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      That is all.

    • The Current Status of all Known Project Freelancer Personnel: A Resource (Pre Season 16 Version)

      1 week ago

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      {Last Edited 3/12/2018 19:27 PST}

      Here's a helpful thing that is a part of yet another project of mine (it helps with Rec0very, but is meant for something else).  

      RvB Data File- The Status of Project Freelancer Operatives


      Here is a list of all known Project Freelancer operatives.  This list includes Administration, Agents, AI, and Other but excludes Simulation Troopers because of sheer numbers. 




      Director Leonard Church- Director, Deceased: Suicide

      Counselor Aiden Price- Psychological Management. Deceased: Shipwreck

      Four-Seven-Niner- Officially she was head of Recovery Command Dispatch, it is likely she was assumed into the greater UNSC Simulation Program like most other PFL Assets.

      F.I.L.S.S.- Administrative Security Routine AI Copied twice from the MoI, the original version is unaccounted for.  The Offsite Storage Facility copy was deleted by the Director and the Sheila copy was last seen in season 10 still in the broken Pelican on Valhalacagigit.  A possible third copy or the original was re-worked by Hargrove to run The Staff of Charon.

      V.I.C.- Deceased: Overworked himself to stop Loco’s Time Bomb.


      --Known Agents (34*/~50)—

      The UNSC “official” timeline indicates 50 operatives who attempted to become Agents at first but that number (like the timeline) is mutable and possibly corrupted/doctored by PFL by the time it made its way to them post Season 13.  (Not to be taken as straight fact, The Season 9 soundtrack-only song “On Your Knees” included 44 individual named agents and also included D.C. and Porto Rico).  The conclusion of Season 15 seems to indicate that all Agents but Carolina and Wash are either dead or missing.


      Texas- Deceased in the EMP (Epsilon Tex was eventually laid to rest/re-integrated to Epsilon as memories)

      Carolina- With the Reds and Blues

      Washington- With the Reds and Blues (Healing on Chorus)

      Maine- Deceased: Asphyxiation by water

      New York- Deceased: Mortal wounding and explosion

      Wyoming- Deceased: Fatal Stabbing by Tucker (All time clones were later accounted for by some combination of the Reds and Blues)

      North Dakota- Deceased: Mortal wounding by Maine (Likely exploded)

      South Dakota- Deceased: Mortal wounding by Washington, then several measures were taken to ensure her body no longer functioned.

      Connecticut- Deceased: Mortal wounding by Texas

      Florida- Deceased: Unknown Shooter (Death was never directly confirmed but likely)

      Georgia- MIA Presumed KIA: Lost due to an accident involving a jetpack in space.

      Utah- Unknown: Severe injury by a malfunctioning Bubble Shield early in testing may have removed him from the program or active duty.

      Iowa- Unknown: Last seen at an unknown snow base in Project Freelancer’s Simulation System in combat with Charon operatives.

      Ohio- Unknown: Last seen at an unknown snow base in Project Freelancer’s Simulation System in combat with Charon operatives.

      Idaho- Unknown: Last seen at an unknown snow base in Project Freelancer’s Simulation System in combat with Charon operatives.

      Alabama- Deceased: Undisclosed simulation accident with a flaming mongoose at Rat’s Nest (Book footnote)

      Delaware- Deceased: Blew herself up while breaching the outer wall of Highground (Book footnote)

      Hawaii- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

      California- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

      Kansas- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

      Montana- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

      Oregon- Unknown: Alive at the beginning of the Blood Gulch Simulation and active.

      Unknown Agent- Unknown: User of the Adaptive Cammo unit gained by the Meta, likely deceased (Carolina still has hers and all he took from her was Eta and Iota).

      Illanois- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.

      Arizona- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.

      Maryland- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.

      Alaska- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.

      7 Unnamed Agents- Deceased: Put into Armor Lock by Temple in his trophy room.


      *There is an unknown additional number of other Agents killed by the Meta connected to its frantic search for AI/equipment and various armor upgrades between the Break-in and the EMP




      Alpha- Deceased: EMP

      Beta (Agent Texas)- Deceased: EMP

      Delta- Deceased: EMP

      Gamma- Deceased: EMP

      Omega- Deceased: EMP

      Sigma- Deceased: EMP

      Eta- Deceased: EMP

      Iota- Deceased: EMP

      Theta- Deceased: EMP

      Epsilon- Deceased Personality: Disentangled self/memories from programming to allow his other active remembered personalities to run at their full potential.  This probably killed all of the Efragments as well.

      ETex- Deceased: “Forgotten”

      EDelta- MIA, Likely KIA: Unresponsive after disientagnlement.  If alive likely dormant in the Hephaestus M374 Armor.

      EGamma- MIA, Likely KIA: Unresponsive after disientagnlement.  If alive likely dormant in the Hephaestus M374 Armor.

      EOmega- MIA, Likely KIA: Unresponsive after disientagnlement.  If alive likely dormant in the Hephaestus M374 Armor.

      ESigma- MIA, Likely KIA: Unresponsive after disientagnlement.  If alive likely dormant in the Hephaestus M374 Armor.

      EEta- MIA, Likely KIA: Unresponsive after disientagnlement.  If alive likely dormant in the Hephaestus M374 Armor.

      EIota- MIA, Likely KIA: Unresponsive after disientagnlement.  If alive likely dormant in the Hephaestus M374 Armor.

      ETheta- MIA, Likely KIA: Unresponsive after disientagnlement.  If alive likely dormant in the Hephaestus M374 Armor.

      DumbDelta- A routine copy of Delta sent with all of Epsilon’s files to the UNSC meant to help sort the information.  Currently functioning but inconsequential.

      *There are also a number of undisclosed “bad fragments” and Yellow Church could possibly be a late fragment from the Alpha and he is currently unaccounted for (likely residing in the computer at the Power Station).




      Not so much a list, but there are several other PFL Personnel who were not simulation troopers.  These include Security Project Freelancer Troops (White ODST) The Recovery Force (Steel ODST) (There is no known number of Recovery Force personnel, but recovery 6 and 9 are confirmed deceased.) and then “Command Operatives” (Black MOLJNIR) which include Lemons and Lt. Lieu who served as trainers and facilitators of the simulations.


      A final PFL operative is Pvt. Jimmy who is deceased.  His position in the program is debatable but he likely was just a Security Trooper or even a construction worker who eventually volunteered for his final role in the project: human shell for the broken Alpha. 


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    • 008 Mini Update- #TheGreatRewatch is Approaching.

      1 month ago

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      {Edited 2/15/2018 18:57PST}

      So, once a year I watch #RedvsBlue "straight through" in its entirety, usually for the premier of the latest season. I call this #TheGreatRewatch for obvious referential reasons.  Sometimes this is also what I do to get other people hooked on the show.  It has worked so many times and watching them go from the BGC to the Recollection is the most rewarding.  I will eat their unhappiness. 

      This year it will be a little different.

      This year I'm watching it all in anticipation/preparation for the arrival of my copy of Season 15 and the inevitable review of it.  Yeah, I am finally getting around to it for reasons I've outlined before.  The short version is I need to watch it as a movie and then with commentary.  I'll also be taking notes for my RvB Datafiles (including but not limited to the Red vs Blue Elaborated Timeline parts 2 & 3).  This might be the most academic Great Rewatch I have done ever.

      ...Of all time.

      But I've gotten so used to doing this with someone that frankly, I might feel lonely doing it alone.  So I'm not.

      I'm brining you all along for the ride with me.  I'll be doing my best to tweet out my super-fan re-reactions and all the little things.  Those tweets will serve as notes to be assembled here on the community site to be forever immortalized.  

      So, if you'd like, follow along over @ PinkGeek008 on twitter or you can just join me here after each season is viewed and the notes are compiled.

      Won't you?

      And since that wasn't an RvB reference I am going to try and think of a better one...




      Happy #rtcommunityday

    • Guttermouth Review: RWBY Manga (Book 1 (?))

      1 month ago

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      {Posted 2/11/2018 23:44 PST}

      Hey-0, gang.  It’s been a while since the last one.  I was going to do something else, and I started it but…


      There was a 20 minute loud conversation with myself about a minor character’s drastic and inappropriate changes from the original graphic novel to the film “adaptation” and that is the tip of the iceburg for the first of three parts. 


      I’m working on it.


      Now however I have something I can review that’s relevant to Rooster Teeth and I certainly do have interesting and enthusiastic things to say about it without risking my mind exploding every twenty minutes over a slight towards the source material.


      Also it’s the first full Manga I’ve ever read.  That will probably be worth something, even if it is just entertainment.


      So, let’s move on to it, I’ve got words about the RWBY Manga* and I’m going to say them.


      *Okay, so there’s no indication on the book itself but what do I call this?  Is it a limited series?  Is this volume one?  Book one?  I know there are Japanese collections of two issues for the first four sets, but I’m not sure what toes are called either.  Does anyone know if it is still ongoing?  Sure I could and probably will look it up, but this is more of a rhetorical discourse and possibly the first slight criticism of the book.  I’d be satisfied if this is it and I’d also love if it continued, but I have no idea either way from the book itself.  Maybe that will make these first edition collections valuable once there is more and they reprint this but with a number.  We’ll call it Book 1 for now.




      From the Beginning, Right to Left


      In the past I’ve tackled the stories of Guttermouth Reviews beat-by-beat first and we will, sort of, but I’m also not going to make you sit here to my complete reactions of about 250 pages.  I would definitely recommend reading it yourself, but I’m sure you can likely find more detailed summaries online.  Maybe your local library or library system has a copy.


      One part of that is, frankly, I had trouble following some of the plot while first reading it.


      It is not overly complicated as far as plots go.  I think most of the problems I had were between the particular medium and my inexperience with that medium.


      -Manga is read right to left (I know this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned that, but I’ll lay off it soon) in most cases and then like a traditional comic down each individual page except in a splash page. 

      -Manga is also in black and white with a majority of the art depicting the characters and important objects with relatively minimal backgrounds. 

      -Manga is printed in a ratio smaller than western comics. 

      Let’s be literal academics here and say that Manga uses a very particular and small set of tools.  These tools, as the pages in the RWBY book show, can be used to fantastic effects and I do not at all mean to put a limit on what the artists can accomplish or say that the medium is easy to work in. 


      It does make some things difficult for me as a reader though.  Mostly the difficulty is with scene transitions (or lack thereof) and some of the more complicated action pieces.  One panel that’s just a picture of Weiss one dark room followed by another that is also just Weiss but now she’s in some other dark room after a period of time has passed is hard to figure before rethinking the dialog without a change in coloration, a narration box, or a discernable change in background.  Fair enough, there’s the black and white that’s ever present (except in one part I’ll talk about) but a later chapter takes place with several different groups of people in the woods and a simple “Meanwhile” box would go far to distinguish how far certain characters are from each other.  Character dialog (off panel sometimes) could also use some distinguishing factors in long conversations.  A font change for Weiss’s proper speech, Ruby’s usually fast speech in slight italics, &c. 


      But okay, the art style is different.  That’s neither here or there when it is good.  And yes, the art is really good.  There’s some really fine (detailed) inking work with just as much effort put into the shading of dark and light patches where the ink is thick.  The movement is exquisite.  The combat in the Blake chapters especially just moves across the page and individual panels (or splash pages).  I also love the exaggerated faces and poses used for emotional (mostly comedic) effect.  Ruby has so many crazy eyes.


        Do you want to talk plot?  I want to talk plot now.  I’d also like to point out that the title of this first section was a pun.  Of course it was a pun.


      The RWBY Manga “Book 1” really does start “From the Beginning” and for the first 8 chapters retells and elaborates upon the main four girls and their original trailers.  Each, as far as I can tell from the separate collections of the pairs, is named for the song featured in each trailer. 


      MIXED LIGHT SPOILERS-------------------


      -Red Like Roses- (Chapters 1 & 2) starts (In this book) with a glossy version of the Red trailer in black and white and RED.  This is a part that is proof positive of what just one color can do in art.  The few pages like this transition us from the world of the trailers and the show and into the manga by going to more traditional book paper and finishing the trailer in black and white.  Because the Red trailer is a fight scene with no dialog and little background, there’s not much to be elaborated on so it is largely supplemented with a solid introduction of the principal characters, the basics of the world, and where we are in the story for a majority of the manga in comparison to the show.  The bulk of the book actually takes place in the period of time between Volumes 1 & 2 of the show.  Little pieces build up to prove this, but it’s easily gathered.  RWBY bickers on their way to breakfast and there’s some exposition and character introductions leading up to Jaune being thrown across the cafeteria at the girls by Cardin Winchester.  Ruby stands up to the bully but before a fight breaks out Glinda intervenes and, suggests they fight in the arena.  Clearly she is the best teacher.  Also did you know Ruby has stage fright?   I didn’t.  It never really came up in the show and since she largely gets over it in the fight (while still being a weapon nut which is another focal point of her character here**).  The fight is good with some of the dialog being a version of why Ruby became a huntress.  What the take-away here is though is Ruby gains an even stronger mastery of her semblance and can do her rose petal thing at will now.  Harmony of mind I guess.  Ozpin also has a very telling moment about what he believes his students are about to face.  This section is good.  It captures the tone of the early series and starts mounting the tension with a cryptic cut to Roman. 


      ** Take this less as a jab and more as a note of some slightly heavy handed foreshadowing.



      -Mirror Mirror- (Chapters 3 & 4) Is a much tighter story that takes place almost entirely within the White trailer.  Weiss is fighting the Grim Golem which is revealed to be a captured possession-type Grimm.  But that’s nothing when compared to the fact that it is revealed Papa Schnee isn’t even there when this is a challenge he issued to decide if Weiss could go to Beacon or not.  AND SHE HAS A CONCERT LATER THAT NIGHT.  The drama escalates.  Weiss and some woman (either Weiss’s handler or Papa Schnee’s secretary) are talking through this version though, about how distant Papa S has been over the years despite Weiss’s constant exhibitions of talent.  (We also get a brief glance of Winter.)  Weiss is also perfectly portrayed as aloof through almost the whole thing, even when she gets her scar.  In the end she wins the battle and her way and goes to sing in spite of her father.  For as little as I have to say about this portion I want to assure you I really enjoy it.  It was pitch perfect for character study of Weiss and the action here was pretty easy to follow.  This also has a very compelling instance of incidental exposition and foreshadowing for the rest of book.  It is a very good place to put some information we’re coming back to in later chapters.  But we’re getting to that eventually.  No need to spoil it now when I’ll spoil it later. 


