Today is a very special day: it's been exactly one hundred (100!) years since Finland declared her Independence. That's a big freaking deal given our geological location and deserves recognition around the world. So, as a proud Finn, to spread the word I'll list some Finnish people, inventions and general accomplishments, some of which you'll recognize instantly and others may require some research to grasp the true beauty.

Awesome Finnish things (in no particular order):

A bunch of metal bands (Children of Bodom, Nightwish, HIM, Apocalyptica...)
Santa Claus

Molotov cocktail
Dish draining closet
Disc tumbler locks
Heart rate monitor
Nine time Olympic gold medalist Paavo Nurmi

Simo Häyhä, the most deadly sniper of all time
Salmiakki, black licorice you probably won't like
3 Noble prizes, one for chemistry, peace and economics
Nokia (rest in peace)
Jean Sibelius
Jari Litmanen

A ton of hockey legends

Finland's also the freest and safest country, among other things (this is where I'd cleverly put a hyperlink to elaborate those "other things" but I'm on mobile so this'll have to do)

Needless to say that this wouldn't be the case without the effort and sacrifices of those who defended this country in the winter and continuation wars. I had the honor to lay a wreath on the grave of one our fallen heroes today as soldiers and civilians all over the country paid their respects.

Here's to the next hundred years of Independence!