What is the most commonly used piece of punctuation?

You may be thinking of the seemingly ever present comma or period.

Though you would be wrong.

While they are used an extraordinary amount, in a huge number of forms of written language, there is one that is used in almost all languages and variations thereof.

Have you figured it out yet?

What if I told you to look between the words...

Yes, that’s right.

The most commonly used piece of punctuation on the planet is the most very humble space.

The space between words is considered punctuation, despite there being the lack of anything.

Though just try and imagine how hard it would be to read or understand anything without it, while there are certainly languages that don’t use them: Lao and Burmese for instance, even they have now been adapted to the modern world and often make use of the space now.

To end this out I’m going to give a tally of how many times each piece of present punctuation was used in the statement above:

Colon - 1

Ellipsis - 1

Question Mark - 2

Comma - 6

Period - 7

Space - 144

I think it’s safe to say space wins.

Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_(punctuation)