      -From Shadows- (Chapters 5 & 6) takes things into Blake’s head for the events of the Black trailer and has a significant amount of extra dialog and exposition.  Blake leads us lightly through the events of her life in relation to the White Fang and the general oppression of the Faunus.   The new leadership of the White Fang supported the methods of Adam and that got Blake on a train filled with weapons and dust.  And a crew Adam was willing to sacrifice and Blake wasn’t.  These chapters do several things really well.  First is we get to see more of a side of Adam that we haven’t anywhere else, an Adam in power and with everything going the way he wants.  An Adam who still believes he has Blake’s support.  It is mostly subtle things in the art like his intense grin and laughter as he attacks or his proud stance when standing next to Blake, but I can tell that Adam doesn’t have the undercurrent of frustration that the show gives him.  Second, I want to reiterate that this was one of the best actions sequences.  It closely follows Monty’s original choriography but adds things specially that only stagnant art can.  There’s one double splash page of Adam and Blake fighting a robot that has Adam in the lower right corner, where the action starts and the energy of the page moves out and up to the exploding automaton surrounded by Blake shadows moving around it but also still moving to the left and up.  In comics, motion like this (up a page but in the lateral direction of it being read) is explosive and the action is almost literally moving out and up from the page.  Also, having multiple versions of a character in one panel is a shorthand for even faster movement.  Specifically here though there is the extra context of us knowing Blake can have her shadows for only seconds after leaving them.  All of the motion being conveyed in this still image is compressed into even less time and thus has more concentrated energy.  Third, we continue the great expansion of all of these characters in the Manga.  There’s Blake’s internal speech, and all the detail put towards Adam’s characterization, but there’s also a button on chapter six that really dives into team RWBY.  Blake is in the bathroom looking into her reflection, it turns out that everything before was a dream (which could explain any inconsistencies to the show) and now Blake’s up early.  Yang bursts in because she misplaced her toothpaste and Weiss is chastising Yang’s carelessness and they see Blake without her bow.  It seems like the first real look they’ve gotten and that puts us squarely right after the finale of Volume 1.  Yang fauns over Blake’s cute ears in a way that really makes me support at least one side of Bumblebee. Weiss, in her way, opens up to Blake’s nature and concerns about being a Fauns and offers for Blake to be without her bow in private.  Let’s really think about this.  On the surface it may seem like Weiss is ashamed and nervous for herself, but what I think she’s really saying is that Blake, who is in fear of being cast back into the shadows of her past if people know she is a faunus (and a White Fang), does not have to be in that fear around her friends.  That’s something.  And where is Our Heroine***? She’s asleep still of course.  All four members of the team, perfectly represented in three pages.  This section is like that, very good and worth a lot of notes. 


      *** This is a bit of a “problem” inherent in the medium and also a bit of a nitpick.  It has happened before, but there’s a caption box in the final panel of chapter 6 that might be a translation issue or one that comes from me being new to manga.  The picture is of Ruby sleeping and the box is in the center(ish) of the panel. It took me some time to realize that this panel was completely disconnected from the scene that just unfolded except for it showing where Ruby was during it.  No one is saying “our heroine” about Ruby from the other three girls as I would have guessed.  I knew that interpretation was wrong because there is no connection to what any of them were just saying but the phrasing is so personal that I figured it had to be dialog because there aren’t any other narration boxes like it.  The RWBY manga has almost no narration and when there is non-diegetic/unconnected-from-a-character text in frame it is not in the font of the dialog as this box is.  A caption stating “Our Heroine” would be at home in a classic Marvel book where Stan Lee did much of the exposition for the comic and as if he was a good friend telling us the story at least once a page.  This came out of nowhere and that is the nitpick.  The medium challenges is that there is no color to differentiate this from anything else being said and it could be that the translation is just imperfect.  The closest thing to what was originally said likely is “our heroine” but to my very western mind that particular phrase complicates things.  Something with more detail like “Meanwhile, our heroine contributes to this morning’s peace in her own way.”  And something stylistically different could have helped too, like the Impact font that introduces each character and their affiliation.   I may as well add here that a lot of the awkward phrasing or seemingly random transitions of dialog probably amount to the same issue of being translated very closely, rather than a bit more localized in style and phrasing.  For me this is only a technical issue that doesn’t really detract to the quality of work, but how I interact with it.



      -I Burn- (Chapters 7 & 8) might be the least of the segments in the book.  There are no real problems with it narratively or anything like that, it actually follows the Yellow trailer very closely, adding dialog where needed for pacing.  That is mostly all that gets added.  There is a frame to this story about Yang’s protective relationship to Ruby who inspires her that is pretty strong, but it is maybe a fifth of the story and there’s little tangible connection between it and the Yellow trailer thematically.  Over the course of the fight Junior (Jr?) makes a comment about Yang being a dragon and it flashes back to Ruby complementing Yang’s beautiful dragon hair.  That’s something I suppose.  There’s also a nice moment with the two sisters getting drinks at the smashed up club at the end being pretty adorable but even that button feels less additive than Blake’s in the previous chapter.  The final page indicates Yang was searching for Torchwick, but there’s no indication to why.  So on its own this section is just the Yellow trailer with more words.  As a comic chapter it is a bit less because compared to the previous chapters the action is much messier.  There’s a lot going on and the characters involved have so detailed costumes that you really have to look at some panels for a while to figure out what’s going on.  I won’t say it is bad artwork because once I figured it all out it was really nice, but there was just so much going on and when all you see is black and white and some gray picking things apart is even more difficult.  But overall it was a fine.  It’s kind of like how every episode of Camp Camp is hilarious, but I don’t really watch Camp Cool Kidz after the first time.


      SPOILERS ARE OVER FOR NOW------------------------


      Now, that’s only two thirds(ish) of the book.  We’ve covered the origins of each of the main girls and went a little deeper into their characters each time.  The degrees do change but each show a new dimension to a trailer in…  Well, I was going to make a joke about it being in 2 dimensions, but since the show is cell-shaded the end result of an episode of RWBY is that it looks two dimensional, not to mention all film is on a screen and is thus still 2D…  But you know what I mean.  I’ve kinda derailed myself. 


      Oh yeah, I remember my point.  These eight chapters are satisfying on their own and would have been worth a purchase, perhaps at a lower price, but still a fair one for a trade paperback of a short run.  However, that’s not all that we received.


      (w)Holy Original Content, Hunts-Man!


      I’m not quite sure what to call chapters 9-12 of the RWBY manga.  I don’t have any good puns relating to the story and there’s not much that stands out from it that is title worthy.  And nothing from the V1 soundtrack strikes me as a title either.  If you know what it is called or have a good suggestion, feel free to let me know.


      The untitled chapters 9-12 are very good and a completely supplemental story that fills in some of the time during the latter half of RWBY and friends’ first semester at Beacon.  Just one weekend, but it shows some of the character progression during the time period in question.


      This story has everyone, RWBY, JNPR, Ozpin, Glynda, Torchwick, The White Fang, and a special guest appearance form everyone’s favorite Combat Ready Best Girl.  Before we get to all of everything I should probably tell an abridged story of the events. 


      MORE AND HEAVIER SPOILERS-------------------


      Roman Torchwick and the White Fang are off in the woods searching for a remote entrance to Mountain Glen.  When they find it we cut to an exhausted Jaune doubting his own plan to take JNPR on a hike to fight some Grimm when he can barely handle the hike.  After some character expository dialogue and Pyrrha being best girl, RWBY is being informed by Glynda that JNPR went to go remove some King Taijitu on their own for an extra credit assignment they were going to do with RWBY and CRDL.  Glynda’s cold wit gets them going. As the White Fang remove the wooden planks that were supposed to keep the Grimm in the tunnels out scurries a very dangerous Grimm by Roman’s recollection.  It’s not anything that JNPR needs right now because the eight heads of four Grimm are tossing the students around.  That little grimm that came out of the tunnel makes its way to the fight and one tiny octopus thing plus four King Taijitu makes one very scary-looking Hydra Grimm.****  The battle ensues as JNPR discuss the fusion and increased power of the Grimm.  Luckily RWBY shows up and starts to help.  It is a good fight that is a bit like the Yellow fight in the “too much going on” way.  Though I understand it now, I spent some time on these pages.  There’s also some possible translation hiccups again where everyone shouts names at each other right before someone else speaks.  Most notably this is when Ruby says Jaune as if to continue speaking to him (though I now assume she’s saying “okay”) and Blake tells Ruby about a Grimm like this that once kept a rare and powerful weapon.  Weapon Nut Ruby (remember that character trait?) is even more interested in the battle now.  The random names and the wording of the dialog doesn’t quite gel.  It doesn’t strike me as the kind of thing Blake would have said in the heat of battle, even if it does convey the same message as the original language.  But we’re spending too long on that, we’ve got some for fight left.  AFTER WE DISCUSS ONE OF THE BEST CAMEOS EVER, OF ALL TIME.  Roman and the White Fang are flying off to tell Cinder they found the tunnel when out of nowhere a sword slices through their airship.  It’s Penny testing out a set of wings as a modular function of her body.  She’s just as adorable as she is in the show and she flies with her arms out in front of her because she thinks it looks hip and the voice on the other end of her radio gives an indication that Penny’s more real girl than robot when it comes to doing things the fun way.  Oh, and let’s not forget this conversation happens within second of her taking an unidentified craft out of restricted airspace.  Penny is great.  And back to the fight with the Hydra Grimm.  I don’t want to ruin it, but it plays out like all good RWBY fights with ship names combo moves being shouted, the characters interacting well, and some good action poses.  At the climax of the fight each character gets a panel that I would buy as a poster after Ruby thinks about why she became a huntress.  They beat the Grimm and Ozpin and Glynda (and Cardin) who were watching are adequately impressed.  Issue 12 is relatively short, Ooblek and Port confirm that the Octopus fusion Grimm is actually a type of possession Grimm like the one Weiss fought and the one in RWBY Chibi.  This one can just to the much more terrifying task of take over multiple “living” entities.*****  Follow this with some perfect character chemistry and a cryptic hint at what’s to come and then Ruby runs off to join her team and this book of the manga ends.


      ****That’s issue 9.  If you think it’s a little all over the place, this and the following issues are where my earlier comment about the lack of easily identified transitions comes into play.  It’s not so often that it is a detraction from the story, it just could do with some transitional captions and being in black and white doesn’t help it.   


      *****Okay, I know Grimm technically might not be “alive” really but this is the easiest way to differentiate from the floating mask that can take over rocks and kitchen appliances. 



      MAJOR SPOILERS ARE OVER NOW----------------------


      I know I said that the part of this book that was the trailers was worth a purchase.  The section that is this mission with RWBY and JNPR is also worth its own purchase and more.  Even if you didn’t want the trailer sections (because you already have the other versions of them or something) I would recommend buying this book for the last chapters alone.  On a story level it is contained enough to be two or three episodes of RWBY proper but not be a intrinsic to the plot it also fits in so well with the story that it genuinely adds to the experience and understanding of RWBY.  I know I said a whole lot in both parts that there are good character moments and dialog that does read like the show’s but I didn’t actually say them.  That’s because they’re so good I don’t want to ruin that experience for you and I could get away with my summaries without telling them to you (mostly).  I think we all have a need for more fun early RWBY action and the last four chapters in this book bring that to you.


      When the Dust Settles


      This is an excellent addition to the RWBY canon. 


      That is my final verdict and if all you needed was a yay or nay from me before picking up or reading it for yourself, there it is. 


      If you don’t mind me elaborating on that thought and others though, I can do that too.


      The RWBY Manga ties itself together well between the two distinct parts and to the Rooster Teeth series it is based upon.  The meat of the new content fills the gap between Volumes 1 and 2 with believable and accurate character progression and plot that you really should check out for yourself.  I may add to these thoughts later in an actual discussion of the events in the book, but for now the story here is still new to a lot of the audience and spoiler courtesy should be observed. 


      The artistry here is to be applauded here too.  Shirow Miwa not only understands the characters and tone of RWBY but he also has a knack for intense action and good use of contrast.  I know I’m a newcomer but the black and white and detailed line work sometimes made things hard to follow quickly, but it is just busy, not bad.  There’s several panels I would use as decorational art.  I will also stand by the From Shadows chapters being some of the best and smoothest action I’ve seen in a while in comics.  This level of quality is in all the art, it is only the subjects that change and change the ease of experience.  There is also a slight difference between the style of the book and the show.  Everyone is still identifiable as the characters and such, but there’s enough of a difference to tell.  I’d point out Weiss, Ozpin, and Jaune particularly.  This again is not a bad thing at all, just something worth noting.


      The translation at times can be less than clear, at least to a guy who reads things mostly written in English and almost exclusively Western based comics.******  I can understand everything, it just takes some particular thought sometimes.  If anything this makes me want to read more manga though because the cultural and lingual differences weren’t at all the barriers I had anticipated.  It was actually easier than some anime that I have watched.  And if I can do it, y’all probably can too.


      ******Zot! is one of my favorite comics of all time and is based heavily on Manga style though it is written by an American in English.  I also really enjoy Monstress in the trades and if they weren’t so darn expensive I’d have all the Avatar comics by now.  That’s certainly another barrier for me.  20 book stories for $10-$15 each is more than I can invest right now into my entertainment.  And if we’re really sort of stretching, I play JRPGs often and am a fan of Kingdom Hearts as much as I am a fan of Red vs Blue, so I’m not adverse to Eastern storytelling at all. 



      Sure, I’ve got my nitpicks, but I mostly played them up for the laughs here or left them out entirely.  The only real criticisim I can levy against the RWBY Manga is when it diverges from the guiding style it establishes such as the one narration box when all other narration is done in dialog or with text that looks different. 


