Rooster Teeth is extremely proud to announce that we are kicking off the Animation Festival track at RTX Friday night at 7pm, at a special panel with Frederator Studios and Cartoon Hangover's own Fred Seibert and Nate Olson!! Fred Seibert served as the first Creative Director of MTV, as well as the President of Hanna-Barbera until founding Frederator Studios. He has produced dozens of beloved shows such as Adventure Time, Dexter's Laboratory, and The Fairly OddParents. Nate Olson is the Director of Programming and Audience Development at Frederator, and helped launch their YouTube channel Cartoon Hangover, home of such shows as Bravest Warriors and Bee and Puppycat! This is an incredible opportunity for fans of animation to gain insight from legends in the industry -- you will not want to miss this!


Next up, we have some new additions to the festival contributors! In addition to the lineup listed here, we will be presenting work from Simon's Cat, OnlyLeigh, and Mashed!! Our Saturday morning screening keeps getting crazier! Be sure to bring your preferred sugar cereal.

Here's the full Rooster Teeth Animation Festival track! Rooster Teeth would like to thank our sponsors, The Art Institutes & The Art Institute of Austin. If you’re interested in learning more about a creative education in Animation or Game Design, go to for info.

Frederator Panel (Friday 7:00p, ACC Meeting Room 9)

Join Fred Seibert (CEO and Executive Producer of Frederator) and Nate Olson (Director of Marketing) for the event that kicks off the Rooster Teeth Animation Festival! They'll be talking all things Frederator! What could be cooler than that? Nothing, the answer is nothing.

Main Animation Festival Screening (Saturday 9:30a, Hilton Governor's Ballroom)

Gray, Kerry and Miles host RTX's first Animation Festival screening. Join the them as they watch both well known and exclusive content from some of the internet's best animators. Contributors include "How it Should Have Ended", "Mondo Media", "Frederator" "Flashgitz" , "Super Planet Dolan", "Domics", "Weebl's Stuff" and many more!

Animation Industry Panel (Saturday 12:00p, ACC Meeting Room 18)

Hosted By Mondo Media and 6 Point Harness! Join Flashgitz, How It Should Have Ended, RubberNinja and others as they discuss their experience of making animation for fun and profit(or not) on the internet.

The Animation of HISHE (How it Should Have Ended) (Saturday 5:00p, ACC Meeting Room 18)

In a world where movies are not complete until someone makes a parody animation about them, How it Should Have Ended has blazed the trail while laughing all the way. Join the HISHE team as they talk about their work and show some of their sweet, sweet cartoons.

The Animation of Flashgitz (Sunday 11:00a, ACC Meeting Room 18)

Got the RTX blues? Well, you need a deep injection of Flashgitz animation. Tom and Don tell you all their secrets... and a little about making cartoons as well.

Fight Animation Panel (Sunday 1:00p, ACC Meeting Room 18)

Do you like to watch pixels punch other pixels? Is animated blood the only thing that really makes you happy? Well, we have an event for you. Members from the Screw Attack and Rooster Teeth Animation teams come together to screen some of the best animated fight videos the world has to offer from creators such as Hyun's Dojo, Mark Zhang and many more!