Aloha folks,

This is it, IT'S TIME!

This Saturday, at 8am Central time, we kick off our 2016 edition of EXTRA LIFE! 

I cannot wait to get this thing started.  We have some spectacular ideas and we're up for a solid weekend of positive energy with our community.  

First of all, you've been asking for it, so here is the 2016 Extra Life poster. It's a throwback to our original one we did a few years back!


It will be $10 and available only during that window of time. It looks beautiful up close.

Also, we'll have the Cheese Master Gus shirt available again in both Unisex and Women's cuts. It's a beaut.

We also had a lot of folks asking about the community poster after the community stream, so WE'RE BRINGING IT BACK THIS WEEKEND.  So if you missed the awesome photo-mosaic poster we have available in the store as well. And since we're bringing it back, we're also giving you ANOTHER opportunity to put your face on this amazing poster.  Read how here:

And now, the biggest change for Extra Life this year... we're adding in RAFFLE PRIZES throughout the stream.  We have some amazing prizes we are raffling off over the 24 hour period of Extra Life and you'll have a chance to win them if you donate!

For example, you could win a chance to hang out with us and watch an episode of Off Topic be recorded LIVE! 

Have you ever wanted to record dialogue for Red vs. Blue? Now is your chance.

Want to see the team who makes RWBY and get a chance to see the animation team at Rooster Teeth hard at work? THAT'S IN THERE.

Care to heckle Jon Risinger from the audience of On the Spot? YOU CAN DO THAT.

We will have a list of prizes you can win, and what you'll have to donate in order to be in the drawing before Extra Life kicks off this weekend.  Basically, we'll say something like:


See? It'll be set up where specific dollar amounts get you an entry in to a drawing. Super easy!

Oh yeah, and the WHEEL OF DESTINY will make a return, and anyone who donates $1,337 or more will automatically get a chance at every single prize.  It's going to be a doozy this year, we're working on a paintball firing range right now and Michael and Gavin are hunting for ONE CHIP CHALLENGE CHIPS.  

After a long week we are excited to have a weekend full of positivity and raise a ton of money for kids all over the country.  More information is coming soon! WOO HOO!

Bookmark now!

See you this weekend!