      In addition to the glossy first few pages with color, there’s also a fold-out “poster” of an altered version of the cover art that also has some light introductory lore on the back.  This is nice for two reasons.  1) If it is indeed a poster to be removed, it would look really nice.  I can’t find any perforation myself so I’m not going to try it.  2) It further allows for this to be either a stand-alone piece or an introduction into RWBY for a reader.  For reasons evident in my summaries, there is a self-contained story here that you could understand just from reading the book.  It’s not nearly as satisfying as it would be if you watched the show too, but all of the exposition done in the first half of the book has pay-off in the climax. 


      Yes, I really enjoyed the RWBY Manga (Book 1) and I would not only say it is worth its price for a full collection of a RWBY supplemental story in a nice package, but each individual segment is something I want to have as a part of my collection of RWBY media.  At its very least it is a slight new perspective on events and at its best it compounds on character traits and expands the world of RWBY. 


      But what about you guys?  Did you read the Manga and how did you experience it?  Did you wait for the American hard-copy release like me or read along with each chapter in the magazines?  What did you think of it all?  If you haven’t read it, do you think you will or not? 


      Of course, feel free to also continue the conversation from where I left things in the comments.  I typed this all out in Word, so I had to label my spoilers differently but let’s all be respectful of the possibility someone might want to go into this blind and just be generally respectful if you comment.  I look forward to it as much as I do to the continuation of the Manga that I am not sure will happen or not. 


      Thanks for reading,


      TAG BAG





















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      .ylluf daer ev'I agnam tsirf ym osla si siht si agnam gniweiver htiw melborp ehT


      *This post is read right to left.

    • 008 Micro Update- Roosterdale...

      2 months ago

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      If you like trash and you know it make some plans...

    • 008 Mini Update- Small Changes

      2 months ago

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      I am currently in the midst of some changes, I know New Years is usually the time people start these things, but I'm starting early.

      First of which is a social-media-wide new profile pic.  I'm not exactly looking for a "brand" or anything, I just have ideas.

      I want to whole-heartedly thank @SailorGirl81 for the awesome portrait of me (which I'm getting framed) that has been my profile pic for quite a long time.  I love it so much and odds are I'll use it again some time, this is just something new to build off of what has come before.

      More later.


    • DnD Random Encounters Thread

      in Forums > DnD Random Encounters Thread | Follow this topic

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      I'll edit this later to be more useful as an OP, but this is a place to play out random fun DnD encounters with any character in some situation or another. 

      The first and current scenario is my Teifling Druid Ignatious Starstuff, struck by the beauty of a fiddling Half-elf, has walked up on stage to flirt with her and quickly covered for it by asking to join in on the Ukulele to the set.  The band leader is leary of this and the audience isn't keen on the disturbance, but they're allowing it to go on.  The half-elf thinks he is cute in a brave but dumb about flirting way. 

      Current DM @Fly presides.  And has asked for a performance check.

      7 replies

    • 008 Mini Update- List of Activity from (My) Twitter

      3 months ago

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      In case you didn't know, I have a twitter (at)PInkgeek008, that is where I host some of my more inane thoughts, fun PS4 shares, a few positive or well thought out messages, attempts to win Funko Pops, and pictures.  (Currently there's a Christmas countdown that's about to get really interesting.)  

      I started it and also use it as a big RT information hub (I think I follow half the RT animation department by now).  This goes on both the company and community side of things.

      While notifications were down but hype of the Functionality Update was going up I wrote a little thing detailing where I am in some projects.  Now that notifications are back up I'll be posting it here.

      Right now.

      AgentWashingtub008 Twitter Update:
      -My November has shipped, I've got two funboxings in the works.
      -Sadly my Unofficial Elaborated timeline, is off schedule because I lost all the progress I'd made between seasons 2&3
      -Working on a for soon [1/3]

      -Speaking of , I do have thoughts about the season so far. Thinking about a mid-season review/impressions.
      -Michael mentioned commentary. That means a home media release. That makes me happy. [2/3]

      -All of this is framed in the New Site Funtionality Update hints we've been getting. Here's hoping it's soon, and my money's on it at least starting during the Christmas week when RWBY is taking it's break. (And of course, I'm hoping for improved picture/text integration.) [3/3]

      Also, the "Speaking of RWBY 5" was because I had a quip about notifications, but then I realized that even if I could get attention to a post right now, imgur has decided I don't have an account anymore so Bleepbloopopolous has to change, again. That's what I'm working on.

      Something I didn't mention is the review of RvB season 15.  That is something I've put on hold until I get my copy of the season on Bluray.  I could do a version now, but I know that once I watch it as a movie, on a big screen, with no interruptions, and then with commentary I will have my actual final opinion.  Season 15 is a very complicated beast for me.

      My absence can best be described by work, D&D, and progress on personal projects balanced with time with my family.  I also am really hopeful for the Functionality Update coming soon.  It'd be great for that to come, be great, and facilitate the old 008 Updates to be really something again.

      We'll see soon, won't we?

      What've you all been up to?


    • RvB Data File: The Elaborated Unofficial Red vs Blue Timeline- Part One: Before Blood Gulch

      5 months ago

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      {Last Updated 00:11 PST 10/8/2017}

      In celebration of Red vs Blue’s 15th season concluding and because nobody directly asked for it, I’ve decided to make good on the idea I had to make full RvB Data Files based off of my extensive knowledge that has come from quite a lot of viewings and unofficial research.  Some of these might be videos, some may be much simpler, but for what we’re talking about today, I think a good old fashioned text document is the best idea.  That’s because I want to make, from knowledge and analyzation of events (and a few lines form Season 15 that indicate we need some clarification), a Timeline for Red vs Blue.


      We’ve gotten a definitive timeline with the Red vs Blue Ultimate Fan Guide and other fans have done this work before.  All I’m aiming to do is update this information to the current times and try to involve everything we know with explanations and interesting details where they’re relevant.  Because we have to face the fact that for a show about a dozen idiots thrown into a series of messes together, RvB is pretty complicated at times.  I also need to make clear that this is an Unofficial Timeline.  I don’t have conformation from RT about any of this other than the media they’ve publicly presented.  I may get things wrong and I will seek to correct that in this document.  There is also story to unfold and will add to this as we go, but so I don’t just keep opening and re-opening this post, it’ll probably only ever be at the end of Seasons or Mini-Series. 


      And not to make this any more complicated, let’s talk formatting:


      +All events/periods will be in ALL CAPS.


      +Anything In Boldis an event/periods that has been directly addressed and pinned down by the book or the show as canon.


      +Anything In Italics has been referenced or shown but not placed in the timeline exactly.


      +Anything [Bracketed] is inferred.  Inferred information and events are not cannon, but they are very likely to have happened based upon what has been pinned down or referenced. 


      +Like the Definitive Timeline, events will be broken up by relation to the Blood Gulch Years but I will be tackling three eras instead of two (which is inspired by the Definitive Timeline’s eras).  B.B.G. will indicate Before Blood Gulch and will count down years to when the Alpha was stationed at Blood Gulch.  D.B.G. will indicate During Blood Gulch and consists of roughly two years from Alpha’s stationing to the end of the Reds and the Blues’ participation in the simulation.  A.B.G. will indicate anything After Blood Gulch in the years that follow. 


      +Events or periods that are not definitively pinned down will be placed at the latest plausible time they could have happened and will be dated accordingly.


      +Things will also be sourced after the Date by any of the following: Season, Season & Episode, Mini Series, Mini Series & Episode, Book (denoting the Red vs Blue Ultimate Fan Guide^), and any other applicable source.


      ^All items from the book should be taken with a grain of salt as it is the timeline of events as recovered from the Project Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility and (as the book itself states) likely doctored and/or corrupted.  Still, it’s the best we have in some instances and I will make an effort to clarify


      So, a typical entry will look like this (and this is your spoiler warning):


      THE ARRIVAL OF THE ROOKIES: D.B.G. 1 (Season 1 Episodes 1-4): Three separate deliveries of the Chupathingy (nee Warthog), Caboose and Sheila, and Donut, are made to the Blood Gulch Outposts [as further stages of Scinario 3 redifined by V.I.C.’s malfunction]  some time after the Blue Team reports the death of Captain Flowers to Command


      And that entry luckily has all of the types of data so we’re good there.


      Now, without futher adieu, let’s get into one of the most complicated portions of the Red vs Blue Timeline.  The time Before Blood Gulch.




      LEONARD CHURCH MEETS ALLISON Further back than B.B.G 29 (Book):  On his first day of basic training Leonard Church mouths off to another private abusing a Dumb AI.  He is rescued in an ensuing fight by the capable Allison.




      THE GREAT WAR BEGINS Sometime before B.B.G. 23 (Book)


      LEONARD CHURCH IS DEEMED UNFIT TO SERVE ON THE BATTLE FIELD Sometime before B.B.G. 23 (Season 6 Episode 19): [It may have to do with his eyesight.]


      ALLISON CHURCH DIES B.B.G. 23 (Book): This implies Allison married and took Church’s surname before this point.  [It is believed (primarily based upon the ending monolog of Season 6) that her death was due to faulty equipment (possibly AI) and her uniform is similar to ODST which implies a lot about her position in the war.]


      LEONARD CHURCH GAINS A DOCTORATE IN AI THEORY B.B.G 17 (Book): Interesting to note here is that this is six years after Allison’s death and a Doctorate is traditionally done in seven years of study.  This could either mean it was started before Allison’s death or his course was accelerated.


      AGENT WASHINGTON SEEKS REVENGE ON A SCHOOL BULLY B.B.G. Unknown (Book): Allowing for Washington to be somewhat younger than Agent Carolina, this has to have happened sometime before 15 B.B.G.  David seriously injures a child who had consistently bullied him and other students three years prior in the second grade.


      PROJECT FREELANCER IS FUNDED BY THE UNSC AS A PART OF THE SIMULATION PROGRAM B.B.G. 7 (Book): The Great War has been going on for at least 16 years now.  Agent Carolina is now roughly 22 years-old. 


      AGENT CAROLINA MEETS AGENT YORK Prior to B.B.G. 5 (Season 10 Episode 12): While both are at the Club Errera the two soldiers meet either right before or right after being recruited into Project Freelancer.


      AGENT WASHTINGTON INJURES HIS COMMANDING OFFICER DURING AN ALIEN ATTACK Before B.B.G. 5 (Book): Agent Washington has gained a record of violent disobedience in his military career since basic training.  He has gained the rank of Corporal despite this and if his story is correct previous incidents were of a similar vein.  His commanding officer gave an order which put a whole platoon in grave danger and Corporal David reacted against it strongly.  If not for Dr. Church’s intervention he would have been discharged from the UNSC entirely.


      AGENT CONNECTICUT FORMS ALLIANCES BEFORE AND IN BASIC TRAINING Prior to B.B.G 5 (Season 9 Episodes 7 and 19 and Season 14 Episode 21): Connie was on a first-name basis with Agents Washington, Idaho, Ohio, and Iowa from at least early Project Freelancer days and she also appears to have known the “Leader” of the Charon Security Forces intimately, with whom she stayed in contact.


      DOC FLUNKS OUT OF JAMACA STATE’S HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE PROGRAM By B.B.G. 5 (Book): He enlists in the military as a medic and is put into the Simulation Program.


      TEMPLE AND BIFF FINISH BASIC TRAINING ~B.B.G. 5 (Season 15, Episode 12): The childhood friends join the Simulation Program and are separated into the Blue and Red armies, respectively but sent to the same simulation at the Desert Gulch Bases.


      ISSAC GATES AND SAMUEL ORTIZ ENLIST IN THE UNSC By B.B.G 5 (Season 12, Episode 6): The two men would go on to be assigned to the same elite squad [possibly another Project] and though they did not get along they worked together very well.


      PROJECT FREELANCER BEGINS IN EARNEST B.B.G. 5 (Book): Given the AI Alpha based on Dr. Church, Project Freelancer begins to assess the use of equipment run by Smart AI with roughly fifty soldiers selected from the UNSC.  Project Freelancer is one of many simulation based Projects conducted.  At this point multiple Simulation Bases [across a star system] begun scenarios meant to test the Agents and their equipment.  This included the Desert Gulch outposts.




      THE BETA AI IS BORN B.B.G. 5 (Book): The strong memories of Allison in the Alpha AI manifest themselves as a separate “Shadow” AI Fragment which Alpha expunges from himself.  The Beta is secretly converted by the Director and Councilor into Agent Texas.


      AGENT UTAH IS INJURED BY PROTOTYPE EQUIPMENT TEST B.B.G. 5 (Season 9 Episode 9 and Deleted Scene): Utah’s bubble shield encompasses only his head and cuts off his oxygen supply.


      THE TRIPLETS GO ON A SPECIAL MISSION B.B.G. 4/5 (Season 14 Episodes 21 and 22): Bottom ranking Agents Ohio, Idaho, and Iowa are teamed up to go on a “Special Mission” at a remote frozen “planet” [which may be the location of Sidewinder] where they encounter the rival Charon industries and decide their objective is to keep them at bay. 


      PROJECT FREELANCER ATTACKS A CHARON CRYOGENICS RESEARCH FACILITY B.B.G. 4 (Season 9 Episodes 1-5): Agents North Dakota, South Dakota, Carolina, and Texas are dispatched to retrieve data about The Sarcophagus and destroy the facility.  They were told the Charon security forces were Insurrectionists. 


      FAILED PROJECT FREELANCER MISSION 01.045 B.B.G. 4 (Season 9 Episode 7): Agents Carolina, Maine, Washington, and Connecticut go on a mission and Connecticut makes a critical mistake causing complete mission failure. 


      AGENT TEXAS REVEALS HERSELF B.B.G. 4 (Season 9 Episode 9-11): Agent Texas makes a grand debut by challenging Agents Wyoming, Maine, and York to a firefight simulation.  Wyoming and Maine bring live weapons into the fight causing a chain of events that cause York to lose use of his left eye.


