Hey y’all, what’s up? I’m Eric and I run the marketing department here at Rooster Teeth. That’s right, I’m Barbara’s boss. It’s a cruel and mostly thankless job, but it has a few perks. For one, my team and I were recently given the awesome responsibility of putting together the RT Box that our amazing FIRST Double Gold members get every month. We’ve spent a lot of time huddled around conference tables brainstorming themes and product ideas, talking shit about Jack, and generally trying to figure out how to make something really cool each month that our Double Gold members will get excited about.

Since we launched Double Gold at RTX Austin 2016, I’ve been pretty proud of what we’ve been able to pull off. The boxes each month have been full of cool, exclusive merch, and fun surprises. However, we received feedback that the quality of some items was not meeting expectations. Since taking this over, my top priority has been to improve the quality and consistency of each box, and I think we’re making a lot of progress that you’ll soon start seeing. The box that ships out later this month - with the touching theme of Friendship - will have more custom items than any box before. Everything in the box was well thought-out by our team,  and we’re very excited for you to see it and share it with your friends. Here's a sneak peek:


It’s our goal to make every month’s box better and better, and honestly, May’s box is looking pretty damn awesome. If you aren’t already Double Gold, you have until the end of this month to sign up to make sure you get May's box shipped to you. Seriously, it’s worth it for the shirt alone. 

Another thing we’re trying to do is make each box more consistent. Starting with April’s box, our goal is for each RT Box to include a custom clothing item (usually a shirt), a toy of some sort (these are going to get really fucking cool later this year), an exclusive enamel pin, a premium sticker or something similar, a useful household item, a limited edition Gold Card, a letter from someone at Rooster Teeth, and then any other fun things we feel like throwing in.

It’s also one of my top priorities to improve shipping times to make sure our Double Gold members get to experience each month’s box as soon as possible. And we are always working on  improving our customer service and support. Anyway, thanks for taking time to read this. You can find me here on the site or on Twitter @Eric_DuncanATX, so please send me your feedback or hit me up with any questions you might have. I have to go yell at Caleb now (again), so I have to run. 

Take care!