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The Eleven Little Roosters

The spiritual successor to Ten Little Roosters, Eleven follows the exploits of the Rooster Corps, an alliance of spy agencies that’s been infiltrated by a mole. And as our saboteur pits the assassins against each other, it’ll be up to you to decipher the clues... And uncover who will be taken out next.

Assassin Superstars 360: An Eleven Little Roosters Prologue
In the grand tradition of The Beatles and One Direction -- if they’d been hitmen -- get ready to meet The Sex von Shaukel Boyz, the world's premiere boyband assassin team! What started as a Sex Swing cover band soon became a global music-murdering phenomenon -- who now stands as Germany’s representatives to the Rooster Corps.

Prologue Episode 1: The Sex von Shaukel Boyz

Prologue Episode 2: Trouble in Italy

Prologue Episode 3: Solo in Soho

Prologue Episode 4: Reunion in the UK

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