      DR. CHURCH AND THE COUNCILOR BEGIN TRYING TO SPLIT THE ALPHA B.B.G. 4 (Book and Season 9 Episode 13): Early attempts to further fragment the Alpha through the isolation and attack of personality traits were unsuccessful.


      PROJECT FREELANCER STEALS THE SARCOPHAGUS B.B.G. 4 (Season 9 Episodes 13-17): Agents Texas, Carolina, Washington, York, Maine, Connecticut, Wyoming, North, and Florida are dispatched in two teams to retrieve the Sarcophagus from a Charon facility.  The heist is successful but a part of the city is destroyed, Agent Maine’s throat is severely damaged, and Agent Carolina is pushed to the edge.  Multiple Charon Security forces are killed in the building collapse. 


      THE SARCOPHAGUS IS USED TO FRAGMENT THE ALPHA B.B.G. 3 (Season 9 Episode 18): The Sarcophagus contained an alien Engineer which was the missing piece to harvest personality fragments of the tortured Alpha.  First to be harvested was Delta, Alpha’s Logic.  Other early fragments are Omega, Sigma, and Gamma.  These fragments are matched with compatible Freelancer Agents to be given out over time.


      AGENTS CAROLINA AND TEXAS TAKE PART IN THE DESERT GULCH SIMULATION B.B.G 3 (Season 15 Episode 11): While testing new equipment [and probably the Omega AI] Prorject Freelancer dispatches it’s top two agents into the UNSC’s Simulation Program base at the Desert Gulch which was the longest running full stalemate.  During the agents’ time there conflict over the Blue Flag results in the death of Biff.  The simulation’s make-up [Scenario 3] is documented by Project Freelancer for future use.


      AGENT GEORGIA GOES MIA (PRESUMED KIA) B.B.G. 3 (Season 9 Episode 2): During a mission in space Agent Georgia is lost while using a jetpack either by malfunction or misuse. 


      AGENT CAROLINA GIVES THE SIGMA AI TO AGENT MAINE B.B.G. 3 (Season 9 Episode 20 and Season 10 Episode 2): Agent Carolina was given the Sigma AI as paired by the Director but gave the AI to Agent Maine once it was clear he would not be able to speak after the heist of the Sarcophagus.


      AGENT YORK IS GIVEN THE DELTA AI B.B.G. 3 (Season 10 Episode 1)


      PROJECT FREELANCER ATTACKS CHARON FORCES AT THE BONEYARD B.B.G. 3 (Season 10 Episodes 1-4 While seeking the “Insurrectionist” Leader, Project Freelancer sends Agents Carolina, York, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Connecticut to the USNC scrapyard where he operates from.  The mission fails and most of the Agents escape the bombing as the “Insurrectionists” leave in the Staff of Charon.  Agent Connecticut does not return from this mission [this is not reported officially to the UNSC].


      THE OVERSIGHT SUBCOMITEE IS FORMED B.B.G. 3 (Book) Director Leonard Church submits a request for more Simulation bases to use.




      SIGMA BEGINS HIS PLANS TO BECOME METASTABLE B.B.G. 3 (Season 10 Episode 6): Though it is hard to pin down exactly, an AI training course during the course of the project is when Sigma tips his hand a little. 




      PROJECT FREELANCER ATTACKS THE “INSURRECTIONIST” BASE B.B.G. 2 (Season 10 Episodes 8-10) Agents Carolina, Texas, Washington, North Dakota, Wyoming, Flowers and Maine are dispatched to confront the “Insurrectionist” leader and reclaim Connecticut’s armor.  Carolina and Texas learn Connecticut has betrayed them and Tex kills her under Omega’s influence.  The “Insurrectionist” leader manages to escape with Connecticut’s body and armor though.  Project Freelancer documents Connecticut’s betrayal officially (book).


      MALCOM HARGROVE BECOMES CHAIRMAN OF THE OVERSIGHT SUBCOMMITTEE B.B.G. 2 (Book) Secretary of the OSC is promoted after a scandal involving his predecessor comes to light from an anonymous source.


      AGENT CAROLINA IS GIVEN ETA AND IOTA B.B.G. 2 (Season 10 Episodes 13-16) Urged on my Sigma and Gamma, Carolina demands both of the latest AI Fragments in order to surpass Agent Texas and Omega.  Once given the fragments she becomes adamant about taking on Texas in combat but when the Director sees the heated match his distress causes a reaction in all of the Fragments present except for Texas and Omega.  Having both fragments in Carolina’s mind proved too taxing and her recovery was rough.


      EPSILON IS FRAGMENTED FROM THE ALPHA B.B.G. 2 (Season 10 Episode 16): The Alpha compartmentalizes his memories after a session of torture.  Sigma hides away to observe the fragmentation process.  [He shares his findings with Gamma and Omega and] he uses this new understanding in his machinations to become metastable. 


      THE EPSILON INCIDENT B.B.G. (Season 10 Episode 17): Epsilon is implanted into Agent Washington immediately imprinting upon Washington a deep but chaotic understanding of Project Freelancer and Leonard Church.  He is sent into a series of comas.  During the implantation Agent Texas (without Omega) studies documents left for her by Agent Connecticut that explain everything about the project to her, including her nature as the Beta shadow fragment.


      SIGMA AND AGENT MAINE ATTACK AGENT WYOMING B.B.G. 1 (Season 10 Episode 18) Sigma attempts to take Gamma from Wyoming in an attempt to fuse like Eta and Iota.  Gamma sensed this and forcibly removed himself from Wyoming’s neural implants and hid himself away.  The event left Wyoming mentally scarred.  The event was blamed on Agent Texas and Omega [by Sigma] and all AI were recalled.  Agent Texas defected after this.


      THE BREAK-IN B.B.G. 1 (Season 10 Episode 18-19): With the help of Agent York, Agent Texas attempts a rescue of the Alpha on the Mother of Invention.  The assault wrecks the Mother of Invention in the icy area of Project Freelancer’s Simulation Space known as Sidewinder.  The Alpha is left in the hands of the project when Texas realizes it would be better for him.  During the events of the break-in Maine and Sigma become The Meta by taking a weakened Agent Carolina’s AI Eta and Iota.  Texas and York flee and Project Freelancer regroups and begins work to secure the Alpha and all other remaining assets.


      THE STATE OF FLORIDA SINKS INTO THE OCEAN B.B.G. 1 (Season 10 Episode 21): As an elaborate cover-up for Agent Florida going undercover Project Freelancer sinks the state of Florida. 


      SARGE IS DISCHARGED FROM HIS UNIT IN THE ODST’S By B.B.G. 1 (Relocated and Book): After attempting to move his unit’s dropship’s navigational AI to a robotic body he is moved to the Red Simulation Army.


      GRIF IS MOVED TO THE SIMULATION PROGRAM By B.B.G. 1 (Book) After being drafted into the Great War Grif is stationed on a remote outpost which is attacked.  He was the only survivor but since that is because he slept through the attack, he is sent into training for the Red Simulation Army.


      SIMMONS IS PLACED IN THE SIMULATION PROGRAM By B.B.G. 1 (Season 8 and Book): Due to his anxiety, Simmons scores low in a timed test and is assigned to the Simulation Program.


      AGENT FLORIDA GATHERS SIMULATOIN TROOPERS FOR THE BLOOD GULCH SIMULATION B.B.G. 1 (Season 14 Episodes 2-4): Now going by his own name of Flowers, Agent Florida assembles soldiers for a [modified] version of Scinario 3 which is meant to last even longer and be even less eventful.  Simmons and Grif go on an assignment with Pvt. Hammer and their lack of initiative proves them as prime candidates but gets Hammer killed.  A group of red soldiers [matching the Scenario 3 requirements of a Red Commander] take over the selection trial and the only survivor is Sarge.  Flowers himself interviews a group of blue soldiers to be his third and selects the morally questionable but seemingly ineffectual Tucker.  Finally Pvt. Jimmy is selected from Project Freelancer operatives at the downed Mother of Invention to be the host/not-suspicious-human-body of the Alpha AI.


      THE BLOOD GULCH SIMULATION BEGINS B.B.G. 1 (Season 14 Episode 4): Captain Flowers and his selected teams arrive at the specially constructed and isolated simulation bases at Blood Gulch [on the main Simulation Planet].  While finalizing the plan [of a modified Scenario 3] and all contingencies with his AI assistant V.I.C., Flowers trips over a wire which causes V.I.C. to malfunction and turn the Blood Gulch simulation into a more regular simulation [following a more default version of Scenario 3].




      There it is, a timeline that is as complete and accurate as I can make out of the events leading up to the time the Reds and Blues spent (mostly) in Blood Gulch together.  I hope you find it helpful and informative.  Considering it is unofficial, there could be things I have gotten wrong or things that will be changed in the future.  This should be considered a living document and will be updated periodically.


      If you have any notes or questions about the events here or my reasoning please let me know in a comment.  I will gladly fix or at least make a note of any discrepancies.  


      I’m going to be working on the Blood Gulch Years next which will be a packed timeline of roughly two years. 


      Thanks for taking a look at this.  If you liked it enough, please share it around.  Knowledge is best when it’s shared.


      Talk to you soon,



      After looking into it more, I have removed the entry for The Lazanno Job from this portion of the timeline for multiple reasons.  Most prominiant of which is Felix and Locus took part in the "Worst Battle in the Great War" which by the timeline could have happened any time prior to A.B.G. 1 when the Great War ended and this job likely happened after then.  However, I will include that entry here for now.

      THE LAZANO JOB A.B.G. UNKNOWN (Season 14 Episodes 9-11): After definite military training and taking part in the Great War but before becoming full-fledged mercenaries, 3 bounty hunters known as Felix, Locus, and Sirus attempt to bring in the son of a prominent colony mob boss.  Lazano Sr. responds to this threat on his family and honor in kind but the three are able to scrape out a victory that sets each of them down a much darker path then they had planned.

      TAG BAG
















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    • ThatGuyWynters

      7 months ago

      Answering the prompt on your answer to my most recent question, I felt that the short did itself justice. Much like you said, I felt it was more backstory-driven than the Red/Ruby trailers. I also find your analysis of how the show might continue to be very logical. I personally believed that when we got a Ruby trailer last year, and we ended up having a Volume 4 plot driven by Ruby's adventures with RNJR/JNRR, I feel like the Weiss trailer might mean that Volume 5 will focus primarily on Weiss, and given that Blake and Sun's adventures were the primary subplot for last year's masquerade, it seems only fitting to me that this year have a subplot focused primarily on Yang. Of course, just as Weiss and Yang had their cameos last year, I fully expect to see how Ruby & Co. are getting along in Mistral (meeting Oscar/Ozpin, perhaps?), and I also want to keep up with Blake as she leads her family—not to mention her +1(+3, possibly)—as they prepare to take on the White Fang, or at least part of it.

      So, yeah. Those are my thoughts & theories struck up by the Volume 5 Weiss Character Short. It's not nearly as elaborate and/or satisfying as reading one of your reviews (you're really good at it, I wanna say), but there it is.

      One more thing that your answer to my question got me thinking—in it, you made a mention of RT releasing two other shorts before Volume 5 starts up. I haven't heard that myself, but if it's true, and given that you said it, I find it believable, then it really throws off my theories for what the focuses might be.

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        Well thanks.

        I will say the three more trailers before the season thing is something I just heard a lot at RTX and, because I'm still in RvB mode right now, not something I really persued.  It all depends on the length and intent of this multi-volume arc for how they will do it and how it would work best.

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      " I'd convert an area into a wood-working shop."

      I SO understand this!

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        I'm gonna try dropping in a picture after today's site freeze:

        <img src=" data-aria-label-part="">


        Although I remember someone talking about a fix through the comment editor...

        Oh well, we can work it out later.

        Yeah, I really like having done projects like chairs, shelves, and stereo frames recently.  I also do walking sticks.

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  • Questions answered by AgentWashingtub008

    The Short Itself

    I found it very pleasant.

    That's odd phrasing, I know, but there are (of course) particulars to that.

    First, I've gotta clarify, Weiss is really up there with favorite characters.  Even more than the Space Needle shaped chart of favorite characters I have from Red vs Blue, for RWBY it's a big ball of characters at the top and there's rotations.  Weiss is probably the girl from the main four I'd like to know the most, if only so that I could give her a hug. 

    This short, was a perfect microcosm of that. 

    Also, I probably had the same putting-the-pieces together process everyone had at RTX and (if your like me) when it went public on RT.  Season 1 dress with no scar: this is the past.  There are summons: which family member is it?  Oh right, Jaques isn't a Schnee, so it could only be Winter.  Why is Winter doing this?  Is Papa making it happen? 

    The balletic fighting style that is stiff is very well animated and true to the character at that point in her development.  While I'm taking a break to talk about the technicals, the backgrounds are BEAUTIFUL.  The whole animation is good, but something about the courtyard set is really top notch.  The shadows.

    Then we get to the end and the revelation of how brutal but caring Winter was while training Weiss.  This might be more speculation than necessary, but what I really got from this moment (paired with what Whitley said about "mother") is Winter really was the mother.  Weiss's reaction to her sister showing up in Volume 3 also seems to confirm this in retrospect.  Winter is just that much older that she could and likely did take on much of the rearing responsibilities of her younger siblings.

    Having this all be a dream indicates that Weiss is traveling to Mistral hoping to find her sister and these are where her mind is at on the trip down there. 

    Like the first White trailer, this short was very much about back-story.  If the parallels continue, well that's the next section's topic.

    The song was good.  So far it hasn't stuck in my head quite like Mirror Mirror, but I also haven't been watching this as much.  As we get closer to V.5 I'm sure I will be paying more attention to RWBY news and development.

    So, when I say it was "pleasant" I don't mean the story of it, but it was very satisfying and about what I'd expect from a Weiss trailer.

    Thoughts This Adds to My Pre-Volume 5 Considerations:

    I'll admit, I'm a tad puzzled by the way these trailers are being released.  I did not go to the panel at RTX (my major panel was RvB), but I heard about them.  What's nagging at me is that if we only had one last year, why are we supposedly having three for this year? 

    If it were me (and you know, I was planning the whole thing) I'd go for one a year for a four year arc.  But I have no idea how this arc will be proportioned so that could be completely off base and not helpful.

