I came to a realization to get in a bit I’m going to be on the Internet for a long time. Within a realization I came to the idea that I should make my online home Bigger so that I can meet more people online. Rooster teeth talks a lot about packs and how it’s an awesome convention to go to, so I went to Penny arcade, created an account, and named it Izayer. Trying to make searching for me easy online by sticking to one username. Though I’ll never get @Izayer on Twitter because some Japanese guy has it and some very dapper guy on Instagram has it too. 

I want to expand my presence on the internet not by talent (just yet) but by possession. I want to own Izayer accounts all across the internet one way or another. I’d like to make more friends across the Internet that way when I go to conventions I don’t need to worry about being by myself. I can go in blind and know that I’ll have friends there. Just like RTX. 

So what cool websites that’s worth my time should I have an account with? Also what should I do on Penny Arcade?