Aloha folks!

How are you doing today? I'm finally waking up after an incredible weekend in New York for Let's Play Live NYC.  But hey, no rest for the wicked! We've got ourselves a stream coming up!

That's right! It is time for our Extra Life Recruitment Stream!!

You'll be seeing some of your favorite RT personalities THIS FRIDAY from 6-10pm CST! Four hours of chaos and gaming to whet your appetite for some Extra Life shenanigans.

We're not asking for donations (but they are always appreciated), but we ARE asking for you to join us on our Extra Life team! 

Actually, you should join your local RT Extra Life Community Team (and they will join our RT Super Team!)

If all else fails though, you can totally join us right here:

Again, COME JOIN US THIS FRIDAY from 6pm until 10pm Central time! We'll be streaming on our site and YouTube! Hooray!! We love you! Thanks so much!!