    Unlike the Ruby short last year, this also doesn't present much plot-progressing information when viewed alone.  Weiss has run away from home to be with her sister, we knew that.  This was a character study, but I did say that it mirrored White in that way as well. 

    Red and Ruby were action pieces with world building.

    White and Weiss are character studies that show but don't tell character development to be used later in the story. 

    I think that before Weiss finds any of her team in this story she'll spend an amount of time looking for her sister..  That's her goal.  If and how she accomplishes that is something to watch (or discuss not at midnight).

    The only other thing this really tells me about V.5 is the Blake and Yang shorts will probably be like Black and Yellow too.

    Blake, I'm guessing, will be a brief story of her and Sun in the interim of plot between volumes as she tracks down the White Fang's bad cell. 

    Yang will be another explosive solo story leading almost directly into the new Volume.  Maybe this time she stumbles upon Qrow and Oscar in the bar.

    Hopefully those two stories will help progress the plot for some further speculation.

    What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy the short? Got any good theories yourself?  (Feel free to leave a profile comment or some other form of communication.)

    Let me start by saying I’m extremely flattered by being asked directly an interpretive question on RvB.  I hope I’m decently up to the task.


    I’m also glad I watched Season 14 with all the commentary recently enough to be informed about some aspects.


    Episode 1 of Season 14 was among my favorites for the season for quite a few reasons, but I do understand how it could be irksome to a viewer.  It’s a shocking introduction to the very different nature of the season on a visual, narrative, and tonal level.  Over all that was the intent of the episode.


    Just in case you are unaware (or anyone else reading this) the first half of the episode (up to the conversation between the iterations and the whole of Epsilon) is the nine-year-old “pencil test” of a proposed “Red vs Blue: Animated” which would have run concurrently with the main show but on Comedy Central as a part of their animated line-up.  After this most polished part was finished however, Rooster Teeth (which at this point did not have the in-house animation department it does now) felt that it was too long and detached a process to make an out-of-house animated project so the idea was scrapped and the trailer left on the Season 6 (Reconstruction) DVD as the only legitimate source.  (Of course, it was ripped to YouTube several times.)  The plot elements of that story eventually morphed into season 8 (kinda) and then the show moved on with Monty.


    This is a good way to move on to how this episode connects to the season as a whole, the episode was a way of tying up a loose end.  Two actually.  It gives definitive precedent to there being multiple simulations being run by Epsilon in his redundancy programs being more than the one seen in Season 9 so we can call the mini serieses MIA and Where There’s A Wall a part of those and Season 14’s Get Bent as well fit into Church’s alternate plans to try and save the Epsilon Tex.  The one we saw (based on the musical cues) could have been the one directly prior to Season 9, but also could have been somewhere else in that timeline due to the dialog being different.  It also ties up the loose end of the original animation being a part of the RvB canon, just differently than was originally intended.


    The draw-out pan of the Epsilon unit in storage also serves two purposes.  First, it grounds the claim that this is happening in the time between seasons 8 and 10’s non-flashback storyline when the unit sat in the UNSC Simulation Command Base that was formerly “Freelancer City.”


    The second purpose of this imagry is a visual metaphor for the rest of the season as VIC (a separate, PSA-space VIC (ish)) is about to introduce it to us verbally.  We’re drawing out from one story to show that there are others surrounding it waiting to be told.  Some are in different containers or and at different distances to the Red vs Blue plot, but we’ll be dealing with many stories regardless in this season (14).


    Then there’s VIC’s monolog which was the trailer for the season as well and can really be taken at face-value. 


    How was that?  Helpful?  Are there still questions you have?  Did you have a different interpretation?  Feel free to make another question or do a profile comment.

    I just realized that I totally forgot that second half in my corresponding blog-segment(in the second half of the post) about the subject.

    Allow me to remedy that. 

    What do I think will happen further into the show?  Well let's start with what we learned this season in particular and pair it with how the first "Collection" of Volumes went.  I think Volume 4, though kindof on its own as an exposition and breathing room Volume is technically the first of the second Collection of volumes that I think will deal heavily with Mistral, Haven, the Spring Maiden, and the second Relic (which I think is Creation).  The first collection was officially released at the "Beacon Years" in a steel-book now and dealt with the Vale, Beacon academy, the Fall Maiden, and I'm going to squeeze in as what I think the first relic that is Ozpin's walking stick, the relic of Knowledge, and the King of Vale's scepter.  (Technically this volume didn't directly feature this, but it was what Cinder wanted to take from Ozpin the whole time).  I think RWBY will be 4-5 of these collections because Monty's plan was roughly 9 Volumes more than volume 2.  There will probably be Volume 3 and 4 which could deal with either of the remaining kingdoms and relics and I'm going to say the Winter maiden will come before the Summer Maiden who I think is Ruby and if I had to pair to that, we'll get Atlas and the Relic of Destruction before Vaccuo and the Relic of Choice.  If there's a 5th collection then that will be where the found relics and Maidens will be assembled to fight Salem.

    And now the particulars coming soon: I think the girls of team RWBY will assemble in pairs that aren't their partners before coming together as all four.  This could be Ruby/Yang and Weiss/Blake, but I think the more interesting dynamics would be Weiss and Yang meeting early on and Ruby and Blake meeting up later (and after Blake and Sun do their thing with the White Fang).  At the very end of 5 we get all of the team together. 

    Jaune will continue to train and not unleash his semblance.  This easily could be held off until he comes face to face with Cinder or Salem.

    Nora and Ren will develop their relationship subtly now, they had their front-time for now.

    Oscar and Ozpin will do what they can to figure things out.  Qrow and Oz might want to keep it all a secret, which will create a struggle for Oscar.  Some people have thought that Oscar and Ruby may have a romantic arc, and if that happens or not they are both younger people with complementing personalities dramatically so I look forward to their dynamic. 

    I don't see the "betrayal" of Headmaster Lionheart lasting any longer than the volume as a secret.  That's just a guess based on how the end "secrets" of past volumes have gone. 

    And other than a steady reveal of information on the Maidens, Silver Eyes, and the relics over time, the rest is really all just random conjecture at this point.

    I haven't eactly given this a lot of thought... But as the soft spoken and sometimes mumbling guy with a name that sounds like several others, I've used different names before when doing things like ordering a snack at Jack in the Box.  I also like to make up elaborate situations in my head where I need to have different names.  Oh, and I probably spend more time than I should when writing making sure that if it's not my main fantasy story where names sound cool (Tavin, Cressina, Dellah, Bimir, Leilus (and so on)) all the names have accurate significance. (Dr, Ozzymandious Dee, and Archimedes "Archie" Hawkins). 

    But for myself?  Now?  Well, I'd have to go with something fitting.  Something that would fit with my mess-of-North-Western-European heritage as well as my personality.  I'd also consider that my first name currently means "King of the River/Spring" in the way my parents thought of it.

    [Stares at bookshelf for five minutes]

    Lloyd Usher has a quality to it.  An old-world dignity with the punch of a roguish hero.  I took it from a formative author and a story by another.  It's Welsh too, and there's plenty of wise old welsh men to be proud of. 


    BONUS ANSWER: I once actually tricked my entire class and a few teachers my senior year of highschool that my name was Maxwell Samuel Danger Hehnen Gurnard so for simplicity and a good laugh I could go for that too.

    Well let's start with the one I liked enough to have a friend make a cosplay for me ((because she's nice like that).

    Deadpool's costume (seen here) is an enduring product of 90's comics that also is really practical.  We all know that blood won't stain red, but Deadpool only has one permanent power and it alone doesn't really help him out to win fights (unless he just outlasts them).  The full harness and pouches get full use (and eventually one of them would become a magic satchel),  What I also love is the costume has had subtle changes from artist to artist but they all always fit.  Hell with the amount of times he ruins his costumes it's no wonder he makes small upgrades more often then Iron Man.


    Next up (and also just a favorite character) is the one and only Discowing (seen here).  Discowing is a very particular version of Nightwing's costume and along with the obvious 80's fun of it all comes a very real reason behind the costume.  From retcon to reboot, the outfit of the Flying Graysons has always followed aesthetic similarities to Dick Grayson's costumes (no doubt to symbolize Dick keeping his family legacy) but this one actually looks like a circus perfromer's outfit.  This is the costume I would (given unlimited resources) obtain and wear out every chance I got.  It also has a fair amount of alien flair that leads into our next suit...


    The Electric Blue Superman Suit (seen here).  I'll be candid, I know it's ridiculous, but I embrace it because it is so truly comic book.  Superman is temporarily disconnected from the yellow sun and the powers it gives him.  So naturally he develops electric ones so dangerous a full-ish body suit must be made to contain it.  And then he splits in half with is blue self representing his cerebral part and the red half representing his more physical side and their both still married to Lois Lane...  Gotta love it, and I love electricity based powers so yeah.  The suit itself is just Superman enough that you don't loose sight of the character but it also is different enough that you can tell something off or new is going on.


    And last but not least, it'd probably be cheating to just say Iron Man, so I'll pick two.  The Silver Centurion suit (seen here) is a classic and at the time represented all that Iron Man had accomplished up to that point.  Similarly, his suit from the first Marvel NOW! era is pretty cool too.  That was black and gold with red glowy bits one (seen here) from recent years that eventually became home to the P.E.P.P.E.R. / H.E.L.L.E.N. AI which was another sentimental touch that grabbed at me.  I honestly would love it if eventually Robert Downey JR donned the Black and Gold suit before he passes on the role.  It's close enough to the movie suits anyway.

    The kind where the hero and villain can (if forced to especially) sit down and talk or possibly work together while still fighting their battle,

    We all know the iconic ones: Professor X and Magneto, Superman and Lex Luthor, The Silver Surfer and Mephisto, and so on, but the instance that made me realize just how great this dynamic could be and the other ones that compounded it were outside of the usual comic format.

    The biggest one that sticks out in my mind is actually a book, and only vaguely superhero-ish.

    Have you ever read or heard of the Pendragon series?  It might have been a little after your time in the demographic, but it's a 10 (13) book series that starts like your standard serialized sci-fi for teenagers (fitting as it's from a writer for "Are You Afraid of the Dark" and more children's TV).  It's a good and prolonged hero's journey with an interesting cast.  It also has a terrifying villain.  I won't spoil too much, but to answer the question, there's a point in time where the villain and main hero are stranded together.  They can't leave because that would mean the other could as well (kinda Red vs Blue-y) so they're stuck with each other.  It's my favorite sequence in the series because while they are still mortal enemies they're just locked with each other and the most they can do is keep the other that way.  This is something I try to use in my writing too, a conflict where the hero doesn't have to win, the villain just has to lose. 

    It also comes up in Danny Phantom, Scott McCloud's Zot!, my favorite episode of Heroes (the penultimate one of the original series), and other books, movies, and yes, comics, that I love.  To a degree Deadpool fights this battle nearly every third arc. 

    I love when the hero and villain form a dichotomy that extends beyond punching each other.

    It's a killer joke.

    Way back before the new site, when I would do regular journals before the 008 Updates, I would end each post with a lovely little general question.  It's how I got to know people on the site.

    After the site changed I noticed a great shift in people.  Not only had I been away for a bit concentrating on school, but  there were just more people but less of those that I knew.  I decided to bring back the questions in an effort to get to know each other.

    Then we got the question tabs and I loved the possibilities they promised.

    Instead of asking everyone one big blanket question and hoping for an answer or two I thought about how I could utilize the tabs in a way that got discussions going.

    The plan hinged on not making anyone feel obligated by the questions, I just would be available continually to ask and answer them for people.  That's how I came up with the ask me a question first rule instead of spamming people every Tuesday.

    Speaking of Tuesday, the reason why isn't anything spectacular.  Tuesdays were usually the days I was the least busy and when other people weren't home for the longest period of time so taking the time to answer and ask my questions each Tuesday seemed like the best bet.

    It was an idea born out of interest in the community, utilizing the new site, and using my time well.

    Is mayonnaise an instrument?

    | Asked by: LCPeter 1 year ago

    Anything can be an instrument if you try hard enough.

    I recommend scooping a fair amount out of the jar and rubbing it on your knuckles.  Then leave  the jar for long enough for the top layer of the mayonnaise to become a thick skin you will plunger up and down through the still liquid portion.  The creation and popping of air pockets will be your procession,

    Awww, not a math question...

    Okay.  Well part of it luckally can fall into the understandably censored bit so I don't have to do exact numbers for a while.  Also keep in mind that all of these segments are stacking and if I run out before the end I'd skip to the last point (you also can skip to that for a general sense of what I'd do).

    First I wouldn't know what to do with that kind of money.

    Then I'd do the worn but practical thing of eliminating my debt and the debt I helped contribute to of my immediate and senior family.

    I'd probably secure (purchase) a house, not just rent or buy with payments, I'd find a modest but good place to live and I'd buy it.  I'm a young man so probably it'd be a nice house or apartment close to a city but I'd like to be able to park my car every night so not too close.

    While it's being mentioned, I'd buy/payoff my Jeep as well.  Then I'd put some quality mechanics into it along with a tape-deck (I own a few and I've got the money now to get more) and some ice-blue trim/racing stripes and a big charcoal number 8 on the hood  (for obvious reasons).

    So, on average speculations I'll have no old debt, a home, a car, and we're 1-2 million in, maybe, I'm not doing as much math as I should but I'll buy a calculator.

    I'd definitely pay movers to get my shit to my new home and then to fill out the furnishings.  More bookshelves, chouches, basic appliances, a fancy Nesspresso, framing for all my cool posters/artwork I have to put around the house and do display work for all my good books, old comics, and collectables.

    I love entertainment so, after the books and comics are done with there would of course be a media center or two.  I'd get a VCR, a Blu-ray player, a pretty big HD T.V. (not sold on 4K yet), a PS4 and PS2 (I've got my PS3), maybe I'd spring for an Xbox, and then I'd get the speaker system to match and put the money into something I've always wanted to experiment with, a capture set-up for recording and twitch. 

