Hey you, how ya been? What's that? You could really use some animated escapism? You miss hanging out with a few thousand of your closest friends, lazing away the hours watching new cartoons together?

Then we've got you covered at RTX Austin 2017 with the 1st ever 2nd annual Rooster Teeth Animation Festival. Last year was fun. But this year it's... yyyyyyyeah, that's right. More fun. We've got over 40 contributors lined up for the screenings, including our Saturday morning cartoon craziness hosted by yours truly, Kerry and Miles. And a bunch of guests such as the folks behind Frederator, Cartoon Hangover, How It Should Have Ended, and others to be announced are going to come out to talk with you. 

Oh, and there are a couple very special events we're putting together just for you.

What kind of events, might you ask? Oh, I dunno, why don't we start by announcing the exclusive theatrical screening of the CASTLEVANIA ANIMATED SERIES from Netflix Originals? Just for RTX attendees? Screened at the superswank Paramount Theater downtown? With the director Sam Deats, exec producers Fred Seibert and Kevin Kolde from Frederator, and crew from Powerhouse Animation in attendance?


Yeah? How's that for a start? We cool? Well, in the next couple weeks we'll have some more particularly cool announcements for you where that came from. So go get an RTX BADGE if you haven't already and come hang out with us at the RT Anim Fest at RTX. You don't have to wear your PJs and eat sugar cereal all weekend. ...But you could.

More soon,