But we gave you some forewarning on that, so if you get mad at me, I might cry.


Welcome back to the Rooster Speak Weekly Update! We're all sad here in the admin booth knowing RTX is over and we've all gone home, but we're glad we still get to hang out with you guys every day, even if it's in a digital format. Let's get to it!

Starting this Tuesday at 8 PM CT, Movie Night is returning with Monty Python and the Holy Grail! Time to distribute swords as a means of choosing government.


This Friday night starting at 6 PM CT, we're going to take advantage of a beta weekend and have a Destiny 2 Beta Game Night! Party sizes will probably vary a lot due to the only things available being a mission, a strike, and a Crucible gametype, but we'll burn that Tower when we get to it.


Finally, on Sunday, Watch-A-Mania is coming at you with some WWE Battleground starting at 7 PM CT. It's hard to beat watching grown men get to third base with each other in the mat!


That's going to be all from us this week. Hopefully we'll have a writeup regarding the RSMUP sometime later this week, but I've been fighting the con crud for a few days now and want that shit to be meaningful and night NyQuil-infused. We hope you all had a fantastic time at RTX 2017 and we'll see you online!