    That of course leads into the centerpiece of all of this (and another longterm fascination coming to fruition).  A high-quality, game-capable, Blu-ray drive equipped, and silver-cased beast of a Sony laptop. 

    Also I'd have a study where I'd keep most of the books along with a good CD system because this is where I'd do my writing and doodling.  A drafting-desk and a few armchairs are a given but (and this really isn't an expence but a good note) a south-facing window with horizontal blinds for long natural light with no glare  I'd also probably buy a palate of composition notebooks, blue Bics, pencils, and artsupplies (plus drafting paper).

    I'd do other things to help set-up the house for my kind of living.  I'd get a bbq, I'd convert an area into a wood-working shop.  I'd get a decient cable/internet package and subscribe to Rooster Teeth Double Gold (W!NK).  Put aside money for untilities.

    I'd move on to collecting a few fun things for me like the color run of Zot!, a few full TV shows on hard-copy, all of those comics I've been meaning to get to, and fill out other small gaps in my collections,

    After that I'd invest in entertainment companies and food.  I'd donate/sponsor education and parks services, veteran orginizations, and and child care orginizations.  This is the point in the list where I'd negotiate with my College to bring back the Rhetoric department and reduce the across-the-board language requirement which chokes the progress of all four-year-plan students in their chosen degrees. 

    And then, after all this front-loading of stuff and equipping myself that may seem a bit excessive and I by no means need to do it all (practical stuff first), I'd put the rest away and go about my life.  See even with all this money I'd still write and if my money can help me get self-published and out there, all the better.  I'd still get a job.  I might not need the funding at first, but I want to work.  I'd find something I like and do it to see what comes of it.  That's the whole point of the list above, I'd take that money to set myself up practically and comfortably and I'd move foreward, hopefully not too changed.  I might buy some fancy toys and clothes, but I'm of the mindset that $35.00 and tax is an expensive meal.  I never understood fancy cars you have other people drive unless you're incapacitated.  I do want to travel but to go to the places that interest me and not for any glamor.  I might go to a nice screening of a new movie, but that's not important, I just want to see the movie.  I have vague plans and probably quite a bit of money will helo, but once I'm nicely comfortable I'm good to just let them come.

    Once again Buck you have asked a poignant question that has an answer I believe better suited to a longer and more readily available post.

    It is one I've actually had percolating for a while, especially in light of the images I and others have had with images lately, a good few instances of pages refusing to fully load, and some changes and priorities I fully don't understand.

    What keeps me coming back though is the fact that somewhere in here there is or can be the old site again if not better.  What the site was to me was a place where the content, the conversation, and the community all was.  As a fairly ignorant man of understanding web function I really only know what does or does not work when I attempt to do it so I've never called much of it into question.  Now we're at a time when I believe all we have completely present is the content here and I'll admit a lot is due to a slow curve of functionality and the early summer of 2015.  But conversations are happening and people do what they can for the community.

    With no analogs to anyone else, I do sometimes feel like David from the finale of Camp Camp (if you are not keeping up with that show, that's completely understandable) in why I keep coming back.  I keep coming back to the site because some people are still here and I may as well try as hard as I can to make my contributions to it worthwhile too.

    But as I said, I believe there is much more to be said, and hopefully with your understanding I think I will go about it in a large post later.  I will link it here as well.

    The best way I can give you hope now is this, RT is still making RT content, there is a fanbase with a sizeable portion of itself still located here.  The more we do together, I think we might be able to get over the hurdles of sticky formatting, image issues, things I have no idea about because I know no better, and the hard to make connections.

    Once again an excellent comic question with what will be a loaded answer because of the literal and popular definitions of the terms used.

    There are the powered villains of circumstance such as Magneto or Mr. Freeze who go about it different ways, but you wonder are they would be villainous if not for the circumstance.

    There are those who defy the societal rules, taking what they want, like the Rogues (the Flash), Catwoman, The Riddler, The Kingpin, the Penguin, Whiplash, Taskmaster, and rest who are greedy or something but a few vices don't make just a villain.

    There are the true villains who battle heroes and try to impose their will upon the world like The Mandarin, Lex Luthor, Loki, Thanos, and Baron Zemo.  As you can see, they fall in a wide range of powered or non powered people. 

    There are also the monstrous forces beyond earthly mortal ken like Galactus, The Phoenix Force, and the Furies.

    And then there's the Joker.  I have quite a bit to say about what he is, isn't, or may be.

    But none of that will answer your question.  Because my favorite villain is in a way all of these and represents evil imposition of wills, desire beyond rules, and power beyond reason.  And in all of these things he has one of the greatest qualities of a supervillain, a diametric opposition to a hero that is the root of all of their continual strife.  I also mean continual, though there hasn't been much of this original fight often it's unresolved, always a possibility, and the villain has life and schemes outside the good guy that piqued their interest in the affairs of mortals.  Of course I'm talking about the truly evil match for the Silver Surfer all the way back from the 60's; Mephisto.

    For a good reference on what makes this evil bustard the best is when he takes his schemes to the limit to end the vexing sentinel of the skyways in the 62-page spectacular: the Silver Surfer: Judgement Day.

    And if you couldn't tell by now, I have a thing for villains edging on the theatrical with their verbage.  A good dramatic phrasing can go a long way for me. 

    I would just love to write for RT's narrative (or semi-narrative) content. 

    Sure I'm a decent comedic actor (four years of improv) and I've got an idea for an AH show like I'm sure a lot of us do.  (New Game +1: have I described it yet?).  Of course I'd leap at any job opportunity RT presented me, but I love to write and be a part of the storytelling process so that is what I would do for RT if I could pick.

    This of course falls into several departments.  Live Action shorts and shows, animation, or machinima?  Red vs Blue still is my favorite.  I'd love to write for that, and starting out I'd also be a fine content/continuity editor for that show.  But as long as I'm doing some form of narrative content.

    I've aslo got a few of my own ideas I could do as websries if it ever came to it.  Most prominent is a speculative fiction horror comedy (I swear it would work). 

    So, most importantly, I'd like to write for RT, and the details are all just different flavors of icing.

    I have my reasons, though I do understand it has become semi-iconic of me around here.

    Of course there's a story to it, so I'll start in the beginning.

    All throughout Sophomore and Junior year of college I would do a cycle of goatee, fresh shave for Halloween, grow-out, shave to goatee, grow-out, shave fully for break, and rince and repeat.  Senior year I was Obi Wan for Halloween so that started the pattern being off.  I liked my beard but I still played around with styles and stubbles.  You see, when I'm clean-shaven I still look like I did at 17 so I do like just a bit of facial hair at least so I'm not mistaken for a highschooler when I order a hard cider. 

    Like I said though, I'd played with a full beard and liked it so it rarely went completely away and then senior year thesis and 2nd semester midterms came around.  I stopped caring.  I'd shave for graduation.  My parents actually liked my beard though so I kept it.  And kept it.  And cleaned it up sometimes but mostly, I kept it.  It was tons of fun and I got compliments all the time but there were downsides.  It itched, eating ice cream was a trial, I wasn't sure if it was helping or hindering my ongoing search for a job, it itched, and ultimately, while I enjoied it, I got bored of it. 

    So, about a week ago, bye-bye beardie. 

    Sort of.

    As pictured bellow I've kept the goatee (down to my biggest standard comb on my styling razor*) and everything else was taken to my delicate ginger skin.  I get wicked razor burn and not cleanly shaving for over a year and a half meant things got bloody and raw.  So now I'm sporting some 5'oclock shadow, but I have light hair and it's been a week.  I'll start shaving closer more regularly once I get more blades and I work my neck back up to it. 


    All this is to say, I shaved my beard early fall because once again it makes me look just a little bit more like Errol Flynn or Tony Stark.  It's a look I hope will convey me well in social and career circles that I also just like.

    A final word though, fret not for the wild fun bits like the naturally forked tip will live on.  I don't plan on trimming the goatee itself for a long time. 

    *This gives me an idea for a blog later.

    Well, those factors came separately, in so much as I was pretty young when I decided I wanted to write, and then a tad older when I started to really dig deep into things, pick them apart, and start making my own things with the pieces. So honorable mentions to the series that were the perfect storm of my preteenish years of reading: The Chronicles of Pyrdain by Lloyd Alexander; the Redwall books by Brian Jacques; The Inheritance Trilogy Cycle by Christopher Paolini; The Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K. LeGuinn, the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling; and The Amazing Spiderman by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. There's a list of inspirations that no doubt people could dig out of my early and current things (and you can bet there's plenty of Neil Gaiman, Edgar Allen Poe, Terry Pratchett, D.J. MacHale, Michael Scott (Irish novelist, not the boss from The Office), R.A. Salvatore and others in there too, but they came later and/or don't exactly fit your question).

    But the series that first changed the statement in my head "I want to do this" to the question "how do I do this?" (which means to critically read and be critical about what I write) came in the middle of all of those series in Patrick Carman's The Land of Elyon (which had light ilustrations throughout). I got the first book, The Dark Hills Divide, when it came out as an indie title by a beginning author from Walla Walla. I infact have a first edition copy of the book. None of this of course meant much to me at the time. I just knew that this was a great fantasy story about a girl who could talk to squirrles, solve puzzles etched inside stones, and uncover a mystery on a magical island. It was really cool. It was, at first, one of the books that made me think "I want to do this."

    Then something happened that changed everything. (A good beginning, but very familiar.) My mom told me that Patrick Carman, the man who wrote the book I enjoyed so much, was coming to Barnes and Noble for a reading and a signing. It's hard for me to tell if I completely knew what was happening. I was getting to meet the author. Authors were, up to then, certainly people in my mind but they were people who lived a long time ago and/or not just an hour away from my family in Eastern Washington. But when we got to the event there he was. Smiling and wearing jeans and a button-up shirt. Leading me, other kids, and their parents through an activity inspired by the magic stones in the books. And while we did that he explained to us the stones and how he wrote about them for the book. He told us about the walled cities in central Europe that inspired the setting of the book. He talked about how Alexa Daley was made for his daughters who are just a little younger than me and though he loved to write for a long time, he was just starting to really be "an Author.". He told us that he was a person like us, who started from scratch and worked his ideas into stories. It was a quick progression to "je just did this," "I can do this," and finally "how can I do this?" And the best thing he told me that afternoon was how. I had to figure it out on my own.

    That sounds weird probably, but when the time came for us to get our books signed by the author individually (another forgien concept to me) he took the time to talk to each of us a little bit personally. I talked about how I wanted to write and how hearing his story inspired me. He liked that and encouraged me. He then saw my book and explaind some things about the dog-eared paperback I had. It was a first printing as well as first edition. You could tell because of the spine. The art was off. Books themselves having value beyond the stories was also new to me. But it made sense. This book was from when he started his writing career. It meant something in that. It was the start of mine too in a way. I hold a lot of value in that.

    The following series was very important to me as well because since the first book had really opened up the world of writing and writers to me the following books in the series and by Carman (there are others and I have a good amount of them) always had the special air of it to me. I would read not only the story but the making of it. I identified patterns and mechanisims and make guesses to where the story would go. I would also try and see if I could also make things in those ways. Sometimes I was right, and sometimes I was wrong, but I always learned. I have been to two other signings/events with Patrick Carman and each time he would show me other ways down the path of writing or tell me something about how to get it done.

    It's funny actually. For my birthday gift to myself I just recently ordered two of his latest books (from a different series which is just as important in different ways) and one is the continuation of a story I haven't read since early college but loved and the other is a book about that series and a little about how he did it. I devoered that book in one day (yesterday) videos and all (it's a very interesting book format he came up with for Skeleton Creek). I'm still learning from him but I also had a strange moment of "I've learned so much" reading this behind the scenes book now and remembering me back when the first book came out. Things have changed because of The Land of Elyon and where it directed me to go.

    In the way that it jumpstarted the ways I write, I have to say this series is at least in the nebulous top-handful of series that have had a profound effect leading me to what your question asked about, if not a close but eeking over top. It's hard to say exactly, there are a lot of other works that have very important influences too. Some are not a series. Some are an anchor to what I write about but are more involved in their answers. I could tell you a lot of stories about the stories that helped me, but its getting late now and I chose the easiest place to start for your answer.

    Also, yes, this gave me the excuse to write in a narrative fashion for a couple hundred words today. I took it.

    [Pushes up glasses]

    Well, while Superman is so "naturally" capable it is not an inherent quality of the Man of Steel to be "-of steel." Rather, the sciency make-up of his cells is juiced up by their reaction to Yellow Sun Radiation which gives him the initial boost to his system to make his body capable of incredible strength and solidity (bullet-proof skin). However, while in his normal state as a Red Sun Radiation evolved Kryptonian is still superior on earth because of that and other cross-planetary differences such as Kryptonian physiology and density (to combat differing gravity) he still needs muscles capable of lifting heavy shit and/or crushing it. Like a goldfish will grow to the size of its bowl, Superman's Kryptonian physiology and radiation-reactive state makes him physically capable to do the things he does. An ice truck is still an ice truck on earth so to crucify it on power lines on the earth where it was made takes the same amount of force from human machinery as it does an alien body made capable of exerting those forces. Superman's ripped-ness is a result of his body's capabilities in his situation combined with his lifestyle. If he wasn't constantly running or fighting I imagine his form would reflect a human who lived an average lifestyle and he would only be that proportional strength of a Kryptonian on earth.

    I like to think any good fictional universe has it's dangers, but let's go by numbers. Let's spin a wheel of the ones with the most damage done!

    WHHHHHHIIIIIIIIiiiiirrrrrrrrr tick tick tick tick tick tick....

    THE MARVEL UNIVERSE (A close tie with the DC universe but mostly it's continuity that gets destoried over there.)

    In this or any fictional universe I'd like to inhabit I'd be a wizard and/or benign trickster figure. I like to think of myself as a good guy so in this one I'd be like a side-kick / spinoff next generational Dr. Strange who gets into a bit more trouble.

    Retirement is a ways off for me. I'm sure at some point I'll stop whatever my day-to-day jobby-job will be, but as someone interested in a creative field (writing all sorts of things), I'm not sure I'll ever stop being creative with at least the slightest intention of letting other people in on the fun when I'm finished with the current project.

