Hey, everyone! 

We're beyond excited to finally be able to talk more about Master And Apprentice today. You may have seen some news about it coming out of RTX London. This is the new DIY prop and cosplay-making idea that Adam (Gilby) and I have been trying to spin up for months and, thanks to a really cool deal with Facebook, we now have the resources to make a few videos and see how it goes. 

This is part of the same partnership that is giving you guys five insanely new themed Million Dollars, But... videos. We're hard at work right now producing the videos and can't wait to show you what we're crafting. 

We'll hopefully have news soon about a premiere date, so keep an eye out for that, and for some more sneak peeks later today! Oh, and for those wondering about the windowing schedule - after Master And Apprentice premieres free-to-watch for everyone on Facebook, it will go free-to-watch on RoosterTeeth.com after seven days, and then to our YouTube channel seven days after that.

To tide you over until then... Look at our mugs below. We're ready to craft some super cool things!