We had our first Cockbite Fight Night on the 8th of September. Streamed on Twitch and using voice and text chat on the Discord, we started things off with some Quiplash 2. First question was:

What is the down side of being Justin Beiber's bodyguard?


Being Justin Beiber's bodyguard


Being Justin Beiber's bodyguard.

Showing how similar some of our community are. It was a good start to the night. It got everyone laughing and into the swing of things. There were some great answers, there were some terrible answers. There were some who didn't answer at all, but that could have been due to the latency and a poor internet connection. There was a surprisingly popular answer of simply "R". Although the important thing was that everyone had fun and that I won. Well, there were a couple of ties but it still counts right?

Next we moved onto Drawful. And if there's anyone that could accentuate the awful in Drawful, it was me. My first avatar drawing of what looked more like a man with testicles for a neck rather than a man in a button up shirt kind of set the awful standard for the night. We did however have an inevitable Hitler avatar, oh and a Turtle grenade. And what can only be described as a Captain riding a unicorn snail.

We then capped off the night with a quick game of Murder Trivia Night. A game in which I found my true calling, but killing all my opponents and winning the game with my shark avatar. Like the Jaws of the trivia world, except there was no tank explosion, or boat... or water. You get what I mean though, I was a shark in the game, it's a stupid choice. 

Anyway, I think that it was a good night for our first night and now it's time to prepare for the next. Head over to the group forum and leave suggestions for the next Cockbite Fight Night. And keep an eye out soon for further details on when the next game night will be and I'll see you all there again.