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    • UK Store Assistance (Not a complaint/troubleshooting issue)

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      AJWaseskuk AJW

      Hello! No, this isn't a complaint about the store (mostly). 

      I'm actually looking to see if anyone who can buy stuff from the UK RT store would be willing to lend me a hand? Preferably a first member who can get the same discounts as me but can actually ship stuff from the UK store. 

      So I want to get the RWBY Blake Chibi Plush. This has been out of stock since last December for the US store and has been unavailable to get ever since, despite the fact the Chibi show is still going. You'd think they'd have restocked them by now. I have the other three chibi plush RWBY girls, but it has been slowly driving my OCD crazy that I'm missing the last one. 

      If anyone with UK Store access is willing to buy the one I'm looking for and sent it to me, I'd be happy to reimburse you via paypal for the cost of purchase and then shipping it my way. I know it'll cost more than normal to do that, but since I can't get it in the US store and the only other place I saw was a third-party Australian site and I'm just going to stay away from that. 

      Thank you in advance for your time. If any RT staff see this and want to address this issue directly to avoid this round-about fix, I'd be cool with that too, but I'm not expecting anyone that high up to see this and do anything about it. Not being pessimistic, just realistic. Again, thanks. 

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    • ThreeWay Podcast #35: Urinal Kinnection

      5 years ago

      AJWaseskuk AJW


      Our latest podcast! We attempted a newer, bigger set... and the camera decided to fuck itself. Well, we still have audio. Please excuse our potty talk.

    • E-Vac Station Three Way Podcast

      5 years ago

      AJWaseskuk AJW

      So we have a podcast and Let's Play videos we do. And we reference and talk about RoosterTeeth a lot. I figured, why not try to put our stuff here on my RT page and see what the response is. I know I could have put a link to the play list, but I decided to just give you a link to each individual youtube video of our podcast here on this list. Our Let's Plays will be coming here shortly. We have a new podcast every week (usually) on Saturdays around 5 PM central. Be sure to watch them and like, comment, rate, subscribe, etc. You know the whole deal. Expect more updates coming to this page in the coming weeks.

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    • E-Vac Station: Three Way Podcast: Episode 1

      6 years ago

      AJWaseskuk AJW

      Hello everyone (no one reads this, I imagine).
      So we have group of us that started an online group (still working on various projects... like a website) and our first big release is a podcast, the Threeway Podcast. The download link is at the bottom of the page. There is just one issue, it's only available on mediafire.com, but I promise there are no viruses or anything. I'm not good enough to cobble together a website, a virus is way out of my league.

      This will be the case for both the first episode and the second. After that, I'll have alternate methods because I'll plan better for those recordings. Please download and enjoy. We'll have more projects in the future we'll be releasing, given time and views. Peace out.


    • Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Will Suck

      6 years ago

      AJWaseskuk AJW

      Why Playstation All-Stars will be a failure of a game:

      So earlier this year, Sony revealed their Super Smash Bros (SSB) imitator, Playstation All-Stars (PAS) and I was legitimately excited for it. I like it when other companies attempt to compete in a market already explored by other companies. This is why I liked the IDEA of EA doing digital distribution, not that I expected them to succeed, but Valve needed a large, legitimate opponent in that market. It's just a shame EA was stupid enough to go at it first. This is why I like it when a new developer brings us a new MMORPG to compete with WoW, when we all clearly know it will fail due to WoW's several year head start and having their system worked out pretty damn well (haven't played, but it has millions of players for a reason).

      But now I'm expecting PAS to fail to the level of Green Lantern or Jurassic Park 3 in terms of my initial excitement vs. my end result. Why? New details are getting revealed quite frequently, mostly revealing characters since that's really all it has to showcase for us. Seriously, we aren't going to be necessarily excited by stages or game modes since we don't have an original product to base that excitement off of. It's easy for Nintendo to create hype for the next SSB (not the next one coming up, but for previous, next titles) because after the first one, they literally could go anywhere with the game and make drastic changes, and all the fans would just follow to see what it'd be. We don't have anything to start with PAS, so we're only really anticipating a starting point, and who knows if that will be worth it?

