...cough cough... 

Sorry, I mean oh my god I'm featured user. I'm so surprised; I've got nothing prepared...


I've always wondered what it took to be a FU. Why others got it and I didn't. Was I not well known enough? Was I not active enough? Did I not matter? It bothered me for a while, but after being a member here for 5 1/2 years and a fan for many more I came to a realization. As cool as it is to be the FU, it's way cooler to be a part of this family. 

The community of people who love and support each other even while (in some cases) never meeting face to face and being spread across the globe is incredible. Every last person on this site is important. A commmunity can only exist with the presence of multitudes and you can't have a featured users without other users.

Although I am the site featured user today, all the friends I've made are my FUs of the past and all the ones I will make are my FUs of the future.

Thanks again; peace and much love to you!