Hey guys! How’re you doing this fine day?

Man, life has been absolutely bonkers lately. I haven’t had a chance to express how awesome you guys were at Let’s Play Live LA, or E3, or RTX, or with the announcement of LPL Chicago, or the fact I’m going to RTX Sydney… so much amazing stuff all packed in to such a short amount of time.

I promise I’ll get to that and express my thoughts on everything, but right now I want to tell you about something pretty sweet we are doing next weekend.

Next Saturday (July 23rd), from 10am Central until 6pm Central, we’ll be streaming with the charity organization Stack-Up! You can find more info on them athttp://www.stack-up.org We’ll be participating in their Call to Arms as we play video games throughout Saturday, and of course, we’ll have a brand new poster that you can purchase with proceeds going towards the charity!

Who might you find playing on Saturday? That’s a great question! You’ll see some of your favorites from Achievement Hunter, Screw Attack, Rooster Teeth, and Funhaus.

So, come and join us while we make our Call to Arms and raise some money for soldiers who are looking for some distraction while out there serving their country. Use this link to check out our team - http://bit.ly/RoosterTeeth16

Join us on Saturday, it’ll be a nice relaxing eight hours of gaming with your favorite Rooster Teeth personalities and also Funhaus. We’ll be streaming on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/roosterteeth See you then!