glory.


I have like nothing to update you all on because like, I'm all grown up now, and grown ups can't make small talk.

Season 12? Frickin top, I was serious dubious about the way Miles was taking it but this shit right here, is woah, love the callbacks, the animation and machinima is real top, it's all going well, the story seems like it's heading back in the right direction and I love it.

*appropriate gif*

Last but not least I totally forgot to celebrate 3 years on the site, which is probably a bad idea, you know, mixing the 16 year birthday journal and celebrating 3 years on the site in the same journal, but consult the title of the journal, and you'll understand.

I also just realised the last journal I made was a week before my 15th birthday. Wow it has been a while.

P.S: Pokémon Hoenn remakes? Awesome!!