      But that's just really abstract observation and criticism that might not even make sense after putting it on the page (since it probably sounded better in my head). Let's get to the real mechanical details of why it I don't think it will be good.

      First, it seems like the gameplay is almost exactly like SSB. But that's unfair. That'd be like saying the gameplay of Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, and Halo are all like DOOM since it did it long before them (and it probably isn't even the first one). However, L4D, CoD (before MW2), and Halo all took that original FPS concept DOOM and the like brought to the table and expanded on it with new mechanics, making them original in their own respects for expanding what that genre could do. Ergo, unless PAS brings something to the table that SSB doesn't in terms of gameplay mechanics, not sure what all the hype is really about other than "OMG HD SSB FOR PS3! HOLY SHIT!' And if graphics are the only reason to have the game, I don't really give two shits.

      Second, none of the characters are really big stand outs in comparison to the SSB series. Granted, SSB is cheating when it brings out Mario, Pikachu, Link, Yoshi, and other classic gaming icons that have existed since the 80 (or some in the 90's in the case of Pikachu and the gang). But all of them are well known enough that most people can at least name off their main characters. Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Fat Princess, LittleBigPlanet, and Uncharted might all be big to people who already play games and know games. But for those who only hear about them and never really engage with them, might as well just be playing SSB. But if that wasn't reason enough, none of these characters are necessarily big overall in gaming anyway.

      Third (continued from second), Raiden was recently announced for the game, from the Metal Gear series. Raiden isn't a popular character. There is a large outcry against him because of MGS2 not letting us play as Snake more. If you're gonna have someone represent the MGS series, it should AT LEAST be Otacon or the Boss, if not Snake himself. Also, it's the iteration of Raiden from "Revengeance' (stupid fucking name) where he looks like shit in comparison to his original design. This is the same problem Dante (from Devil May Cry) has in that they're using the newest iteration of his character design for the game. Um, hello, Sony, people play SSB because they play as classic characters they love and they're iconic, instantly recognizable. If it wasn't for the trailers or screenshots from the games I see on sites like The Escapist, I'd never know that these guys were in the game since they look NOTHING like I remember them being.

      Fourth, SSB has overly cartoonish characters (and Snake) fighting in overly cartoonish battles filled with explosions, lasers, lightning, etc. So when you watch all go down, the aesthetics and atmosphere all fit to keep things making sense enough where you enjoy the experience without snapping out if it. I worry that might be a problem with PAS. First off, we have realistic characters like Nathan Drake or the guy from Killzone (I think) fighting Parappa the Rappa, Fat Princess, and Sackboy. Not to mention that all of these aforementioned characters would have been shot to death already by Dante, if not slashed to giblets by Raiden, if not outright murdered in the most brutal way possible by Kratos. Yeah, this game's cast, aesthetics, and lack of a specific theme make it difficult for me to get my mind into this one.

      I don't have other reasons to say why this game will be shit, but if I was pressed to make one up on the spot, I'd say that we still have yet to see any truly great icons from the Playstation legacy show their face yet. Spyro and Crash seem to be ignored entirely. And while I think Final Fantasy is bullshit, I'm sure people would like Cloud to represent the game that is said to have "sold the PSX'. Instead, we get fucking Raiden, little show-stealing bitch. I guess what I'm saying is that this game initially had mountains of potential to take away the throne from Nintendo's SSB, especially with how it seems like SSB4 won't be adding much new or interesting to the franchise, despite its potential room to grow into something insane. But now I see nothing but misery for this title and I hope that it ends up better than what I predi

    • 6 years ago

      AJWaseskuk AJW
    • Predictions for Dark Knight Rises

      6 years ago

      AJWaseskuk AJW

      When DKR announced who the villains are, I wasn't excited, but disappointed. I've never liked Bane and didn't think he'd pull off the final-boss role that many other villains would be more capable of. I also didn't like how Catwoman was dressed down to a plain thief, only adding cat ears well after production started (based off early leaked images). While I'm still not necessarily excited for this film opening tomorrow, I think it will be genuinely good and will probably end the series well. The question is, what would be the best way to end the series. I know some of you probably have seen the movie already and will be able to say weather my prediction is wrong or not, but here is my prediction how the movie, and the trilogy comes to an end. I'm probably wrong, but it's just something fun to think about.

