Aloha folks!

We've got some exciting news for Extra Life this year.  As stated on Off Topic last week, we'll be having the big Rooster Teeth Extra-Life stream on Saturday, November 12th.

This leaves November 5th to our amazing community! We've got 25 hours (thanks daylight savings) to fill with our incredible community teams running Extra Life events. Here's the deal, we are looking for some awesome Rooster Teeth Community Extra Life teams that are streaming on November 5th to participate in the official RT Community Extra Life stream!

If you are interested, please fill out the following form (get with your fellow group members as to not overlap with each other) and we'll get back to you to see how you can help us have the most badass community stream ever!

Now here's the cool part.  Extra Life has created a new "Super Team" for Rooster Teeth where a team of folks can join under the Rooster Teeth umbrella.  IE: I could join RT New York, who is under the Rooster Teeth Super Team, so that every donation counts towards the big RT overall total! You can join here:

If you have issues with the Super Team, or you want to create a sub-team to include in the Super Team, drop the support guys at Extra Life an email at support AT and they'll hook you up.

We're also working on an Extra Life Community poster that will only be available that November 5th weekend (AND you'll be able to buy the RT Extra Life poster that weekend too).  More details on those will come very soon, I promise.

So, to summarize, November 5th is the Extra Life Community Stream, November 12th will be the insanely badass Rooster Teeth Extra Life stream with all of your favorites.  If you have questions, go ahead and ask below, I'll do my best to answer!

Thanks all!!!