    I'll probably also keep going with my hobbies of woodworking, doodling, indulging my inner child, consuming fun media, and maybe I'll open a small bookshop. I'd like to live in a town on the NW coast.

    Otherwise, I don't really think too much of it. Just tuck money away once I get a first real jobby-job.

    Now, now, that's not exactly how this game works, but I've gotta give you points for trying.

    So, here's a half-answer. Unless it's obviously directed at the person being questioned, I don't ask questions on question day that I wouldn't have a good/entertaining answer for.

    Also, this is my way of getting to know the community on the new site better and letting them know me. The questions someone asks can be just as informative as the answers they give.

    Top 5... I'm not really an Anime buff so this will probably also be a "Half the Anime Shows I really enjoied" lists.

    1) YU-GI-OH!

    I'll be honest I haven't completely seen the show, never read the manga, didn't play the cardgame, and haven't really touched the other series beyond the original. BUT, I love the concept behind the original series, even when it doesn't quite hold up (that's what this reboot is for). It also has nothing to do with YGOTAS... No... But however, the conclusion drawn my me and my friends when Gods of Egypt came out was these cheesy but super inense effects bastardizing mythology would be better served as a Yugioh movie. If a series with effects like that existed I'd love it (CW style).

    2) Code Geass

    This show... This show... I loved the first twenty two episodes and then it fell into pit too many animes I watch do, the episode 23 problem. That's what I call what happens when an awesome concept is slowly established and worked for the whole of a series and then at the peak of the climax the stakes are suddenly and immediately turned up to eleven (becoming God? seriously?) and the story is "concluded" in two episodes. I would love to see a reboot of this show with real actors from the nations represented (as well as they can (Brittania is basically the EU and America so just pick something for Lelouch)). The magic is mostly subtle enough to do well and the mechs can be part-cg and part practical and really (since this is a rebbot) after establishing some pacing that makes sense you can integrate some of the things from season two into the lore and just go your own way after you start the season one climax otherwise.

    This is the point in the answer where I start grasping at straws. I don't watch much anime and even fewer of those I want to see in live action outside of these two. The first to see a cool new take and the second because I really want to reboot that story and make it work.

    3) Pokémon

    Who hasn't thought a version of the show with real and literal growth for characters (best achieved in Live Action when you have to) and realistic versions of the creatures? I however, in the line of hard reboots, would love to see them just be scientifically created creatures (big lore changes that I won't go into now) that have been genetically engineered to have their abilities but they're also actual Pocket-monsters. They keep their scale to each other, but whatever the average size of a pokemon is that is the size of a beast that could comfortably sit in a good-sized pocket. Also some cool Arms-race metaphors.

    4) Uhhh...

    Sorry, I just don't want that many live action reboots of anime. Maybe just to see more of it I'd go for The Devil is a Part-Timer! but that's pretty damn near perfect.

    Okay I don't want to break the site, but I remember quite a few pretty weird dreams. They all have their merits and while there might be a few (somehow) imperially weirder ones, one that is both really really weird and has a weird disconnect as I can remember it, is one I remember from being pretty young.


    I'm in a HUGE bounce-house that's modeled in the aesthetic of a Mickey's Toontown house and there are other children in there with me but more in the "I know this fact in my dream" kind of way than me really being able to differentiate from their reveling forms around me (I'm using discriptions I was not capable of doing at the time but still accurate). In the center of the room (a living room designed with a lot of orange paint an furniture (all bouncy)) there's a metal grate that we're all avoiding because it's a drain in the middle of a bounce-house and we don't want to be on the only not bouncy part.

    The children start to thin in numbers as a big blue anthropomorphic bat-person in a black and purple suit comes bouncing in too. I'm afraid of this bat and it doesn't help that he starts to come towards me as the children start to leave more quickly and the bouncy house becomes more like a castle. He starts to laugh at me and I'm scared back by his menacing guffawing laugh (think Krusty the Clown at a slightly higher pitch). I start to hear the children that left laughing at me too. I'm bouncing back now and find myself in the center of the room and the grate is gone. I fall down aways to where there's barely any light and I'm in a wet pit now on top of fist size-rocks and my legs hurt and I'm crying for my parents to help me out.

    I wake up after a while of me down at the bottom of the whole listening to the bat's echoing laughter.


    Have some fun with that one Freud.

    Oddly enough not too much of that frightens me now. Writing it out, I could actually twist some of it around into a horror story I wouldn't be scared writing.

    The other contenders for strangest dream are harder to differentiate because there are a lot of patterns and recurring elements. Those are things for a different day though.

    Favorite comic book?

    | Asked by: Fly 1 year ago

    That's pretty hard. And of course just vague enough for me to get some mileage off of it. Still I'll stick to the ones I actually physically own for the variants I have for this issue.

    If we're going for favorite individual issue (a single-purchase comic book you'd buy from a shop): That is a very hard decision as I have a long-box containing four years of single issues, but I also have and would read over and over again Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: Ramadan. It's a fascinating issue that talks about the endurance and magic of stories and dreams (like a lot of the series) and is beautifully illustrated and written as well. It's an issue that really speaks to me. This was a hard decision as I also have several original printings of Marvels and DC's going back to the sixties (without covers because of an old comic shop incentive), a good chunk of the original color run of Scott McLoud's ZOT!, several other Sandman's, and quite a few of the comics from my stint of buying them weekly at college are special to me.

    If we're classifying it in sort of the graphic novel / complete arc / trades: It's again hard as I have an original printing of Brief Lives from the Sandman run as well, BUT I also have some pretty good Deadpool / Silver Surfer / Nightwing / by Gaiman trades I really enjoy. I think I will settle back to the Sandman though. Brief Lives is up there as I view it as the real start of the climax and it deals with a lot of the series's over all themes and patterns.

    And, surprise surprise as it goes in favorite comic books as in "I really like to collect (character)'s comic book: That's a tie. I absolutely LOVE The Sandman. It has so many great concepts, characters, and stories while being its own whole story that it's pretty near perfect to me. However, there is something almost intrinsically fun about every Deadpool comic I've read and he's probably my favorite superhero (Morpheus does not have that distinction) that picking up his comic book is a must every time I go into a comic shop with some money not already intended for a purchase. And The Sandman, though I love it, is "over" after just having wrapped it's Overature run I will still buy any issue I can (within reason of course) but since this applies to both of these comic books, I can't call it without a deep "but, well" clause.

    This actually took some time for me to figure out because there definitely will be two shows in this category soon and I'll have to wait for hard copies because we don't have uber-kable.

    However, one did dawn upon me; Star Wars Rebels. I may be spoiled about a few big factors, but what I care more about is how they came to be and experiencing it. Again a casualty of Disney XD being above the current package, I'm stuck to finding out these stories on DVD if I can get ahold of them or perhaps Netflix and Disney/Lucasfilm will come to a solid agreement.

    For one day only it would be the ability to create permanent non-living things through will and alchemical conversion. I'd make quite a few little gadgets and bits/bobs I couldn't otherwise like a wrist-mounted auxiliary for my phone/laptop with actual buttons (a T-9 keyboard would do), some snappy sets of new clothes so I can dress like a cartoon character in fitted and fitting outfits (so many pairs of swabby jeans). Sure I might make some things of monetary value but I don't want to worry about serial numbers or diluting our economic system's values too much. I'd probably top it off with making myself a house which I imagine would take time and energy still. Then I'll be set to be a productive member of society the next day with all my neat stuff!

    That or Magneto-type flight. That's more super-powery and I'm always down for a chance to fly like that.

    Why are we here?

    | Asked by: ThatGuyWynters 1 year ago

    Well, I signed up because I like to watch and Discuss RT content, I've stuck around for some of my own fun. If we're going waaaaaaaaaay back it's because a friend of mine in middle school said a certain lead character who dies six episodes in made him think of me.

    I never assume I'm 100% correct about anyone else's motivations, but I assume the sense of community and the aforementioned discussion and entertainment has a lot of people here.

    I think you're particularly a RWBYite.

    Forming a cult of any sort for Danny, the 99th Warden of Hell's Kitchens & Food Services would be a ridiculous waste of arcane knowledge and efforts. Danny, being Lord and Master of Demons and those unfortunate souls whose function in the ring of Gluttony is to stand beneath the sinks, their mouths warped into funnels of raw taste-receptive muscle and razor sharp teeth; he has no care for speaking. He only desires the garbled sounds of choked disgust from his Garbage Disposer hoard.

    However, to satiate Danny to a degree would be to act as he does and force blended leavings of food down the gullets of sinners constantly until their intestines burst in judgement. From these shredded silos of slop make sausage to dine upon while drinking the blood of your sacrifice. Preform this ritual on the third night of the waning moon every lunar cycle with the leftovers of all you have eaten between.

    Initiates must willingly go into and survive a night of the ritual.

    A wall mounted-radio!

    A telephone!

    A Daft Punk poster!

    Very small rocks!

    A cleshe map over my bed with different colored pins for where I have been and where I want to go!


    Yeah, I'm not really sure.

    I also want to say a tactical knife...


    Old-timey camera film.

    It starts black in the case, then you take a picture and put it in a red room to develop and as the image begins to fade or just get old or you screwed it up it's all grayscale.

    Well, I won't google these to stay honest.

    Well, knife would be only based off of an audible pun...

    I'm going to say a towel or sponge. While you dry off a thing, your utensil gets wet from the mess.

    I reveal all but one of my hidden tools about my person. I demonstrate my Holmesian level of disguise and attention. I describe to him all of my long-con pranks that went off well. And finally I tell him that I really really REALLY would like to work with him. I can be great a maintain a character too.

    So, largely the plan is to wing it. I have a few things scheduled and some things I just have to do because of timing, but outside of what I'm about to list I've got no idea.

    On Thursday I'm gonna meet up with my RT Seattle crew

    Friday is my first day of must panels. Kinda Funny and Late Night Lemonade

    Saturday is my designated signing day. I'm also likely to attend the OCC Fado's dinner.

    Sunday I'm not staying the whole time because of flights but I'm dedicating all the time I need to to attending the RvB panel.

    On either Friday or Saturday I'll be cosplaying Deadpool (I take it you read my journal with a part about it).

    I just plan to have fun, meet some people, and eat some Pizza Hut.

    Oh and I'm gonna try to pick up a Free Play shirt, Team Fat (Men's Medium) and the Pyrrha crest shirt.

    Oh my, well I already get to go to RTX...

    Well, the morning would start with coffee and breakfast with Neil Gaiman. After a couple hours of that I'd get a private tour of the Disney studio with lunch with the higher-ups of Marvel, Disney, and Lucasfim. Afternoon large-arena Laser-tag for me and a bunch of friends. A nice rib dinner for me and my (hypothetical) lady friend with Jason Mraz doing the music. Sitting down with friends again to watch a good movie of my choice (probably an action comedy or a Disney movie) at a private screening in one of those food-and-armchair theaters. Then it's off to be a guest on the Late Show with Setphen Colbert where I could meet and do a wacky thing with him and Jennifer Lawrence (who really I'd just like to meet. She is a beautiful woman, yes, but she just seems like a fun person I'd be friends with.

    If I told you they'd come for you too.

    I will say that for my own research purposes I have recently begun looking into connections with Alchemy, Secret Societies, and space travel/technologies/programs. I've found some interesting things. (It is the truth, I've been pondering and looking into these things for reasons, but I don't know if there's any reason the government would care about.)

    I would be satisfied with the same three meals a day with the following snacks and drinks also provided.

    Breakfast- Waffles and Bannanas (with fix'ns)

    Lunch- Peanut butter and jelly on a pretzel roll with cheetoes

    Dinner- Southern Style fried chicken tenders with my secret recipie bbq sauce and steak fries.



    Chicken Jerky


    Glacier Freeze Gatorade

    Whole Milk

    French Roast Coffee

    I imagine this is a Lost type situation and I eventually rig a kitchen and fridge in a crude house (or hatch) with all this.


    If I had to really narrow it down though, I'd just have the coffee, milk, chicken and waffles (with syrup) and bananas.

    I don't think I did this to myself. I could have, but that would be a very desperate time.

    It is very likely I have let loose a string of awesome but awful puns over a course of the conversation and when someone finally groaned at me to stop I said (as I do), "Why, I'm on fire right now."

    They decided to make a pun out of me.

    It's likely he has my theories and postings and other shenanigans from on the site. I have been fairly active over eight years. One or two time's I've gotten pretty close to knowing what was going on in RvB, other times I've made great detailed explanations. And there has been so much more.

    I don't know quite why I've been abducted to do this, but I hope that having my work in a file means he wants me to write something for the company and didn't want to call a lot of attention to it. That would be great.


    It's a photo and information of a cast or community member with just three words beneath it:




    He nods and says more information will come to me later at RTX and I'm released with a new badge that lets me get around with more ease.

    Oh the rituals, how shall I begin?

    Perhaps with the oldest in its oldest form.

    Though I've been drinking coffee since high school, in college I was able to talk my parents into getting me a French press and electric kettle for my growing habit. I used it a bunch, but the most inopportune thing was the kettle only fit in the hopper sink in the dorm (which I stayed in all 4 years (and the same single room)) basement/kitchen/laundryroom so I either had to trek down there every two batches or go to the bathroom across the hall with a big tumbler cup a couple of times. Usually it was the latter. So that's step one, fill the kettle. Then boil, that's easy but has resulted in more hand-burns than I should count. Usually it's just because I slip while filling the press. Then I let it percolate for about twenty minutes to a half-hour, pour and add sweet cream or chocolate milk (that's a frugal college kid's mocha). For most weekdays (and Sunday nights) my brewing system was a full press in the afternoon leaving one of the three-four mugs my old press would make for the morning. Sometimes I'd make more than one press a day. Saturday and Sunday, when I felt like being a lazy homebody usually saw a turn-of-the-century breakfast at one or more meals. In the days before modern breakfast cereals popcorn and coffee was a popular base for a quick breakfast. I love both, and if you've got some simple buttery popcorn and a fresh mug it's worth a try I assure you. An afternoon French-press and popcorn is one of my oldest and best rituals for brewing coffee.

