If you pray, or have a different means of keeping people in your thoughts, can you pray for my family as heaven gains another star?

My aunt has now joined my cousin and two uncles.

Since last Christmas, we have suffered great loss but my family remains strong. 

My heart is so heavy but I am glad that my aunt is at peace now. Without going into too much detail, she had been battling cancer for quite a few years. She married into the family, marrying my mother's brother. They had been married for close to 50 years now, so she has been in my life for ALL of my life. She was a master cook, let me tell you, she could make amazing pho. It didn't matter who you were or where you came from, if we invited you into our home especially for the holidays, she welcomed you and she would feed you a crapton of food she made. Whenever I saw her, she called me honey and she would pat my face like I was a youngster. She was one of the most affectionate people in our family. 

I saw her last month when I went back home to celebrate my mom's birthday. She wanted me to come back home for the holidays. I am so sad that I won't see her when I got back in a few months. But the main takeaway is that she's at peace, she was surrounded by family, including my mom, dad, and brother. It breaks my heart that I was not able to say goodbye to her. I never felt more alone, but I am hoping that I can make it back home for her memorial service. I write this with such a broken heart, but I am glad that she isn't in any more pain or discomfort. 

We lost one of the truly great ones. Keep your loved ones close & those who moved on in your hearts.