Hello all!

I’m posting today to not only show off some fun deleted scenes we are releasing, but to talk about RT Docs in general. With the success of Let’s Play Live: The Documentary, we have embraced the documentary format, which has allowed us to try new things and explore stories about gaming, the internet, and technology. And, though we are starting out using Rooster Teeth as a springboard, our documentaries are going to expand and really dive into some exciting topics. But, no matter what, these films will always be funny, informative, and entertaining.

We hope you saw those elements in our latest release, Connected. The response so far has been great, and we are all so ecstatic that the audience enjoyed the story we were trying to tell (and watching us torture @bgibbles and @Barbara is always a plus). That project stemmed from an idea with our partners over at Alpheus Media, and we couldn’t be happier.

Alas, certain elements could not fit into the final edit. But don’t fret – we just released four deleted scenes for Sponsors!

Blaine Calls 4-1-1


Barbara's Boredom

Two Guys on Your Head: Interview

Look out for some more RT Docs announcements soon. We have big things coming this year, and hope you all will join us on this journey!

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