Aloha folks!

How the heck are you guys doing today? It's pretty nuts up here with RTX kicking off THIS FRIDAY! But hey, I know you might be thinking, "Jack, I get in Thursday afternoon, what should I do the night before RTX?" and I'd say, COME RACE SOME GO-KARTS!

That's right! Our K1 Speed Charity Pre-RTX Race For The Kids And Other Fun Stuff Including Raffle (K1SCPRTXRFTK&OFSIR) is happening again this year at K1 Speed in North Austin. ( )

I'd love for you to come by!

What is it? It's a chance to come out and meet some RT Staff, make new friends, and race go-karts while donating money to charity and helping with an awesome raffle drawing of some really badass prizes. We've got packages from Rockstar Games (GTAV), Razer, Astro Gaming, Ubisoft, and more!

But hey, if you want to race go-karts, that would be badass as well! It'll be $30 for 1 race. (you can buy more if you want) I know that may seem a bit steep, but every race includes a $10 donation to charity, which is badass. Also, this means more people can get a chance to race, which was a common issue last year!

The details again: K1 Speed Austin, 6pm-Midnight, Thursday, June 30th, 2016. Join us.

Oh yeah, it's completely free to come and hang out, no badges or anything are required. Bring some cash for the raffle as well! (We can't take cards.)

If you have questions, I'll do my best to answer them in the chat. Thanks all! See you this weekend!