I'm going to modify this entry as I go, so as to keep things in one place.

RTX number 5 for me. Crazy, loud, and completely and unabashedly worth it. Before I go into anything else, a big shout-out to the Guardians this year. In the face of unrestrained chaos and the Texas summer heat, you persevered, you adapted, and you fought over a ficus. Hell of a job this year. Thank you.

So, as many of you know, I planned on cosplaying Director Church again this year. Unfortunately, my suit was still being repaired through the weekend. So I'll have it next year, at any rate. Still, kit-bashing a recognizable ensemble together out of business cards and safely pins was an experience. Thankfully, actually looking like the Director, and being able to do the accent saved the effort. Still lost my voice this year, just like last. That voice is murder.

As for my secret project, teased a bit before RTX, let's have a look at the end product, shall we?



Picture credit: @madmanmoe

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Yes - that is a real telephone number. There is a surprise if you call. There is also a voicemail! And yes - I really enjoy hearing RT geeks toy with it.

I brought 150 of these cards, for my signature (apparently) in-character recruitment interviews (link for last year's high-light reel goes here). Counting the ones I handed out to friends, and the ones I had left over, I did over 100 recruitment skits as the Director. 

Yep, over a hundred cosplayers were given these cards, after being asked if they had any interest in joining Project Freelancer. I didn't have a larynx by Sunday night.

(to be continued)

wow, I just left this for three weeks

More is to be said about RTX, and all the wonderful people there. A stack overflow of friends, semi-anonymous acquaintances, and some guy who came as Jack Sparrow. But instead, I'd like to call out some MVPs. Those who shined.

- @AgentWashingtub008 Gold Star for this guy. I was in a wheelchair this year, and with Friday's crowds... I was a little overwhelmed. So AW met up with me, saw me eyeing the lines, and decided to make a hole for me. Like a flipping icebreaker.


Actual video, cross my heart.

@madmanmoe - for valiantly trying to Skype our forum friends abroad, and inadvertently turning his laptop into a waffle-maker. 

@Newromancer - for the intellectual lightning round.

And to everyone I missed, messed with, or taught me to play UNO - see you next year.