      Some research has already proven this theory has a whole, but I think it's still possible. Earlier, Joseph Gordon Levitt was rumored to be portraying Dick Grayson, not Robin or Nightwing, just potentially Grayson. I already know this is wrong, but regardless, my theory was that his character (whoever it is) would replace Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne as Batman. Bruce Wayne would either die at the hands of Bane or go underground like he does in Dark Knight Returns. So aside from the Dick-Rumor, what else do I base this theory on?

      Well, this trilogy has tried to portray the idea of Batman not as a hero, but as a symbol. Meaning that anyone can be Batman, or, to put it another way, anyone can be a hero or help others. Batman, as a symbol, is meant to give the people of Gotham hope from evil like Joker, Two-Face, Bane, crime lords, and so on. So the idea that Batman has to be Bruce Wayne or has to be Christian Bale doesn't really exist with this series. The whole idea has been (at least up to now) that Batman is a symbol for Gotham, to reiterate.

      Second, and probably biggest reason I want to believe this is how it will end, is that Warner Bros has already announced a "Justice League" movie for 2015 (I think that's the year). So in three years, they have to shove Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and whoever else into another, big Avengers-like mega production. Three years is not enough time to reboot the Batman films in a tasteful way to then connect them to this new line of films (which may suck anyway since Warner Bros. sucks at anything other than Batman so far). But, wait, how does this mean that Batman can continue with this continuity into Justice League if Nolan and Bale are done and you bring in a new Batman?

      New Batman means room for a new director, since Nolan is leaving the chair. Not only that, you could, essentially, reboot the series without having to retread the story that's already been told. A new series of Batman can avoid the errors of the newest Spiderman by just continuing where Dark Knight Rises leaves off with a new Batman and a new set of rules to move on to a new series and tie-in to other films. In short, it's a reboot within continuity, like how the comics do it, mostly.

      But the odds of this being the ending that happens is horribly unlikely, despite it being an interesting way to end the series and allow it to transition into something new. The fact that Gordon-Levitt's character isn't Grayson, nor has the Grayson name been thrown around at all (unsurprisingly) shoots this idea in the foot. that doesn't mean that his character "Blake" couldn't fulfill the role, but it's not likely.

      Furthermore, Nolan stated this is where he ends his involvement with Batman and will not be involved with Justice League or anything else. Meaning he probably didn't add anything at the end of the film to hint towards the upcoming 2015 event. It probably means that he didn't care about leaving the film open for a sequel to attach this series to the League in any way, even though that wouldn't have been hard. His goal was to make a movie tied to recent social events (financial crisis) through the world of the Dark Knight while still utilizing the dark and gritty style he has been working with up to now. So anything else is unnecessary and distracting from his goals.

      I'm not saying that him sticking to that is bad or that not having an ending like this will lower the quality of the movie as a whole. I'm sure DKR will still be good and fun in its own way (not the same way that made me enjoy Avengers to the level I did) but in a different, more serious way. But I do see it as a lost opportunity to build up to something bigger than Batman and nothing more than that. It's like the Wii being an interesting device upon its initial release, but it had a lot of potential to do so much more that it never lived up to for so many different reasons. That doesn't make the Wii a failure nor bad, but it certainly ends its console-life on a low note (critically) that will make the WiiU a big risk among gamers... So yeah... DKR is like the Wii (as I see it) and the next Batman movie to get made will be like the WiiU, attempting to do what the Nolan-trilogy did by reinventing Batman again but have so much baggage to deal with... and now I think I'm getting off track and probably not making sense.

      Back to my main point, I'm looking forward to seeing DKR, for better or worse. I loved Joker and Two-Face, so it's going to be an uphill battle, in my opinion, for DKR to be better. I, for one, hope it does well. We'll find out here tomorrow (or tonight at midnight if you are luckier than me to find people to go with or are willing to go solo). And I'll even post a review here (and Facebook and other sites) once I get the chance to see it (probably Saturday or Sunday). See ya next time.

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      AJWaseskuk AJW
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