My mother is currently entering her later stages of Alzheimers and we’re getting more and more worried.

I’ve moved away at their request but I recently went back to visit them and help move some of my stuff out while also helping to clean their house up to put on the market.

When I arrived it was…shambles. The carpets didn’t look clean, the dust was everywhere, thinks hadn’t been touched, food in the fridge was moldy, mail and bills were piled up so high, and mom was just…staring off. She wasn’t there at all.

Dad had tried but he recently had a stroke and I don’t want him to have to suffer another one… They’ve pretty much just given up and I don’t know if this is their form of suicide .

I can’t afford to help them. SoCal is expensive and right now we’re living from what little paycheck to paycheck which means there are nights we don’t eat.

So I’m opening commissions and donations in desperation and I’m so sorry to ask when people have it so much worse but I’m nearing my own end and want to just cry every night. I want my mom back even if she had been a mean cunt, I never want to see anyone have to go through the stages of Alzheimer that she’s going through.

Above are samples I have created: Yes, I’m marketing towards RWBY but shirts will be a ONE TIME SALE ONLY for whoever commissions it. They will not be for a mass production sale just a ONE TIME.

So please, thank you, and I hope everyone takes care of themselves.


For more art pieces and samples, please check out my site www.lambency.net