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    • One Life is Not a Long Time

      2 years ago

      AnthonyAfricano Eclipse>Bumbleby

      Hard to believe it's been a year huh? I've thought about him every day since. I'll think about him every day for the rest of my life. The day I stop missing him is the day I join him. Until then, I'll enjoy my time here on earth. I've learned it can go by quickly if you're not careful. From the moment I saw the Red Trailer, I knew his work was something special, and it changed my life for the better. I never got the chance to meet you, but that doesn't matter, because you changed my life for the better.

      I wish you could have seen what your work has become. Your dedication to creating your own show loved by millions of people. It's on the front page of Crunchyroll and being distributed in Japan. I don't know what your goal was for this show, but it will surpass it and so much more. Thank you so much for making me and millions of other people smile every day.

    • Lazer Team Screening in Bridgeport, CT

      2 years ago

      AnthonyAfricano Eclipse>Bumbleby

      If there is anyone in the Connecticut area looking for a screening to Lazer Team, I would say your best option is the screening in Bridgeport, CT. For most of Southwestern Connecticut, it's the only screening that isn't yet sold out, and it's only 24 people away, with the deadline being 2 pm on January 18th, 11 days from the time of this posting. This is a once in a lifetime experience to see a movie about Roosterteeth with fellow fans and just have a good time.

    • 2 years ago

      AnthonyAfricano Eclipse>Bumbleby
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