    After leaving school I shifted it some. I'd make a batch every morning as I woke up to let our puppy out and would drink it over the day. I also got a bigger (and better) Le Cruset ceramic French press. It keeps the coffee warmer longer and the mesh is tighter so I can use slightly finer grinds. It still largely is this way (and follows the same 35ish minute ritual while making food or prepping the protein shake I pour a mug's worth into).

    However, my father also loves coffee and prefers espresso. He's had a machine for years and we recently bought a fantastic Nesspresso Citi and we're loving it. I've been using this more for my initial morning cup (because it takes four minutes tops) and have been experimenting with the different cups and brews. I still use the press though, usually early afternoon when I'm making what's switching to iced-coffee for that.

    Other small habits/rituals include coffee while watching RT or making my Bleepbloopopolous map and my "signature" drink I get with friends: a B-52 dropped in a mug of coffee (and I'll drink most other coffee-drinks (I'm slowly working out my own as well)).

    Okay, one sub-question down. I'll got grab a fresh mug and tackle the others.

    I will drink usually any medium to dark sweet/chocolatey roast. I like my coffee strong and flavorful so I use a lot of grounds and let it be brewed for sure. I do have some favorites though. First off, any blend with lavender in it. I will pick that first always (unless the other option is exotic and I only have the one chance to try it). My favorite specific roasts are Raven's Brew Ebony Pearls, Palendaba Lavender's dark roast (a local brand), and Starbucks's Café Verona or French Roast. I also like to keep it interesting with mixes of other spices or flavors like cinnamon, mint, caramel, or liquorish.

    I do grind my own beans when I can. From what I've been taught basic coffee brewing is better when you grind your own beans (about a few week's worth at most or just the day's if you're really into it). It's also fine to freeze beans but once ground you should keep them at room-temperature and dry. That keeps the flavor in the beans the way it was intended to be. Annother reason I grind by own beans I because I use a French press which requires a coarser grind for the mesh. Some brands sell coarse grind coffee but it isn't as common as either whole bean or fine grind (for use in filtered coffee makers). Any good coffee shop that sells beans will grind your bag to a specification for you and during college that's what I would do. I'd go to my local Starbucks, buy a bag of whole bean and have them grind it to coarse. It is free of charge and all locations I've been to (including in-store (Target/Safeway/Barnes & Noble)) will do this. I have my own grinder now that I am home though and use it and a vacuum sealed container to store the grinds.

    I am a "Seattle-based" Gold-Card-Carrying subscriber to the mermaid's world-wide local coffee shop. At the very bottom line, they make good coffee and the service is constantly good. They're doing something right and it's so darn convenient that it's hard not to use them. The great snacks and provision of home-use coffee materials is great too. I love little local shops too, they usually have the more interesting drinks because of the unique nature. Every vacation I go on I have to get a bag of beans from the local café. But as a comfortable and long-standing standard I have very positive things to say about Starbucks.

    I hope that entertained and informed you.

    It's like you and @SailorGirl81 coordinated today. You may want to take a look at her question and my answer too.

    While we're picking apart my internet motifs, I should mention that I come from a household that was late and slow to the internet. I still don't trust "the internet" with standing financial information, public information that's easily identifiable to my location or such, and I don't post that I'm away until after I'm back usually. Some of this has fallen back as time went on, but I still don't reveal too much about myself in a straight forward and mundane way.

    Still, I'm a fairly open guy so I try to do things that do give you information about me while I'm being clever and vague. So I, as a young man from a backwater area, took two of my favorite stories about young men from backwater areas (fictional heroes I could look up to and try to emulate) and in a fun way direct you to where I come from in a few ways.

    I imagine it like looking for a place in an Atlas's appendix. Found between Gongaga and Gont is a general sense that I'm from the hilly outskirts. There are things there, but not much. It also gives you the hints that these are the stories I like.

    Now, I hope it doesn't come off as pretentious. I by no means believe you have to understand these references, but they're fun little bits of more information rather than an empty space on a webpage because I wasn't the most trusting of possible tech-savvy miscreants.

    It's like you and @BuckeyeDon coordinated today. You may want to take a look at his question and my answer too.

    To answer this question as to why this particular set of numbers follows a good majority of my screennames we're going to have to go back to 2006/7. Justin Timberlake's solo career is really taking off. The Steelers have won the extra large super bowl. We all still love Captain Jack Sparrow. It is the time of Kingdom Hearts II and Halo 3.

    Now, I'm a Sony boy who had a Gameboy SP so I had a significant attachment to a certain cocky redhead trickster with a "heart" of gold and a jaunty posture from the epic crossover of Disney and Final Fantasy. He turned out to also be the 8th in an organization of 13 dubious individuals and eight is my lucky number (you could make a Jim Carrey movie about all the interesting times that number has popped up in my life). So, I had eight already but the story continues.

    A buddy of mine in middle school invited me over one time for a night of Halo 3, pizza, and other revels. He too was into Kingdom Hearts (and had some fun similarities to Roxas (No. XIII). He either had already or while we were setting up to play changed his Halo character number to O13 for Organization member thirteen and Roxas. I then was making my temporary character and decided to put my call sign as O08 (Because it had to be one letter and two digits). What can I say, we were wild and crazy guys. This soon persisted in other things and became the cooler and more aesthetically pleasing 008 (often more stylized with slashes in the 0's). It looks like two eights (one on its side like infinity) and there's other cool symbolic things I can do with it. It also (maybe most importantly) fits some of the old internet standard of having a number in a username.

    Incase you were wondering too, I read it out as "Zero-Zero-Eight", not "double 0 eight" or "Oh-oh-eight."

    Well, clearly it wasn't elimination in just a few fights, so here's what I imagine. Being ever the good sport, after a conversation between the two teams trying to figure out the nature of their internment in this strange arena fortress they parted ways and Jaune noticed (whatever a significant coin in Remnant/Atlas is) fall from Weiss's purse. JNPR was going one way, RWBY was going another, and the coin went yet another. Jaune followed the rolling change down the hall and around one unfortunate corner... His fate remains a mystery, but the tournament goes on.

    The genre I play the most would have to be (loosely) Action RPG's but I also love some more adventure games, Minecraft, more traditional JRPG's, combat racing games (which I'm surprisingly okay at, and some shooters. I also like some puzzles and stealth games. It'll be hard to pin down a top three (sort of) so I'll mention some of the outliers I have really enjoied first: Ratchet and Clank, Portal, Soul Calibur (3 was best),

    Top 3 though...

    There's just one I can't bump, sorry.

    #3- Jak II

    #2- infamous 2

    #'s 1- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts (Re:) Chain of Memories: Reverse/Rebirth

    The newly appointed governor of Port Royale's daughter.


    No really, it probably would have been that I broke something while trying to figure out how the ship worked. Or I subverted authority too many times. I'm not a particularly defiant individual, but if I think there's a better way to do something or an order is obviously going to screw things up I will either A) just not do it, or B) do it the wrong way I was told to and let the negative ramifications happen. Someone tells me to put the choclolate next to the stove? Done, have fun with your melted chocolate. I know that's not a particularly striking example, but if I were to start discussing the failed managerial attempts of other people vying for power in a college improv club, we might just be here all night.

    Well, RvB certainly has some real estate in my mind with theories and other activities, but it is one of many.

    I guess it comes down to I love to make things and so that reflects in my hobbies of: writing (a hobby I went to school for but haven't stopped learning about), I build with Lego Systems, I play a lot of video games but ones with choice/customization options apleanty (currently I'm running Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning while also playing pleanty of Minecraft and Destiny too), I draw and I read educational and fictional books and watch some good TV and movies (with commentaries often too).

    So, my hobbies are many, mostly having to do with creating something in the line of a story. By obsessions have to be what pops up in all of that. I love tricksters (and other myth theory intensive things), RvB and most RT things, Fantasy stories about wizards, science fiction adventures, creepy speculative fiction, good comedy, superhero medias, hats, coats, denim, and benign pranks

    I'm sorry if this was all too much of a survey, but I have some laundry to do.

    I have been to a few Cons, several were trade-shows I went with my parents to.

    But on to the ones I picked. I've gone to the Seattle Brick Con once or twice, I love legos, and several toy train conventions as a smaller child. Those were a lot of fun and I remember getting some pretty cool special Brio trains.

    Then high school and college happened.

    After those I started again, going to Pax Prime and Jet City Comic Con, both were fantastic and I cosplayed to Jet City, which was also on Halloween. A fun thing about Pax was that was also my first RT_Seattle meet-up and the first time I'd seen my old friend Maddy in a while. (I also did a "lazy cosplay" of Church (light blue flannel, jeans, and my Fine Line shirt.)

    I am planning on going to RTX (wooh-WOOH) later this year and I'm investigating going to Pax Prime again. RTX, well that should be a little obvious, but I'm going this year as a fan and to have as much fun as I can. Pax Prime was a ton of fun for just one day last year, so I really want to go this year, possibly for more days.

    I am of two minds on this one. I'd invariably use them to similar ends so why not split the difference between dark blue flame power and flight with a auric blue force that looks like fire and lets me fly. Think ala Raven of DC fame without the inherent Lovecraftian mysticisim (it's fine but not my motif (I like more north-western European with wyrd and fae roots)). I would use these abilities probably for "good" ends. I'm not sure how much actual crime fighting I would get directly into but after I facilitate myself by floating around a lot and getting things that are hard to reach without making a mess, who knows. I'd still love to write, but Clark Kent, Kyle Rainer, and Janet Van Dyne all were able to keep creative careers and have a positive influence on the world with their abilities so I would love to try.

    I'd also never have to drive and I'd take as many other people with me as I could. So much saved travel money.

    I think it should go without saying that my immediate family has had quite a lot of influence on my developing personality the way all families will do. The briefest of clarifications though, I would say my parents raised me quite right with a respectful and genuine way of conducting myself. My brother has had his influences as well, but I will say a fair amount of those are in reflex as much as emulation.

    My maternal grandparents can also be said to have major responsibility in my development. I love and respect my paternal family quite a bit too, but they are farther away and I saw them less growing up. My paternal grandmother did help foster my love of stories and reading though and is a sturdy woman who maintains herself and for that I am greatly respectful. My maternal grandmother though is my standard of a lot of what makes a good person. She was caring for everyone in her life and did not cause conflict though she would stop it. She also has a lot to do with my sense of humor (and unyielding love of good and happy sitcoms). My maternal grandfather is a very solid individual. He is practical and believes in simplicity. He always has great advice which I always try to follow even when the subjects of our opinions differ. I would also say he really helped the final pushes of my learning to read by introducing me to Calvin and Hobbes.

    There are a fair amount of teachers too who have shaped me, again in both imitation and reflex. Because a part of what I am is to not be negative for reasons unrelated to the current situation (and irrelevant ones) so I won't be naming names or anything. Let's just say I dislike hypocracy, redundancy of speech, and all but acknowledged ineptitude especially in the education system (I do love when these all lead to hilarious failure though (a part of why I love some comedy with these character (and we're getting dangerously far from the topic now...))).

    The good teachers though, whose names are irrelevant to most, are Mr Wright, Mrs Vanderplas, Mr Lequire, Mr Burris, Mr Grella, and Professors Chaser, Nolly, Blackwell, and Nadelson (there are many others but I'll spend all my time listing with that way of talking). This group all were heavy influencers on me. They are all responcible and capabile individules. Each one has given me a lesson or two that didn't have to do with the ones I got in their curriculum. Perhaps the longest lasting one and most relevant to parts of my personaility I haven't brought up yet is from the late Mr. Burris. There are no stupid questions, questions mean you want to learn. And asking a question doesn't mean you're stupid what creates an idiot is when they ask a question and find themselves asking it again and again because they simply refuse to take in the new information. Idiots come from willful ignorance.

    There are also my friends; Austin who has given me lessons in leadership and personal integrity, Grace, Salina, Madison, Conner, and Johannah who have faced things with much more courage than I could imagine, Kennedy's bright personaliy, and many new friends and old friends who just were in some way or another a person much better than me so I have followed their examples. I'd also even put you in that list Buck, you are my longest and most influential mentor on the site since you effectively directed me back in the old old forums.

    And with that, I'm going to cut this off despite how much I love the continuing souce of knowledge questions do provide. I'm afraid I am quite over due to plug in my laptop and answer the at least one other questions I have.

    I assume you mean this:

    It and the accompanying image of me on laundry day is of me two years ago a little less shaven, without my glasses, and being a tad more silly than normal, but it is me none the less.

    From now...

    My professional life is really just beginning.

    Out of equal parts fortunate opportunity and necessity I have spent my last year helping my family from home with homecare and work, our new dog, and my great grandmother who passed early this winter. I also have been working to get my driver's license and actual adept-ness with my little borrowed Patriot.

    At this point in time though I have really begun the push to enter the workforce. I have perused a couple positions which through rather annoying faults of communication on the companies' ends have not panned out but I keep going. I am at a very interesting point here at the beginning. I can do a lot. I have several interests and aspirations. Right now my pursuits are working in a book-store, a pet-store, a library, production (several cool videogame companies are in my backyard), or possibly radio. I will though take whatever jobby job I can just to get the life experience of it soon. I have managed people and volunteered before, but have no pure professional experience (I do watch the houses and animals of friends and family as well).

    Since it is so nebulous at this moment I'm afraid any prediction I make will be even more so. I will be getting a job soon though so once I do I'll be doing what I can to stick to it. I won't be a career hopper unless things get bad at a company.

    The main goal is to be a career writer. I like a lot of mediums but for now I am working on the first book. I have that, if not the whole first series, mapped out fairly well and I'm filling it all in. That's just a matter of me working it all out. I push for at least 2,000 words a day and unless I have a blog or something I put them in there. My pursuits in a creative field are also happening but that's a bit of a chicken and egg of getting experience for a job and getting a job.

    What is the chief end of man?

    | Asked by: monopoly_j 1 year ago

    The phrase ends "To Glorify God." It's from the Catachisim.

    In my personal interpretation I think it means to live.

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