THE RAFFLE ENDS ON WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT! We've extended it until Wednesday so if you missed your chance to donate this weekend, you get a reprieve! We will announce winners on Friday!

Also, a couple of new prizes.  For $50.06 you can win one of the paintings during our Bob Ross segment, and for $13.37 you can have a chance to win the physical Wheel of Destiny! Good luck!!!

Donate at http://www.roosterteeth.com/donate 


Aloha folks! We are almost 12 hours away from the start of our Extra Life 2016 and I couldn't be more excited.  Go ahead and bookmark http://www.roosterteeth.com/ right now in preparation. From there you'll find a link to our donation page, our store with the posters and shirt, a Twitter wall, and of course our stream!

This year, we're doing something a little different.  We have some incredible raffle giveaways that our amazing team has donated.  I'll link them below, but let me run through a few questions first.

For the set visits / concert tickets / RTX tickets, travel accommodations are NOT included.  So if you win, you have to get yourself here.

Secondly, if you donate the incredible amount of $1,337 or MORE, you are entered ONE TIME in to every single raffle.  If you donate that amount more than once, you are entered in another time.  

You can donate for raffle prizes multiple times, but make sure you do it on SEPARATE DONATIONS.  ie: You can donate $20.02 three times for three entries, but if you donate $60.06, you won't be counted.  

Your entry is ONLY FOR THE ONE AMOUNT.  If you donate $100.01, you are only entered in to that drawing, not the cheaper ones as well.  The only exception is if you donate $1,337 or more.

The drawings will take place AFTER Extra Life 2016, as we have to verify the donations and make sure everything is good to go before we select winners.

EVERYONE is eligible, anywhere on the planet.  Just make sure you are donating in U.S. currency to make the correct amounts.  If you win a set visit, someone will contact you and work out the details!

That's it! If you have any more questions, please ask below, I'll do my best to answer.  And without further ado, here are the amazing goals!





See you tomorrow!