And we have lift-off, people! 2018 RTX AUSTIN GUARDIAN APPLICATION

You have until JANUARY 3RD 2018

FILL OUT YOUR APPLICATION CAREFULLY PLEASE. I encourage you all to take your time with filling out the application. There is no time limit when you open the form. There is no pressure here. Make sure that you type in your usernames and emails correctly.

I have an FAQ in the works for you all. In the meantime, my inboxes are open! Hit me up here on RT or via email - sailor.tweek at gmail .com - with any questions you may have. There is also this handy post that focuses on basic Guardian information -


  • Do not text me or reach out to me via other social media sites for Guardian inquiries. Keep it here and email. Thank you in advance for following this simple instruction  donut
  • No, you are not bothering me or wasting my time with questions. I'm unemployed and have practically no social life  grif 
  • Be sure that the email you provide is an email that you can and will check frequently. If you are a student and will be graduating, transferring, or taking a break from classes, please provide a different email address instead. DO NOT use a work email address.

Good luck, my friends. Thank you all for being so passionate and taking the time to apply  heartpulse

EDIT & REPOST 12/6/2017: Fixed a link / added an html because the site refuses to let me link a phrase. <3  Updated information/vocab

Super thank you to RT's social media team for giving us a boost!