In 2041, Dr. Phillip Redman and Dr. Miles Silva were tasked with creating an alternate fuel source that would break humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels.  The two worked together for almost a decade before stumbling upon a solution.  They constructed a device called the Otrolium Matter Converter.  The Converter worked by pulling the subatomic particles out of objects placed within the machine, and re-configuring them into a new element, called Otrolium.  Otrolium is a glowing green liquid that must always be kept confined within glass tubes.  This is because of Otrolium’s reactive nature when it comes into contact with oxygen.  The catastrophic force caused by the reaction is what made it such a viable fuel source.  However, before formally submitting the Otrolium as a solution to the fuel crisis, Redman noticed some irregularities in his readings.  Otrolium was giving off incredibly high amounts of an unidentified radiation.  The effects of this radiation were completely unknown, and could spread if Otrolium was put into commercial production.  Fearing the worst, Redman had the entire project halted until further research could be done.  Silva disagreed with this assessment and fought to push the Otrolium forward.  After several disputes, Silva was officially removed from the Otrolium project.  Infuriated by this, Silva led an assault on Redman’s lab, where he and his team escaped with nearly every tank of the substance.  Unable to hide such a massive quantity of the chemical, Silva hid the tanks in warehouses and labs all around Lattice Light City.  A gang, calling themselves The Blades, eventually caught wind of this, and began raiding locations around the city in an attempt to find and sell the Otrolium.  Their ability to do this efficiently is what allowed them to become such a powerful militaristic force.  Otrolium has since been used as the reactive agent in bombs, and has also been modified to power weapons.  One example would be the gauntlets worn by the high ranking Blade member, Stunner, which can convert and focus the Otrolium into a tangible, stinging light.  However, Otrolium’s most notable use is the binding agent within the Nitro Enhancers.  Project Nitro relies on Otrolium to connect the enhancers to the subjects’ DNA.  It is a slow process, which is why it takes two years for a Nitro enhancer to fully take effect.