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    • Meeting Bethany, Megan and Clarissa in London!!!

      1 month ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      Honestly, such a lovely evening in London. I luckily work just around the corner from where the meeting point was and I had the luxury of running into them and Jason (Head Guardian peep) before heading to the main meet. 

      It's so lovely to meet people you highly respect from an online point of view, for them to follow through being just as amazing (and more) in real life. 

      I fully thank all of them for making the meet up a thing and hope I can satisfy (with all my will power) their needs and requests for RTX London as a selected Guardian. 

      To everyone who attended, it was amazing to chat to you random people and hope to see you at RTX London and help you in anyway that I can. 

      RTX London Meet-up

    • Promotion!!

      3 months ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      Well, today at my job I officially moved from System Administrator to Line Manager. Lots of people to look after, lots of reviews to do, meetings to attend... I might live to regret this! Haha. 

      On top of all of that, still doing all of my Sys Admin responsibilities. Oh well, could be worse. 


    • Bring on RTX London

      4 months ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      I'm so excited for RTX London. Even more excited because I'm one of the lucky Guardians to help bring the event together and keep it running smoothly (regardless of my designated role). 

      I hope everyone will enjoy themselves who are in attendance and their enjoyment is mine!

      See you all there.

    • Weight loss journey

      6 months ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      Being 6"3, I'm lucky that weight distributes and hides more than others, which I've always been grateful for. At the end of December, I was the biggest and heaviest I'd every been at 17 stone 5 pounds. I felt awful, slow and tired. I promised myself I'd change.

      I worried that I would fall back into the routine of just eating crap foods, sweets, chocolate, coke and so on, but I've tried and I can say I'm proud of myself. 

      Today, I'm 15 stone 8 pounds and still going. I'm feeling better, more awake, energy and everything. 

      I don't really know why I'm posting this, but I guess I hope people who also are struggling can find solace in that it's possible, you just need to work hard a little to get it going. 

      My goal is to be down to around 14 stone 5 pounds by October, as it's a busy month for me; Irish wedding, RTX London Guardian and Japan holiday. 

      I doubt anyone is reading this, but if you are struggling with fitness and want to ask me anything, who has been there and is going through it, feel free! :) 

    • I'm glad more tickets were put on sale...

      7 months ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      It's mental how quickly RTX London sold out. I expected it to go quickly, but 20 minutes into wide public sale is crazy. Makes me wonder how many allocated spaces were given by Excel and how many halls we'll be based in. I'm guessing 2-4 halls this time around. 

      The hype is real and seriously excited to represent Rooster Teeth as a Guardian for the first time and hopefully not the last!

    • Well, no waiting to buy RTX ticket this morning...

      7 months ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      Since I'm lucky enough to have been picked to be a Guardian, I don't have to wait for the ticketing system to open up. 

      Originally, I was going to go for a VIP ticket, but now I've got the best ticket in the house. Haha. 

      Good luck to everyone who's purchasing; hope you get the tickets you want.


      7 months ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      Can't wait to be apart of helping the event become one of the best RTXs to ever happen!


    • Double Gold Boiiii

      8 months ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      Yep. That double gold is too strong. Early access for those RTX London VIP tickets are too good. So excited. Also very interested in what the $60 boxes are!  benson

    • Hotel booked for RTX London

      8 months ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      Let the hype begin. 

      Booked at the Travel Lodge just around the corner, so nice and easy to get too from Friday to Sunday. If I am chosen to be a Guardian, then I don't exactly have far to travel for Thursday, as I live in London already. 


    • Applied for RTX London

      8 months ago

      AlintheaYoh RTX London Guardian

      With so many amazing people that will be applying, I'll be the luckiest person alive if I'm picked, but I wish everyone luck! 

      I'm so excited by the prospect of RTX London and with it being held in the London EXCEL centre, there will be loads of space for us to mingle! It's going to be out of this world.

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    Currently at Double Negative Visual Effects, London, as a Sys Admin Lead and Line Manager. I have a passion for everything centred around computers; from fixing to building. I love gaming and have done since the olden days, while everyone can say that, I love old school.

    I am laid back, easy going and can get on with basically everyone.

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